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Paper Plant Pot Maker

Smart tools for making plant pots out of old newspapers. Simple, inexpensive and environmentally friendly!

Paper Plant Pot Maker - Paper Plant Pot Maker
Paper Plant Pot Maker
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What is this?

Superb !!!

written by Mira B , 15/03/12

Making your own so the pots are so ingenious that the person who invented it should get a prize. We have used it extensively and has made about 100 pieces pots. We put them in the black as the flesh i... Read more


written by Goca, 15/03/12

Works great to do såkrukor, used to get up seedlings for transplanting later on elsewhere. Easy handling because the pots consists of newsprint. Thanks to this tool is always access to såkrukor. which... Read more

Perfect for horticultural interested

written by Ida, 24/03/12

Gave this til my mom every year sow plants indoors and then be planted out in the garden. She was overjoyed for this and said that this will help your job very sick. 5 stars, of course.

Såpottemakeren; ein nice environmentally positive activity!

written by Torun, 29/03/12

Såpottemakaren is easy to use, handsome to use together with born and gives very fine and practical herbal pots. And so, saving the environment, getting used up nokre newspapers and it makes total sås... Read more

Great, space-saving and environmentally friendly.

written by Stine Camilla, 17/04/12

Kjempeflott way as cuttings on. Was skeptical about whether it would work, and it took some trial and error notes before I found out how long the bottom may be, before it hung properly together. But w... Read more

Perfect gift for the gardening enthusiast!

written by Malin, 14/06/12

The perfect gift for mom on Mother's Day. She was thrilled, and it has already been used. Good, fast delivery, and quick response from customer service. Highly recommended!

So clever!

written by emmet, 26/12/12

Clever, inexpensive and environmentally friendly! You avoid plastic pots and seed boxes, no replanting needed either, you plant the whole pot newspaper.


written by Minna, 01/01/13

"Potter" looked exactly like I expected, it was a perfect Christmas present for mother in law. Plus for very fast delivery!


written by mamman, 02/01/13

Bought this as a Christmas gift to a person who loves to put seeds. Usually set hundreds of pots that sprout throughout the house. Now he will not think of the plastic tubs so. We sample tested o it w... Read more

Ingenious and environmentally friendly small såpotter!

written by IMHH, 18/02/13

First became acquainted with this invention through my mother, who is a big plant enthusiast. The instructions are simple, and it is super easy and use. It is environmentally friendly, and the roots o... Read more


written by Ronja, 12/03/13

Is very pleased with the product, it is easy to learn to use and meets the expectations I had when I bought it :)'m really looking forward to planting season !!

recycling Flower Pots

written by jeannie, 18/03/13

I am very pleased that I can now make my own, cheap pots for small plants sprouts I must have planted. Delivery and payment took place entirely satisfactory.


written by mimb, 07/04/13

It is sweet and right easy to produce but I have had mine in a mini greenhouse and then several of the pots started to rot! Possibly, they accounted for close to one another but it felt not so fun. Th... Read more


written by Hege, Norway 28/04/14

Very convenient, environmentally friendly, not to mention cheap! Great product for a hobby gardener who always forget to buy såpotter..Aviser has the always ;-)


written by a, Sweden 13/11/14

Perfect gift for gardening fan :) a little less than what I thought. And maybe not so smooth. But still very good


written by bm, Sweden 10/08/15

Funny, but would have preferred the slightly larger. However, an appreciated gift for my Dad who loves to grow and already have everything.


written by Liv S, Norway 07/03/16

Easy to use. Really cool to take something as easily accessible as newsprint. For those who enjoy as part seed becomes affordable pots. Moreover, do not have to disturb the roots of the seedlings by t... Read more


written by Kari Johansen, Norway 14/03/16

funny. nice to create their own frøpotter. so I save also the environment than plastic. can recommend it.

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