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Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

You really should have a nose on your shower wall. Not your own, but a nose dispenser full of shower gel. Press, goo, done. No cold, no dirt. Perfect.

Nose Shower Gel Dispenser - Nose Shower Gel Dispenser
Nose Shower Gel Dispenser
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What is this?

small but fun

written by skorpan, 09/12/09

was trust disappoint when it came home when the pictures online do not give it justice. but the kids think it is fun and it gave a nice time in the bath, while the big felt it was a little creepy, tho... Read more

written by Maja, 09/12/09

I think soap spout is a really fun idea. The soap may be a little hard to get out, because you have to press right on the "nostril" and hard.

Smoothly process

written by Julia, 21/12/09

If everything works fine. Fast shipping and easy transaction!

Really fun!

written by Nollåttan, 21/12/09

Perfect to wash your hands with after "Pillat little nose" .. very attention at parties, whether the person is sober or drunk little they laugh as much about washing their hands ... =)

Estimated gift

written by EmmaPQ, 21/12/09

Bought it and gave it to my brother in law who turned 30. It was a very appreciated gift that was set up in the bathroom right away. His wife was not quite as happy. But this can probably be an apprec... Read more

Green e nice

written by blobbass, 28/12/09

Elevates mood in the shower and I get me a childish laugh every time!

Highlight in the bathroom

written by CK, 02/01/10

Those who do not get tired of the everyday soap dispenser, should buy this dispenser. SIMPLY TOP !!


written by Wendy, 02/01/10

The entire nose is like a container, it means that you can press more or less anywhere in the nose to get soap instead of having to press any buttons or other mechanism. I was a little disappointed th... Read more

soap nose

written by seifennase, 03/01/10

The soap nose is a very funny replacement for a normal soap dispenser. It is easy to install (for suction cups). Handling is also very light (just push the nose). However, there are contemporaries who... Read more

written by Sylvia Wulff, 10/05/10

Good Gag and with green shower gel very effective !!


written by Julia, 10/08/10

I gave this as a gift, and it was the best thing I could have ever done! my dad laughed safely in the fourth when he opened, he said it was crap leaking. it works well, and the most fun is if you have... Read more

Great soap nose

written by Nasenfetischist, 10/08/10

A great gag for friends and relatives with humor. Even as a gift a big surprise. No more boredom in the shower. The soap nose ensures serenity in bathroom, kitchen etc.

The Scream

written by Max Nöth, 15/09/10

"May I use your shower?" At that moment, which can be heard a scream from the bathroom in a few minutes setting. "What is that?!" Filled of fascination and horror guests leave then... Read more

Not fit for use, just funny to watch

written by bergi, 21/10/10

Unfortunately, the nose runs completely without pressure. This (even viscous) shower gel is already running overnight vöölig from the nose and is only found in the bathtub. The utility is not even so ... Read more

The soap nose as eyecatcher

written by Sunny, 22/11/10

Funny gift for those who already have everything: from the front looks it like a nose, the back there is an opening in the soap or the shower gel can be filled and which is closed by a screw cap. 3 su... Read more

soap nose

written by , 22/11/10

A very original product. Rather what for young people or the young at heart. Good handling. May give rise to other ideas (Einfüllflüssigkeiten). Great product. Keep it up - in other areas, more comedy... Read more

Soap nose

written by Lucas, 30/11/10

Funny thing, it has secured above the sink with detergent. Unfortunately, suckers difficult to attach the nose, but with hot water so I had to be better. We have structured wallpaper on the toilet wal... Read more

Spot on!

written by Elliot, 22/12/10

I gave it to my brother who had just moved away from home. He loves it. Easy to put up on the wall, just the right size (not small), the soap that comes with is quite ok and it is easy to refill.

class Christmas

written by elmar faber, 27/12/10

Have the soap noses at Christmas verschenkt.Kamen very good material an.Vom ago they also make a good impression

disgusting lovely

written by Andreas, 28/12/10

What can I say? It's a giant nose with a runny nose. Who does not want it hanging at home?


written by Mette, 28/12/10

Bought as a Christmas gift for a young couple in the family, and it caused wild cheers! Seems to be a good quality.

soap nose that just runs

written by veronica, 29/12/10

Bought soap nose for Christmas to my guys and it leaks on the back and flows from the nose though they are not printed on it = (I hope it's going to complain!


written by Eurika, 31/12/10

Had own soap, it has to be viscous otherwise runs the soap out .. but fun and the kids have fun when they wash their hands :)

soap nose

written by sven, 02/01/11

The thing is world class. After ordering, I was concerned that she might have very small, but on the contrary! The nose as funny Christmas was the HIT

Does not work

written by Mia, 03/01/11

This thing is in itself a very fun thing, but you have to keep very thin soap or shampoo in it for it with very strong forces will be able användas.Vår squeezing out the soap around the entire nose is... Read more

Soap nose

written by Agneta S, 03/01/11

... Unfortunately is not tight ... not even with thick liquid soap ... shame because it was super nice in design!

Funny Nose with problems in practical use

written by , 10/01/11

The soap nose looks funny, but unfortunately makes in practice a few problems. The suction cups are not very absorbent, occasionally not holding the tab on the suction cups. Thus, one has often to do ... Read more

written by marcus, 15/01/11

soap nose leaking matter how you hang it up


written by , 04/02/11

Unfortunately, the nose is not at all suitable as a soap dispenser. I wonder what it is at all suitable. She drops all the time, because the suction cups can not even keep the unfilled nose. After bei... Read more

written by , 21/03/11

looks funny, the soap drips but continues.

soap nose

written by AD, 21/03/11

my soap nose is beautiful, but unfortunately does not work! the filled Waschgel simply runs out of the nostril, it definitely lacks a valve. Pity!! so the soap nose is not worth the money.

soap nose

written by amanda, 18/04/11

Laugh every time in the shower when I should take the soap!

written by Anna, 12/05/11

Unfortunately it does not have shower gel in the nose, it runs out if it fits properly, maybe they have thicker cream in the United States. But many friends have got a good laugh from it anyway :)


written by Clara, 31/05/11

Yes I received it as never .. thank you so much cool stuff!

sugplopparna detached = /

written by christian, 12/08/11

stylish nose but suckers are a little half cash. it falls down and it will be soap on the floor haha

Soap nose

written by Helén, 07/09/11

Fun and funky soap dispenser! I wish it stood in the purchase details how it will be fixed to the wall, because I had some problems, but I have resolved. Remember to fill it with a thick soap or showe... Read more

good gift

written by James, 14/09/11

I bought soap spout as a fun gift to my sister; she has always had a rather special taste. It should preferably be weird, different and somewhat entertaining. And I think, soap spout is. It refreshes ... Read more


written by Erika, 13/12/11

Ingenious product, really! but maybe a bit small. Had anticipated that it would ara bit bigger, but it will be good enough anyway. Perfect little more fun Christmas gift or present!

Lousy - do not book this

written by Maetes, 19/12/11

Limen between the backboard and the nose was not airtight. The soap oozed out everywhere except nostril. Tried to fix it with some silicone and got it close, but then I discovered that nostril was als... Read more

funny practically

written by , 19/12/11

Unfortunately, the nose runs constantly at my thin liquid schampoo

written by , 20/12/11

Soap nose is running out all the time and does not adhere well to tiles! I'm very disappointed with the article and would not recommend it!


written by Frida, 30/12/11

Popular Christmas gift for nephews! But there are no soap to the nose as it did before, apparently.

It does not work

written by T. Härtel, 02/01/12

I have the soap nose equal to 2 times of purchases, even for us, and even as a Christmas present. Unfortunately, I've just found that the individual parts of smell extremely unpleasant to rubber a... Read more


written by , 02/01/12

The ideal hate street, or just a little spas in everyday life.

Did not work

written by Mette, 02/01/12

Was perhaps just unlucky and got a defective spout. The only place that came out soap was in the collection of edge. Fortunately no problem to get the money back, were even allowed to keep it - the sh... Read more


written by Gambelli, 03/01/12

The soap was nose they have unfortunately defective returned.


written by Gambelli, 03/01/12

The soap was nose they have unfortunately defective returned.


written by Absalon, 17/02/12

I give the birthday gift for my mom and she loves to show it off when guests are there, all in all, good and funny, really a bit hard to press to get the soap out but you also get some exercise for yo... Read more


written by Susanne, 15/03/12

A very fun thing in itself, but unfortunately it leaks all the time regardless of whether the soap is thin and viscous.


written by MLH, 13/07/12

Very nice sæbetud! I was very pleased to see it in action. Unfortunately, the bad unglued, so the soap floated out the back and the nose that never worked. Unfortunately

fun but not user-friendly

written by eva, 16/07/12

Although nose spout is meant to be a fun and crazy things that I had anyway expected that it could be just a little useful. But unfortunately you need a lot of efforts to get the soap out. Indeed, one... Read more

my test result to soap nose

written by Birgitt Hinz, 25/10/12

Found the soap nose as a gadget clocks until we tested the product at home. Worked unfortunately not and quickly redelivered article ran everywhere, just not where it should. Can the soap nose not rec... Read more


written by Ylva, 02/11/12

2 tvålnäsorna de som jag beställde fungerade inte..Första gången beställde jag and then allowed to söndriga produkter.


written by grynet, 17/12/12

soap nose is very funny, but you must buy a green soap out then so it looks really disgusting

Soap nose

written by Anna, 26/12/12

Very cool design, but the soap sprouted out all the time and was almost impossible to get more than a few drops without taking in everything you have. Fun idea but works unfortunately.

soap nose

written by monkan, 27/12/12

Soap nose was of a very poor quality it was hard press o then I spilled it all the time, a besikelse

For animals

written by ., 04/01/13

Seemed to soap spout is too expensive compared to what you get ...................................... ....


written by Lisbet, 24/01/13

The suction cups can not hold the spout! Slipping quietly down the wall. It must be fixed, it requires a screwdriver.

fun nose

written by Lena, 24/01/13

Fun nose for liquid soap, is highly appreciated by younger who find it fun to wash their hands in the "snot". However, it was a little after dropping but no more danger. Funny and even pract... Read more

Look cool, but function unconvincing

written by StHö, 24/01/13

The nose is an eye-catcher, but that it holds so flawed and permanently expires is really annoying and not necessarily a beautiful sight ....

soap nose

written by S.R, 08/02/13

Beautiful Sache.Mal what out falling. Unfortunately, the soap Tröpfenweise raus.Da runs could something be done about it.

soap nasal continuous cold

written by brunvald, 20/02/13

I put the nose with the suckers on the wall over the sink filled with soap and then put me and shit so that I could finally dedicate my divinely cool newly purchased nose. The joy could be consistent ... Read more

There you go

written by Ove, 08/04/13

Fun product, but pricey for the quality .. Delicious part, had cost the type 30-50kr (and shipping not been so expensive) had received more stars ..

Soap nose

written by Poppa, 15/04/13

Very pleased! Funny inflyttningsprecent, resourceful and tough, was just such a fun thing that people will be both delighted and surprised

The soap nose

written by Hartmut Herr, Germany 20/05/13

I find the soap nose cool and funny, is something different. The nose could be only slightly larger. One should look at the picture carefully and then decide whether the product corresponds to what yo... Read more

dripping noses

written by richie2001, Germany 08/07/13

Unfortunately, this nose, which is optically designed quite well, in terms of function, an absolute flop: it hangs on the wall, the poured liquid soap runs gradually get out and then collects anywhere... Read more

Idea ok - BUT

written by su36862, Germany 05/08/13

The idea that was pretty funny - BUT: Unfortunately not see the "nose" like a nose, but more like a penis.

Soap nose

written by produkttestare , Sweden 04/05/14

Press and press, but no soap comes out but it leaks and smears it's just junk. Do not buy this wasted money, I threw it in the garbage


written by Andreas, Sweden 05/05/14

I think that soap nose is fine. It is just the right size and fit well on the wall. Poured in green AXE shower gel and it was great fun to see the green "snot" drain out of your nose when yo... Read more

Soap nose

written by Tvålis, Sweden 02/06/14

Gave soap nose to a friend on her birthday. A very funny gift! Bought a green soap and she seems happy with it. It seems to work well!


written by K. Berger, Germany 06/06/14

The system would have to be something ausgerifter that soap nose does not keep unfortunately the filled state virtually on the wall and she suffers from constant colds that you have it to use always t... Read more

Just the funniest gadget

written by Mille, Denmark 14/07/14

Soap spout has good size and with green soap, it is a sure hit on every bathroom. You can be sure that your gæser will get a good laugh when they should wash their hands: D

cool gift idea

written by Monika, Germany 11/12/14

A very cool, but somehow disgusting funny Geschenkidee.Das gift was very well received. Does not everyone. Power very well in the shower.

soap nose

written by nh, Germany 29/12/14

Is a funny idea and always have a gift worth. The recipient was initially a bit confused - but then very happy.


written by Bine , Germany 30/12/14

The soap nose OF Hammer! Soooo funny. It was a Christmas gift for my cousin. The face I will never forget. Herrlich.

Funny thing to do soap Tips

written by Nillan, Sweden 30/12/14

Bought one for my boyfriend for his birthday and he said it was really fun! It sat like a glove on our new and well-scrubbed tiles. Unfortunately we had to take it down because the ax soap began to le... Read more

Soap nose

written by Lotta, Sweden 19/07/15

This product does not work! Nothing happens berries pressing the nose instead drops the constant self-paced and can not be used! The bad! Disappointed daughter.

fun næsedispencer

written by Nette, Denmark 30/10/15

Very fun and different soap dispenser to have hanging .. Unfortunately it does not hold close, the nose runs constantly, so you have to have a bowl standing under ..


written by josefine front, Sweden 14/12/15

I think all the stuff I bought from you is great and fun. have not used any of it so do not know the quality, but it looks like the pictures - great. although the delivery time is very short. which is... Read more

Funny but small

written by Hugo, Sweden 01/01/16

Soap nose is a fun product I bought for my dad for Christmas. Just a moment from when he opened the package and saw the contents, made the purchase worthwhile. The nose we recognize from TV4 series &q... Read more

High service

written by Harald, Sweden 05/03/16

Ordered goods to a different address than my own. It was fast delivery within the agreed time and good service.

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