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Newton's Cradle

Classic in a luxurious marble version! Newton's Cradle is not a bed for 17th century's scientists, but a nice ornament demonstrating physics. Perfect on your desk!

Newton's Cradle - Newton's Cradle
Newton's Cradle
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Newton's Cradle

written by knuduno, Sweden 17/11/13

This gadget thought I would impress my friends. But after playing with it for a while, I discover that this was a toy. It has not the characteristics of a real Newton's Cradle to have. The balls a... Read more

Newton's cradle

written by marie, Sweden 29/01/14

Substantial marble slab, standing firmly. It was just as I imagined mig.Väl packed during transport.

Asynchronous Newton's cradle

written by Petri, Finland 14/04/14

As such, good-looking and sturdy tripod suitable for Newton's cradle does not meet my expectations. Business slowed down and the balls began very quickly pompia unevenly, so that all the balls are... Read more


written by healer24, Germany 20/11/14

Newton pendulum heavy duty -works significantly improved as a cheap lightweight products - was delivered well packed

Newton's cradle

written by JML M, Norway 10/12/14

Standing tall high on a wish list this year, great model, heavy and steady, you know that the offspring will be satisfied !!!

expensive cradle

written by Nilla, Finland 21/09/15

The balls bounce almost what happens, the balance somehow wrong. Expensive item so I was expecting better quality.


written by Martina, Germany 27/02/16

Our daughter had wished. The delivery took place in a sturdy box and the pendulum was well protected by Styrophor. It works well and looks with its marbled green base very nice.

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