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Naughty Knot Body Bow

Surprise someone you love and wrap the world's finest gift - yourself! The naughty knot is easy to tie, and even easier to untie.

Naughty Knot Body Bow - Naughty Knot Body Bow
Naughty Knot Body Bow
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What is this?

Super cool surprise for girlfriend!

written by Køber, 17/06/09

I bought Naughty Knot mostly for fun, but when it came in the mail, and I got to see the right way, it was super nice and easy to tie. I would recommend all girls / women who would like to give a litt... Read more

fun surprise

written by Loppan, 09/07/09

Naughty Knot is a fun thing to surprise with, however, requires a little practice beforehand as the knot is not completely obvious. But the order of the forming it will be really good, only drawback i... Read more

Intricacies Naughty Knot

written by DJ, 08/09/09

I think it was really hard to understand description of how to get it into a bow. I had to get help from my boyfriend, who would actually get it as a surprise, as it was not the best idea. Once we had... Read more


written by primarosen, 12/10/09

This was very successful, puts on the red strap high heels and then looking ear pendant, it went home: P Very Sexy

written by , 03/11/09

It's a fun little naughty action that can provide many funny moments in the bedroom or wherever it is used. It requires a little practice and dexterity to make the loop nice enough without being s... Read more

A super sleek and sexy gift

written by lillatussi, 27/11/09

My fiance was very happy when he got me a present when we celebrated 5 years. The bow was easy to establish when it was a step by step description with pictures on how to proceed. It was also fun to l... Read more

What makes her ...

written by Mike, 10/12/09

The binding of the "Naughty Knots" was more difficult than thought, especially since the description in English was. But the sight of the result compensated beyond measure. He makes really l... Read more

written by Sara, 15/12/09

Much appreciated Christmas gift from her boyfriend to get me wrapped. A little hassle first to understand the fist instructions you received with little small images. But when you looked at the link o... Read more

Will probably drive a good Christmas present

written by Carro, 16/12/09

I piece the Naughty Knot is a really well-made small thing. Ever nakdelen I think is that there is no warning that the instructions are in English but the pictures do so it hella easier. Hoping for a ... Read more

Naughty Knot

written by j, 29/12/09

Bought NK to wrap myself to my boyfriend on Christmas Eve. Thought it was a fun thing. The problem is that it is difficult to get a stable knot. The fabric is very slippery and hard to tie. But it can... Read more


written by Banana, 29/12/09

I had given me my friend for Christmas and this "Naughty Knot" was the best packaging for :) After a few dry runs in binding the loop had already the rotation out quickly and on that night h... Read more

Good results; D

written by Josefin, 02/01/10

The instructions were a bit half-good but after the 10minuterna it took to get on to it, so everything was as it should! It was definitely a good buy, with good results xD


written by Stine, 08/01/10

I had ordered the Naughty Knot as an extra Christmas present for my boyfriend .. it but it should have been a little naughty surprise was for nothing, simply because I could not tie belt ... I do not ... Read more

written by jojo, 22/01/10

It was kinda little tricky to tie, but you do not tie the instructions, they became easier to tie afterwards: p va a fun surprise for my boyfriend 20th birthday :) According to him, I would certainly ... Read more

written by , 12/02/10

A great idea !! Though it was a bit awkward to tie the first time, although good instructions are included. After the first peg so it will be easy. And because the material is so not the bow in place ... Read more


written by Katrin , 17/02/10

Even with a lot of practice and patience it was not possible to attract part so that it looked even halfway sexy. It is now at the dump !!!

Estimated gift

written by Angie, 26/02/10

I bought 'Naughty Knot' as a fun all hjärtansdag gift for my guy. Must say it anywhere very well appreciated by both of us: p Different and super funny ...

written by mh, 26/05/10

Very smart and cheeky gift - to surprise his girlfriend with;) It takes some time to get the bound, but after the first time it's fucking easy !! a very worthy purchase

Not as difficult as you think

written by J, 02/06/10

I used the first time around 10-15 minutes to find out how it was tied. The instructions that come with, is not quite as easy to understand as one would hope. I tried me therefore just ahead, and I th... Read more

special gift

written by Dotte, 23/06/10

Thought it was very cool, and the guy was very happy for his gift (me). Do never otherwise find something a little annorlund like this but it worked out great and fun :) However, I was not really how ... Read more

He wanted me - and he got me!

written by Elsa, 04/08/10

Opinions on how easy / difficult it was to tie this knot is fragmented. Self, I found it surprisingly difficult! I'm very good at English but had difficulty understanding how I would do. But that ... Read more

An appreciated gift for all occasions

written by Emme, 06/09/10

I bought this for my boyfriend for his birthday and talk about it was appreciated! A clever idea that we all have thought of but none had the resources to do. Not that the ribbon is difficult to get h... Read more

Sexy, but tricky

written by Hanna, 01/10/10

It received appreciative comments of the person who "got me";) But of course, I think it could have been better and was easier to get on it. One tip is to practice a bit before it's time... Read more

big success

written by pappersprassel, 13/10/10

..but little tricky, it was all to tie the first time. Practice once before you really going to use it so you fix it easily then once it 's time! Funny thing :)

Very fun gift for boyfriend / husband

written by Ania, 09/11/10

My husband was really happy for the gift (which was me who was wrapped) and I think it's a brilliant invention, and it is not so difficult to go on when you have read how to do :)

severe knot

written by Qutiest, 10/11/10

Very appreciated, but the bow glides happily apart and it was so hard to get it and sit well!

Naughty Knot

written by Hon, 14/11/10

It was a little hard to tie it at first, but there were instructions on how to do. Took a few minutes to get it, but it was appreciated very much by my boyfriend!

written by , 25/11/10

Takes a while to understand the description. But sweet on.

not worth the money

written by idus, 07/12/10

I did not not think my product was worth the money. It was difficult to put on, then stopped as it is not in its place. It looked just generally strange.

Affordable package!

written by FiaLotta, 08/12/10

Delivered in an attractive gift box with very clear instructions. A little tricky to tie the first time, but then it was easy as pie. A tip is thus to practice before tying themselves "package ha... Read more

Naughty Knot

written by N, 15/12/10

When the only thing my boyfriend wants for Christmas is me he'll obviously get it, wrapped and everything! I've tried to tie it once but dåtyckte me that it was quite difficult to follow the i... Read more

Very satisfied

written by Hannah, 16/12/10

I ordered this as a Christmas gift to give to my boyfriend when we also simultaneously celebrated half a year together. It was to say the least very appreciated and is certainly something I would reco... Read more

Estimated !!!

written by Linda, 20/12/10

This where very appreciated in the bedroom of my fellow! Recommends the very for those who want to spice up life a little! :-)

Recomenderar this purchase!

written by Jennifer , 23/12/10

This product was very personal and the evening was very successful;) Rocomenderar this product to 100%

not so happy ..

written by rerø, 27/12/10

I'm not so happy with this product because it was difficult to put together, it was dålig described in the manual. And the wild not sit onkli when you have it on, it just falls down.

Do not buy

written by besviken, 28/12/10

So disappointed in this product. Sitting not very good then tied tend to slip up. Real B color. No fine dark red, without any kind of orange-red. Cheap rubbish simply. Cost at least no fortune. Not re... Read more

Aw Aw - naughty knot

written by Signe N., 31/12/10

I do not particularly like Naughty knot. Firstly, I think it takes too long to wait to tie it, and it's hard to get it tied without help. Secondly, it is REALLY hard to get it to sit comfortably o... Read more

Poor instructions ..

written by , 03/01/11

This was a terrible intricate loop! The instruction is in English, which is not really a problem, but it is very poorly explained and the pictures of little help! Gave up quickly this. What was suppos... Read more


written by T, 04/01/11

Sexy little thing this! Bought it for the chick for Christmas (or .. it was really more of a gift to myself) A tip for all the ladies out there: Surprise your husband !! Take on this and surprising hi... Read more

No bigger than DD

written by Ella, 04/01/11

When I got home my naughty knot so it said on the package that it would not be larger than a DD, which was not on the website. I could use it anyway but the set is not as good and it concealed the not... Read more

Well ...

written by Maja, 07/01/11

... So completely convinced me has not this product! After I worked for over an hour so this loop somehow to me to "tie" the result was not really satisfying. For 2 seconds, the loop looks q... Read more

written by Friis, 09/01/11

It was a success and in fact easy enough to tie, after a few failed attempts. There is however a drawback; the fabric is so smooth that the node does not continue to be tight, but loosened gradually (... Read more

written by Nöken, 17/01/11

Sample Roller presented before the handover! Once I took it was so easy, but it took some time before I got to the bow. As said before, it's hard to keep it shiny fabric in place. But a funny thin... Read more


written by lucinda, 19/01/11

bought naughty knot as a birthday present for my girlfriend. and it is certainly super nice on but had at the beginning a little trouble understanding the instructions and missing a small vidie where ... Read more

Severe manual

written by Mackan, 01/02/11

Now I have unfortunately not seen it. The girlfriend made an attempt but had to give up to the manual was a bit tricky. However, as one can not but look forward to the results!


written by azaleea, 14/02/11

Yes think it eh very nice, but very, very difficult to tie together so it huh submit further good!

The Naughty Knot.

written by Melii, 17/02/11

This product was very stylish and eye-catching website. It gets a little cheated of the displayed image, but nevertheless it is very fun thing to buy. The instructions for how to tie it was very diffi... Read more

Very difficult to tie

written by E, 18/02/11

Ok, bought "Naughty Knot" to surprise my boyfriend at all hjärtansdag. Fortunately, I decided to test tie the week before, and luckily so! I thought the instructions were urdåliga, took me a... Read more


written by Marina, 25/02/11

The Naughty Knot causes a great reaction of the partner but it is very difficult it really to wear. Otherwise I would recommend it :-) maybe I'm just too small

written by Mia, 28/02/11

Not at all difficult to tie, I thought! However, it was of course not as good as the packaging show, but it's never as good as promised. How many times have you not bought hair colors and it's... Read more

written by mala, 02/03/11

Very nice and appreciated gift. it will probably be more than happy!


written by Pernilla, 03/03/11

I bought this to wear it all hjärtansdag and denblev very appreciated. you are in normal light looks almost orange out but in the dark with the light Tri around turns red :) it was very slippery so ha... Read more

written by n., 08/03/11

I think this product was very easy to connect, I understood the description very well. Do, however, it is sad that the knot did not hold itself remains in place all the time. Without it slid apart ver... Read more

Naughty birthday!

written by MillisDolly, 07/04/11

Then I had no idea what I wanted to give my boyfriend for his birthday and he wanted to carry me so I came on this Naughty Knot. Absolutely perfect! He loved it and so I did. A little difficult to tie... Read more

Difficult bow

written by Ash, 22/04/11

It seemed super easy, but when I sku try it on, I spent about twenty minutes to take the tie loop. It is quite complex, so ended up having to tie a normal bow out of the band was not quite perfect. An... Read more

P0RN0 ^^

written by CF, 29/04/11

The Naughty Knot, the one-man (in my case, this applies to, but more on that later;) Strip Show, and a scaled down version of the stripper-out-of-cake number, unfortunately, could not with me quite sa... Read more

it is ok.

written by NB, 26/09/11

It slides down a lot and have not used it yet. Had really in the plans also to take some pictures of it, but I do not think is possible as it sits. do not understand the instructions, but you can well... Read more


written by Lissy, 06/10/11

It looks very nice, no doubt. My friend was happy about it, but the stupid is in the loop, that they are very slipping. I had it as normal, supported by this tab, but that has so slipped that I then j... Read more

written by Natalie Treldal, 24/10/11

It was too hard to tie. very complicated in my opinion.


written by E, 02/11/11

Well, it was quite difficult to establish especially neat is not. Although I am not good at sewing, I would probably be able to do this better myself.

Christmas gift ideas!

written by Alexandra, 16/11/11

Took x-number of hours to figure out how to tied it before I discovered that it was too easy and the instructions completely unnecessarily long, but that is to be disposed of in English as well .. The... Read more


written by Pernille, 19/11/11

Understood well enough not much of the description that was but after a few tries I got it really on. and my lovely kærste was something overresket as I lay there in bed with it on the occasion of our... Read more

Sexy, successful surprise!

written by Sofie, 24/11/11

Bought knot to surprise my girlfriend and can promise that it certainly appealed !! He was very pleased with their package. Seeing that several have complained at the instructions and I can to some ex... Read more

Take your time

written by iA, 28/11/11

The knot looked just like the picture when you followed the instructions. These, on the other hand did not respond fully to expectations and was not easy to understand at either 1st, 2nd or 3rd perusa... Read more

written by L, 07/12/11

used to fight a long time to try to tie the knot, but had to finally give up. even with user-friendly usage was virtually hopeless = (

written by J, 12/12/11

Read the previous reviews that it would be difficult to "tie" which I did not found it. Very simple when you just understand that you fold it to become the rosette double and then thread the... Read more

complicated but worth it

written by Minimani, 14/12/11

At first attempt is the knot very complicated when trying to follow the given instructions. I had to find Google managed to look me up until a video that made everything much easier. A perfect little ... Read more

funny thing

written by Anett, 19/12/11

Got loop in the mail for a few days and was very excited. Was somewhat skeptical "User's Guide" supplied, for it was quite tricky. MEn realized quickly approach and it was a success :) l... Read more

Naughty knot ...: D

written by skotty, 22/12/11

Fight tough. A little hard to tie it properly. I had to at least read the manual ...

Good! - When you found out about it.

written by Tina, 23/12/11

Naughty Knot is a delicious piece of tape that you can surprise her boyfriend. It is a band that is comfortable to wear and not rankle some places. However, I think that the description of how to tie ... Read more

Difficult, but very nice when you can do it!

written by bobokaos, 29/12/11

Is pleased with naughty knot, was the difficult but pretty straightforward when you figured it eventually ... girlfriend was iallefal happy;)


written by ..., 02/01/12

It is really nice, even when it comes on, but it is tilgengæld not the easiest. ;) But I then found out it. When I thought that these instructions were difficult to understand or decipher if you will,... Read more

Sexy package ....

written by Busig knut, 02/01/12

Super easy to "connect" when you only need to thread it through the "folded" the band through any loop and a very sexy product! Unfortunately, it slides apart veeery easy which mak... Read more

I like naughty knot fight well!

written by Linn, 03/01/12

It is sweet and sexy, and be taken equally well received every time! The instructions are written in a slightly strange way, but it went very smoothly tying loop it. Highly recommended;)

A great Christmas gift!

written by Joko, 05/01/12

I bought it for my boyfriend, to wrap myself as a Christmas gift :) feeling, shape and color are top, was super happy !!! Then you can let your imagination to work and use the fabric in any other way ... Read more

Severe install

written by , 09/01/12

Great fun idea but very complicated to put together a bow and understand the instructions. Did someone your own routine after 20 minutes to try to get it together according pictures and instructions. ... Read more

It was good and fun!

written by Mig:-), 16/02/12

The idea was really fun and good! Did my girlfriend very happy. But were you a little answers to find out and get on. And it was really annoying that the loop was so lax as early as the second one had... Read more

The description should print to fit A to DD cups

written by Hanna, 20/02/12

Was very happy to get home this product, but unfortunately realized that it is not suitable for all breast sizes. Wished it had been in the description of the product to fit the breast from A to DD, b... Read more


written by Hannah, 22/02/12

A fun and exciting surprise for my boyfriend who appreciated this gift very much! Easy to tie and everything as it should. Looking only carefully to the instructions so it was not really that difficul... Read more

thumb up

written by åsa, 27/02/12

it is a bit difficult to learn how to tie but it takes itself so there is no problem. I showed up half-knot boyfriend and got a very good compliment about it!

all hjärtansdag perfect gift!

written by evelina, 29/02/12

I bought "Naughty Knot" to all hjärtansdag and my boyfriend was super happy! It was really appreciated but sattelite half lousy at. I had to make an extra knot so it would not slip off. Inci... Read more

Stylish but a bit tricky!

written by Stargazer, 13/03/12

It did not get the impression that it would be so advanced that put together the knot when I ordered it. Thought it would be a "completed" bow to just slip on, somehow. The instructions were... Read more


written by tjae, 13/04/12

Very naughty, but rather cumbersome to tie, so it requires some practice. otherwise it is okay for a cheeky trip in between :)


written by Hanna, 04/07/12

A very appreciated gift from my boyfriend! Followed an instructional video on the internet which was much easier to follow than the description that follows with. The only negative was that it was dif... Read more

perfect surprise

written by Annjuu, 20/07/12

The ultimate surprise gift for your sweetheart! He satisfaction is guaranteed, it was my least. It's a little hard to get in, but if you practice once before going to use it, it should be fine!


written by oleeeeeeeeeee, 02/08/12

yeah was the digg when she first got it on ... but was wealth mildly a hellvette to tie it but the end result was rich hopefully not child but became a NICE time: D


written by Steffi, 08/08/12

everything was great, after having found out how the bound loop. Have about size 38 and it looked very good. fast delivery. easy cash.


written by Klinkekulå, 12/09/12

Lovely ! This was fultreffer!

Fun and romantic

written by Tina, 14/09/12

Fun and romantic to give away himself, it was very much appreciated. A little difficult to establish the right down a very good description was included, but worked Ju to tie it in other ways with

A little difficult

written by tihi, 13/11/12

It is somewhat difficult to tie, but you go on youtube and search up the product, so there are movies that show simple ways to tie it on :) You have not tried to show it off yet, so can not wait to se... Read more

seductive bow

written by Birgitte Frøhling, 21/11/12

The loop is incredibly beautiful and sexy but a little hard to tie. Have a hard time getting looping to sit just as nice as the picture.

You get what you pay for

written by sparven, 26/11/12

Which does not necessarily mean it's bad! For this money so the product was very reasonable! I gave myself a gift for my boyfriend when we were away on a romantic weekend in London, it became very... Read more

Nice and easy to use

written by hc, 29/11/12

This was nice and easy to put "together". Only con is that it is a little slack, so does not stay snug against your body as I wish. But on the other hand, the fight easy to get by then;) Muc... Read more


written by Sandra, 06/12/12

Indescribable good - naughty and delicious :) Try it, your girlfriend will tear wild :) it offers a wild experience ...


written by Julie, 06/12/12

Had been looking forward to this very, but was a bit disappointed when it does not set so well today .. Possible the associated errors, but but ..

Naughty Knot

written by Anonym, 19/12/12

The color is very beautiful, but if you can not English, it is really hard to tie the knot correctly, and he keeps not so great as in the picture. But surprise great success and our joy was great =) O... Read more


written by Julia Ma, 20/12/12

the gift is just great! The Anleitung- very easy-who finds it difficult is just goofy :) The ribbon slips a bit, but still looks very good!

Good idea årsgave

written by Anne-Mette, 20/12/12

Good årsgave idea ... But it's a good idea that you practice first, otherwise easy enough to find out. There's also guidance.

Surprise for girlfriend

written by Zabrina S, 21/12/12

I had trouble tying the first knot, but after I found out about it, I've been a little extra thing the boyfriend has to pack up here in December, and the best of all one that he loves it: )

Value :)

written by F, 21/12/12

The catch on, this here :) Ok, you have certain write more, but I think you can imagine Christmas opening without my going into detail :) :) :)

very naughty

written by Peter, 23/12/12

Can be recommended. It's very sexy to look at and easy to tie up. Man pulls just in the two bands and then served. The we come to use many times :)

Good, but loose.

written by Shb, 24/12/12

I do not think the loop was so severe that tie as others write in their reviews. Find out for yourself - instead of reading it useless directions. It will in turn free really fast, and can not sit par... Read more

Naughty Knot! : D

written by L.indeed, 25/12/12

Super fun to give as a gift to someone! Gave it a Christmas present to one in relatives, to ka æ was done to see the face of the one that got it when the gift was opened bladnt family and friends: D

Good, but with room for improvement

written by jeppsi, 26/12/12

This is quite nice to look at, and after going on youtube and watched a movie about how to mount it gets it easily on. But it is unfortunately not as tight as it appears on the image, especially aroun... Read more

nice but difficult to tie

written by maria, 27/12/12

instructions, I felt like a bit shoddy o it was in English, I had had more time, I had tests tied it before yes would have it .. but with a curious boyfriend, it is difficult to hide stuff! but it was... Read more


written by TP, 28/12/12

A fun idea for a gift for her boyfriend, but the material substance is made of, makes it very difficult to bind tightly enough so that it does not fall off :(

very good!

written by Madde, 28/12/12

This was very appreciated! However, I thought the description how to tie bow was complicated and it was not composite tighten so good, so I made a regular bow, and it worked just as well!

All good

written by R39, 29/12/12

The ordered goods had good quality and was like the Internet described in detail. In addition, the goods came after 2 days on already.

decent enough

written by maria, 02/01/13

Was it nice. But is size 36 to normal and was a bit difficult to get it to sit properly. Easily fell off.


written by Kk, 03/01/13

Was no easy linking at all. But God so cute and sexy. Girlfriend was very excited (when I finally managed to tie the loop right). Top "gift" to a loved one;)


written by Emilie, 07/01/13

Had not thought that it was something I had to tie and it was SO hard !! On top of that was the instruction manual of course, in English, and although I'm fairly good at it, so it was difficult wo... Read more

i like it

written by Moxxie, 08/01/13

got it quickly and it was awesome, got a good response and was very fun;) not at all hard on the tie, is a simple explanation in the box too, but may huh good on the test sometime before you use it, a... Read more

Very good!

written by Rebeca Hernandez, 30/01/13

Very good product, as expected! Only thing that was a bit difficult was to tie this "naughty knot'n". Otherwise very quick delivery, super happy! :)

entlich times a funny gift.

written by Juergen.Fuchs, 30/01/13

the knot is a great thing. He is in a very neutral gift, but he achieved the perfect highest effective. so should other times find and develop what is really great. lg from here to there to dents.


written by Danu, 11/02/13

I did not know that this product would become such a hit, her boyfriend's birthday was more than successful. May be due to the prompt delivery and excellent hospitality I received. All creds to yo... Read more

Stylish, affordable and fun!

written by Sandra, 27/02/13

Great and fun thing to surprise him. Easy to tie if you follow the text + images but they are easier ways you yourself come on, can not only go through the images. Did not "video" all wrote ... Read more

Not as nice as the picture

written by qwerty, 04/03/13

It was a fun gift, but not as "nice" as picture. The ends to create loop seemed shorter than the image so that the loop was less.

Naughty Knot!

written by J, 11/03/13

Hey! It was nice. But something I bothered me is that when I pulled the last knot that held it, slid down and knot slipped out. I think it's because it's made of silk? But took a small barrett... Read more

Fun but a little hard manual

written by Charmie, 22/03/13

Naughty Knot creditor fun idea. Detvar a little difficult to understand how to get it to be be / look like a knot. It followed the course with a description of how to do but it was a bit too complicat... Read more

Nice surprise!

written by Katja, Finland 12/07/13

Havenot had a chance to use it, for decided to leave red knit for Xmas, but I am sure my boyfriend would love it!

That through binding nicely

written by B.., Denmark 10/12/13

A really nice and piquant idea with a bow. But in reality it is very difficult to bond and get to look nice. Had not imagined that it would be so hard to get it fixed. shown thought that the loop had ... Read more


written by Den nöjda, Sweden 12/12/13

This was absolutely perfect, fun easy to tie and super sexy! My guy could not have been happier about the surprise I had for him. I absolutely recommend naughty knot!


written by hanna, Sweden 22/12/13

funny thing, difficult to understand instructions as they were in English, but when my improvised knot this became a very successful surprise.

everything destroyed

written by Anonym, Sweden 26/12/13

Usually even want to surprise someone with this, and it will go to hell! You have to take a course to learn how to tie it here. My surprise was not good anyway.

Naughty Knot

written by Anonym, Sweden 03/01/14

Very good and appreciated gift! However, the description that came with very difficult to understand. I used the link in one of the earlier comments to understand. Once it was in this way it just fine... Read more

that through binding!

written by Betina, Denmark 11/01/14

The loop is really nice, good quality and nicely packed on delivery - but rather difficult to tie. It may therefore be necessary to practice a few times before you need it, as this is quite complex - ... Read more

quite satisfied

written by Rebecca, Denmark 22/01/14

The fabric is a little cheap in kvaliteteten, and to my taste it is a bit too shiny and too soft in structure to get an equally nice stiff bow, as in the picture. That being said, I think it lives up ... Read more

Njaa ..

written by Isabelle, Sweden 20/02/14

It was not hard to put on - very simple, never mind the instructions that are co-kicked. There are much better and more sordid descriptions online that you can search for. However sat there not very n... Read more

Funny but tricky :)

written by Bea, Sweden 06/03/14

I can start by saying that the color is a bit more to the orange-red than deep red, but they are not interfering in because most apparent in really bright light and in more normal "bedroom light&... Read more

Naughty Knot

written by Lena, Norway 10/03/14

This product is recommended. When I had it on me 1st time, it was a positive surprise. This I'm going to get a lot of pleasure.


written by pika, Germany 18/06/14

Very good, easy to wear, but a bit loose-fitting - or I did not sand the English instruction manual.

As you come quite a sweat ..

written by M., Germany 08/08/14

I should practice it beforehand .. It took me ne good hour and many nerves to tie the part. The manual is too small so that one can not accurately detect the images and so trying to figure out how it ... Read more

Fine, but complicated

written by Olsson, Sweden 07/12/14

Is not particularly large, found it difficult to get the string to sit tight (fell off my chest the whole time). Not worth the money.

Very good!

written by Nina, Sweden 23/12/14

I think "sexy knot" resembles very good as it looks like on the picture. One must, in other words what you see. A plus is that it is finer in reality with its silky sheen. The only "min... Read more

Great surprise!

written by Stefanie89, Germany 05/01/15

At first I was skeptical because was in other reviews that it was not easy to tie the loop. But if you do not get too goes to the leaflet and yourself about how you normally white loop would bind, it ... Read more

It can not be used!

written by Antonia, Sweden 01/02/15

Good and fun idea, but it could not be put on! The instructions were difficult to decipher, and after much effort to put on it so I gave up! Feels sorry that it was better constructed, it was basicall... Read more

Fuck in the user manual

written by Elise, Norway 20/02/15

The instructions were useless. But when I decided to drop it, it took me two seconds to tie a bow that looked great. The type was in any case very happy!

Naughty Knot

written by Camilla , Sweden 20/02/15

A fun gift to give to his beloved. Went well to tie after a little practice. However ändast 3 times.

Best ever

written by Dardan, Sweden 27/02/15

Bought all <3 days. Best night ever;) If you prefer to be a bit small kinky. Highly recommended, the best service ever: D Thanks Coolstuff !!

Works perfectly!

written by Anonym, Norway 30/03/15

This struck really depends hod girlfriend! A bit difficult with the instructions of the knot, but it went after a few tries and logic. Boyfriend was superfornlyd, and are already looking forward to ne... Read more


written by H, Sweden 03/04/15

The fabric in silk makes the knot easily tie up. Has D-cup and it was just so they could fit. Very appreciated though!

Super Pleased!

written by Janne, Norway 02/12/15

Was a little skeptical of this item from the beginning and was a little afraid it would not stay in place, but after try it, I am very satisfied! Recommend to search on youtube when properly tied, wit... Read more

Difficult to tie

written by Johanna, Sweden 07/12/15

Very nice color and quite clear description of the picture yet so right it quite difficult to get a nice bow ..


written by Moa, Sweden 15/02/16

The description huh very difficult to understand, finally had to give up and improvise your own bow. But the boyfriend enjoyed it very much and was pleasantly surprised!

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