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Passion Pheromone Perfume

Increase your attractiveness with this pheromone perfume! Pheromones are a natural substance that all humans give off to attract sexual partners.

Passion Pheromone Perfume - Man
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Passion Pheromone Perfume - Woman
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Passion Pheromone Perfume for men

written by Passion, 15/06/09

This perfume smells good ... I think both me, my girlfriend and my girlfriends (who does not know that it contains pheromones). It provides a Ahhhhh-va-good-the-smell-the power of the girls, while the... Read more


written by Gustav, 04/09/09

Passion Pheromone Perfume works great with other perfumes or deodorants. It is enough just to sit near a girl so she starts to become clingy o horny little small. You just make sure they are someone e... Read more


written by Stickan, 15/09/09

Got home prudukten today, has opened and sniffed and myself think it smells good. Need definitely come and not be mixed with other perfumes in order to smell good. Now only a test of prudukten so you ... Read more

Passion Pheromone Perfume

written by Marcus, 23/09/09

The perfume works fine, it does no miracles, however, but it lightens the mood a bit, so to speak :) I recommend to buy this perfume if you do not have miracles requirements. Regards marcus

Worth a try

written by Tapetklister, 18/11/09

The facts are that in two years seems to have lived with a "reverse brute attraction", managed to alienate women before they came near me, in other words. Fact is also that same week I start... Read more


written by AA, 16/12/09

Do not really know if it worked. Noticed any difference right away! But it smells very good so it was easily worth testing! Know that it worked for others.

Confidence in the bottle!

written by , 11/01/10

I have not tested the perfume so excessively during these two weeks, but it smells ok. It also seems to increase one's attractiveness in a positive way. I have not been able to find out if it is t... Read more


written by Emelie, 22/01/10

I bought pheromone cologne to attract me guys. It smells very much, I think. Not nearly as low as they describe. But it smells good :) I bought it to test if it worked for my guy. And probably makes i... Read more


written by Carl Valentin, 28/01/10

Good: Lovely perfume, this is the second time I buy it at your side. It smells good and has received a lot of compliments on it :) Do not know if it is the it does, but I score damn very good;) Bad: I... Read more

Pheromone perfume designed for women

written by Snoop, 02/02/10

Have not noticed any difference or some sudden "attraction" but find the perfume in the great smell which even more commented.

pheromone Perfume

written by Tjejtjusarn:D, 16/02/10

No, I do not really know, sure you knew that there was something that made it different between girls and me but nothing like they were more interested in me or so, but they are a good perfume that I ... Read more


written by Svenne Banan, 10/04/10

Actually works. The girls are right to them in rags. How easy to get in touch. You do not do so much yourself. The girls take contact. Just make sure to be open to their interest. My own girl gave thi... Read more

The perfume that makes you irresistible

written by, 26/04/10

I've tried the perfume when I have been out at the pub. Has received a lot of compliments on how I smell, and my guy always gets a little extra "rambunctious" when I use it. Usually use ... Read more


written by Mange, 07/05/10

Happy with the product. Smells incredibly good! Then how far you should ensure that you get or not there is probably more up to the person and not the perfume.

Purchase and again

written by wild and crazy, 14/05/10

This product is superb. Bought a new a few months ago, but had to jump in and order a new one now because I happened to lose my last in a taxi. (Hope The driver dared to test it, maybe he had a nice e... Read more

Happy =)

written by Nic, 19/05/10

I feel it is that men talk more with me when I use perfume. They are also a little extra nice. If you know just how to use her feminine charms in combination with perfume so it works really well, I th... Read more

The smell disappears quickly

written by Cathrine, 03/06/10

It looks really nice out when you get it. But the smell disappears very quickly - so for me it is a waste of money.

passion Feromonparfume

written by Camilla G, 17/06/10

Passion Feromonparfume is a good and cheap feromonparfume compared to many others that exist. So I would definitely recommend this perfume to people looking for a feromonparfume. Just when you get the... Read more

crazy girls

written by Dennis, 10/07/10

it has not caused. Which might be good, I do not know ..... It smells good anyway.

Beyond expectation

written by , 30/07/10

Smells very strong, at least the first 40 minutes or so. Smells almost a little men's fragrances, so I had to double check that I really got the right bottle. Bought for fun and was well pretty sk... Read more

Does not work!

written by Lars X Andersen, 27/08/10

Unfortunately, the perfume is used in many different contexts and to many different girls. Unfortunately, I have NOT experienced any impact. The perfume smells ok though. So, do not work!

Passion Pheromone Perfume for men

written by jk, 21/09/10

The perfume smells very good, it reminds me under some kind of herb. and so have a sweet perfume smell too! Sure you can feel that it's not something you take on that guy. But this actually went h... Read more

Well ...

written by Matthis, 30/09/10

Not quite what I had hoped, the women respond normally, as always. However, it smells very good and attractive, for my part. Those who want an intense odor, should access. Who wants to make a on &quot... Read more


written by hanna, 01/10/10

It did not really work .. noticed no difference. My partner just thought it smelled good, when I told him that it was a pheromone perfume so he just laughed, it made me more attractive than usual. So ... Read more

passion pheromones

written by Parfymtjej, 13/10/10

Really good perfume. Do not know if it was me that imagined but I thought anyway that it did that little extra, plus it smells really good. You feel sexy when one wears it, maybe that helps a lot when... Read more

Fraud and deception

written by , 10/11/10

The most stupid money, I have some inside spent. I'm dumber than I thought I was. No more cool stuff.

Smells good, that's it

written by Jessica, 12/11/10

Is really disappointed with the product I purchased. Do not even notice any difference on my boyfriend. The only positive is that it smells good but it seems to have no other function. Certainly not w... Read more

written by , 24/12/10

It does not work at all, huh yes know anyway. It smells good but you will not fucking horny or something just unnecessary money


written by blazyb, 29/12/10

The perfume itself smelled very good! My girlfriend found it a wonderful aroma! Personally, I think it's like any other "good" perfume at any time, so I think the price is a bit high. An... Read more


written by /G, 07/02/11

Had heard about the perfume before I found it on cool stuff. It works! Suddenly get compliments about everything from girls, I wonder if it affects their approach to a thought I had SLO, white teeth a... Read more

Unclear function but quite ok.

written by Anon, 16/02/11

(Mans version) I tried it with various social tests in your back pocket to really try to see how / if it worked. Must say it is an expensive perfume, given the results that I thought would be more con... Read more


written by Det var som fan, 21/02/11

I bought this product and splashed a bit at a friend who usually have trouble getting girls. After a while out at the pub, he got massr of contact and where he himself surprised that so I have to say ... Read more

Works alredy nothing special: P

written by Bob, 02/03/11

Other than that it smelled good, so it was just an expensive perfume. Of course not tested it in several different but roommate found it smelled good only :)

No difference.

written by Carro, 05/03/11

I noticed no difference at all. I did not feel so great to have put 400 on it. Would not recommend to anyone at all to buy it actually. ; / Sexy lingerie is more worth spending money on the ISF. ;)

Smells good, but attracts enough not men?

written by Vicki Kjær-Jensen, 05/04/11

I think that Passion Feromonparfume smells really good when it comes to the skin and you should only use very little. However, I do not believe that it can attract men, but it must be said that I have... Read more

just talk

written by WTF, 14/04/11

Just talk, do not work, just so: P Even science can not help hopeless case: P

written by , 20/04/11

it has to work today, so far, no female employees jumped on me but I try imorn back on a little more intimate gathering with wine involved, ought to work out better then

not so good

written by calis, 26/04/11

not so good :(((((

Does the work out

written by R, 26/04/11

Thus, the wicks actually work! Itself so provides perhaps the most a little extra confidence ..: P But is there a noticeable effect !!!

pheromone Perfume

written by Milla, 04/05/11

Have used the perfume on two occasions when I met two men. One did not seem to be affected while the other may have gotten the idea, hard to say. The perfume smells pretty good but I'm not sure if... Read more

Chemically effective or mentally?

written by Lion, 13/05/11

Have long wanted to test the pheromone perfume and now. Noticed no difference in attractiveness when I tested it both casual and nightspot. I must say that I doubt little resistance when the page on t... Read more

written by Saphoz, 01/08/11

Do not know if it's my own attitude that is changing but I think I notice a difference. On the way I perceived.

Smells really well, but have not experienced any reaction to the

written by NoName, 23/09/11

I think even the "perfume" smell really good. Unfortunately it does not hold for very long, so you have to put more on after a short time. The smell is not as pervasive as regular perfumes u... Read more

written by matte, 30/09/11

Crap! Does not work at all or is it me that's too bad starting material. Worthless!

written by , 03/10/11

no function WHAT SO EVER !!!

written by Parfym, 18/11/11

I give it a one only because of the smell. The male perfume "smell" (stink) male sweat.

written by , 21/11/11

made a social experiment .. have not noticed any difference .. tried in different contexts .. not noticed any difference .. It smells good, however!

Was not of the guys !!!!

written by Dizzy, 30/11/11

Both my sister and I walked out of the tavern and tested the perfume. I took on the first, and my sister took on the perfume little later that evening. Immediately when I met a guy so he hung behind m... Read more

Serve !!

written by Nanna, 01/12/11

I was pleasantly surprised when I first took it to school. Already in the first hour I noticed that the boys who sat near me looked slightly confused at me. But in a good way if you understand. They w... Read more

written by Besh, 09/12/11

It was nothing like I had expected! it seems to be pure bullshit .. The smell goes away after barely half an hour. It smells good yes, no question about it. But have not felt something special with it... Read more


written by Rolf, 22/12/11

Funker ikkesom expected. No difference at all. Typical perfume ASK me .. Should only buy for testing but no response.

Oooh Yeah!

written by Anna 28, 09/01/12

Now I really do not if it was due to the perfume or it was because he repent. But my ex broke up and I was devastated when I was told then that we would end up at the same party one month. I thought, ... Read more

Works 100% ...

written by Thomas , 16/01/12

Must say that it works on me 100%, have run this on and off for several years and always works. Even when I have a girlfriend so I notice her when I have the perfume on me ... :) Awesome product that ... Read more

Wow !!

written by Kasper, 23/01/12

I bought the product with great skepticism about it really worked, but I was good enough in place of the product! :-) I have had it at all times I have had in the Virgin Ane Gade, and during this peri... Read more

Miracle perfume

written by Anonym, 06/02/12

Completely crazy product! All the girls were with me at the party! It has never happened before. The girlfriend was crazy rambunctious every time I took the perfume on me. However, I think it would be... Read more

Like it!

written by Madde, 13/03/12

I actually like this! Personally feel that the smell terribly good (although the smell is not so strong). If it works or not is hard to say, but I bought it a couple of weeks before I was to meet my e... Read more

Smells super delicious

written by Penny, 27/03/12

I felt good about pheromone perfume, I bought the girl version, and the faint smell but sweet and delicious. Have used it with my regular perfume without problems. It is not as if the guys just throw ... Read more

Dunno ..

written by Kettner, 06/07/12

Have not actually had somebody in particular greater response from the opposite sex more than a little more glances and smiles. Smells cheap but quite ok. Think I will try to go out to a pub with it. ... Read more

pheromone Perfume

written by Talon, 13/08/12

The smell is the strongest sense when it comes to attracting anyone. However, it is a fact that many women (not all of course) can determine their feelings for another person in about 15min. Now if yo... Read more

Does not work at all

written by airaz, 06/09/12

It might be well to have a poor sense of smell, but yeah do not even know when he has the perfume smell nothing. He will take on himself ordinary perfume of this. We have made tests in a public enviro... Read more


written by tess, 15/10/12

Yes, I tried this for a whole week on it did not work so I was very disappointed ... but what had been expected ..

Better than what I expected

written by Sofia, 31/10/12

I think it smells really good and you become almost self a little dizzy and get a kind of "happiness" just to smell it. Maybe not very effective unless you are quite close to the person you ... Read more


written by Jocke, 02/11/12

This "perfume" smell really Rövsvett and I was about to throw it. I bought it as an experiment, some fun like that, but it failed miserably. Buy a gym membership instead of this is pure crap... Read more

well ...

written by parksid, 21/11/12

I bought the product and unfortunately noticed no reaction in the male population so far.

Both thumbs up and thumbs down

written by Anna, 27/11/12

Have not noticed that it "attracts" more. But have not Adjustment Use it so much. However, I will not complain when it smells delicious! So it was worth it though =)

Just nonsense

written by JJ, 24/12/12

Smells good. But this is just very expensive perfume, nothing more. Has absolutely no effect.

poor performance

written by Rebecka, 25/12/12

I did not think it got more attention to it. The smell disappeared after a while ... It is an expensive price too.


written by sebbe , 11/02/13

Good site, really fast delivery and reliable, large sortument of various products. Information is correct about the goods.


written by anders, 22/03/13

Smells good, but I did not notice that someone I thought was more interesting than usual. If it works, it's probably just a placebo effect of that behave differently because you have expectations ... Read more

Passion Pheromone Awsome

written by Selina Blackmorw, 15/04/13

This product can really recommend it works very well almost scary good feeling as a magnet of attention from all sides when you have it on, so you must be careful when choosing to wear it so it gives ... Read more

Seems to work even though I'm skeptical

written by Daniel, Sweden 24/06/13

Hard to write something about this product, but I'm really shy've never been particularly successful in love. But in a strange way, I get more confidence, and women seem to be more inquisitive... Read more


written by Louise, Denmark 25/11/13

It smells and it works at all. I feel so stupid, and that's the dumbest money I nogensindehar used. I have now tried with it for 2 weeks and actually think the opposite has proven than what they p... Read more

Not the first album by trying to

written by Linda Ahlblad, Finland 23/01/14

No Action on the first attempt, although vonkasin. the subject of your desire husband. Smells pretty decent naistenparfyymiltä.

Confidence in the bottle

written by Nöjd tjej, Sweden 23/02/14

Has now tested the perfume two festive evenings in a row and has received woolen both times. Also had some other interested parties. However, I believe that there may have been 100% placebo that made ... Read more


written by Annis, Sweden 07/04/14

I just had to try, and it really works! ! A top fragrance o small, handy bottle to have with you, my absolute favorite now!

So cheated!

written by Ronnie, Sweden 21/04/14

This perfume is a big joke. The smell disappears after about 15 minutes, then you're in a hurry to get brides .. bottle sizes color is like a sample bottle = small .. Nah, do not buy this product,... Read more

Maybe work on someone else.

written by Dr.Test, Sweden 03/11/14

Wanted to test the product of interest. Did not work on my unsuspecting wife, but on the other side of working people. Perhaps someone else, but not at my wife, anyway.

Cannon has spent a long time ...

written by Trogen Passionkund..., Sweden 06/12/14

This product I have used for many years and although I was thinking of starting, ahh, works surely not, I have now been using it for several years. it works really great, but a tip I can give and that... Read more

Attracts you really fmere men due. A perfume ?!

written by Kathrine Petersen, Denmark 19/12/14

I do not know if I would say I am unhappy, but I am not 100% satisfied with this product. I will not say that I see no difference, but it certainly gives a confidence boost.

leaking packaging

written by Denert, Denmark 22/12/14

The product was leaking since the lid was cracked, so when it was received it was useless because the bottle was very close to being empty. It's kind of a shame because the products usually live u... Read more

Funka not

written by Gtr, Sweden 19/01/15

For me it is not gonna work at all. The girl broke up instead. But it might work for others. Just try

Does not work

written by Jesper, Sweden 18/02/15

All comments are fake, This product smells good, but disappear quickly. No effect what so ever. Save your money for something better. Buy not, I promise you that you will make an inadvertently applied... Read more

Does not work

written by Peter, Sweden 22/07/15

Sure, the girls think it smells gone but more than that, they are not, they guess at Hugo Boss, or 1 million


written by Anna, Sweden 25/11/15

I have had the advantage of this perfume for years. Very skeptical at first, but just to acknowledge that it works like clockwork. One can see a clear increase in almost curious interest from men. As ... Read more

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