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Mini Fridge

As opposed to your ordinary refrigerator, this mini fridge is both light and supple. It can even be turned into a heating cabinet with a simple push of a button. It keeps drinks cold in the car or cinnamon buns warm on a boat!

Mini Fridge - Ocean Blue (EU Plug)
Ocean Blue (EU Plug)
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Mini Fridge - Sport Red (EU Plug)
Sport Red (EU Plug)
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Mini Fridge - Panther Black (EU Plug)
Panther Black (EU Plug)
100 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Mini Fridge - Just Grey (EU Plug)
Just Grey (EU Plug)
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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What is this?

Not cool yet

written by Ovik gymman, Sweden 22/08/15

It works. Whirrs noisily all the time. Warms up rather quickly if turned off, so not much insulation. A six-pack of cans fits well, only room for one bottle, though. The manufacturers instructions war... Read more

Stylish and functional

written by Coolingen, Sweden 26/08/15

keeps the cold well but have difficulty walking over to heating when it is by vocation. Otherwise, keep the good heat. Device noise bothers o least not my sleep.

Smart small fridge

written by Peter Høgfeldt, Denmark 31/08/15

Ingeniously with such a small fridge. I use my at work. However, I had overlooked the fact that it is not meant to be run continuously for several days, but only for a few hours each day. However, I h... Read more


written by KurokO, Sweden 02/09/15

Bought this mini fridge for drinking in, keeps its promises, the jars are cold even content, does not sound very worst nor whether you are standing lr lying. are super pleased with this fridge.

mini fridge

written by L, Denmark 12/10/15

Replied just not to the expectation. Only 2 cans if it rises and otherwise the "lie" down ..

Does not work

written by Adrimar, Norway 17/12/15

This worked only the first two days. Afterwards stock only sound, but are not cold and not hot either. Too bad, because the refrigerator was very nice.

Christmas trade rescued

written by Hilde, Norway 30/12/15

Fantastic fast delivery! Have shopped here before, and will definitely be used by several times! Really pro!

Mini fridge

written by Renate, Norway 01/01/16

The refrigerator was kept cold and holds 6 cans of soda. It is working on a boy's and works great!

Popular 12-year-old

written by amga, Norway 04/01/16

Very popular gift for the 12 year old in the house. Blokes would also wish for such :-) Have tested the cooling function and it works fine. Weak fan sound, but unplugging at night.

Grymm mini fridge !!!!!

written by OPTIMUS PRIME, Sweden 19/08/16

Really good mini fridge that cools well and gets cold quickly! I have not tried the heat mode than the fridge but works very well. I have it in the bedroom and it is often when I sleep, and it is fair... Read more


written by Pirjo Rautiainen, Finland 07/09/16

Cabinet was nice-looking and nice colors available. Also the description was right. I tried the device immediately inside the AC power. Very cooler. I think the product is just the right surprise. I g... Read more

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