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Phone Camera Lens

Macro & wide-angle lens to take pictures of small and large objects. Fisheye is that nice perspective you get when you look through the peep hole in your apartment door.

Phone Camera Lens - Fisheye Lens
Fisheye Lens
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Phone Camera Lens - Macro & Wide-angle Lens
Macro & Wide-angle Lens
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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Mobile Lenses

written by Stefan, 23/06/11

I have long lacked objective to mobile camera so I spent happy when I saw that it finally was. Lenses worked as advertised, but because of the built-in lens cover in my Sony Ericsson K850i, I could no... Read more

Foggy macro

written by Helge, 24/06/11

My primary interest was the macro lens. Unfortunately it was too narrow and did so the focus was only in the center while it was blurred out around the edges. For a "normal" users will do en... Read more

Not much to hang on the Christmas tree

written by djones, 28/06/11

Must say it was not much of value. On an iPhone 4, the man with dark edges from the "lens" that is not so neat. In addition, it had to be to paste a piece of metal which I was not so keen on... Read more

Super cool

written by Lukas, 12/07/11

Not much more to say it was super fast delivery

Fish-eye lens 180 degrees

written by, 16/09/11

Was really impressed with the lens that I bought from Coolstuff ... The price was good and the lens was cleanly .. Surprisingly good was the pictures! Are you looking for fish eye effect and do not wa... Read more

Very good!

written by Totto, 20/09/11

Bought a fisheye lens to my cell phone and it was beyond expectations! Unfortunately, it becomes a black ring on the outer edge of the image, but it's nothing that bothers me significantly. Do it ... Read more

Fun and handy gizmo!

written by Marie, 24/10/11

The product was delivered in well wrapped box, and the delivery went very quickly! The product was easy and fast to use and does its job. The images are the basis of quality you have on the individual... Read more


written by , 07/11/11

Works just fine on my mobile, provided that one does not use flash. For that the diameter of the lens somewhat too large.


written by Emmy, 18/11/11

Was surprisingly pleased with fish-eye lens. However, you do not fit the small magnetic ring all phones, so if you have no protection or similar camera lens so it is not so good to use the lens. Other... Read more

I Phone lenses for mobile phones - unusable

written by Groinwald, 25/11/11

Of the two lenses I would have only one hand, the macro. If you go with the iPhone closer than about 70 cm is all blurred. I would like to have changed for eBay photos. But after assembly of the iPhon... Read more

Lightning quick! : D

written by thomas, 05/12/11

had had redone in my order from "frog eye" to "vidvinkels" it took less than 2 minutes on e-mail. Delicious service! : D

Some wide-angle

written by Berven, 06/12/11

The crosses fine and did not come in the way of flash even if the flash is only three millimeters from the lens. Unfortunately gave it not so much wide-angle effect that I had hoped for.


written by Cas, 10/12/11

A must for anyone who likes to photograph! And in my case, I am a goldsmith, then Macro lens become a must !!! So thanks Cool stuff for good solutions!


written by Lilly, 10/12/11

This was very disappointing and I had great expectations. Objekivet covers almost all flash, and almost the whole picture turns black. So two thumbs down for it!

great good and fast operation

written by jette andersen, 27/12/11

I have discussed several times with you, is extremely satisfied with the handling of my order, have received good treatment, the order is quickly processed and received, thank you for cool stuff. It&#... Read more

written by Mönchen, 29/12/11

Despite its small size it can viel.Ist the price definitely wert.Würde buy again and recommend it to everyone on!

Positively surprised!

written by MEGET tilfreds kunde, 06/01/12

I had long gone by the consideration; if I should buy it fisheye lens or not. Just imagine if it was a cheap piece of plastic toys, which would break up after one week, it could of course easily be th... Read more


written by Mogensen97, 19/01/12

Immediately when I heard about this product, it was really a "must-have"! So I bought it and three days after it could be picked up at the post office. I wrapped it up immediately, and was i... Read more


written by Carrouue, 16/02/12

Awesome good little things for your iPhone .. Easy to place and manage. No fiddling or difficulties. I bought both fish-eye and wide-angle lenses, and is not satisfied .. However, I have an iPhone 4 a... Read more

Fast delivery

written by Mtp, 08/03/12

Is very satisfied with the delivery :-) and lens works really well when you consider it to be used for a mobile! H

Good on SGS II

written by KF, 15/03/12

Alright optical performance. On my SGS II signs the circle out just right and the left image edge. The framing of the image, however, that the pie is cut into the top and bottom, but you get a lot of ... Read more


written by Joakim, 15/03/12

Followed with two rings so I can use on my iPad and my phone: D and it works exactly as it should! : D Special Deals: D

Really fun!

written by Hanna, 18/03/12

Ordered lenses Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon, they were in the mailbox. The lenses immediately went on, and oh so much fun I had! The metal ring I have to draw on my mobile (iPhone4G) coveri... Read more

Not as good as expected.

written by Maya Kirkegaard, 26/03/12

I had expected a lot of the lens, however, I do not completely lived up to my expectations. When I had to take a picture, half of the picture completely black and it was impossible to rectify. Otherwi... Read more

Can be recommended!

written by Josephinetb, 19/06/12

Was a little skeptical of this product, but it works perfectly! Works on any phone, and is very easy to apply. And for really cheap money :-) Can be recommended to all!

A handy wide-angle end

written by Ari Heinonen, 09/07/12

Proceed deftly mobile phones and tablets along with the web cameras and a helmet camera. Very wide-angle fisheye also reduces vibration prospects for action-packed videos. Facilitates to "aim for... Read more

Lens for mobile phone

written by Berit, 16/07/12

Noticed no difference with or without lens, so I returned item. However, it was an incredibly fast processing of the return. I had the money back in my account on the second day after I mailed the pac... Read more


written by Jeremy Karlsson, 18/07/12

Works as it should be! Macro worked better than I thought it would :) Unfortunately, the steel ring with adhesive to put on the phone is not so suited to sit on my iPhone's Hard-Case, it does not ... Read more

"More space" for the mobile phone

written by René, 30/07/12

First of all: professional photographers do not take pictures with the phone and pay a few hundred euros for their lenses. If that HAndy for photographing ranges for is worth a look this lens. If one ... Read more


written by Jeppe, 31/07/12

As always, there was good service in Cool Stuff, and I received the goods as agreed. Fisheye lens seems nothing short of perfect and if you are a fattigrøv without a SLR camera but with a good mobile,... Read more

mobile phone lens

written by Pasi, 31/08/12

Laajakulmalinssinä nothing special, but the macro is brilliant. Mounting ring to cover the flash on the iPhone, but it has been corrected by filing a small nick in the ring. The adhesive which adheres... Read more

Camera top quality

written by Daniel, 08/10/12

I bought Macro model. When I received this I was a little skeptical at first because it just looked like a walk plastic junk. But since I've had it for a while now, I've found out that it is f... Read more


written by Tessizen, 24/12/12

No wow-effect, but clearly a cool accessory for your phone. Macron is most impressive when zooming very close. Small minus, however, that the magnetic ring lens attaches to the phone (iPhone 4/4, and ... Read more

funny thing

written by nöjd, 29/12/12

Also a Christmas present for my boyfriend, he's a little camera geek and I thought this could be fun. He had a Samsung Galaxy SII and the fit unfortunately not for it, then it would cover the flas... Read more

like that

written by jag, 11/02/13

not so good, certainly it attaches to the cell phone, but inzoooomningen is blurred and again höjdarförstorung. Overall, complicated and not so good.

Very good!

written by Sascha, 25/02/13

I'm very happy because it went quickly for it to end up in the mailbox and that the lens is wonderful!


written by AK, 25/02/13

lens worked as it should and was otherwise very good. The only negative about it was the wax on the magnet to be attached to the phone. After first use as it falls only because of the weight of the le... Read more


written by Johnny B, 04/03/13

I must say I was a little skeptical at first. But when I tried fisheye lens, I was impressed. It makes the picture much larger and gives actually a good effect. Provides only four stars because the Si... Read more


written by BK, 02/04/13

But having the lens attached with a magnet on a small cord when not in use makes me nervous. Can imagine that I will lose it.

Good for the price

written by Line , Denmark 08/10/13

I've just even invested in an SLR, and my father did not talk about anything but that of course he also should have such a! I fell over this product and could not really stand for it! Actually it ... Read more


written by fornøyd, Norway 10/02/14

this I was very pleased with. I have iphone 5 and the magnet sits fine fixed on the phone, and has space under the hood so the magnet can be on all the time. It gets incredibly nice pictures, and I&#3... Read more

A great help for little money

written by kokeilija, Finland 09/10/14

True deft execution only when the camera enough for a high-quality lens. The installation was done very quick thanks to the adhesive. Mounting instructions varmaaan would be necessary for others.

For the price fully okay

written by Koenigsente, Germany 23/12/14

Hi, it was not expected that one obtains a Hiend lens, but it works and is quite nice as a gimmick.

Funnily additive for Smartphone's

written by Ri, Germany 01/02/15

Ideal if you "get on all's image" wants and for other photo-experiments. I can not say anything because I've used the images on screen only about the technical quality of the lens. S... Read more

Tiptop thumbs up!

written by Anneadel, Norway 15/06/15

Bought this for my brother, who is fond of taking pictures. He liked it very much, the images will be very good! Suitable certainly fine for Samsung Galaxy s5 :)

Top Lenses

written by Julia, Sweden 04/01/16

Provides excellent results for both macro and wide angle. Good to know is that you get to go really Jäla close for macro, but it gets really good results. Clearly affordable! (Will buy another one - t... Read more

Not attached to any.

written by Koklaaja, Finland 19/01/16

Not fit for Samsung S5 model, the lens must have a seemingly small & round. Help would also be nice, with a few small parts, which did not really know where to belong. Too bad you did not fit, see... Read more

fine product

written by Michelle, Denmark 24/02/16

It was a top-notch product, unfortunately had to just send it back as it does not bar it I thought it was. But fine if you want to take different pictures

Lens for Cell Phone

written by Lottofee, Germany 10/06/16

So my husband has respectively made the same photo once with and once without a lens. He came to the conclusion that it was with his cell phone sharper so if you zoom with lens.

macro lens for mobile

written by peju, Sweden 13/09/16

Superb and stunning macro lens that delivers sharp detail with really good magnification. Interact well with mobile camera auto focus and zoom settings. In my case, Xperia M5 5x zoom lens + macro lens... Read more

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