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Mind Trainer Toilet Roll

Wipe away your worries and let your brain - not just your intestines - work while you are sitting on the toilet! Simply pull off a sheet of toilet paper and solve the different puzzles.

Mind Trainer Toilet Roll - Mind Trainer Toilet Roll
Mind Trainer Toilet Roll
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What is this?


written by , 25/12/09

perfect goods, fast delivery. Thank you !!!

written by , 29/12/09

Goods einwanfrei, but me the waiting time for the product was personally too long.

The perfect gift ...

written by Hoti, 04/02/10

for those who have everything and those who like to tinker knepa o ... Much appreciated Christmas gift ...

Useful and fun

written by Beate Brückner, 16/06/10

I bought this product as a birthday gift for a very good friend because I was sure, so just to take her humor. When unpacking it has been very amused. Now she complains more about the fact that they a... Read more

brilliant :)

written by Bianca, 05/08/10

Great gift for packet play! Go humor :)

written by , 27/09/10

Is a fun idea to deal with long-seater.

written by fornøyd kunde, 01/12/10

Brands you like? read all the magazines? then this is perfect for you too! so cool!: D

Lots of laughs

written by Catalina, 03/12/10

No one believed that it would be a toilet of the fine wrapped box and then came lots of funny comments. It is a practical fun gift for any person on a rimmelig price.

Power boring time

written by Hanna, 20/12/10

Beautiful on the fun to have something to do on the toilet;)

written by iselin, 27/12/10

The product was certainly cool, but I got the package shipped to a post office Långt away from me. Will not be able to retrieve and package unfortunately. My local post office is 5 min away.

a gag for people who need forever ...

written by mani, 28/12/10

also on the "village" can be formed. A fun alternative to PSP, journals, books, and at the end also for practical use. Maybe something expensive.


written by Edith Langer, 29/11/11

Gift to a pensioner, that he remains mentally fit at the age. Unusual gift for Christmas, which is not expensive.


written by , 06/12/11

These were raw fun! absolute entertainment! ; P


written by Pattra, 12/12/11

the product is incredibly awesome! My boyfriend and I have ever represent [about broken laughed and he rejoiced incredible! : D just a gift for those who like to sit on the loo! : D

kill boredom

written by Toiletmanden, 14/12/11

boredom while sitting and ****** gets fully removed but now you can sit out there for hours. very gurtig delivery - 2 days: D


written by Nextera, 15/12/11

While all in English, but enough space to really get the brain training to use!

expensive dopapir

written by Knut, 26/12/11

This was terribly boring. Gorra tasks with unclear pressure that require pen, and anyone who has tried to write on toilet paper knows that it is not particularly easy to get to. Only usable as leader ... Read more

Christmas Buy

written by Damnfin, 28/12/11

The paper was quite ok, the roll is slightly less than expected.

weihnachtsgruss to love people

written by wunsch, 28/12/11

I was very pleased. It has also come in time and I could not even give away on Christmas Eve. What bothered me that it is in English. Otherwise I was satisfied and will continue to order from them as ... Read more

written by , 02/01/12


Super gift idea

written by Ena, 02/01/12

I gave this toilet paper my humorous grandparents at Christmas. Of course, it is not used as such, but it depends on the toilet and distributes all the "Potty Time" =)

written by Teresa , 04/01/12

Have imagined a better Qalität. The paper is very thin and almost not be labeled and shame that everything is English.

written by , 05/01/12

The toilet paper is funny and a good idea for longer sessions ... However, one should be the English language, otherwise the fun could easily be spoiled.

Hey Hey! : D

written by Yoco, 06/01/12

Hey Cool Stuff! So the gift was just perfect! My friend has really happy about that and we had to just laugh and have a half hour long spent these riddles to loess .. he would certainly be more time p... Read more

Fun ..

written by Pernille de Vos, 06/01/12

Pretty funny contributions to dregene, however, a shame that the answers are just below the tasks ..

super gift

written by KHM, 05/09/12

Bought this to give as a gift to svogeren mine who has everything - it was well received! And to great curiosity and fun birthday party.

Toilet paper

written by Ulla, 24/01/13

This gave me a Christmas present for my son in law. Total unnecessary and really funny. An inexpensive, fun to pat who has everything!

Brain toilet

written by Morsaja, 08/02/13

Gave it as a gift to my daughter who thought it was advanced to hold on to the toilet !! Hope her guests present it estimates better, otherwise they use it for something else


written by Ebba, 05/03/13

Funny joke gift to give your friend! What is the worst thing you can give away - yes the toilet brush or toilet paper. Have a friend that is long on the toilet - then this is perfect!


written by BL, Norway 13/11/13

Dopapir with tasks suitable for the family that sits for hours ... it was in a nice box. Funny idea.


written by britta, Sweden 05/01/15

He who received the gift, laughed and said to his wife, that now he did not play on the phone anymore, now he could check the toilet paper


written by Caisa, Sweden 07/01/15

Bought as a gift for my sister as myself have not seen it, but she thought it was funny and useful :) fast shipping too :)

Funny gifts.

written by Birgit Langgaard, Denmark 16/02/15

Does your assortment of fun things fine, and the 2 rolls of toilet paper, I bought a neighbor who gave the dedication party at their new toilet, did very great happiness.

Small text, but fun gift.

written by Me, Sweden 21/12/15

Small text, so remember to bring your glasses to the loo. :) Otherwise, very funny / interesting / affordable gift.

Rejoicing in the loo

written by Ella, Finland 29/02/16

The very high-end product. Received all the roller seen to laugh. worth the price of the product, and a fun gift idea.

Rejoicing in the loo

written by Ella, Finland 29/02/16

The very high-end product. Received all the roller seen to laugh. worth the price of the product, and a fun gift idea.

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