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Microwave Heated Slipper Boots

A pair of high, cuddly slippers stuffed with linseed that you put into the microwave oven for 90 seconds before pulling them over your poor little toes. They stay warm for up to two hours.

Microwave Heated Slipper Boots - Beige
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Microwave Heated Slipper Boots - Pink with removable bag
Pink with removable bag
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written by Bjornfers, 26/11/10

Typical product you did not know you wanted until you saw that it was. Do as promised and is extremely comfortable. That they were in pink is just too sweet.

Slippies Boots - Hot on fossingarna!

written by Sara, 29/11/10

Slippies boots are a couple of 'slippers' with a higher shaft as you heat in the microwave. The slippers are filled with flax seeds, and gives off a lovely scent of mint when they are heated. ... Read more

Review of "Slippies Boots"

written by Marcus, 02/12/10

Very fast delivery. Could have been sewn in several "pockets" so that not all gather at the front or at the back. But no problem as long as you do not go around with them a lot.

Slippies Boots

written by Patrick, 07/12/10

A very good product that fulfills its purpose. The shoes are well made but the seeds that are inside and keeps the shoe warm is not very good sewn, but they float around and it makes it a bit tough be... Read more

written by , 13/12/10

Now mother have become really warm feet =) So appreciated and cozy :)


written by yee, 14/12/10

the heater well but can 't walk around in them ... a bit expensive.


written by mathii, 15/12/10

I have spent the few times already and borrowed sem little away to my family =) it's going to be more that skla be cold on føttenen their future! jg aynes it's kind of silly that they are not ... Read more

Comfortable slippies

written by MOON, 16/12/10

Comfortable but you can not walk in them. I do not think the slippers smell good.


written by masbar, 21/12/10

Will probably be a perfect Christmas present for my frozen girlfriend. and so I do not have the warm your feet!


written by Nanna, 21/12/10

Connect with having cold feet. Everyone should own a pair! Super delicious!

warm slippers

written by kaja, 21/12/10

this must be one of the most ingenious idea !! my sister is always freezing cold on my feet, so I decided to buy these for Christmas gift to her. they should be in the micro for 90 sec, and after that... Read more

Super lovely warm slippies boots

written by hsj, 23/12/10

Nice to get some slippies that goes up above the ankles - it really is something that gives heat in the feet. The smell of mint, I could well do without.

Even more beautiful than we expected!

written by Jonas, 24/12/10

It is difficult to understand how nice it is to take on these slippers when you're cold feet! A minute with the heated slippers, and it is like a new man. There is a small minus with slippers, and... Read more

New and awesome

written by Peri, 25/12/10

Both my daughters were happy this Christmas gift. Both believe they are going to use dropin Boots much. Recommend this product.


written by jew, 27/12/10

Super quality and fast delivery. The boots keep really well in the heat and is delicious and cuddly to wear.

HEAT feet

written by Lillegutt, 27/12/10

This was something that struck properly to my fiancee, she freezes constantly, but now I learned that: Hoff it was so hot ... It's the first time she has sagt..jeg also tried, and I have say in th... Read more

Super Lovely

written by molly, 27/12/10

These "fizzle" was a Christmas present, which I probably can say was a success. The receiver plugged them immediately mikro'en and 1½ minutes later she sat with the beautiful warm feet a... Read more


written by Jens Dalsgard Pedersen, 27/12/10

They warms my girlfriend's feet really well and long.

Slippies Boots

written by Lisbeth, 27/12/10

Super soft and lovely socks. I can recommend the socks to anyone who has cold feet.

look good

written by mikkelzzz2, 28/12/10

they look good and smell and probably a little too much. it is a gift that is not packed out, so can not say much more.

A really nice gift

written by Cleo, 28/12/10

The gift brings warmth and smile to the recipient :) However, the bottom does not go go go on as it is stuffed with rice .. but for a night on the couch is the indispensable! :)

Christmas, Christmas, warming Christmas!

written by Gabbeman, 28/12/10

A great product that I can really recommend to anyone! 90 seconds of warming followed by really nice heat that spreads from the feet upwards. Especially recommended when bedridden, when the heat sprea... Read more


written by , 29/12/10

Deeeilige slippers that stays long hot!


written by dd, 29/12/10

Goods as described. Fast shipping, so I still had Christmas warm feet. We recommend.

Super fast trading

written by Camilla, 29/12/10

It has been a pleasure to deal with cool stuff. The trade took place very quickly. It's not the last time I shop with cool stuff.

Very hot!

written by n0s, 30/12/10

Bought them as a Christmas gift to her partner, she got happy and thought even that they each almost too hot! So it may well count as positive anyway! :)

Much appreciated Christmas

written by Adam, 30/12/10

Gave them to his girlfriend for Christmas when she is usually frozen feet. Less than a week has passed, and she used them every day. I have personally tested them and the temperature is perfect and th... Read more

Finally a hot wife!

written by Per, 30/12/10

Warm feet keeps the whole body warm. Then it will be easier to pick the rest of the clothes.

The seeds spilling out

written by Eva, 30/12/10

Warm and cuddly but holes in them so the seeds spilling out. Sad when you give them away for Christmas.

Slippies Boots

written by Julklapp till mamma, 30/12/10

Bought a pair of white boots for slippies mother in juklapp. Both my mom and I was very with the purchase! Good fast delivery. Very good betalningsalternatuv for me when I have a youth-show and can no... Read more

Slippies Boots

written by Julklapp till mamma, 30/12/10

Bought a pair of white boots for slippies mother in juklapp. Both my mom and I was very with the purchase! Good fast delivery. Very good betalningsalternatuv for me when I have a youth-show and can no... Read more

cuddly slippers

written by , 30/12/10

Gave away a couple Slippies Boots "for Christmas and it was instant success. The slippers works great to warm in the microwave and keep the heat as promised. It became a very popular Christmas gi... Read more


written by jenny, 31/12/10

comfy slipper is perfect if you are cold feet, the downside is that you can not go with those without it being uncomfortable

dropin boots

written by caroiz, 31/12/10

Dropin boots are an ingenious invention! One can be a bit skeptical, ehh them microwave ... One may begin to think that they can burn, but do not be afraid of it. They they do not warm them several th... Read more


written by Jocke, 31/12/10

Bought Slippies Boots to my partner, and I can guarantee that it was the best Christmas present she ever received! She has used them day and night since Christmas Eve, perfect & fun gift for anyon... Read more

Works really well

written by Tillan, 31/12/10

Bought them here to Mom for Christmas and she thinks they are really good, she says that the heat lasts a long time and that they smell like mint :)

Slippies Boots!

written by Jojjo, 01/01/11

You put them into the microwave for 90 seconds. Yes, they are nice and warm! But they smell a bit disgusting .. I guess it's because it's herbs! They fit perfectly into them with frozen feet, ... Read more


written by Jeny, 01/01/11

Heavy but cozy!

Can not go

written by käkben, 03/01/11

The shoes are large and can accommodate most feet. Two minutes in the microwave needed for hours of warmth. My girlfriend sleep with them on. The only minus is that you can not walk in the boots; one ... Read more

Super gift.

written by René, 03/01/11

His partner has cold feet and hands, almost always. Accordingly, I knew she would be happy for these boots. Depending on which color you choose may boots have a soft exterior, which is great when she ... Read more


written by Adam, 03/01/11

Very large in size, but there is no greater danger because you still can not walk normally in them because of "sand" is inside. REALLY comfortable to wear on your feet when you are sitting i... Read more


written by Line, 03/01/11

real nice here in this cold time, the heat keeps very well in them. However, they can be a little hard and go in

Much appreciated: D

written by anneli, 03/01/11

Bought a few of my frozen-law, now it turns out that even my frozen-law is there and wants a piece of the pie. They love them! Rekomenderas hot: P


written by pillerpia, 03/01/11

Warm and comfortable, high cosiness factor.

cozy feet

written by stefan, 04/01/11

very cozy slippers in bold color. they corresponded to the picture very well

written by Rossa, 04/01/11

Perfeeeeekt! Better than expected! These are worth buying :)

nice Christmas present

written by Magnus, 05/01/11

Has worked really well, I thought. The quality feels really stable. The only thing that feels a bit so-so, they smelled very strongly of menthol first time they warmed up that also rubbed off on the h... Read more

Slip Into the warmest boots ...

written by Elusive, 06/01/11

Awesome founded to warm your feet after a long walk in slush and snow. They are the cozy any time to curl up on the couch with and in addition you will not have the better half of your icy feet in bed... Read more

Now mom hot feet !!!

written by mel, 07/01/11

Bought this as a Christmas gift to my mom, and she's amazing pleased with them. Feel that they hold heat long, longer than similar wheat pillow for neck / shoulders. Small minus for the soles are ... Read more

Giant Successful Christmas gift

written by Christian B, 07/01/11

A wonderful great Christmas gift that surely fits well to buy even now after helgerna.Underbart nice to pull on cold feet this snowy and cold winter for a ski trip or a long wait in the cold station p... Read more

written by Jessica, 08/01/11

It was a good fit to buy the slippers now on the cold winter. Visually, you will see the slippers really cute and furry lovely out, then to heat the slippers is really great when you have cold feet, b... Read more

Soft slippers.

written by Julia, 10/01/11

I really love my pink Slippies boots, put them in the microwave about 90 sec so are my frozen toes just a memory: D giant beauty of'll cozy up in front of the television, sitting in front of your ... Read more

Perfect for cold feet ..

written by Niklas, 10/01/11

Have you that I have a wife or girlfriend with incredibly cold feet? Does not matter if it's thick socks indoors sneaked still in icy toes under the covers. This was the solution. A perfect gift. ... Read more

My best investment of jättelääänge

written by Karin, 11/01/11

Cannon !!! such, I wanted .... Warms fossingarna superb !!!!!!! VERY PLEASED !!!!


written by Björn, 13/01/11

Become hugely warm very quickly. The girlfriend got them for Christmas and seem very happy, I myself, however, had sweated to death if I had them on. Does not the heat so long, but easy to heat up aga... Read more

Cool slippers (Slippies Boots)

written by Stina, 13/01/11

Cool and comfortable, they have cold floors are completely suveräna.Verkligen a product that rekomendera.Även comfortable to just sit and cuddle i.Om you feel chilly and ruffled one becomes warm throu... Read more

fresh and fast operation

written by tommy, 14/01/11

Can only recommend the company as real, and fast.

A friend in cold

written by Annette, 17/01/11

I'm very pleased with my Slippies boots because I'm the freezer of me. A warm friend when Jack Frost is raging outside the window, you could say.

written by M, 17/01/11

Perfect for cold feet! Since my last pair of slippers (different brand) burned up, I dare not grill on too much, so the slippers never gets hot but more mesvarma. But very comfortable to sleep in.

"Now is your slippers ready, shall we insert LEMS now ?!"

written by, 17/01/11

It was a bit special, and a little strange, that when I got these adorable slippers in the mail, then they were into the microwave before I took on foot. It was a bit especially when Dad yelled that &... Read more

Recommendation of dropin Boots

written by Twoblondes, 17/01/11

Hi! Now I have tried in about two weeks, the delightful "dropin boots" and they are simply absolutely marvelous! They are great to warm and stay warm for quite some time! I would say that th... Read more


written by B-M, 17/01/11

They are recommended since they heat the whole foot, not just the bottom.


written by Peter, 22/01/11

Does not the heat as long as it is and it takes down the grade. Otherwise, it's a really schyst product. A little sad that you can not walk around with them, however.

Slippies boots, thermal slipper

written by Maria, 22/01/11

If you have cold feet, these slippers are a great investment, warm slippers in the microwave and have a wonderful time.


written by Lena, 24/01/11

Giant Comfortable for cold feet. Do warm them double time and then lay in bed under the covers for a while before bedtime. When I put my bed is heated and moderately warm socks for the feet. With warm... Read more

Slippies Boots

written by , 27/01/11

Really damn nice !!! Gave them a birthday present to both his girlfriend and his sister. The pink model was fluffier and the blue was like fleece around. Works as advertised and I'm really happy w... Read more


written by Marie, 07/02/11

When I first saw this product, I thought that this might be just the thing for me. I freezer always on your feet, and sambo complaining about how cold I am the evening. Dropin BOOTS is as amazing as i... Read more

Stupid with general size

written by CW, 09/02/11

Has size 36, so these were gigantic ... The material is not directly fixed, so they like "flapping" around and then put the contents in the wrong places = (. Becomes to sew them! A little sh... Read more

Lovely slippers !!!

written by Heidi Vibeke, 11/02/11

Is kempeglad for these delicious slippers. Bought one pair for myself and one pair for my mother :) fits to our frozen feet :) Thank you :)

Slippies Boots

written by Veronica, 14/02/11

Myyyysigt, nice and warm! Plenty of cold feet and cute they are, too.

Slippies boots

written by Dojan, 21/02/11

Cruel gadgets and immense professional and incredible fast delivery. Is very happy with my purchase.

written by Lars, 25/02/11

Posted in return. Waiting for repayment. Very difficult to go with!


written by Eve, 28/02/11

Felt really good about my slippies boots. They are warm for a moderately long time. I have always had problems with the pre-frozen feet and hard to fall asleep because I had cold feet. But now I still... Read more

dropin boots

written by , 15/03/11

these bar very good. Worked amazingly well and was nice and warm. I have two less at the: they were very large, so it's kind of silly that they are only in one Zize. The second was that they did n... Read more

Super Cozy!

written by , 20/03/11

Ideal for frozen PETTITOES! Well made and seems to keep a high quality.

lovely slippers

written by madde, 13/04/11

Soft and comfy slippers are lovely, but some do not like the rib of the ankle .... and so it would be good with a scent such as lavender .... otherwise very comfortable ....

Cannon Slippers!

written by lovisa, 28/04/11

got home my pink boots slippies 2 weeks ago. they work really super! in the microwave for 2 minutes then you have warm feet in 2 hours, love them!

As kyltofflor

written by Alexe, 08/08/11

Have problems with warm feet in the evenings / nights and thought that these slippers would be perfect. The first disappointment was that the cooling effect is only around the feet and not up above th... Read more

slippies boots

written by , 20/09/11

kærsten was extremely happy for them and they work perfectly retains heat long but they smell a bit of toothpaste in the beginning when they are warm but it goes shown over quickly. in should write in... Read more

Really good for my aching feet!

written by Joanna, 29/09/11

I suffer from rheumatism and often have pain in your feet and then my new "slippes boots" been really good! I rekomoderar others with aches in their feet to test them!

Excellent delicious

written by Ingvild, 05/10/11

Incredibly comfortable. Holder stance on hot very long. Reminds me of when I was a kid and I used and add your socks on the stove and bring it to me at full speed. Only now it lasts for several hours.... Read more

Only partly intelligent

written by , 02/11/11

The Slippies Boots are finally their inventions for people with cold feet. And in fact, it works - 90 seconds in the microwave and the rest of the night warm feet. Too bad that the moisture unwinding ... Read more


written by Jeanette, 07/11/11

Fantastic comfortable slippers that warms cold feet. They sit good but as others have written, they are not so easy to walk in. The reason they do not get a 5th in the rating is the aromatherapy oil o... Read more

Warming of frozen feet

written by tflo, 08/11/11

But not to walk around in when the content goes around and lands a thick "bun" in front of the toes and it becomes empty during heel. Use them when I sit on the couch and in bed. Then they a... Read more


written by Pleppan, 18/11/11

Super Duper! Soft, cuddly, perfect to give to a frozen friend !!!!!! Not meant to go in, but when you sit at the TV, computer or something needs one can not run around! The color I took was pink, real... Read more

Total go gift for the girl!

written by Azi, 23/11/11

Lacked the perfect gift for my girl and the boots here was perfect. She was so happy because it was thoughtful and different. Now I just have some for myself, because they are perfect in the cold time... Read more


written by Linn, 05/12/11

Best tough lie I've bought :)

My review of "dropin Boots"

written by Jeanette, 13/12/11

I ordered pink for a while ago and has spent the MANY times after that. It was a bit odd and put them in the microwave and wait for "slippers are finished." They were very good and hot for a... Read more

Julegaven the person who has everything

written by Carina, 15/12/11

My mom loves to snuggle up on the sofa, and what will then be better than these delicious slippers in with the blanket with arms also purchased :-) Really enjoy Christmas present for Mammam who have e... Read more

Super comfortable!

written by Tina, 17/12/11

Comfortable and soft slippers that keep the heat for long. Sad that ye are not in the handles only. Know ye like to go down so that it just below your feet. An upgrade with furrows and trade perhaps? ... Read more

written by Kari Lind Johansen, 19/12/11

I can not answer as this is a Christmas :)

Warm Slippers!

written by Marius, 25/12/11

I received these and after 90 seconds, and used them at room temperature, so goes the heat out of the slippers for around 45 minutes. But otherwise, slippers quite ingenious and delivers orgasmic hot!... Read more

Slippies Boots

written by GN-Fan, 26/12/11

Actually, it was not really what I thought it would be. The slippers are uncomfortable to walk in. Works bästst when you sit down. The material of the slippers go around like crazy. Forming lumps unde... Read more

good service

written by Tina, 26/12/11

Very good service. have only experienced trade positive


written by D Bawz, 27/12/11

Comfortable and cozy boots that keep the heat for several hours. Smells of mint, which gives them a fresh feel. Perfect to put under the covers before going to bed for a comfortable heated bed. Recomm... Read more


written by Catti, 28/12/11

Dropin boots are wonderful. As it stands, it is not recommended to go with them, but to sit / lie with them on the legs is wonderful. They work really :)

Warm and good :)

written by Merethe, 28/12/11

My daughter was very happy with these :) :)

written by Moha, 28/12/11

The girlfriend got these for Christmas she really appreciated the boots given that she always freezes on their feet. However, as they do not keep the heat in 2 hours, but rather 15 minutes.

king good

written by Duvethvem, 29/12/11

I use these for a while now. Lovely to wear when you sit to watch TV / movies. Warm and good. You obviously can not go around with these.

dropin Boots

written by dtan, 29/12/11

Bought these for Christmas my mother. Perfect for keeping mothers who constantly goes around fires in the fireplace heat on your feet. A little less that they are hopeless to go with, but otherwise wo... Read more

Wonderful slippers

written by Henriette, 29/12/11

Absolutely Brilliant slippers, with lovely lavender scent.

charlotte 16 years love these

written by bottolf, 29/12/11

Cold feet? Not with these. Kong Slippers.

written by Ba, 02/01/12

Very good and warm, cooing on cold winter days! The only thing that pulls down this coin smell that is, smells absolutely terrible! So bad that I really can not use the ..

Slippies Boots

written by SB, 02/01/12

Bought them to the woman because she is so frozen feet. Now she uses the boots on the couch while watching TV and am very satisfied. With the feet the heats, she is warm all over. She can, however, do... Read more

Total joy :-D

written by Stefan Jacobsen, 03/01/12

Bought these to the lady who often running around småfryser. She does certainly not more, can be recommended :-D


written by Jea, 03/01/12

Bought these for Christmas a mom who bestandi freezer at Foote, she loved them! Good and soft, and keeps heat well :)

dropin boots

written by line, 04/01/12

warm and comfy slippers for a good night in your couch. they smell good and herbs. just to heat the in the microwave as they heat for 2 hours

written by Linnea, 04/01/12

Hot o squishy! I do not mean that the scent they give off is so strong that it can not go in them. But, otherwise, they are wonderful because they smell good and make your feet smell good afterwards!

Surprisingly, useful and welcome Christmas gift.

written by trine malling nielsen, 06/01/12

Every Christmas match my mother: "I want not really something I" missing "got nothing". This year I would find something that she knew she "lacked". My mother has always ... Read more

Very comfortable to wear.

written by A.J, 07/01/12

Super !. My old stepfather was fond of them for Christmas. They are not good to go in as others have mentioned, but perfectly fine to wear when you sit / lie. The smell of chamomile tea with a hint of... Read more

No more cold feet!

written by , 09/01/12

Bought this for my wife for Christmas, and after the slippers have been 1.5 minutes in the micro gets her warm slippers their stance, and the gift of Myself is that I get two icy feet under my duvet! ... Read more

written by Trine , 13/01/12


dropin Boots

written by Hannah Buodd Christensen - Hanna, 24/01/12

These "boots" were very heavy to wear. And all the "sand" located inside, flowed only to one side, ie front. So then it became very uncomfortable to wear those. But they were incre... Read more

Slippies Boots

written by "Aldrig mere kolde fusser", 20/02/12

This is just the best invention to those with cold feet !!! There's just nothing better than to come home and get a few hot sucking feet. And not not when you go to bed to sleep. Man waiting 1 1/2... Read more

MUST have them !!!

written by Gode brennbare tøfler, 06/03/12

I LOVE my slippers !! can not sleep without them, the legs my heat I'm hot :)) soo I'm happy with it! BUT, I think they smell very bad when they are hot, and they burn up in the micro! 2 pair ... Read more

Unexpectedly popular

written by björne, 25/05/12

I had previously bought a similar pair of slipper shape that come to the immense joy during the winter months. And the boots were actually even better. Highly recommended as a Christmas present for gi... Read more

Heats feet

written by Ciza, 27/08/12

I had missed that it was nuclei even in the sole. I thought you could walk around with them and it was top of the feet that was heated. They are easy to heat in the microwave. They are incredibly soft... Read more

Very satisfied

written by Tine Lill, 12/09/12

I use slippers much and are very happy :) So if you are a frysepinn, so run and buy :) Ps must be heated at 180W for 1 min and 20 sec :)


written by KC, 24/09/12

Amazing! Nothing less! People tear them from my feet, even taking them if I'm not watchful. Until Forward has 5 friends bought them after trying mine .. Buy!

The dog also likes them.

written by Katrine, 24/09/12

They are now the dog's favorite sleeping place. Do not know if it's because it likes to lie on grain, like the scent of mint or whether it is because there is little heat back, but successful ... Read more

Wonderful slippers!

written by Hanna, 26/09/12

Soft, warm slippers shipped super fast! Heated at about 60-90s in the microwave and keep the heat for long. Beyond expectation. Recommended!


written by AN, 26/09/12

My daughter in law had Slippies boots as a gift. She really appreciated gift when the slippers were easy to heat and very comfortable to wear on your feet. THAN

A sure hit!

written by Lars, 05/10/12

Bought them as a gift to his girlfriend. She was overjoyed. And that scent, they also have to include is not so bad.

Dropin boots :)

written by Hege, 08/10/12

Very pleased with dropin boots. Lovely, soft slippers to warm. Seems allikevell that lyges bit when it says that heat can hold up to 2 hours .. it makes it absolutely not. But otherwise I'm super ... Read more

The gift to the lady of the house

written by Jocla, 10/10/12

These goa slippies silenced effectively whining of cold feet in the household. Thus, the only 5 stars to be the correct grade. Wonderfully cozy when autumn and vinterrusket visible outside the window.... Read more

Winter is rescued !!!

written by Gabriella S, 26/10/12

I recieved my heatable boots with fast shipping, and the first thing I think of when I use them are: HEAVENLY! Has long been looking for something that can warm my frozen feet, especially during the w... Read more

dropin boots

written by MLE, 09/11/12

I recently bought a pair of red dropin. The positive they are that they are soft and comfy, and "seeds" inside is fit tore so that they form little by feet. The negative with them, however, ... Read more


written by Underbar, 12/11/12

Decided to buy a pair of slippers for the winter heating and the product turned out to be exactly as it was described, which is unique nowadays. The biggest elogen goes to Coolstuff who delivered the ... Read more

Slippies Boots

written by Jembfole08, 12/11/12

Fast delivery, beautiful in color and really lovely soft. Finally something that works. Very happy for them.

Game lovely

written by Pernille, 14/11/12

Oh they are lovely! My boyfriend stealing them even if they are pink;) And he uses size 45 ... But they fit all (I use 40). I do not think they smell much of mint, just kind of the - which is fine! Th... Read more

Dunder Lovely Christmas gift!

written by Sandra & Sebastian, 17/11/12

This will be a great Christmas present for one of our friends that are so frozen by themselves. Absolutely wonderful fabrics and fast delivery! Hope it will be equally appreciated in her as it had bee... Read more

never cold feet

written by jeb , 19/11/12

Warm and comfortable for cold feet a little clumsy to go in. But sit down so they work perfectly. No more cold feet

Good product and incredibly good CUSTOMER POLICY

written by Sofie, 29/11/12

The order arrived within a few days. I had ordered 3 pairs slippies boots. I had been wrong on a few: got "skoversionen" instead of "boots" version. I called customer service, rece... Read more

lovely shoes

written by Laura, 02/12/12

Heated in the microwave will remain warm long time. Wonderfully soft slippers when you want to sit still and even enjoy a cup of hot front of the TV.

Warm slippers

written by Jim, 03/12/12

Bought it for my girlfriend early Christmas present, success. She loves them. Keeps the heat Super, she says it is now outmoded in the winter when you come home on the little frozen. In microwave a li... Read more

wrong fragrance

written by Anders Rosted, 04/12/12

I would like to point out that slippies boots are with lavender - not mint, as it says in the description :)

Slippies Boots

written by meg, 04/12/12

Slippies Boots mikrotettavat laventelintuoksuiset booties are wonderfully warm during the cold winter nights I highly recommend to all <3

Warm boots goa

written by Kerstin, 10/12/12

The perfect boots to warm their frozen feet in after snöskottningen! The whole room smells of lavender are just a plus!

Always good service

written by Caroline Holse, 19/12/12

Fast delivery and good information throughout the process. Will never disappointed when I act with Cool Stuff!

highly recommended

written by Frihet14, 21/12/12

Really good and useful to a frussen partner Highly recommended by me. Perfect to warm up after a walk out in the cold

Julklapps slippies

written by Emilie, 25/12/12

I bought them here as a Christmas present for my cousin and she loves them more than anything else, and love the nice warmth coming from them. We also found it very interesting and cool to the pleasan... Read more


written by Jimmy, 27/12/12

Asmysiga, fragrant slippers that my boyfriend really appreciated the gift. They heat well and are good on the foot.

Error Information on page

written by Flickvän, 27/12/12

Just want to inform future buyers that there is a strong lavender scent on the pink boots but weak mint on the red, the beige unfortunately I can not say anything about. The pink is filled with lavend... Read more


written by Sakari Kinnunen, 28/12/12

Really warm and comfortable to wear to keep! Mother least liked Christmas gift! Contact every day, for example, if you have an old house and the floors are cold.

Very good

written by Pomb, 29/12/12

Very good quality of these tough lean and they keep really warm! Recommended for those who are cold in the legs. Perfect as a Christmas gift and they smell good no matter where you are.

This year's Christmas gift!!!

written by Älgien, 01/01/13

Bought this for my partner's frozen feet. She was so happy! Works equally well in the sofa bed. For all that is frozen feet ... :)

Estimated gift

written by Ekan, 02/01/13

These slippers were heat well and where really hot. Every little disappointed when it was not filling all the way up in the "boot" You might as well buy the cheaper tofflan then the only dif... Read more

Slippies Boots

written by Pelle, 02/01/13

Top Product. Kanonbra now that it's a little chilly out. Absolutely fabulous, keep the heat up a two-hour as promised. Recommended to anyone who is a bit småfrusna!

Everything done right

written by Micha, 03/01/13

My wife was thrilled and immediately cold feet. The "Slippies Botts" were a complete success.

Lovely hot teats

written by Heinz, 03/01/13

They keep the heat as promised, and's great for the wife in the winter. Remember that it is not're supposed to go with them. It is useful to have them on with his Snuggle Rug, when sitting on ... Read more

Beautiful heat

written by Carl, 03/01/13

Really lovely warmth for cold feet! Slightly cramped if you have feet in size 42 or larger. Worked as expected.

Heat <3

written by Charlotte W, 03/01/13

Should have sold this in size since they are far too big to Dasse around with .. But they are very comfortable to wear if you just want to warm your feet while relaxing in front of the TV or PC :)

Slippies Boots

written by Andreas, 03/01/13

I bought these for my girlfriend for Christmas and the va probably the best investment I've made in the gift away. Incredibly beautiful and both can have them for size fits all. :)


written by Johannes Mørch, 03/01/13

works out well the as was always sweaty negern after I went with my previous one, but now it's much better after I bought dropin Boots Slippers (R)

Slippies Boots

written by Börje, 04/01/13

Absolutely Perfect !! Wonderful for the wife's cold feet !!! ASKING !!! The best part is that they keep the heat so well.


written by Ollie, 04/01/13

I bought them as a Christmas present for my mother who is very sore feet, I thought it was perfect with a little heat to relieve pain. She has been using them every morning after work and says that sh... Read more

Promise more than they can deliver

written by Lasse, 04/01/13

They work fine, but does not hold heat for 2 hours - not even close ...! (Enough further 30 min.)


written by Eva, 05/01/13

Found the perfect Christmas gift for Mom, who always freezes on their feet. Thought I was too late to order, but incredibly good service, fast delivery and a mother who no longer freezes. Thanks!

Good buy!

written by A-O, 06/01/13

I am a girl who always freezes on their feet, and think these slippers were perfect. The only negative was that they are incredibly heavy to go with!

Slippies Boots

written by michael, 08/01/13

bought a pair for my girlfriend for Christmas and she seems very happy for them because she always freezes its feeder due to poor blood circulation so they work but they lack just as the non-slip back... Read more

At last, warm feet!

written by Annica, 08/01/13

Fully sovereign heater if you have cold feet. Just remember not to walk in them, but use them only when sitting still or example when you go and put themselves and have icy feet. During the quilt keep... Read more

Slippies Boots

written by Margareta, 16/01/13

Giant Fine heat. It feels good in your whole body when you have them on. They keep the heat for long. You can not run around in these slippers, but they are excellent to put on when to sit still NGN h... Read more


written by frukallomfoten, 14/03/13

My second pair purchased .... best bargain for frozen fötter..även ordered frozen to two other ladies were equally pleased ...

warm feet

written by Sus Danielsen, 04/04/13

I use a wheelchair and suffers a lot with cold feet this winter. These are fantastiske..nemme to take on and your feet are warm in no time


written by Jessica, Sweden 06/10/13

Bought them for 3years ago, very comfortable, maybe a bit hard and go with but I stand up and go steady when I work and get pain in the feet and legs, but when I have on my slippers so it does not hur... Read more

Slippies Boots

written by AL, Sweden 12/12/13

Lovely o warming tofflor.Lätta heating o useful both in the sofa o sängen.Passar not to walk around with. Is it really cold feet freeze to the entire body.

Troubled cozy

written by Rob Johnsson , Sweden 23/12/13

Gets really hot and goa! The heat will last at least one hour, the remaining hours will still keep feet warm :-) note that the slippies with removable thermal bags are not going to go in with the bag ... Read more

Slippies boots

written by P, Finland 29/12/13

Ear shopping, I recommend! These are the gift recipient is now used every night. Caused among friends purchase a raid ..


written by Jon Marius Solheim, Norway 31/12/13

Incredibly practical and fine in workmanship! Strange that all do not have such. Keeps temperature long after heating. Run and buy!

Slippies boots

written by Ida, Sweden 31/12/13

Cozy and warm, but not bad to not stand in Swedish on the packages, only German. Saw in retrospect that they were not good for diabetics to use but no explanation.

Cold feet ade!

written by Juko, Germany 06/01/14

The shoes are well made, look nice, and neither the rausnehmbaren Lavendelkissen smell very good. The shoes keep feet unfortunately only 1 h. Warm, even under the blanket.

Slippies Boots

written by Rázor, Sweden 07/01/14

I bought these in addition to Snug Rug'en. very appreciated because my partner has very cold feet. fragrant lavender and kept the heat very well. highly recommended for people who are cold feet. :... Read more

Slippies Boots

written by GN, Sweden 17/01/14

My husband's cold feet was finally warm now sleep hanlugnt Now, although I submit an order for a couple Thanks Coolstuff!

works great

written by Daniel, Denmark 04/02/14

Out of my compound wedding gift to my wife, this was clearly the favorite. She uses them almost daily =)

Super good cold feeder

written by Zacho, Denmark 25/02/14

Embelagen describes that one can give them 90 seconds. in microwave. If you do it in our microwave is the VERY hot. 60 sec. can easily do it.

cold feet

written by hatecoolfeet, Germany 29/12/14

Because of constantly cold feet I bought the original Slippies Boots at Cool Stuff. The boots are fluffy and soft and can be easily and quickly heat up in the microwave. If I then get dressed before g... Read more

nice soft and fragrant slippers

written by Emma, Denmark 30/12/14

working as it should! a Christmas present which aroused joy :-) I want also! fast delivery ........

Lämpöset but small

written by TV, Finland 31/12/14

Lovely to wear, if only a foot hold. 42 size foot far too small! I would say that 40 is suitable for still okay, but bigger is not worth buying.

delivery fantastic

written by luttanlej, Sweden 06/01/15

How the purchased Christmas present work, I do not know - but the delivery was magnificently! The Saturday before Christmas made the order, it was to pick up on Monday, I could not believe my eyes. So... Read more

Super and fast service

written by Kenneth, Denmark 07/01/15

Impressive service .. Ordered items Saturday delivered Monday morning pm. 12. Easy and clear website.

Very happy

written by Synneve, Norway 09/01/15

I've always had very cold feet, and more than one night they kept me awake. Well, those days are over! Got them in the mail today and it was the perfect end to a tiring week. Warm feet are the sol... Read more

Slippies Boots - two neg. stuff

written by FS, Sweden 12/01/15

The only negative one can write two things: * Moist inside even if you drive 90sek of 800w * annoying is Join Everything else is great!

Smells and sticks

written by Mari123, Norway 12/01/15

These slippers smell very bad after you've warmed them. I have also repeatedly stabbed my finger on anything that looks like pine needles coming out of the slippers. But they are very good to warm... Read more


written by K, Sweden 12/01/15

Absolutely fantastic heating slippers, especially for those with poor blood circulation that always freezes on their feet as I !! A little disadvantage that you can not go to them because they are so ... Read more

Ursköna heat slippers

written by Buzz, Sweden 23/01/15

Cold winter Slippies + + microwave + freshly made bed = Myys Do you really feel pampered - find a good book.

Funker's ideal

written by Heidi W. A. , Norway 01/02/15

For us as often freezes on their feet, these slippers superb. 90 seconds in the microwave and you have warm feet in double-quick time. A faint scent of soothing lavender supplied. Only negative is tha... Read more

cool slippers

written by HOFFERN , Norway 02/03/15

These have aroused much attention among friends and acquaintances .. Put them in the microwave! Ingenious! For those with cold feet, these highly recommended .. If you're a boy so I recommend howe... Read more

Great Christmas gift!

written by Johanna, Sweden 16/06/15

I gave my sister the Christmas gift she appreciated and measure up even now, two years later .. You can not go in but they are nice to cozy up in front of the tv :)

Good goods

written by Blomaul, Germany 31/12/15

Very good idea and good goods. If you times not think of anything then all events on this page gehen.Danke


written by Daniel, Germany 06/01/16

Cosy soft foot warmer with a very pleasant smell of lavender. The only disadvantage is that they keep nixht soo long warm. But that's normal. But very satisfied!

Slippies Boots

written by cattis, Sweden 06/01/16

this may be, I can heartily recommend. grandchild was so pleased and happy Slippie The boots are warm and softer

Arrrgh - lovely warm feet

written by Elisabeth, Denmark 25/01/16

Lovely with a quick service plus you get nice warm feet after 90 seconds. One thing I'm not crazy about is the smell of lavender, is a little too strong in my opinion, but otherwise it works as it... Read more

You become addicted!

written by tls, Denmark 28/01/16

I purchased myself a couple of years ago and now I have also given a pair for my sister. It is simply great to get a pair of warm slippers on when you often have cold feet. I'm addicted! The only ... Read more

Cozy but different

written by Amanda , Sweden 08/02/16

I am very happy to warm a couple of cold feet in, but I do not think it became so obvious that the different colors were of different kinds of fabric and had different smells. I bought a pair of red a... Read more


written by Sofie, Sweden 11/03/16

How cozy indeed !!! Only one minus - it is expensive to have reached that feels like fishing line and edges are inserted into the slippers.

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