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Mouse Rug

Why should you have an ugly mouse mat when you can have an oriental mouse rug with fringes and everything?

Mouse Rug - Red
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Mouse Rug - Blue
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What is this?


written by Jonas, 04/09/09

In addition to the pointer on the computer is not flowed as good as usual so I'm satisfied. It may be that the pattern is ditsytt and make sure the surface is a bit uneven. But despite that, it wo... Read more

asbra; D

written by Danny, 05/11/09

Is very pleased with this product! Feels like a quality mouse pad: D mouse glides over without a problem! was a bit tveksamm first but must say clearly affordable, better mouse pad I have not found so... Read more

oriental mouse pad

written by Kattis, 26/12/09

A mouse pad with print of an Oriental rug with real lashes! So bold in its simplicity. Postcards tend to be so dull and ugly, so this is a fun idea. I bought it as a Christmas gift and the recipient w... Read more

very original

written by joasia, 02/01/10

A different mouse pad that provides a fun impression regardless of how the work room is decorated. Produces many smile on the lips.


written by thson, 04/01/10

My mouse has alldrig enjoyed it more comfortable (computer mouse that is)


written by Eva, 22/02/10

The mouse pad looked exactly like I imagined! But can not help but be impressed by the prompt delivery ordered the 15.00 the day after the fm.fanns the downloading

written by Tina, 25/02/10

Very stylish and good mouse pad! Fit perfectly next to my mac! Very affordable too.

Sense mouse pad

written by Connie Cecilia, 26/03/10

A nice mouse pad that gives an extra touch to your mouse and desktop. The mat looks like a true Oriental rug and have a non-slip backing so the mat is firmly on the table. The mat is perhaps a bit too... Read more

Unfortunately junk

written by Z, 19/04/10

Bought this because I thought it looked fun out =). It still looks like fun and is actually quite stylish but totally impractical. After 1 minute of use so went a little seam up and when pulled gently... Read more

written by jørgen birch, 29/04/10

funny mouse pads as working as intended. resemble small oriental rugs!

Cool Musmata

written by Anders, 22/07/10

musmata this is so cool to give it to my dad, he needs to renew his Gammla ugly musmata: D

Beautiful carpet.

written by Sebastian, 06/08/10

Carpet corresponded exactly what one would expect. It is stylish, the mouse glides easily and the rubber under the carpet holding it in place.

Beautiful and good function

written by Owl, 14/10/10

It's an ornament for the desk and also works well. More you could not wish for!


written by , 25/10/10

I have only positive review of my purchase food came quickly and was lived up to my expectations. Regards Juanita Kjærgaard


written by Gogosh, 01/11/10

Kit Stylish and tough!


written by Bettan, 24/11/10

The mouse pad adorn his place at the computer, works well and is easy to clean in the Christmas preparations Ps. I bought another one for my dollhouse


written by , 03/12/10

Truly wonderful mousepad, embellish the table, and not least good to use! Super little Cosy Second Christmas!

Super fun

written by eMMA, 14/12/10

Incredibly fun with a small oriental mouse pad with fringe! Why should not the computer oxå get a little luxury? I am very satisfied!


written by Mus, 20/12/10

Stylish and good mousepad with decent fringe on 2 sides =)


written by , 30/12/10

It is stylish, fits in inrednigen and I can not believe other than that it works great. / Maj-Britt Malmén


written by nasenmann76, 31/12/10

had with the mouse carpet the laugh on my side - he brings so what Wohnliches to my job :-)


written by Marita Mihm, 01/01/11

Very good workmanship.

Superb fine mat

written by EagleEye, 02/01/11

A really, really good-looking mouse pad with fringe. weighs quite a bit, but attaches quite okay in the table surface compared to other mats I had. that one can think of is that it is woven, so sharp ... Read more

written by Kiz, 25/01/11

Went well. Online paid on the cool stuff page very easily. Ordered goods trackable via DHL and mouse carpet itself has arrived totally good, the blast :-). The carpet smells a little freshly glued tog... Read more

written by ULLA, 26/01/11

The mouse pad I bought, I am not really satisfied with. Small, short threads in the mat sticks in the mouse. It becomes very choppy. With the mere sight can hardly detect the wires but they are very i... Read more

instant favorite

written by , 18/03/11

It is really neat, is well on the table and the mouse works just fine on it. Attracts some looks from people. Always fun with it!

Very pleased

written by Linda Milton, 29/03/11

I was very pleased with the product and with the customer service.

oriental mouse pad

written by , 29/03/11

this mouse pad is very good to work with, the mouse slides as it should and it looks neatly on the table. I am very happy with what I got for the money and would recommend others to acquire one.


written by Mollof, 29/03/11

A cool mouse pad as my daughter's friends were very impressed!

Really fun, but a little too "plastic-like".

written by Rie, 28/09/11

The mouse pad was used for my dad's 60th birthday, as a little "gear-to-all-the-Andersens-smart-computer". However, I find that it was a little too "plastic-like" with respect ... Read more

Kjempeflott mousepad

written by , 02/11/11

This was a bargain. The mousepad is great to look at, most believe it is a real blanket. In addition, it works fine, have not had any problems at all. Recommended!

My order

written by , 02/12/11

The delivery was quick and easy. With the purchased goods I am very satisfied. Mouse super nice to recommend Nagellackpuster in Ordnung.Klogolf for each session


written by , 05/12/11

Fully live up to expectations and the picture on the website

Fun mousepad!

written by Stina, 10/12/11

Funny thing to hs office! Looks fine.

Everything great

written by Dirk zahrte, 28/12/11

Everything was top notch. Product is tiptop !!

Beautiful mouse pad

written by MHHR, 02/01/12

Beautiful and interesting mousepad. Very much worth the money. A little bit rough in the weave, but the mouse work ok on it. The price fits well. There are better, but far more expensive carpet mouse ... Read more

funny, but too expensive

written by 4Mac2, 06/01/12

Stinkt totally by chemicals, but looks funny, like a miniature carpet up. Is ultimately nothing more than a beklebtes Mousepad. The price is too high for the quality, I've still given away because... Read more

Super mousepad in lovely quality!

written by Joachim, 19/01/12

It's a really, really nice mouse pad, which I initially was not as thrilled, but the more I looked at it, the more lost I became with it. It has a really cool retro look and a completely appropria... Read more

Stylish but a bit impractical

written by , 26/01/12

The mouse pad has been given a high rating in terms of design - looks great! The downside is that little mouse stuck in the surface (rasps) and that the lashes light up.

written by Lunk4rn, 03/02/12

This is a really cool mouse pad that has even carpet tassels. My computer mouse glides well over the mouse pad spite pattern; it works just fine in the game :)


written by Marit, 09/03/12

A very funny and handsome mousepad. I have received many celebratory comments about it. I am very pleased


written by kurt dahlberg, 25/06/12

I have previously bought a blue mouse pad; but unfortunately curved itself just by lying on the table. I therefore bought also the red that I indeed had a few weeks and it is fortunately perfect - is ... Read more


written by psykologen, 06/08/12

Exciting and different mouse pad. Good value for money. Can kunanbefales.Giver fun at the PC and desktop.

Super cool mouse pad in genuine carpet style;)

written by AMenik, 13/08/12

Ordered it before and should have it in blue - It is durable and a topic of conversation :) Super fast delivery from Cool Stuff :)

Recommended pleasing

written by Tina, 14/08/12

I bought a mouse pad that looks like a mini version of an oriental rug and had really only expected a fun and different mouse mat that was mostly decorative and perhaps not particularly useful, but it... Read more


written by MK, 17/09/12

It is not only stylish and fun, it works great too! Spreads a little extra joy and personality in the office

Rating for mouse carpet

written by alfa, 30/11/12

Very nice clever thing. I bought for Secret Santa at Christmas, hope that the recipient will happy too.


written by Orvar, 12/12/12

This mat is a fun thing because it resembles a real carpet that you have on the floor with fringes and neat patterns.


written by Älgien, 01/01/13

Very stylish mouse pad that lifts the computer location. The disadvantage is well that it is a bit difficult to adhere to the surface of the table.

Luxury office!

written by AnDanie, 04/01/13

My nice Persian postcard attracts attention at your desk at work. It is beyond expectation nice. And, it's really fun ... when someone comes into the job thing case ... and lights up in a smile wh... Read more

Really nice!

written by zophiex, 07/01/13

This mouse pad is really nice and fits very well next to the computer. It is beautiful with its fine lashes

Mousepad that lights up

written by Inga-Lill, 28/01/13

Bought two cards after seeing them pictured in a newspaper. Funny idea, I think. They correspond to my expectations, and of course used for its purpose.


written by Maud, 31/01/13

Top Product! Laid out the picture on FB and many were interested. Hope that some were inspired and want to have your own.

Flying carpet

written by Solweb, 02/02/13

My computer mouse flying easily through cyberspace on my computer red flying carpet. I get excited every time I give myself away. Those of you who like beautiful things, to wish you this. The blue, I ... Read more


written by pahka, 18/03/13

A really good mouse and moreover nice and different. Thoroughly recommended to all. You can even wear it under a flowerpot example. or something else.


written by "Tina", 18/03/13

"Really delicious" Works like a mouse pad expected göra.Matchar my hand knotted Persian rug under the desk. Had not seen anything like this before. I am completely satisfied! Even with the d... Read more


written by Lena, 06/04/13

Tough, durable and very decorative. "Carpets" looked quite so real, with fringe and the whole package. Data mouse works fine on it. It replaces the boring sponsor mats with one thing that al... Read more


written by Tuppa, Norway 27/05/13

Stunningly good and decorative mousepad! Dress up on your desk and provides an added sense of luxury :)

Very satisfied

written by IR, Germany 22/07/13

Beautiful mouse carpet, had just as I imagined it. After more than a week, he has no damage (despite the fact that the humidity and the temperature this summer are relatively high in the room). also C... Read more

Instantly much nicer on the desktop

written by Olof, Sweden 12/08/13

Sjysst quality and an added plus with white lashes. Have nothing more to say really, but to get up to one hundred characters I write this sentence, too.

The most beautiful mouse pad

written by PS, Sweden 11/09/13

I bought two cards and am very satisfied. They are very good looking in real life, and practical to use. I will always have such a moment. Great as a gift too.

Well - is of course a mousepad

written by Bo, Norway 26/09/13

The mousepad has woven tøyoverflate and fine fringes. In addition, it works just fine with optical mouse at least

Just great

written by Anja Meisinger, Germany 02/10/13

Those looking for a mousepad will find them here. processed Toll, grippy texture and true to the original carpet Franzen make this mousepad a real carpet confusingly similar. Rubber at the bottom ensu... Read more


written by JYTTE GLENSTRUP, Denmark 19/12/13


Look but do not function

written by Arne Hägerfors, Sweden 01/01/14

The mouse pad definitely looks cool and has good quality for the price, but the texture of the surface makes the mouse movement becomes choppy and it is therefore not at all pleasant to actually use. ... Read more

Flying Mouse blanket

written by Siw-Åse F., Norway 07/01/14

Schtilig mousepad! Looks really like a real Persian rug, here it is in office my desk. Looking immediately much clutter out too ;-)


written by Rick, Finland 25/09/14

looking nice like that pattern mouse mat oriental carpet. Admittedly could be finer if it should be genuine oriental carpet. :)


written by S.K., Germany 24/11/14

The shipment as always smooth and fast, absolutely wonderful, and the state in which the packet arrived. The quality is unfortunately worse than I thought. I had expected something "carpet-hafter... Read more


written by Peter Steiner, Germany 16/07/15

The mouse carpet has a beautiful appearance and feels very pleasant. The quality is also very good. In addition, the ordering and delivery was fast and without problems.

Very good

written by Thultb, Sweden 16/10/15

This mouse pad corresponded to my expectations. It fit. When compared to other mats, the price was favorable. Recommended.


written by Artsi, Finland 07/12/15

Mousepad is indeed a "carpet", a flying carpet. Fun, different mouse pad. The color choices were good, blue and red. I will give another boy and another girl. I recommend, you had no one for... Read more

Beautiful mouse pad, which seems to work well

written by Benny, Sweden 08/01/16

This is a fun and beautiful mouse pad, and the base is sufficiently slow for it not to glide. There småtrådar on the top (fabric) and could possibly cause problems. However, it works well so far.

beautiful mouse pad

written by Lisbeth, Denmark 19/05/16

The "Persian carpet" style mouse pad I ordered are just as fine as on the photo, it is much nicer than other mouse mats I've had

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