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PickMaster Guitar Pick Maker

Recycle your old credit cards into guitar picks. Rock on!

PickMaster Guitar Pick Maker - Pickmaster Guitar Pick Maker
Pickmaster Guitar Pick Maker
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written by Zaldy, Philippines 20/06/16

Hi Coolstuff, this is best plectrums maker on the market for sure. Guitarist will very beneficial on this, Cutting edge technology to any other similar stuffs like this, a very durable and economical ... Read more

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written by Ed, 12/06/12

If you play the guitar you have to own a guitar pick machine. Thats how it is. The edges are a little rough, a little sandpaper, then you are good to go ...

Very good: D

written by Mads, 13/06/12

I thought it was a terrific plectrum stock: D, but one thing is that it should be able to cut credit card (used) and it does, but then it can be a bit have to press down on those who are under 10 and ... Read more

pick Master

written by THC, 19/06/12

This is a fancy enough little gadget ingot plastic packaging it is, I could make 22 picks of it as a minor design fault, the blade is a bit dull, and it gives a bit frayed edge, and it makes sef that ... Read more

Super good gift for your guitar rack-friend!

written by Andreas, 21/06/12

Birthday boy was very happy and we also sat most of the evening and enjoyed ourselves to find new things to do Picks of. Credit card is the best.

very popular

written by Marius, 25/06/12

I gave this a work colleague at work. In the end he could not bring this home, in the workplace would create separate plectrum.

Pick Master plectrum

written by Birgitte, 23/07/12

I have a nephew who plays VERY guitar and "forget" where he just put plekteren. All in fam. always have one or two plectrum, with him as we have found in our homes. Pick Master plectrum is p... Read more

PickMaster plectrum

written by Peewee, 23/07/12

That came supi and works great, a real guitarist has fun and that is the purpose of a gift

PickMaster Picks

written by jonnie, 24/07/12

Imagine standing on the stage and the only thing the pick you have is the one between your fingers. You pull a solo in the first song, and the plectrum breaks. Great start to the kvällsgiget. A questi... Read more

PickMaster Picks

written by Miss MoneyJenny, 04/10/12

Ok thing. But do not cut off the plectrum piece without the stuck slightly in the forefront, making the piece of plastic often break when you try to pull it off ...


written by Karin, 03/12/12

Bought it for my guitar playing father, he thought it was great. Agree that the edges can be a little sharp, but no problem at all to punch.

Best pliers in my toolbox

written by Max, 03/12/12

Although this bar may seem quite superfluous, it is no less than brilliant. It has high amenity and coolness, works well and is reasonably robust performed. Both genuine rock'n'rollere and env... Read more

advent gift

written by Kristin Kirkemo, 08/12/12

My boyfriend plays guitars of all types, and think it was very tough with private stop to make the pick.

Ingeniously !!

written by Hanne, 27/12/12

Good quality, lightly pushing out perfect plectrum! Kjempefornøyd with the result. Since the pick of the house is a consumable delux, and tend to disappear after each use, it ingeniously to just be ab... Read more

Super Happy

written by Fredrik, 28/12/12

Each gift for father-who loves music. The first thing he did was to make a pick of the plastic it was before packed in. He thought it was super fun and the first gift he tested. He as a bit more advan... Read more

cool tool

written by pg, 29/12/12

arrived supergut and makes animal fun! the punching part works with almost all plastic strengthen and the picks are even operational.


written by OC, 31/12/12

Seems quite 100% and stock Reeds galore! Solid matter enough holding lifetime. Can enough be cheaper abroad but here came the lynkjapt out, as promised!


written by Ferb, 22/01/13

This is a must for people who play guitar! I bought this product to both me and my father, and we give the highest rating ... By a credit card makes it easy 5 pcs plectrum, and it is also possible to ... Read more


written by Christina, 14/02/13

It was as expected, super good product. Gave the gift to my father playing much guitar, it fell into good soil;)

Not as durable but fun

written by zorch productions, Sweden 13/05/13

The idea is good and it was an instant success ... but the light metal in the through-rivets are quick break. So a better heavy metal version would be better. Plektrumen will be good if you grind a li... Read more


written by Stellan, Sweden 13/05/13

A really fun thing, I can now do many plectrum .. It was solid so it lasts a long time. I am very satisfied


written by Julie, Norway 25/07/13

Utolig cool, and appealed to the recipient, which is 'hobby guitarist'. Easy to use, sticking out plectrum like there =)

Good service

written by Sanne, Denmark 29/07/13

Ordered a master pick plectrum and got it a few days later. The first time I used it, there fell a screw out and after it did not. I called Cool Stuff that sent another immediately, without that I nee... Read more

Make yourself easily and quickly Picks

written by Petu, Finland 16/08/13

A handy device! Easily and quickly be able to recover the old plastic cards. A little stiff at the beginning of use, but you get used to quickly hand the use of the device. Not for use by children.


written by Ann, Sweden 04/09/13

Funny surprise gift to give to a guitarist. Much appreciated! Worked great to push the plectrum with and carry in your bag.

Fast delivery, good quality.

written by Enar, Sweden 24/12/13

I ordered the product online and got it two days later. The quality of the product is very good. A good Christmas gift simply.

Plectrum cutter

written by Mika, Finland 05/02/14

Excellent local models "destroy" their own friends and credit cards! Works well and will be just suitable "medium" picks guitarist if you use a credit card or a similar plastic kee... Read more


written by Maria, Finland 07/03/14

Plekuleikkuri went to a musician father as a gift, and received praise profusely. Cut cleanly and work for real while you play. It may seem like fun Vanities but it is really useful contraption.

The perfect machine

written by hanko, Finland 24/03/14

Just a great device. You did get this to school. Obsolete (hopefully) library, credit, bonus ym.kortit have received a new life. Cut as much paper and cardboard (fish scales kuvistöihin). Rugged devic... Read more

good product

written by Emil, Norway 25/08/14

This product makes it properly, and is certainly worth the money. Pick Master is also fairly heavy, suggesting that there is proper materials used. It may be mentioned that punched plectrum have sharp... Read more

Fun invention!

written by Jonna, Sweden 02/10/14

I had never means anything like it! I sat & scrollade among the things on the side and was looking Christmas gifts, as well as things to myself. I do not have good economy and usually choose inexp... Read more

Spot on!

written by Aldus, Sweden 01/12/14

It works just fine! Feels like real solid quality. Making plectrum of their old bank is an incredibly much better option than cutting the ice and throw :)

make pick himself - PickMaster

written by Jere, Germany 29/12/14

PickMaster does what it should, credit cards have the right consistency for a pick. Funny idea and works well!


written by Sara, Denmark 29/12/14

Aw Aw it was broken when we received it. There is a plate that is loose as jumps up with plekteret when you press one out. BUT BUT BUT the world's best customer service are clearly at Cool Stuff. ... Read more

For passionate guitarist a must !!!

written by Simon, Germany 02/01/15

Have paid the PickMaster my good friend and guitarist and has him I zietiere: "Christmas saved". A great idea for anyone passionate guitarist and works as advertised properly.

great idea

written by Stievie71, Germany 05/01/15

Plektrumstanze was as described, works perfectly and has a "woooweffekt" hergehalten super as a birthday present.

TOP for Guitarists

written by YZ, Germany 05/01/15

super individual plectrum ... I gave away the part and we had a lot of fun at Christmas. Is very well received. Would I give away any time again!

Instead plasticky plojsak, I reached quite useful!

written by sebastian, Sweden 07/01/15

Dragged it to a friend who played guitar for the past 40 years and plektrummen was approved! A little trail and error to find the best materials to cut but it went well in the end =) That said, heavy ... Read more

Very satisfied after the second attempt!

written by Yk, Sweden 13/01/15

This was a perfect Christmas present for my gittaristbror! The first copy was defective, but it was quickly and smoothly, and the new was a success! Easy to use, no strength of the user Villet I thoug... Read more

Good and functional

written by Nisse, Sweden 05/02/15

A well-functioning gadget. Maybe not completely necessary, but gives me a great opportunity to play with my children. I never have to worry about being without plectrum again.

A cool little tool!

written by Stellan, Sweden 15/06/15

Truly a handy gadget to have lying in the scratch .. No more whining over something lost plectrum and cards get're everywhere anyway!

PickMaster Picks

written by Powerhorse, Sweden 02/10/15

A really good product, have cut plectrum old credit cards, cookie jars, plastic, etc., works bra.Kan warmly recommend this product I am now self-sufficient in their own plekrum.Tack Coolstuff.

Super gift for guitar players

written by M, Norway 13/02/16

The product had good quality! Guitar player in the house thought it was a fun gift, although we can not put my finger on whether there is one thing you need or not .. :-) gift for guitar player who ha... Read more

fun stuff

written by Giver, Sweden 29/02/16

Funny thing. Nicely it is built a little sandpaper even in the handle so you can sharpen the edges of their picks. Fun gift to give away.

Fun :)

written by Isfrost, Norway 08/10/16

This has good quality and a decent price. Fun to create their own personal picks. Recommended :)

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