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Metal Wallet

Sleek aluminium wallet with easy opening. Protects cards against wear, demagnetization and RFID scanners.

Metal Wallet - Purple
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Metal Wallet - Light Blue
Light Blue
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Metal Wallet - Red
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Metal Wallet - Silver
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Metal Wallet - Gold
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
Metal Wallet - Bronse
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What is this?

Metal Wallet

written by Bosse, 13/09/10

Good credit and driver's license, but certainly not for notes!

written by Henrik, 13/09/10

4kort, some pieces and a few 10's fit in it. However, as it is quite thick too, but it may be swelling to live with if you avnänder some coins and then.

written by , 13/09/10

Was a gift for my boyfriend, here are his own words. Lightweight therefore handy to have in your pocket. Many cards and bill compartment that fits me Perfeckt.

Really cool-stuff

written by "morsan", 15/09/10

Hard to find a cool thing to his son. 16 years old, what's cool in their eyes. Found However, this metal-wallet that really went home. Several buddies have asked where it was purchased. The son th... Read more


written by Saq, 20/09/10

So fine in the picture but when I looked so real I could see it was something cheap platik inside and at the joints. Levi Ring and service turn right at the top.

Metal Wallet!

written by SvaNtaS, 30/09/10

Took a while to get used to it when it switched from the wallet, but now I think it's sick smooth =) May location with good many cards and little notes you can throw down if you want!


written by Sara, 07/10/10

I bought my boyfriend a gift, and he really liked it. You may also place with little notes and possibly some coins has been said before so it's perfect. It was easy to open, he thought, just press... Read more

very beautiful

written by Tobi717, 18/10/10

The purse is very beautiful and looks classy. The statement could be done even coins into the card slots, I do not sign, but they are really too narrow and unstable. So it is a pure card and banknote ... Read more

metal wallet

written by solsidan, 12/11/10

skip wallet and you get this place with what you need when you shop

Wallet card

written by Mårten, 14/11/10

Smooth wallet to get easy access to all the cards. As others have written it is not so good for the circulation.

Wallet made of metal

written by *ana, 23/11/10

On I got me some nice pick :) & my absence, it is also already arrived super fast with me. My wallet made of metal. It came well packaged and in a small black box to me. The first imp... Read more

written by , 25/11/10

A bit too expensive. Completely different yellow color in reality than in the picture (uglier). Yet quite ok.

it's perfectly alright

written by Keks, 26/11/10

The wallet of metal is not really to use probably as such, but for debit and credit cards, it is fine.

Bad processing

written by Die Familienmanagerin, 29/11/10

The idea of ​​the purse itself is quite funny and at first glance, saw the wallet certainly quite good, if it had not, as my deep cuts and scrapes brought from the production. The color is the same as... Read more

Njaa ..

written by Me, only me., 06/12/10

The va pretty big. thought it would huh less. O I ordered a red one. but it va more to the pink side. had wanted to have an all red. disappointed

written by , 06/12/10

Good trade. Good quality. Should be in more (better looking) colors / Emma

Great color!

written by magie, 13/12/10

Perfect to have in your handbag when the whole wallet can not be bothered Kankainen on! Maybe a little too big to have in your pocket, at least in my tight jeans. But perfect for the guy to have in yo... Read more

Wallet made of metal

written by Phsycho666, 22/12/10

Am very satisfied so far with the purchased items only drawback is that it is producing at a spot one has is in the metal! and at a corner is the metal coating is not up to the edge. For several cards... Read more


written by Martina, 22/12/10

Great metal wallet! It can open up considerably and it is easy to find in the cards. Swallows very many cards in addition. Viker Mens notes (when you happen to have a few, not too often so to speak), ... Read more

written by a-K Gentz-Schönfelder, 23/12/10

The truth is not quite what I expected, I do not use it as a purse, but it is a comfortable Kartenetui. So I put together a lot of cards and can also store certain Bonuszettelchen with the specialized... Read more

Metal Wallet

written by Mamma Annki, 28/12/10

Very stylish and youthful wallet. In addition to credit cards so there is room for both the key and some money. I hope it lasts, the inside is made of plastic and that can crack if it is cold outside.... Read more

Metal Wallet

written by Sofia, 29/12/10

Is probably the practical thing I bought where I can have my card in! It's not too big elr too small but it is perfect to have in your pocket and when to pay, it's only to open it so you can s... Read more

perfect Christmas gift

written by MP, 30/12/10

This was a very good Christmas present for my son. He liked it and keep both cards and notes very well.

written by Annika, 30/12/10

Perfect cross between a classic small metal wallet and a regular wallet. A little thicker than the smallest, but provides better order if you have many cards and also want to have a few coins in. Nice... Read more

Useful metal wallet

written by Majami, 01/01/11

Metal Wallet in happy color is useful with storage for credit cards and bills. It is large enough to accommodate the most important and fits easily into a jeans pocket. Both adults and young people ha... Read more

Although empty ... but good!

written by , 04/01/11

useful not only for credit cards or bills .... also driving license, health insurance card, BahnCard and whatever else is on cards.

written by LoLo , 11/01/11

Very stylish purse bought it for my boyfriend, who was very happy and satisfied with it. Practical and stylish. Many colors to choose from. Many trade so'm to use the cards and notes and coins. :-... Read more

written by , 18/01/11

It is stylish and very good to have short and loose money.

Sustainable plank!

written by Karin Alke Nilsson, 15/02/11

I bought a violet metal wallet to my mother when she celebrated her birthday. She had wanted a new long and that she is really happy with. Previously it has been so mom harvested about 3 pieces in the... Read more

Caring for plastic

written by Tim, 17/02/11

Bought metal wallet when my usual leather wallet bygnyte go stick simultaneously had too few seats to the plastic cards. Metallomebok accommodates 7 shortens (own distribution) or up to 7 couples card... Read more

A great Portemonai

written by Fairytale, 21/02/11

I for the super great Portmmonaie metal a blog post written one can read here

Metal Case Wallet - comfortable to use the kreditkorter

written by , 01/03/11

Incredibly happy! Quite quickly I got the package !! Highly recommended

Wallet made of metal

written by Gerhard Lange, 02/03/11

a wonderful wallet. Hard, durable and light. Just like I need for my cards. The PA not fit in but all major credit and other cards. In the subjects well sorted. Even money naturally folded.


written by Jenny., 07/04/11

Stylish, practical and simply good !! The lock works perferk, enough cards pockets and then I have a lot of cards.

Practical and easy!

written by Jessica, 11/04/11

Practical metal thin wallet with many compartments for cards or another, but the "red" is certainly not red, but rather cerise, which was a big disappointment.

smooth wallet

written by Robban, 14/04/11

When I last winter attracted me severe frostbite on my hands, with nerve injuries, this is the perfect wallet. With a "normal" wallet I can not get up my debit card, driving license, etc., b... Read more

Very good and much needed

written by Daniel, 14/04/11

Metal wallet has multiple compartments where you can put a card (ID card, bank cards, you name it) and even bank notes. It has a nice design. I recommend it highly to those who have been thinking abou... Read more

Cool short sleeve!

written by Selmert, 14/04/11

I got a gold shiny metal wallet to collect all my plastic cards and even some rustling note. It turned out to be absolutely perfect with good closing mechanism. Also, I could impress a friend who had ... Read more

Smooth worse.

written by M, 14/04/11

With this wallet you stop fumbling with debit cards and identification documents. Simple and easy overview of everything you have in your wallet. A minus, however, is that you can not have coins.

Short Wallet metal

written by Lena, 15/04/11

Cool colors and great functionality. My husband got the place all their cards while I probably will buy another one. about 10 cards will fit.

Do it properly

written by Sarah, 18/04/11

Very happy with metal wallet. It looks just like it is described on the website. Small and handy to take with you. The only minus is that the opening mechanism after two weeks have been a bit slow / w... Read more

Metal Wallet

written by Clintan, 18/04/11

Practical wallet, well atleast you have the room for most of the plastic cards that you behöver.Dessutom you can get 2-3 hundred more if you have to have cash with dig.Tar little space in your pocket ... Read more

metal wallet

written by severina, 20/04/11

I ordered a red, but it was the more pink.

Not quite as expected

written by Switch, 22/05/11

When I received the package and was opened box case, I was a little disappointed with the color, as it was not as I expected. But the case is fine and functioning as it should .. :)

Metal Wallet

written by Joel, 07/06/11

It's just so convenient, both notes and cards. I use it all the time but it is absolutely superb when riding a motorcycle to have with you, the cards are fully protected in it.

Fine metal case

written by Charlotte Frandsen , 05/07/11

It's a nice purse / protective case for credit cards. However, the card holder inside made of very thin plastic.

Nice thing

written by Björn, 12/07/11

So the wallet looks good (I have the red) and is very handy if like me actually has only card in your wallet. One or the other bill can even accommodate, but the place is still very limited. I had as ... Read more

Metal Purse

written by Matthias und M., 26/07/11

Advantages: + card read protection or anti-RFID scanning, because 99% of metal + beautiful design + large, good color selection Disadvantage: - only space for cards - no separate Münzgeldfach - card h... Read more


written by Matthias und M., 26/07/11

Advantages: + suitable for at least 7 (credit) cards + Anti-RFID scanning because of metal + 99% Metal + very wide color range Disadvantages: -. No separte pocket for coins - find bills just folded th... Read more

Do their job

written by Steve-O, 10/08/11

This is a copy of an identical product (design, locking, content) that I had in nearly seven years. You see that the quality is a bit different as it has sharp joints from the casting and not as good ... Read more

Nice to have

written by , 15/08/11

A stylish holder / wallet in a tough design.Hendig size to put in your pocket! Good place, but miss a little room for pennies ...

For those who have a lot of cards

written by Göteborgare, 15/08/11

With my previous card holders got only place with 3 cards and 4 cards. With metal wallet can I fit all the cards that I use daily (9st) and a dozen business cards. Obviously this is slightly larger, b... Read more

So protemonnaie .........

written by conny, 15/08/11

I find this case very great, useful and stylish but it's not Protemonnaie but a credit card case. I'm not disappointed because it is useful. Mfg Cornelia mouse

Metal Wallet

written by Lelle P, 19/08/11

Bought two metal purses and the good thing is that they are stylish (bronze and green) and spacious but the negative is the locking structure of plastic that "derailed" after a half-day use!... Read more

good overview

written by , 22/08/11

Handy and nice in your purse. Okay dropping to pull up your wallet just a short .... Where the hell I put the card? Stylish colors. I chose bronze to separate from all the black one might have.

Good but not 100

written by Ugluk, 29/08/11

Did not fit properly all the cards, but it does not. Annoying is that the access cards that can not draw, but only hold up to the reader that blocked the signal of your wallet so you have to open it.

Metal Purse

written by Wilma, 05/09/11

I find the wallet very nice and stylish, he might be perhaps a little improved by the plastic parts in the future .... because they act not too stable, especially the closure. It is nice that also acc... Read more

The slightly different Portomonnaie

written by Manuela, 23/09/11

The color is Bonze. The case is very sturdy and well made. Inside there are 7 compartments, ideal for receiving credit card, bank card and other cards. Even bills can be easily, after a short wrinkle,... Read more

written by Maria, 03/10/11

Very good little thing! Fits with notes, cards and coins. Maybe a little big for the smallest bags, but otherwise the tiptop! Lost it in the ground without it opens, even a plus.

Disappointed ..

written by , 04/10/11

Your wallet so nice out :) It was a little too thick, but the biggest problem was that the cards fell out of the pockets on the inside if you are not holding it straight .. They should have been a lit... Read more


written by vilde, 01/11/11

I am very happy with my metal wallet. It is very convenient, has ample space for both cash and cards. And the colors you get it's so fine. Perfect and give a gift to someone.

Metal Wallet ...

written by radomir, 01/11/11

Just Okay, but does not feel as sturdy. The pockets inside were the thinnest team. Looked better on the picture than in reality.

Metal Wallet

written by Anna, 08/11/11

I bought two metal wallets. The colors were super nice. But they are somewhat bulky in size ... would have been better if they were not so great. My sons think they are ok, but a bit too big. The deli... Read more

Metal Wallet

written by Moe, 15/11/11

Very helpful and nice! Although I ordered was supposed to be red, is more pink. Fits well into many pockets, but not tight / slim pants. Otherwise very satisfied! :)

metal wallet

written by gry, 30/11/11

Genial wallet. Can be used for both short and to money. Many get it under the tree from me this year.

Super quali!

written by Mette Jensen, 01/12/11

I think it's a super cool holster for his cards. Beautiful colors and nice manageable when you just have to find a card in a jiffy :)

Stable Pouch!

written by Malin, 05/12/11

Have not used this yet, because it's a Christmas present. But I've taken out the name on it, checked in on ... Seems to be a stable wallet! Perfect size, not too small and not too big ... :)

metal Wallet

written by wunderb, 10/12/11

Decent wallet but completely wrong color.

written by Kri, 14/12/11

It was very nice, but had been even better in a different color

very smooth

written by Krister, 16/12/11

Perfect small hard shell wallet. The only thing is that it is just too small to bring down a lottery ticket, it does not close then.

Metal Wallet

written by Ville, 16/12/11

Genial! Love my new cardholder. The only thing a bit silly is that the plastic locking mechanism does not hold 100% if it gets a little cramped down holder`n.


written by Skovbo, 16/12/11

Super cool and spacious cardholder


written by , 20/12/11

this works very nicely. even in the cold and the bear to this on the ground

Cheap and best!

written by Rasmus Andersen, 20/12/11

Very good quality for little money. We can li! :)

lovely pouch

written by amseboy, 21/12/11

Everything is as described, super fine case with much room :)

Fancy metallic small case.

written by Hilde, 25/12/11

This is pretty flashy, but it is darn so tough! Purple color matched superbly to me and it has enough space for cards and banknotes. Simple but 100% fancy: D


written by Knut, 26/12/11

Alright. First impression not so good. Seemed like something lapperi. A little more bright color than it looked in the picture, but works out to what it should


written by Knut, 26/12/11

Very funny and annoying box. Learn to use the treasure hunt on Christmas Eve. Add a hint of it and allow a person to open it before you can look for their package. El add a small gift in the

Metal Wallet

written by Sverre, 01/01/12

Just okay care, it felt a bit cheap out but all in all I think Coolstuff sold me an item that was worth what I paid.

written by Maisan, 02/01/12

Fantastic great color;))) and lommmer additional cards!

written by AM, 02/01/12

Neat and tidy

Absolutely super good wallet or card holder

written by , 02/01/12

This was a very good product, can accommodate many cards and even one can have notes and other stuff there too. Holds. A total of ten cards and even then there is room for other things ary to.

metal wallet

written by , 02/01/12

Pocket books were given away as a Christmas gift and was very well received

Metal Case purse

written by pgr, 07/01/12

The purse was excellent, nice light in the material, but too large in circumference.

Fed purse!

written by Anton, 18/01/12

Received scrotum day after I ordered, the purse is fine and works well quality top notch, making it standing. Definitely not the last times I have done here: D

Better than expected!

written by Tonje Beate, 27/02/12

Very happy with this metal wallet! Letter while online, and it's much nicer in reality than in the picture. Just the right size and now I have room for all cards plus notes!


written by kimmy, 02/03/12

cool little spare gun.

Very good

written by Kenneth, 05/03/12

Is very pleased with this card holder. It is incredibly convenient and can accommodate many cards plus bills. It is still a bit dull that it accepts coins and that the plastic inside the card holder a... Read more

Metal Wallet

written by Therese T, 05/03/12

Appearance wise it is allright, but the pockets are not deep enough, so that it becomes difficult to close. Which of course is a big minus.

metal wallet

written by "Betty Boop", 15/03/12

great product, great colors, easy to open and close, fit too many cards, hold cards, separated


written by Elin, 10/04/12

A stylish and very practical metal wallet, works perfect for cards and notes. Easy to open and close!

One of the best purchases for a long time.

written by Rexi, 02/08/12

I bought the purple, and I love the color of it. The cards are stable and well without being trapped ate and scraped, and may also place a little coins and notes if you want it too. Super satisfied!


written by eija, 11/08/12

Fast service, the products came within a few days of the order. A good feel wallet lovely colors.


written by Holga, 30/08/12

Decent, but has seen similar cardholders with as much space as is less than half as thick. Thought it would be like this.

Poor quality

written by Frode, 10/09/12

Poor quality, large card slots that allow the cards can fall out when it is opened. Min was normally used for 3 days, then burst the bottom of metalllomeboken and were useless. Do not use money on thi... Read more


written by Ida, 19/09/12

Last about 7-10 cards. There are 7 compartments but you can have 3 each if you want. Can be difficult and off if you have 3 each, however. Ideal for those who do not use cash as much. Coins are diffic... Read more

Needless big

written by Chris, 26/09/12

This wallet was unnecessarily large and appears as "poor quality". I have to blame myself a little bit, then one may not be expected so much more than this for 150, - kr.

metal Wallet

written by jpp, 25/10/12

Just OK wallet, but all my cards do not fit in it. Locking feel frail and wallet is a few millimeters too low. If the survoo extra cards, it does not close properly. Just basic stuff. The boy bought a... Read more

Well ..

written by Bitch1975, 09/11/12

Nice colors which finishes with Ann, but some poor durability since "pockets" inside is not for everyday use. Okay to have that weekend stuff in my pocket for the little darling at cinema wi... Read more

metal Wallet

written by Rähjä, 21/11/12

A handy wallet cards now remain ehjiinä and in addition to an affordable price purchased. And I do not need to change the wallet at all because all my money to fit it inside. I recommend

Poor quality.

written by Ken, 10/12/12

Very poor quality of the open / close mechanism. Broke after one week of use. Will this in better quality then this product is perfect :)

Metal Wallet

written by egl, 10/12/12

Is not completely satisfied with the product, the cards can easily fall out of your wallet when you open it. But otherwise designed and color stylish, so I do not regret the purchase.

Great !!

written by Tobbe Månsson, 17/12/12

Very good quality !! Great way to pay by card !! Fast and good delivery !! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Poor quality

written by EV, 20/12/12

Bought this a few weeks ago, was a half-price offer. The kosta just £ 75 plus shipping. And I realize hverfor. Along the corners, it looks like someone just has glued something together, not much tran... Read more

Good quality and very convenient!

written by Mari, 20/12/12

Incredibly practical and sweetest! :) Good quality, and fit perfectly into a jacket pocket. Being a popular Christmas gift from me for years! Even I had to treat me the pink :)

Colorful youth wallet

written by BF, 22/12/12

A colorful and useful small wallet with multiple card slots. In my view, suitable for the younger crowd. A bit plasticky in the performance, so it pulls down a bit.

strörre than usual

written by maria, 25/12/12

Ordered a metal wallet to my husband, incredibly stylish and easy, but both wider and longer, larger than the others we have purchased tidigre. A little clumsier to have in your pocket. This way, howe... Read more

Super but want a variant

written by KM, 29/12/12

Bought it for their own use when I want cards and some notes in a safe place, Naema trouser pocket (not a jacket pocket) The positive wallet is that it is rounded at the edges and is therefore comfort... Read more


written by pelle, 31/12/12

Otherwise, a good wallet, does a pretty tough to put a lot of cards. for the transport of banknotes and coins is really not intended for it, and yes it upsets me to be exported. Fine and neat and comp... Read more

Have not received the goods

written by Mikaela, 01/01/13

Ordered this be December 6, 2012, and immediately paid it. Have not yet received the goods. So should never order from here!

Large but good

written by Marina, 02/01/13

The wallet was found to be the greatest team (no, I did not check the dimensions before I ordered), but on the other hand get the cards, money and other small debris site. Hope now that it is better t... Read more

The top

written by Bella, 19/03/13

I do not understand how I managed without me before. Absolutely superb. My friend who got sooo happy. Has thanked me several times. :)

Smart case

written by Jan J, Norway 05/06/13

Have seen the kind advertised elsewhere but not caused me to buy some, buy one for me and one for a gift one time or another, nice to have. Then it's just to see if it seem like it is said, but se... Read more

Poor quality

written by gewehrkugel, Sweden 19/08/13

The finish is not the best nor the hinges. The first "stick" fell out of the first week and have not found it yet.

metal wallet :)

written by katrine lyng, Norway 02/09/13

fight happy with the product:) much better than a wallet, I think :) the recommended :)

Broken lock.

written by Karl-Gunnar Höglund, Sweden 19/09/13

Will complain metal wallet because of broken locks. To switch to a wallet with a stronger lås.Förutom this faux pas so everything works fine. Fast delivery. MVH Karl-Gunnar Höglund


written by C, Sweden 19/09/13

A slightly bulky jeans pockets, but ijacka ok. Nothing to remark on the inside, could have been a little stronger materials in view of bulkiness.


written by Kent, Sweden 03/10/13

Nice product, fast delivery, I am completely nöjd.Ni also has a cool namn.Kommer to check your range going forward. Mvh.Kent

fair widget

written by Annis, Finland 18/11/13

The color was more than good and the major pros. The product was exactly as had been expected; robust and, for the very good quality!

Nice cardholder in a slightly larger format

written by MiniMy, Norway 28/12/13

Enjoyed this! It seems to be fair quality, and the color was good! (Bought purple) There is also plenty of room in it, so that one can actually have cards, receipts or money in all pockets without it ... Read more

Cardholders of metal

written by Susanne, Denmark 01/01/14

Alright product to store its credit cards and much cheaper one they are commercially available for several hundred crowns.

100% satisfied

written by Stephanie, Denmark 14/02/14

I bought Metaletuiet to my boyfriend and he is very happy for it. It keeps your cards secure, because of "scrotum" is so hard. It's a bargain for the money. Many other places it costs ov... Read more

Convenient and durable

written by Eva, Sweden 25/04/14

Bought the green this time and I have had the aluminum coloring since before in any year. The green color match on the image. I am very happy with this card pocket when it is slightly larger than the ... Read more

Good Stuff

written by Pedigree, Sweden 06/05/14

Bought two of mistakes, but damn fine stuff asså;) has room for what I want and like in your wallet, do not take much space in your pocket either.


written by Jan Christensen, Denmark 17/06/14

Hello. I think that the cardholder is reasonably good, the only thing that I have to stay that is that if you have 11-12 cards in it so it is difficult to close because the cards presses against the l... Read more

Broken after two weeks

written by Gustav, Sweden 05/07/14

The casing is metal but the rest of the plastic. The plastic cracked after two weeks and will now not close. Poor finish but it can take for the low price but stay together should do anyway.

Top Stuff

written by LG, Sweden 28/09/14

When you have such a job (welder emphasized gare) mm, it is actually these boxes sovereign for judgment protects credit card and leg etc. I am now in my sixth year with them and there are several of m... Read more


written by LoloSo, Sweden 30/09/14

Keeps cards. It is easy to browse and find the right card. Receipts, coins and banknotes may be stored in another.


written by Marie, Sweden 15/01/15

I needed a new wallet, then my older metal wallet malfunctioned. the elderly could open up and all the cards, money often fell out. This I bought was purple and works perfekt.Den does not open without... Read more

Fairly good

written by Anna017, Sweden 23/02/15

Nice color (I took purple), differs from the original, it is visible on the edges of the lock is safer than the original, I think that's good. Worth the money!

Good, solid metal purse!

written by Julie Rasmussen, Denmark 24/02/15

Beautiful short purse with beautiful metallic color. Easy to open and good gift for all age groups, when you do not completely have no idea what to give them.


written by andreas petersen, Denmark 01/04/15

after I found dankort case of metal to rimmelig money I ordered them and had them delivered fast. I am very pleased to be recommended.

metal wallet

written by sandra, Sweden 16/04/15

Nice design and fun colors, but a little too big. Since it is hard material, it becomes a bit unwieldy. The unions were too small for some things and a bit slow to open. Sent them back.

Metal Wallet

written by karelo, Sweden 04/06/15

I always had too many cards with me in your wallet everyday and now I have a small "suitcase" where I keep all cards with the purchase of clothing and entertainment. Just to bring metal wall... Read more

card wallet

written by Steen Kjeldsen, Denmark 11/08/15

Had one that I was very happy, but it went desværrer in pieces, so I bought a new one but it also went down, but it was better not as the first and new, smooth and in various colors. fits comfortably ... Read more

Red metal wallet

written by EbBanzai, Sweden 14/09/15

As usual, the opening mechanism stiff / hard in the beginning, I feel like I will break it if I take too hard. Bitwise soften it up but it has also always been the part that is broken first. However, ... Read more

A safe purse

written by .Anni, Sweden 24/09/15

After hearing that the "bad guys" can be hacked even speed dialing when you have them in your wallet, I decided to buy a metal wallet, it is impervious. I'm very happy with it. Recommend... Read more

Robust and durable

written by Swedaz, Sweden 21/12/15

The title says it all I think. I found no downsides to this except that they liiite greater the trips did not fit, but it was not the dealbreaker.


written by Mary, Sweden 29/12/15

Good to have with you on such club when you can not be bothered to have a big wallet. However, I thought it would huh smaller and thinner so that it had place in the jeans pocket, but smooth anyway.

Smart purse

written by Marianne, Denmark 02/01/16

The purse is practical and smart, however, could well wish there could be a little more cards in, but it's a good quality and an easy wallet to deal with if you have a small bag.

Excelent product

written by LC, Denmark 09/02/16

I ordered metalituier because I lacked space for some of my cards. The product is very convenient location though pockets for cards are plastic. Perhaps there could be a bit more space, but all in all... Read more


written by Lisbeth, Denmark 15/02/16

Super product. Spending my all my additional card as I do not use on a daily basis. So it stays in my bag so I always have them handy in case I need them.

Metal Wallet

written by Roger, Sweden 22/02/16

In today's society is short metal wallet extremely practical and easy to carry around. I can really recommend it.


written by Frida, Norway 18/04/16

Pen wallet that is easy to open. Ample space for 7 cards. Easy and convenient to use. Can be safely recommended

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