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Are you tired of visiting the ladies' room at the pub and having to sit in all that yucky stuff? Tired of squatting in the snow and praying that you can keep your balance? P-Mate helps you deal with every "emergency".

P-Mate - P-Mate
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What is this?


written by Flotte Bunnys, 11/09/14

to handle Great for women with weak Blaeu, Easy Can I recommend I also use multiple

Could not resist!

written by Jonna, 02/10/14

I could not resist ordering this product! It was "different" and "fun," but oxå "useful". It's no joke Product ... it's a clever product you can benefit from! The... Read more

Big laughs

written by Laku, 31/12/14

We have P-Mate presented as part of a festival kits. When unpacking the gift made P-Mate for the biggest laughs. For proper functioning of P-Mate, I can not tell anything yet.


written by nunne, 01/07/15

A great tool for women to stand and pee !! I have shared out to my friends to display this tool, no one has seen or heard of this. More advertising as it becomes known. Anyone who doubts, try a packag... Read more


written by Lilian49, 20/07/15

Imagine no longer having to sit and pee. Works just fine. No awkwardness, just use it.

What a thing

written by Emma, 30/07/15

What invention, finally, we can girls stand up and pee. Practically designed and just throw in the trash when you are finished.

Just great !!!

written by Bussi, 24/09/15

The product was exactly as advertised. Great!!! (I have been told !!!

Lacher the evening

written by uwe, 29/12/15

My 3 women of the family given as Christmas and all together cracked with laughter! One said "AHH how cool is that!" The still pregnant "Hey I can use that as well as I often in the car... Read more


written by Han som ga den beste julegaven, 19/01/16

I gave this a couple of girls, and got fantastic response! They told that the sisters, mothers and other relatives would try and that the entire genus lay and rolled on the floor! This is the perfect ... Read more

The top

written by Anna, 23/07/16

The top thing;) so very clever! Works great good, will always make sure I have some handy: D


written by R, 25/03/17

Super fun to give away! Do not know if my friend used it yet, but she will definitely do. Jätttebra and fast delivery. I am satisfied with my purchase.

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