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Mystic 8 Ball

Ask a question and let Mystic 8 Ball give you the answer! Pointless? Of course it is! Nevertheless, you'll still sit there with your mates asking question after question, and laugh uncontrollably at all the answers.

Mystic 8 Ball - Mystic 8 Ball
Mystic 8 Ball
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What is this?

Good enough, but ...

written by Kristian Jørgensen, 08/06/09

I bought the magic mystic 8 ball. Actual delivery from Cool Stuff and invoicing can not complain about :-) But the product does not work quite as desired. It is as if you sometimes find it very diffic... Read more


written by Peter, 08/06/09

Mystic 8 ball is so incredibly funny .. Not only for children but for all ages. Me and my parents can not help but go to it with our questions, shake and then laughing at them for answers they can get... Read more

Fun thing

written by Masse, 01/09/09

One funny thing we use in amongst the fun.

It's a funny thing

written by Stine, 14/09/09

I am really happy for my mystic 8 ball and have much fun with it. However, it is a little hard to display pointing upwards, for that you can see what the answer, but it's such a small problem that... Read more

Average satisfaction ...

written by , 03/11/09

It's fun to have the familiar Mystic 8-Ball as you know so many places - it looks just very down to cube showing the answer to your question 6/10 times shake in place because the ball must be kept... Read more


written by miss_buse, 06/12/09

Bought this as a fun gift for my boyfriend but it has been several participants favorite. Just shake and see what response you get. Definitely come a topic of conversation so it has gained pride of pl... Read more

Mystic 8 ball

written by, 12/12/09

Love it :) Haha, can not stop asking questions to it. It is really addictive. Worth buying!

written by , 21/12/09

It is nice, but when you turn it and see the answer, you have to shake a little in it to see the result.


written by MsE, 22/12/09

This mysterious 8-ball was hit at a Christmas gift race I participated in. It was the only gift that went around the circle, both wrapped and unwrapped, everyone wanted to see, touch and feel. All que... Read more

Mystic magic 8-ball

written by , 23/12/09

ordered a Mystic magic 8-ball, which was sent the same day. the day after was I got my order's confirmation and could then pick up my package the next day :) their customer service was top notch a... Read more

unfortunately broken

written by , 25/12/09

arrived looked good expired Removing repackaged - pity

Hard to decipher the answer ...

written by Mette K., 28/12/09

The answer may be hard to see. The blue fluid in the ball covers often the answer or else face the pyramid with the answer wrong. This means that it must be shaken several times to give an answer can ... Read more

written by Mosik, 30/12/09

Troubled cool. Someone in släckten had it in his hand the whole time during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Sometimes it was a bit difficult to see

Mystic ball

written by marianne, 30/12/09

My two grandchildren Dennis 10 years and Mikaela six years had so much fun with these big balloons during the Christmas holidays. Quite durable and easy to pump.

Mystic 8 ball.

written by , 30/12/09

What can I say? It is a Mystic 8 ball. They are a classic!

Ball Ball

written by alexia, 01/01/10

Really funny actually, gave it to my sister for Christmas o all gathered around it and wanting to predict its future :)

helskoj gadget

written by a, 05/01/10

We have had helskoj when we have set our questions. Surprisingly often, completely credible answers!

Fleet eight!

written by JE, 07/01/10

Gave it to my older brother as a gift. Was a bit worried if he would like a toy. When he opened it, he could not stop. very pleased!

written by Sandra, 12/01/10

It is as funny as you'd expect, we were all sitting o took turns asking questions all night with this. A little pity only that "the question-cube" inside the ball sometimes get stuck so ... Read more

Helskön amusement

written by Trollflick, 26/02/10

Mystic 8 Ball was everything that was said about it, plus some. It was a birthday gift for a friend and it has been used extensively. Sometimes you get scary correct answers and sometimes you get the ... Read more

Spin City!

written by M-frede, 12/04/10

If you are a fan of Spin City, (as I am) you just have to get hold of Mystic 8 Ball! And if you're not a fan of Spin City, you just have to get hold of Mystic 8 ball! It always gets a laugh, and i... Read more

Mystic 8 Ball

written by Emelie, 17/05/10

I bought Mystic 8 Ball because I have seen these kinds of pulp movies and thought it was really cool to sold sånna! I did not really know how it worked but before then acknowledged that t... Read more


written by Stine Wellejus, 22/06/10

Hi there. I am very pleased with both the product and delivery. : D I do not know what else to write :)

highly recommended !!

written by ella, 28/06/10

Wow this is really a great "senseless Fun have" -Toys !! It really makes a lot of fun, this ball crazy question to ask and wonder afterwards what response comes out: D buys it you if you fun... Read more

Excellent, but ....

written by Arthur, 19/07/10

Mystic 8 Ball is a fun little cousin, as one can get many laughs about. But the show is not always an answer, then answer gizmo almost are a bit stuck between two answers sometime in between. And the ... Read more

fun game

written by clb, 16/08/10

Cosy toys, shake slightly to work properly.


written by anna, 19/08/10

I wished me a gadget for a long time so when I finally found it, I just had to own it. There are some problems with small air bubbles, but Allow to stand a little and lets be shaking too strongly, the... Read more


written by Malin, 10/09/10

Much appreciated gift. Was a bit hard to shake the answer certain times.

The fatty product :)

written by Sabina, 14/10/10

Seemed mystic8ball is a super cool product !!! .... plans to acquire more for use as Christmas gifts :) Thanks for great service! vh Sabina

Ask if you dare

written by DJ, 18/10/10

The mysterious 8ball provides clean message, ask only if you dare, and be careful not to let it control your life MUAHAHAHAHA

great mystery

written by Christine, 02/12/10

I bought the pack calendar for my boyfriend and it arouses great joy to both the husband and children. Especially the mysterious 8 Ball is fun and lots of spas. It is certainly not the last time I buy... Read more

written by , 02/12/10

Works perfectly. Are mega fun

Top Top!

written by B.B.B, 07/12/10

I ordered the one morning and early the next morning came the package. although container Mystic8ball was a little depressed, it works quite optimal. Then Offred customer c ")

Mystic 8 Ball

written by Hanne, 14/12/10

Living up to expectations. The price is maybe a little bit steep, but then you can always just not to order it.


written by Peter, 17/12/10

Bought this to give as a Christmas gift for my younger sister. However, I got a used model (broken cardboard + stained / dirty "8ball") so I'll probably look for something else to her an... Read more


written by , 20/12/10

It was a little bigger than I believed, but that does not employ something ... He makes me not always dei Incl I want ... But it's not something to do with ...

Looking ask to put my Mystic 8 Ball

written by Helen, 20/12/10

Mystic 8 Ball has a large number of possible answers, which makes it much more fun to use than if you had only been able to get a yes or a no. It is also very accurate, myself, I put the first issue o... Read more

The humor

written by , 23/12/10

It's really fun to ask all sorts of questions and get the answers and the work well. : D

Kanon Christmas

written by Kasper Henriksen, 30/12/10

Hello Cool Stuff I am really happy about the rapid delivery and the cool product my friend was really happy for it. It was as a Christmas gift for him, it works as it should and there are no problems ... Read more

Mystic 8 ball

written by , 31/12/10

Hello. I am very pleased with the product. It's really fun, and my little sister, as I gave it to for Christmas, was very fond of it. Vh. Elisbeth Bonne Knudsen.

utter rubbish

written by Lindos, 31/12/10

The item arrived extremely poor. He was only meant as a joke item but even the answers one can hardly read. It floats a cube in blue ink, which when you shake it, can not see any response before foam ... Read more

Under teams

written by Svampebob, 03/01/11

It is so amusing. :-) Do it from the American 90er film. Kødte the right before Christmas. Anyone who has visited, just having to ask for anything. All times of great amusement.

Very nice

written by Armaelion, 05/01/11

Funny part, albeit in English. Of course, is especially at the beginning very funny and later rather decorative. But as Imp Gift has fitted beautifully.


written by , 06/01/11

fun and entertaining for all ages, although small can not read they seem, after all, it's fun to ask a "bullet" if it will snow tomorrow it has been used to mandelgave but could also be ... Read more

Cosy pastime

written by Lisa, 20/01/11

Just as I had expected it! ^^ It's fun to have to lie and ask a lot of impossible questions. You know very well that it is just spas, but you keep on anyway. And it has a surprising number of diff... Read more

Super good service

written by louise , 31/01/11

I bought several things from your company and who has always been very good and very fast operation. When I got a product that did not work, I had a new day. I recommend several to use your hand when ... Read more

Good product, but with change

written by babysille, 01/03/11

The 8-ball I bought the cool stuff is brilliant. It is the ultimate decision-maker - BUT it does not have the same answers in bullet as my old miss some of the old answers. But it is certainly indispe... Read more

Magic 8 ball

written by Mollof, 29/03/11

We've had a lot of fun by asking 8eren we need to do different things.


written by Sidse, 25/04/11

I had never heard of since, when my friend introduced next to me. I think there was a lot of cool stuff in here, but since I am not known since, so I started buying one thing I would like to have but ... Read more

It's used ..

written by , 30/04/11

Then you will receive an 8 ball in a used and dusty box, taped together, takes 8 Power® ball out and then the equally dirty and is characterized by the use ... Second-hand goods satme bad style !!!

fast operation

written by Pia, 04/05/11

Easy place to shop. Nice and fast operation

Funny thing!

written by Jenny, 11/05/11

Became very popular at work where all sorts of questions were asked to the ball! :)


written by Therese, 15/05/11

Totally brilliant! I love the gadget to rule them all! I just managed to get it in my biology exam, which was good because I used it to get 10;)


written by Louise, 25/05/11

Just as expected! Much more I can not say about it, really. It was certainly popular with the party when it was given as a gift :)


written by Arnt-K, 02/06/11

Something straightforward, feels a bit cheap looking bilig out. Often that you shake and it falls on the "edge". But, otherwise straightforward.

Magic 8 Ball

written by Andreas, 13/06/11

It's actually the Magic 8 Ball, but maybe it's the copyright on that name. Clearly fun to sit and say medningslösa yes or no questions and see what the globe think about it. "Do not count... Read more

Very useful toys

written by , 30/08/11

Can be used to respond to all the small and big problems that crop up in an IT department during the day: Does the system tomorrow? Is it our fault that it went down? Should we eat cake now?


written by Victor, 27/09/11

It was a very good customer support and a good packing. It is no bad thing I can say about anything :-)


written by D.P., 13/10/11

Nøøj it can be the piece Good Good pastimes: D


written by lillemille, 16/11/11

This ball answering all your questions, it was fun. The answers it gives are in English, which is good to know. Seems it was cool, me and my friends had a lot of fun with it.

A fun idea

written by Helle Nielsen, 21/11/11

8 Ball is a fun idea which is seen in many movies and gives a laugh in the company of others. The quality is not so good. The text to be presented after a few shake, is not always clear and in the beg... Read more


written by indeed, 05/12/11

Everyone should have one Magic 8Ball. EVERYONE ! Tip! Do not drop it on the floor .....

written by - Katta, 20/12/11

Fun little thing, but it so much more fun out today than it was in reality. But ok care for decent price.

could barely read the text

written by fjohan, 29/12/11

The ball is big but con is that "screen" can man barely WSE what it says.

Fun fun for all

written by , 29/12/11

Super fine toys for the older ......

Fun fun for all

written by , 29/12/11

Super fine toys for the older ......

its so fun .....

written by radiane, 09/01/12

the product was so great and enjoyable .... it given you hope and guide .... :) very nice .... TWO THUMBS UP


written by Kristie, 05/09/12

Always a fun thing. It gives a good response each time använvder it. Really good entertainment for children :)

Magic 8ball

written by rebecca, 15/11/12

The product came soon after delivery, very good. It was intact and functioning, but it was poorly wrapped in a too small outer carton with tape ...

Fantastic fun gadget

written by Mette Jee Christensen, 18/11/12

To all those who think it is fun with good gadgets will this "decision maker" be an entertaining addition. Works fine, but may be slightly difficult to read - angle must be just right.

Mystic 8 Ball;)

written by Jimmi , 19/11/12

Mr. always wanted me ever since I was quite small .. so I bought it mostly for ornamental purposes :) But is not disappointed and it works as it should.

Mystic 8 Ball

written by Alle, 12/12/12

It asks question after question and check the answers and laughs when it gets weird. Very fun than I thought. However, do not want the answers turn out sometimes. The plate text is placed on the turn ... Read more

super fast delivery

written by karlerik, 25/12/12

10 stars from me .......................................................................................................................................................

Nisse trapped in an 8 :)

written by Benjamin W, 26/12/12

It is super cool. My wife has wanted this since one day I met her and told such existed. So it was she saw in Advent gift, and the gods where it has helped us to much fun together. '' Should w... Read more

Fun to ask the ball

written by Lisbeth, 26/12/12

One can have enormous fun with this ball. One wonders o get answers. Too bad there is in Swedish only. Sometimes a little difficult to read the text flows as well as not up to the surface, but my daug... Read more

funny thing

written by Ki, 27/12/12

Fun party ball which can be used by anyone - ask the bullet and get the answers I will or not - ball gives advice


written by Cathrine, 27/12/12

It was given as a gift, and brought certain happiness, but I saw, however, that the screen is very faint and a little hard to read. It can be what it promises, feels a little light and plastic-like. H... Read more

Very poppis!

written by Elisabeth, 28/12/12

After playing the Mystic 8 ball on my iPhone forever is my son 8åriga overjoyed to have their own 8 ball :-)

it's magic

written by Lars, 01/01/13

Bought it for a hostess gift and it was extensively used throughout the evening. .. And the next days! The funniest thing I've tried long! Delivering value for money

funny thing

written by Johanna, 01/01/13

This Mystic Ball got my tots, and it was the most mysterious they experienced so weird thought Court how it can know what they're wondering. Many laughs were we all. fun gift


written by Henning, 04/01/13

Disappointing !!!! This product has you ready to promote in a subtle way so that it actually works interresant. When the item received is every reason CRITICISM, anything like gibberish product!

full satisfaction

written by Susan B., 07/01/13

Ordered a 8 ball, to cheaper money than I had expected. Thought therefore, that there must be something in the wicket or similar, such as late delivery. But no, I got my 8 ball within 2 days and is su... Read more

Can roughly what it should be.

written by Søren, Denmark 25/04/13

Not an expensive product, but still disappoints quality slightly. The lands often such that you can not read what it says. Under the expected, but not much.

Fun little toy =)

written by Julie, Norway 25/07/13

Works exactly as it should be, but is, as others have mentioned, a little 'cheap' in the performance and the crash occasionally, so one has to shake forward to see the answer.

Increased the lead!

written by Milla, Sweden 22/08/13

A simple and fun gadget. It is especially fun to sit with friends or the guy and ask ball.

Not good

written by Henriette, Norway 04/10/14

When you shake on it so you do not always, (very often) that it hangs up, the answer does not arrive. It happens almost all the time, and then I try to corrode answer. So this was not good.


written by richey, Sweden 05/01/15

Perfect for pre-party! But the quality of the text is illuminated is quite mixed. Provides a so-so impression about it to be honest.

Defendant ball

written by Zkrufs, Sweden 07/01/15

Well, this did not convince. Sometimes you had to shake up properly to get answers and after a while it became law toughly. But yes, it could be pretty hilarious at times. We got tired but pretty fast... Read more


written by Cami, Norway 13/05/15

Digger the magic 8-ball. It is exactly as expected. Ask it a question, shake, and you get the answer.

Loved by family

written by Anna, Sweden 01/06/15

I bought this as a pure impulse buying even though I do not have much money right now ... but it was totally worth it! We have so much fun with this ball, mom uses it to ask what she should do about t... Read more


written by KB, Sweden 13/07/15

Funny, but not so much fun in the long run. You get tired quickly, but with a little alcohol in the body becomes fun once again.

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