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Metal Puzzle

Really neat puzzle knots in stainless steel that you can keep fighting with for hours before the solution reveals itself – like a bolt from the blue! Or maybe not.

Metal Puzzle - Royal Rings
Royal Rings
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Metal Puzzle - Flower Link
Flower Link
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Metal Puzzle - Locked S
Locked S
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Metal Puzzle - Balance
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Metal Puzzle - Spectacle
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Metal Puzzle - Metallpussel Heart Ring
Metallpussel Heart Ring
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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What is this?

Metal puzzle ..

written by Milla, 01/09/09

A really fun and tricky challenge. My partner got the puzzle in the gift, and he likes it. Good price too!

written by , 14/09/09

Glorious toys that require your logical sense. Highly recommended ..

A little tricky ..

written by Eva Skullman, 18/11/09

.. But thought it was more difficult. My husband solved them in 2 minutes. Haha. But it was fun anyway. This is a damn good gift to give away! Can not get boring!

"Metal Puzzle"

written by kasse, 27/12/09

Fun puzzles in different degrees of difficulty. Looking back a bit more difficult. Happy little larger text + picture on the record here, as the most difficult puzzles need some help to be solved.

Awesome fun puzzles!

written by Micke, 28/12/09

The entire family was glued in front of them during Christmas Eve. Really fun puzzle that was appreciated by all ages, once you have started, it just does not stop the bow gained apart and then them t... Read more

Klumra until you doze

written by fille, 29/12/09

Absolutely incredible fun .. gave one of these to each family member. Christmas has never been so disconnected from the TV .. Recommended!

foor easy !!

written by Frida, 02/01/10

Bought Locked S to my partner as part of a Christmas present. Thought they could va a fun eye-opener but it was very very easy to solve. did not take long at all. not even 1 minute. S clearly a miss .... Read more

Very puzzle for little money

written by Tias, 05/01/10

Gave away 6 puzzle to a friend. Put yourself with one of them in 45min, but gave up. 15min later solved my friend there :) Pretty tricky, but you only have the patience it goes.

Metal puzzles

written by Anja, 05/01/10

Gave away a gift and it was appreciated to begin with - minus get it because it went very quickly to solve.

Entertaining for the right person!

written by jenb, 05/01/10

I bought metal puzzle called '' Spectacle '' Christmas present to the two adult males (they got a respective)! Both were very surprised and began to fiddle with it directly. It was gre... Read more

Fairly good pastime!

written by Troll, 06/01/10

I ordered all 6 puzzles at once, and thought, "Oh, what the hell. I take all at once, I have something to fiddle with the front of the TV" and I certainly :) most were right simple to solve,... Read more

written by , 06/01/10

Metal Puzzle is a toy, which stifles the time. One can try to solve the problem for a long time. So if you are bored, I would recommend Metalpuslespilet.


written by Vurdah, 16/01/10

Wonderful pastime, but somewhat frustrating to solve, (especially when I do not want to peek at the conclusion: D)

Metal Puzzle - jigsaw puzzle

written by Tony Dieu, 11/03/10

As with any puzzle, then metal puzzle quickly become boring, but it is also due. If you really set and nerdy for some time. As most know, so challenging metal puzzle our sense of logic in a completely... Read more

Easy hard!

written by The C, 27/06/10

I bought all six puzzles and there were varying degrees of severity. Balance, Royal Ring, Locked S and Flower Link was fairly easy to disassemble, took no more than 5 minutes if you just concentrated ... Read more

Fun "puzzles"

written by Mimmie, 10/09/10

A funny thing, and a little tricky. Host to test.


written by JT, 11/11/10

Good quality, larger and more substantial than the metal puzzles you usually see.

Not completely satisfied

written by Erika, 23/11/10

Thought they would be better than they were ...

Amazingly tricky

written by Jenny, 04/12/10

Would buy all but six chinese knot was not in stock. But the other five, I figured on. By far the most difficult to solve is the spectacle. Many have tried, and hindsight is scanned and enlarged but y... Read more

it IMPOSSIBLE puzzle :-)

written by Fie Bendi Jensen , 06/12/10

When I ordered the puzzle, I knew that I probably could not fix it! - But the solution was well with!: D I think it's a super good pastime and mental gymnastics! and if you have good dexterity or ... Read more

Harder to get back together

written by Mövel, 20/12/10

It was nice and tricky at first, but the hardest thing was to get it back again .. you can almost say that there were two ingenious devices in one.

really entertaining

written by Tensu, 21/12/10

Really entertaining puzzles when you have it a little boring. If nothing else, one can buy them for their friends and see them figuring a while.

funny thing

written by Helle, 23/12/10

Fun to have at home and entertain guests with .... or give away to anyone who has the time. Very affordable product!

bad brugsanvisninger

written by , 28/12/10

Games are fun and of good quality. but brugsanvisningene that came with is completely hopeless. I bought 6 pieces. there are only 2 of those we have managed to resolve with the help of brugsanvisninge... Read more


written by Rickard, 28/12/10

Gave away a bunch of these "extra gifts" of Christmas, which resulted in the whole family sat and were frustrated for days over the most difficult! Funny thing!

written by , 28/12/10

Gave away even metallpusslen as a Christmas present which employed many during the evening :-) Everyone was satisfied and even I who gave them away.

Christmas crafts

written by Pia, 31/12/10

Bought these to get everyone to pass the time on Christmas Eve before maten.En part was really hard :) but fun we had and still have.


written by , 03/01/11

Awesome fun to sit with all the family on Christmas Eve! Highly recommended to all, this is something everyone likes to get involved with.

Fun Brain :-)

written by mara, 05/01/11

Bought the set with 5 different, fit well into the New Year holiday game o the game, different levels of difficulty, very satisfied.

Metal Puzzle

written by Anders, 06/01/11

Metal puzzle, which arrived on time although I was very late, was the great model that I've been looking for a long time. These ingenious devices involved all gathered on Christmas Eve, young and ... Read more

Metal Puzzle

written by Erica, 02/02/11

I bought all six metal puzzle and could therefore benefit from the amazing rabbaten at - 90 kr. The puzzles measure up in reality and they were exactly as I imagined when I clicked them home on the si... Read more

Tricky puzzles!

written by Lisa, 09/02/11

I bought five different metallpuzzel to my daughter who thinks it's fun to crack hard nuts. It was highly appreciated and she had to do for several days but she solved them in the end. I was surpr... Read more

Metal Puzzle

written by , 25/03/11

Incredible rough metall..Gedigen.Innan know if it has been placed metallpuzzlet in hand again. Proposed Operating buy

written by , 09/05/11

Everything ran smoothly across the stage, no wonder with such a simple product. Tuesday afternoon I ordered it and on Thursday it was there, so the delivery was rather fast. For product: I bought this... Read more

Beautiful toy

written by Sue, 26/08/11

The quality of the puzzle is good, they are also a good size compared to those I already have the solution manual is however incomprehensible.


written by SiS, 01/12/11

I ordered this on a Thursday and on Monday I brought it to the post office (bought six-pack of different metal toys). They were well packaged, no damage to the packaging, etc., and things turned out p... Read more

good gift

written by Cactus, 05/12/11

Bought all 6 and gave away some gifts, they were highly appreciated! A couple of them are very easy while a few others are very difficult, so nice spread. The only thing that pulls down the grade from... Read more

puzzle play!

written by kiran, 22/12/11

this amazing thing was a perfect gift for someone who has everything! victim was sitting awhile for themselves;) it was a giant hit and considering buying it for yourself!

Poor solutions.

written by Ivar, 25/12/11

Bought these as a few small Christmas gifts, because it's fun to sit with those throughout the evening and try to make them. Nothing is better than to do it, but nothing is worse than having sat t... Read more

Metal Puzzle

written by BUs, 26/12/11

Just in time for those who do not require too difficult puzzles,. An ingenious adult did them in <2 minutes. For children 6-9 years of age, it takes a long time. A 12-year-old can handle them easil... Read more

cheap fun

written by , 30/12/11

Much fun / headaches for money. Was considerable variation in the degree of difficulty, but was not on the box what level it was ..

easy and quick

written by radiane, 03/01/12

very nice and convenient ...... its save your time .... and its easy and fast delivery .... thanks cool stuff.

Too easy, too difficult?

written by Ul, 04/01/12

Some puzzles were busenkla so it was sad to give as gifts which I did. Some were trickier but also quite difficult to understand what could be done. Often it is usually supposed to be fun when it look... Read more

written by Niels, 08/01/12

I ordered 6 metal puzzle of Cool Stuff. I am extremely pleased with the quick turnaround and product quality. The subsequent service was top grade. The company gets my highest recommendation. Vh Niels... Read more

Metal Puzzle

written by Bettan, 18/01/12

I bought six puzzles, and they had different severity. Very fun to sit a few pieces o try to solve them. They gave many laughs o we were of mixed ages. Less to the description was so small.

3 of 6 was tricky :)

written by Alexander, 12/04/12

3 of 6 pieces were tricky in my opinion, has not yet resolved them three remaining! Funny thing to prepare when you have a party, there is always someone sitting alone the rest of the evening with the... Read more


written by catrin, 18/06/12

'm very happy with what I got can really recommend, and you have fun stuff to give as gifts ......

For simple.

written by Andrea, 30/07/12

Bought all six puzzles to my husband, thought he would have to do for a while. But after a few minutes the four of them solved, two of them take either him or me how to solve. (Even though we have che... Read more


written by Stenzel, 15/11/12

og products are properly and quality in execution. Leiden is the description in English only and very small. Without assistance on the Internet the products are not to be used.


written by , 22/11/12

Everything went well. Things came very quickly. However, the solution is not to use and you have to piece together laboriously the Internet. For Puzzel "Spectacle" unfortunately you will not... Read more

Fast and met the requirements.

written by Nöjd kund, 13/12/12

Fun puzzle delivered quickly. Suitable for the klurige person. The image and the reality conformed well.


written by hagalu, 31/12/12

Seemed difficult ... but a fun thing! The instructions were a bit poorly described, however, and the images difficult! ....


written by Line, 31/12/12

This was very handsome. Gave it a Christmas present, and appealed to all! Utfordreenmde, not too easy or too hard! All were enjoyed by this cheap metal thingy :-)

gave away three like this.

written by jesperl, 31/12/12

Then the family sat unresponsive and was playing with his puzzle. So you want to have Christmas peace, this is perfect!

Fine puzzle, but a broken

written by Vibbern, 01/01/13

I was very pleased with eleven of the twelve metal puzzle games I bought. The last puzzle, which consisted of two metal rods, hang, however, not together as it should. It seems to be bent up, when one... Read more

fun puzzles

written by Tanja, 02/01/13

Bought all six and gave to the family. Good with different difficulty levels, when some were too tough, it was just to take one of the easy so get confidence on top again! Only minus is that on it wit... Read more

Metal Puzzle - 6 pack

written by RogerP, 04/01/13

There was great variation in levels of difficulty and the perfect Christmas gifts to hand out. There was entertainment that lasted much of the holidays during the moments that were spent sitting at th... Read more


written by Rose, 10/01/13

Bought 4 of these metal puzzle toys to my cousin of 12 years in Christmas gift, and to put it this way .... We got driven us the whole gang! One is still unresolved ... Absolutely top, solid quality -... Read more

Good product: D

written by Emma, 16/01/13

It was not that hard to get the sign of .. It's now more to get it back together xD: P steel is not fragile, which is good, because otherwise you will probably try to twist them apart.

Metal Puzzle

written by Ulla, 24/01/13

I bought two of these. Another brother in law and my son. It was really tricky and involved the entire family. I was hoping that it would be really difficult. It is the! Me and my boyfriend are going ... Read more

Easter Eggs

written by Eva, 10/04/13

It became a real hit with metal puzzles in Easter eggs. We solved and changed over the weekend. Moreover, it was fast delivery as promised, and it gives a big + to Coolstuff! Thinking now of what I&#3... Read more

Iq pieces

written by Asgeir Haugen, Norway 01/10/13

Very happy. Fast delivery and no problems. It seems that there was a lot to choose from among them. I was recommended by a friend that it was quick and nice delivery there. Grade 6.

Good nödpresent

written by Maja, Sweden 25/12/13

I bought 6x for 119 - which was incredibly worth as nödpresent. Celebrated Christmas with people I did not know from before and this was a cheap and fun solution to give away something fun and a bit d... Read more

Christmas crafts

written by Jenny, Sweden 25/12/13

Fun dodging after opening Christmas gift, suitable for all ages! There is always someone who finally manages them, which is a bit annoying ;-) for those who can not come on

As expected

written by jarnhall, Sweden 31/12/13

As a description and an estimated ingenious gift

Fun New Year blew

written by Pelle, Sweden 02/01/14

Tricky challenge that is fun to give as a gift. Fun in all its simplicity as happy to become a distraction nearly dawn.


written by Trollet, Sweden 12/02/14

I have bought all magnetic puzzle, but so far only opened one of them. I have stuck before, I have managed to solve it by trial and error but still do not really know how it works. It's a real puz... Read more


written by mocca, Norway 29/09/14

Absolutely super as extra gift for older children and adult my two iniquity of + -30 was very quiet for a long while


written by fn, Sweden 17/12/14

Larger and more substantial than I thought. Have not tried to solve the puzzle yet, but from experience I know that they tend to be tricky so it will probably be good :)

Good knots but unfortunately the wrong mounted

written by S Knut, Sweden 01/01/16

Gave away these in six different Christmas gifts to six different people, but to look at every single knot before I hit them. On Christmas Eve, it was found that some of them were not fitted so that t... Read more

Box with 6 puzzles

written by Cim, Sweden 04/01/16

We bought this game for Christmas. Much appreciated by all after a long Christmas Eve, telling them, you get to, but a little difficult to interpret.

Metal Puzzle

written by Barbro, Sweden 16/02/16

A fun and affordable deal. Bigger than I had expected. Good. Easy to hold in your hand. Gave it to a teenage girl who could not release it before the task was solved. Funny that it was appreciated.

Metal puzzle

written by bita, Norway 18/03/16

Not as really interesting as it appears in the picture. No matter if you were more honest and do not use tricks to show the product more interesting than it is actually. Do not recommend it. Not going... Read more

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