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Perpetual Motion Drinking Bird

Classic small bird that dips its beak and drinks water. And it drinks again. And again. And again. For (almost) all eternity.

Perpetual Motion Drinking Bird - Perpetual Motion Drinking Bird
Perpetual Motion Drinking Bird
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What is this?

Funny thing!

written by GrG, 18/11/11

Remember from my childhood that my grandparents had such a drinking bird, so therefore I was just going to buy it when I came across it in here! Design-wise it has not changed from then - typically 70... Read more


written by Svante, 21/11/11

A small eternity machine. Just make sure birdie have spirits to drink, he's satisfaction any time (water is just as good) little tricky for the inexperienced to adjust the height of birdie and fin... Read more

Does not work

written by Drikkende abe, 24/11/11

I can not get it to work

written by lars, 24/11/11

Received 2 drink birds. One could only despite adjustments standing on your head. Called -3 days after new bird without cost FIN SERVICE A small scrap of paper with Danish instructions will be in its ... Read more


written by R, 14/12/11

Head streams only backwards.


written by , 15/12/11

Function properly, fast delivery with no problems, good price.

Silly and fun gadget;)

written by Thomas, 17/12/11

There is not much to say, it works and was a hit at Christmas party package game it was purchased ... Silly and fun;)

Very cool

written by Ina Kristine, 28/12/11

Bought this just joking because I had seen something similar once. The bird is ugly fly, but it's just funny:) Thought it might want it as "perpetual motion machine" would last for 10 mi... Read more

Difficult to get started

written by Natanael, 30/03/12

It was difficult to get started (angles and heights and all), but when it begins to "drink" as it continues a really long time.


written by Kar fra vestlandet, 09/04/12

Heh heh - cool toy, pastime. Fits well in the shelf in engineering office. Bird drinking and drinking for hours. Ie it has never stopped me, nor I who have had to stop eventually. (Just be sure to moi... Read more

Fast and good

written by Uwe, 17/07/12

I am very pleased with the perpetual motion-drinking bird've already bought several and fast shipping

Above expectations!

written by Gabriel, 14/11/12

Incredibly fascinating bird works and creates wonder for young and old. I got seen such in a shop window, as a child and wanted me such a long time. The price is rather nothing to say on.


written by Jorunn, 16/11/12

Just like the old antique fugelen I had from before, absolutely fantastic fun fugel for decoration and play! meet all of the described ;-)


written by Wadena, 18/12/12

So simple ... It stands there and "drinking" in perpetuity, ie so long as it has a glass of water. Think I will buy one or more and give as a gift. For 79, - is it a good buy.

Childhood memories ...

written by Fela, 01/01/13

My uncle then had this bird fascinated me as a child. Finally I can hold this for yourself! Works great and is a looker!

childhood Memory

written by Hanna, 21/01/13

Remember that older relatives had a "drinking bird" which we children often looked at when we were little. Now gave it away as a Christmas present for my little brother. Appreciated by all a... Read more

Perpetual motion machine

written by Andy, 27/01/13

The idea for a "perpetual motion" is super. also works actually. Unfortunately, this part is broken when one throws it down. Otherwise, the delivery and settlement worked great.


written by Roald, 30/01/13

When I bought this, I was actually quite excited if it was worth taking care of, and that was it! It was a little tricky to get start, since it uses some time to "warm up". I am VERY happy w... Read more

was very happy

written by ozabo, 11/03/13

Have ordered the same product from other pages and when I dick send tebax them 2 times so I was really piste off you could say because it was a gift so it got worse but I thought making a last attempt... Read more


written by Ludde, 25/03/13

Fun! I have longed for this kind of bird since I was little and saw these in the shop windows ... Now we have our own on Easter table!

Fun to see again ..

written by Jan J, Norway 05/06/13

Had that kind of birds before, but so was them not to see before I saw them again now, then I just had to buy some for me as a little gift for someone at some time .........

Fun and cheap

written by janenar, Sweden 24/06/13

Have to admit that when I ordered "drinking bird", I was skeptical that it would work satisfactorily. But tji I received and I became so happy that I immediately ordered one. Funny thing!

Poor quality

written by PK, Norway 02/09/13

Booked this together with another product. When it turned up in the mail was one foot to the bird snapped off. Possible it was bad luck, but the quality of the film was nothing to write home about. To... Read more


written by SP, Sweden 26/12/13

The drink and drink and drink ... nice to have on your desk, visitors can not help but comment.


written by jzm, Denmark 30/12/13

55 years ago I had a science teacher who used this particular drinking bird to explain a physical principle. The bird has haunted my mind right side, so when I accidentally saw it on the net, I had to... Read more

Drinking Bird

written by Snobben, Sweden 19/02/14

Really good to have in the technology, fun feel my students are often asked how it functions. Then you can explain how different liquids are easier and how they can be mixed other not. That it works w... Read more

drinking bird

written by Kirsten, Denmark 12/04/14

I had such a perpetual motion machine when I was a kid about 40 years ago and remembered it as absolutely fantastic, so I decided to try to buy it. It is still very fascinating.


written by Åsa, Sweden 29/12/14

Fill Kajan I bought the most fun thing, grandmother and grandfather had one when I was little. Loved to play with it. :) So it is clearly worth the money for me.

Retro Stuff

written by Georg, Sweden 06/01/15

Fun thing that you remember from before. Not somebody gadget is of use other than as a cool gadget as an ornamental. Simple yet good quality. Good buy if it is you're after. :-)


written by Viktoria, Sweden 13/01/15

This kind we had in my childhood but it was shattered in the early 80s. I actually have not seen them since, and was surprised and delighted when I saw them on Coolstuff! The children think that bird ... Read more

hörppivä water bird

written by jope, Finland 16/04/15

Similar to what was once the home about 40 years ago. I have searched often, "drunkards," and now found and ordered immediately. Well-works and to stimulate discussion with our guests.


written by DO, Norway 11/05/15

Works very well. Very pleased! (Although a vippegås not be used for anything useful, purely for pleasure).

drinking bird

written by TNi, Finland 12/05/15

A great and very special gift to man who already has everything. To stimulate discussion and amazement policies.


written by nimeton, Finland 24/06/15

The bird is exactly what I expected, well peck and a nice-looking guy to sit on a shelf. The legs are very light but just enough not to fall down thingy. Delivery in a few days, do not fuss. All in al... Read more

drinkers ostrich

written by Christensen, Denmark 08/07/15

Remembers the drinkers ostrich from many years back. Has over the years tried to find it, but without success until I came across Cool Stuff. After having booked and paid for it came as agreed. My exp... Read more

Drinking bird perpetual motion

written by Kalle, Sweden 23/12/15

It's really fun has dipped its beak into two pockets've now without a break I would recommend it to others


written by Juha, Finland 30/12/15

This works like a perpetual motion machine, and it should get the viewer in a good mood. Very instructive and very very hypnotic. Pyrstöhöyhenestä plus.

funny gizmo

written by amga, Norway 04/01/16

Funny, needless little gizmo that works! :-) Going for days, must fill the water in the glass. Both small and large enjoyed this.

Exciting little cousin

written by Thomas Balslev Hansen, Denmark 05/01/16

Fun little guy who lashes loose LONG. Gives rise to some debate about how the dog works :)

100% satisfied

written by Patrick, Sweden 28/07/16

The bird came in two parts and the assembly was not difficult puzzle than it did as a child when forms are going into the right hole. Busenkla instructions to get it going and go get me the hell all d... Read more

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