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Party Shooter

Down your beer in just a few seconds. Slow beer chugging is a thing of the past.

Party Shooter - Party Shooter
Party Shooter
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What is this?


written by , 11/08/09

.. what to say ! is not to much to drink at the party;)


written by Sanna, 02/09/09

How fun! ^^ To compete with each other's terribly funny! (Who drink fastest !?)


written by Primarosen, 12/10/09

this was loved hehe


written by Joyee, 27/10/09

Party Shooter is a fun thing, especially at a party :) get a refill record time ... fit to glass / PET bottles and the need not just be beer in the bottle: D


written by Joeanna, 18/11/09

Do not really know if I had thought that they worked, but it makes 'em': D Very cool beer bong that gives the party an extra touch! :)

guaranteed full

written by friday, 04/12/09

fill the belly of a few seconds, the alcoholic is recommended to eat before otherwise it will unsteadily soon. fun to use in beer NETS tävligar.


written by Rasmus, 15/12/09

Party Shooter can really shoot once in a party ...! When everyone comes to see you try to empty a beer at 2-3 seconds, then they will also try ... :) A really cool drinking gadget ...!

Party Shooter

written by , 21/12/09

Party trick no.1! Do not use too much. But then it's really funny and enlivens.

written by colaa, 28/12/09

Unfortunately, so was the hose itself is very short and not enough all the way down so looking to drink a whole glass bottle of beer so you can forget it when the hose just suck beer then because it d... Read more

* * Schlurrp

written by Rickard, 01/01/10

Incredibly simple thing, but oh so much fun at the party! Faster than this lowers your not a beer, believe me! You do not need an engineering degree to use it either, really easy!

Nice: P

written by Freddy :), 03/01/10

It's crazy bold, especially because it is so small, and about to put in his pocket :) I would also grab a suit cans, and a real beer bong for your website :)

Ice shooter

written by viwi, 15/01/10

I was not sure if it would really work, but it actually makes it. cider flowing down like a water case, then it's just up to you how quickly you can swallow it. a fast start at the party guarantee... Read more


written by Carl Valentin, 28/01/10

I knew about this gadget in advance and think it's absolutely fantastic. There is not much else to say, it works as it should :)


written by Johanna, 30/04/10

Perfect gift for party mate! It is required that you can open up the neck so as not to spill any beverage.


written by Jens Ravn, 01/05/10

easy to carry, a good measure to the party and you get bældet some beer FAST !. the only problem, however, could be that you get much air in the stomach which for some is a little too much;) but after... Read more


written by hej, 08/05/10

it is super quick to get all liquid flying into the belly of a. : D

Party shooter

written by , 16/08/10

wonderful thing for those who want a quick fill! but not recommended for those who enjoy their beer! perfect and easy to use.

Party !!!

written by Simon A, 13/09/10

Fat "games" with the guys, a hit immediately. Simple but effective. Now there is only one for cans.

Do not far enough

written by , 17/09/10

The tube to be fed into the bottle is bent at the reception. This means that the crumb so much that they can not reach to the bottom of a standard beer bottle, and so the idea like smoking. You may be... Read more

Party Starter :)

written by Morten Darving, 20/09/10

Ordered on Wednesday night and got it already Friday and it was a perfect fit because I was about 18 years Saturday night :) So it was brought in and was inaugurated: D It's really a nice beer bon... Read more

beer bong

written by Morten Richardsen, 01/02/11

Fun toys from the young days.

The center of the party!

written by clipslycka, 18/02/11

Kit Cool thing, for both boy & girl! Own the party - the party was! Bought this for my guy and we use it on a home party. I can put it like this, you like to be the center? Then this is perfect fo... Read more

3 sec

written by Någon som är en smulla annorlund, 22/03/11

Got down a standard 33cl bottle on 3s, highly recommended!

written by S, 07/04/11

This beer bong is more circumspect than just using a straw - but the effect is the same. Ølbong'en will take cones at festivals this summer !!

It keeps its promises

written by Drikkeren, 07/04/11

The first time I tried Party shooter, so it was a bit of a fiasco - that was spilled beer through the pipe, but when I tried to close the gap completely - so went the damn fast! It bottomed out a bott... Read more


written by ewny, 09/05/11

Can you pour the drink down the throat without swallowing? Then the good and you do not have air bubbles. But you can not (!) It's pretty useless! Had a sick fun at the party anyway! : D


written by R.Richardsen, 09/11/11

Having never tried this before, only seen on film. This worked great! Funny product that lived up to expectations.

Very cool

written by Tanja, 28/12/11

It came at the recipient very well! Funny gift, small and practical!

Perfect for the party!

written by Kettner, 06/07/12

Have just hinkat in me two beer within the orbit of 1 minute thanks to Party Shooter and can say that it is superb! Do you want a quick fill, this is the shortcut, while it is a really fun party trick... Read more

fantastic fun

written by Karrobarro, 18/07/12

Bought it as a gift to my friend and since then the parties only become more fun and enjoyable! It will take a take bottles before they really get the best results. Had previously tested similar devic... Read more

good product

written by √-1, 28/08/12

Party-shooter works properly, it sends your drinks in the stomach in seconds. The flexible plastic makes it fit on most bottles. However, the air hose a little short, so by larger bottles, there may w... Read more

Easy way to get a quick lap beer

written by Chris Nielsen, 09/01/13

It works very effectively, why not get 5 stars is that if not followed correctly, then the leaking and there will smoke beer out of you. The place where the leak is where the small pipe coming out thr... Read more


written by Vivi, 18/02/13

Unfortunately, I could not really test it because the smell of plastic and silicone is simply disgusting. This can be but in my opinion probably not be avoided, but I also do not trust to put the Part... Read more

Seems like it should

written by Martin Dahlgaard, Denmark 14/11/13

Party Shooter works as promised. However, I think the version for canned is better and seems more durable. Party Shooter tolerate a walk in the dishes and it is needed after a drunken binge;) When you... Read more


written by Party, Norway 24/01/14

Party shooter worked very well something I really expected, but there was a snag with it and it was the hole around the hose on the outside was too large (wide) which meant that it started small leak ... Read more

damn good

written by Beckaframell, Norway 24/06/14

Ingeniously gift for someone who likes to go out in the city! Bothering this to my brother and he loved your there! Would have liked one though, will have to book it Hehehe.

Funny toy encourages bad drinking habits

written by Jake, Sweden 05/01/15

No, I should not be like that - it is in everyone's own interest in how to tend their "Party Shooter", if it comes to soft drinks, beer or spirits. The product itself fulfills its functi... Read more

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