Pillow Speakers

Two small pillow speakers that are so thin you can put them under your pillow without being uncomfortable, and the sound is insulated so well that the person lying on the pillow hears the sound well, but the person lying beside them is not disturbed!

Pillow Speakers - Pillow Speakers
Pillow Speakers
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pillow speakers

written by Rille, 18/10/09

Not särskillt stylish and very plastiga. But does its job :)

Pretty good :)

written by Jakob Sundin, 20/10/09

They do after all their job. However, you must have reasonably high volume to hear anything, and if someone sleeping next to you can hear a little bit, but not much.

music and meditation

written by Linda, 16/11/09

Now the game with headphones over! The smart pillow speakers ensures an optimal sound experience no matter what position you are in, and unlike headphones you're guaranteed no dents or problems wi... Read more

The sound quality really exceeded expectations!

written by MetalTroll, 07/12/09

I am one of those stingy man, you know, so I ordered kuddhögtalarna on Coolstuff because they were cheaper than the Teknikmagasinet and Plus, free shipping (between November 17-19, thanks for that!). ... Read more

Absolutely perfect

written by Niklas C, 15/12/09

When I got home kuddhögtalarna so I tried them directly and they work really great. One can have moderately high volume without the person lying next to hear the music. Absolutely perfect!

written by Camilla, 18/12/09

Very good idea and the fat that you can connect your Ipod. However, one can feel them through the pad, if one is directly on the speaker.


written by Julklappen, 29/12/09

I bought pillow speakers for my boyfriend for Christmas, then I know he likes to fall asleep to music or radio shows in the evenings, but know I do not always appreciate the sound. Falling asleep to t... Read more


written by Sofia, 30/12/09

The speakers work quite excellent! I bought them for Christmas for my little brother, who was very happy for them. I was pleasantly surprised how good the sound isolated. My brother could hear great m... Read more

I could not live without sleep!

written by Apple-Tester, 11/03/10

The speakers have been tested by me and I have to say, because there are not really fault it. Of course, the speakers for normal use are not suitable because they do not achieve really high volume lev... Read more

written by nina skak jensen, 25/03/10

Hi i suffering from Meniere's disease, and due to it also to a bad tinnitus that provide a very poor night's sleep. I have read about pillows with music which was to relieve a little, but I&#3... Read more

written by Johan Borg, 21/04/10

I've really only one thing to say: If you are looking to buy a pillow speakers - stop hesitating and hit NOW! You can not be disappointed! Let me explain ... I broke down many headphones and mp3 p... Read more

Loud noise

written by Arne, 11/08/10

We could not use these as we imagined because the sound is too loud o interfering with the adjacent. Unfortunately

Increased the lead!

written by SM, 18/08/10

I think they work perfectly! Good sound is not a problem to hear through the pillow. Moreover, they are small and agile. Just what I wanted!

Pillow speaker [Review]

written by Florian Bardischewski (http://Fl, 19/08/10

-Vorwort: I had my coming of CoolStuff.de (Thanks again to you!) So-called pillow speaker. I usually fall asleep at night with music, I thought, the speakers are ideal for me. Our walls are very thin ... Read more

good sound

written by cc, 06/09/10

kuddhögtalarna think works very well. Loud and clear sound without disturbing anyone else. Recommended if you want to avoid having headphones in itself is difficult to take off before falling asleep.

written by , 17/09/10

my one daughter sleep with music all night when we can not let her sleep with headphones on himself because she spins around so the cord makes red marks on her neck became such a wonderful solution so... Read more

I love them!

written by Cecilie Hansen, 17/09/10

I simply love these pillow speakers, I've had some trouble sleeping without having to listen to music, and those who musikdudder (or whatever they are called) made the game nas in my ears when I l... Read more

Pillow Speaker

written by Helmut Langenstein, 26/10/10

Delivery was prompt and easy. Quality and Srachwiedergabe well. No complaints.


written by Janne, 22/11/10

Brilliant invention! Small, practical and surprising value for money. The bass disappears through the pillow, but if you like me to use it as a "sleeping pill", it makes nothing. Fill your i... Read more

Pillow Speaker

written by Lara Thurn, Terra, 29/11/10

First, I wanted to thank Coolstuff again for letting me test it. You look just like on the displayed images. The shipment went really fast and everything went super. The speakers are super thin so the... Read more

written by Tina, 02/12/10

Excellent! Great for the evening to sleep. Power great fun!


written by Viktor, 02/12/10

First impression when I opened the package and saw the speakers was that they were really plastiga. My idea was to plastigt = bad. But appearances are deceptive. What a great product. The sound is abs... Read more

Awesome !!

written by aj, 06/12/10

Works sonically very good listener. Sovkompisen are not disturbed at all and the listener avoid chafing inears.

To all parents

written by Therese, 07/12/10

Perfect for when you want to fall asleep to a series beside a sleeping baby. Loud enough to hear yourself without your baby gets disturbed!


written by Jenny, 13/12/10

These speakers are perfect. I like Listening to audio books before I fall asleep, and until now I have always got pain in the ear that you have had on the pillow just to rub the earpiece to your ear&#... Read more

Super Flexible Speakers!

written by Dolly, 20/12/10

I have now acquired a total of four pairs of these speakers, both for myself and as gifts for my loved ones. They are perfect to wear under your pillow when to sleep and want some "background mus... Read more

Pillow speakers work great!

written by anna bella, 21/12/10

Initially I was a bit skeptical when I saw the pillow speaker offered. But approaching the birthday of my sister, this love ??? - cassettes hear (her partner terrible), I thought - that would be somet... Read more

written by , 24/12/10

Works well! You get pretty much sound despite the small plastiga headphones. Does not feel under your pillow so two thumbs up for this :)

Listen without being strangled by headphone cords

written by NicA, 27/12/10

Okay thing. Only problem was for me that has asdålig hearing. I had to have at full volume, and it resulted in even my son heard the audiobook I listened to: P.

Fall asleep to the audiobook

written by Lwordish.com, 27/12/10

Pillow speakers are an option for those who like to sleep with music / audiobook on but do not like to get tangled up in the cord as much. The speakers are all right sound (for that price) but you alm... Read more


written by Annie, 27/12/10

Gave a pair to my dear grandmother. She did not understand what it was at first but after some explanations so it went in. The day after she arrived brilliant to me and told me what a great little gad... Read more

Fulfills its function

written by Lotte, 27/12/10

I often tried to rest with headphones on me when I fall asleep was happy when I saw these pillow speakers and bought three pieces at a time (gave was his to teenage boys for Christmas). They worked we... Read more

Pillow Speaker!

written by Kristine , 28/12/10

These speakers are perfect to wear under the pillow when to take a nap etc.. It is very good with those is that it is only you who have e under the pillow sm can hear the music, so that nobody of any ... Read more

The top

written by Pros, 30/12/10

At last, you avoid the hassle of cords headphones when to sleep, out of the speakers in the pillow, plug in to the media device you use. Fall asleep calmly, without getting tangled up while you sleep ... Read more

is working...

written by , 30/12/10

...Really great! Finally I can sleep while my husband still listens to music :)

Good sound but sensitively

written by Norrlänning, 30/12/10

As the bed next door to the receiver of my gift (kuddhörlurar) I can say that one hears his rock music quite well when to sleep!

Not pretty but good!

written by Kimberly, 30/12/10

They are not as beautiful, but looks a little cheap plastic. But that does not matter because you still have them under the pillow. The sound is much better than I expected, it will slow quickly if yo... Read more

Boring packaging

written by Janice, 30/12/10

I would give them for Christmas but they were delivered completely anonymously in a plastic bag. No packaging, no instructions, no pictures. It had become an extremely graphic rhymes to the package to... Read more


written by Mathias, 04/01/11

It's okay to listen in but only when the amplifier is on max volume. Nice to have toddlers at home when you can watch TV when they are sleeping.


written by Emma, 05/01/11

My partner could not have been more satisfied with their presents from coolstuff! Kuddhögtalarna cannon works well and I are not disturbed at all by them. Very affordable, now is she finally in bed ra... Read more


written by ph, 11/01/11

My sister has always heard music until she fell asleep with head set ears. So I bought these, and she uses them every day. Thought speakers were larger, but the sound is really good, and it works! Can... Read more


written by Elin, 12/01/11

A comfortable fun gadget, works well! =) Though it was sent in a boring package * haha ​​*

Kanonbra pillow speakers

written by Sandy, 17/01/11

Fully compliant to what is promised, listen to music at night without disturbing others. Very good sound for a very low price.

clear sound

written by , 26/01/11

Good and clear sound for listening to the binding. Need to have far from maximum volume. In addition, so small that they do not include service mission that I sleep on a very thin pillow.

written by Britta, 04/02/11

Fed gimmick :-)


written by , 11/02/11

Small and flexible. Great to have under your pillow.

Very pleased!

written by Martina, 14/02/11

Works very well and very good sound. I am satisfied!

pillow speakers

written by Malin, 14/02/11

Nice to fall asleep to. It sounds a bit around.

Works as they should!

written by Elram, 14/02/11

The speakers work just as described! Was actually surprised how good the audio quality was highly recommend them!

Great for the money!

written by Radiomilla, 14/02/11

Does not look like "a lot of the world" But it was very good sound. Just what I wanted!

My new sleeping pills!

written by Hanna, 14/02/11

Have mold large round pill and works just as good as promised. I have had problems hearing an annoying thump when I go to sleep, from the gym below my apartment. (The owners can not be bothered there ... Read more

pillow speakers

written by kergu, 16/02/11

because I love to listen to audio books on MP3 when I can not sleep, these pillow speakers perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!

written by He3lmar Ehrhardt, 18/02/11

Unfortunately, the pillow speaker does not fit to each radio. They go very quietly into the headphone jack on all 3 radio stations in the family.


written by , 20/02/11

The guy got them for Christmas o was pleased. They worked just fine. Now I lent them to drown his snoring = o) Recommended!

Pillow speaker

written by Gerbera, 25/02/11

Superpatches !!!! Beautiful gift for bed radio listeners !!

written by Anna, 28/02/11

Super satisfied with the speakers, both I and my boyfriend!


written by , 07/03/11

These speakers are just fine to use as ordinary speakers! As I do, when I listen to music on your iPod :-) It's going very good sound, is very happy with them :-D

Pillow Speaker

written by Bartilein, 07/03/11

Fast delivery, good product, good price.

Pillow speaker

written by Helmut , 14/03/11

Have been looking for the pillow speakers and am very happy with processing and function.


written by hmgue, 15/03/11

Finally a reasonable pillow speaker. The delivery was fast. I had no complaints Recommended

Real top

written by meckpom, 21/03/11

The speakers are really great, work splendidly ... by Dinkelkissen go through. I can enjoy my internet radio without my partner to disturb sleep. Topp, no aching ears more!

Excellent gift!

written by mia, 22/03/11

Kuddhögtalarna was a perfect gift for my mother. She can lie in bed and listen to audio books without having annoying plugs in their ears.

written by titti, 28/03/11

The cushion did not drown the sound completely, and the sound quality is so-so well, but still nice to be able to listen to the evening music without having uncomfortable earphones in your ears that j... Read more

They are super ...

written by Zidden, 04/04/11

....Good!! Feels good to not go to sleep with a lot of wires around as when using headphones to the iPhone. Canon product that I highly recommend for those who love to sleep with her favorite music in... Read more

yippe ya ya yippe ya yeeey

written by lumber-jess, 08/04/11

I was so pleasantly surprised by these pillow speakers! First and foremost, they are much bigger than what I thought (no ordinary headphones-size this is not, but rather with a diameter of a tennis ba... Read more

pillow speakers

written by Lena, 15/04/11

The speakers work to have under your pillow, and you do not have headphone plugs in his ears when to sleep, and so big it's not her husband next.

processed cheap, but works great

written by Christina, 03/05/11

Have been often heard with headphones to fall asleep Ipod - now it's super comfortable; simply Speaker unteers pillow, head on it, listening. nothing expresses more ... but those things are alread... Read more

A really good buy

written by Mikaela, 20/05/11

The speakers have sound that is much better than expected, and they are convenient and handy. The cord is moderately long and not in the way. Had become even easier with a wireless receiver but then h... Read more

Damn good!

written by Jossan, 25/05/11

The speakers work perfectly! I bought them for my boyfriend as a present for his listening all the time to the music, and he's super happy with them. They are ideal for those who like to lie down ... Read more


written by Kimza.se, 13/06/11

Really good speaker that transmits sound in a good way, without disturbing the / those others in the bed. Quite all right sound for this price.

written by Emelie, 24/06/11

I bought kuddhögtalarna for my boyfriend because he loves to listen to the radio and the like in the evening and I know how than it is to sleep with headphones in their ears so I thought it was a good... Read more

written by Matonna, 20/07/11

Speakers funktioniern as one speaker imagines under a pillow. I expected no more than two simple plastic parts with cable and plug. but would like to know which the supplier is not sitting in Germany.... Read more


written by Andrea, 22/07/11

The pillows are great listeners. It is wonderful to hear a bedtime story without the partner disturbing evening yet.

a wonderful invention

written by Smit, 01/08/11

I'm really happy for these pillow speaker. I put them under the cover of my hovedpude.Så now I am free from being entangled in headphone wires and can hear music and audio book without disturbing ... Read more

The product is simply amazing !!!!

written by Siwiesner, 07/08/11

I am the product very enthusiastic and would highly recommend it. You can play music, audio books, etc. in bed listening without thereby disturbed feeling, which is the case when using a headset to th... Read more

Unfortunately I am only moderately excited

written by Vampir_Mit_Biss93, 09/08/11

I wanted to give my brother the speakers birthday. a day before they arrived, and I've only times total shock to get .. the parts look really pretty cheap, more like 2-3 euros as of 10 .. I have t... Read more

Pillow Speakers.

written by Synne, 24/10/11

I had long been looking for some speakers to add under your pillow, I was struggling with tinnitus, and need some sound to mask tinnitus when I go to sleep. These are perfect! I put them under the she... Read more

Super Good

written by Birgitte, 25/10/11

Hi I am extremely pleased with pillow speakers - there is a good sound and they take up quite a bit - and can be taken everywhere if you have to stay elsewhere.

Long Seeking ....

written by Alfred , 25/10/11

been >>> Very good I'm very surprised to find the long-sought pillow speaker last. The awaited came quickly unpacked, and tried inspeziert. The expectations became fully ganz.Guter sound,... Read more

Why was there not earlier?

written by Golden Girl, 26/10/11

I can finally evenings ect in bed still music, audiobooks. listen without disturbing anyone here who wants to sleep. Heavenly is also the sound. Just great speakers, I can only recommend.

pillow Speaker

written by T-Dane, 27/10/11

It was with great curiosity, I received the package and was very surprised at the product's simplicity. Not few frills or 'just remember that ...'. I had to use speakers that could rid me ... Read more

Fine small pillow speaker

written by MissChief, 28/10/11

Not so much to say, really. Gives a nice sound through the pillow if you need music to sleep on without else in the room also hear it. They are very small, and if you do not have a very thin pad (or i... Read more

Works great!

written by Ine Therese, 11/11/11

Adds it under your pillow, relaxing with music, and no other complaints over the sound :) Delicious for and relax, and works perfectly if you want to drop and awaken others with loud sound of the alar... Read more


written by smolk, 15/11/11

Bought for my girlfriend who was very pleased with the speakers! Works fine but I was a bit hesitant about the sound would be good but was pleasantly surprised that the sound was so good!


written by timm husted, 18/11/11

for the price they are probably fine enough. but think ik they are used so much, it is easier to have headphones in their ears, and with pillow speakers, there is no bass making music very forgettable... Read more

super service

written by cr, 02/12/11

received my last day after I ordered. so 5 stars

written by EOB, 04/12/11

I did not know it existed pillow speakers before I saw them here. I have always to music when I sleep, so then there was no doubt. The sound is decent, price and delivery time can not complain. GOOD B... Read more

Works well!

written by Towe, 05/12/11

I never hear when my husband listens to audio books. Something I think is bad is that they came only in a small plastic bag, so there's nowhere you can read what it is. It can be good if one is to... Read more


written by kajsa, 09/12/11

This was really disappointing when they were in a type freezer bag, without packaging, product description or the like. I had to send them back, not fun to give away something that looks like used. Un... Read more

Amazing for the price!

written by Jonte, 13/12/11

When I bought it I did not know what I had to wait but after some testing, I am extremely satisfied, at the price they are fantastic, great sound, and easy to take with you! Pulp +

written by , 14/12/11

works perfectly

On the subject of "sub-pillow earphones"

written by rialtro, 14/12/11

Thank you for sending the little "under-pillow earphones", which correspond exactly to my expectations and can be adapted volume-moderately well! I can only recommend!


written by , 15/12/11

The headphones are absolutely great ... though you have it in a thicker pillow do something loud and although the bed neighbor gets with the little running but he will not be disturbed. Finally, no mo... Read more

Okay product

written by AnnaAmalia, 19/12/11

Good things: Perfect under the pillow, as they can not be felt. Both good and bad is it that they play pretty low. It's good when you have to fall asleep - but it can be frustrating that you can n... Read more

"Soft sound pillow"

written by Lai, 19/12/11

Pillow speakers are perfect for meditation, hypnosis or gentle indslumringsmusik.

Completely as expected!

written by Henriette, 23/12/11

A really good product that is wonderfully relaxing to have under the pillow. There is no doubt how to use it or anything. That's exactly what you expect :-)

Super quick live competition

written by Sus, 24/12/11

I give Cool Stuff my best recommendations ... product and shipping was tip top okay ..

written by BrS, 26/12/11

Worked surprisingly well! :)


written by Silly, 26/12/11

Always had the problem that I would like to sleep with music, my husband but which disturbs sleep. With these speakers, the problem is solved! I can fall asleep to music and my husband has his rest re... Read more

Simple and brilliant.

written by Pbendix, 26/12/11

Simple and brilliant. The sound is good for low music and a perfect fit for purpose, but not for anything else. Do not buy the gift, since there are not any packaging other than a fesen plastic bag.

pillow speakers

written by David, 29/12/11

Thought most ordering this product just to try it out, I had absolutely no expectations for it, but it turned out to be completely awesome! The speakers are a little plastiga, but it does not matter b... Read more


written by Elisabeth, 29/12/11

Lovely pillow speakers, works out pretty good! If you have a little loud sound on the others in the room to hear a tiny bit, but fight delightful for whoever has those under your pillow, slepper to sl... Read more

Super smart

written by Anja, 02/01/12

I am really happy for my pillow speaker, it is smart and useful .. But I'm pretty sure that if I used them while my husband lay beside, he would be disturbed by the music ..

ARTICLES received

written by Anne Louise Kiær, 02/01/12

I have not received any confirmation or goods!

delivery time

written by Birgit, 05/01/12

Since I have the speakers recently presented, I can only thank for the super fast delivery me at the time. In the Christmas week ordered and delivered. Thanks for that!!

Sleep music

written by , 06/01/12

These were the absolutely brilliant! have tried the same thing with regular earphones and it did not work nearly as good as these! Like to hear the music at night when you go to sleep then this is som... Read more

Not so good

written by Benny, 13/01/12

They are too thick and because you do not hear about them under the pillow and you have to have them directly under the pillow case it will be very inconvenient.


written by kamma, 23/01/12

I am super happy with my speaker brands not slumbering like babies to gentle music. Such would I ha 'had many years ago :-))) VH Kamma

pillow speaker

written by Eva, 19/03/12

Super Good. They have solved my problem. I do not disturb my partner more with my "natradio" A tip to put them between two low pillows so they feel DELETE not :)

pillow speakers

written by Gerda, 19/03/12

Have a little difficult to sleep sometimes, these speakers help me relax to some soothing music. I avoid disturbing speakers in your ears, and cords to get tangled up in. Or, why not listen to a novel... Read more

delivered SuperWarehouse super fast

written by Marion Capo Barciela, 19/03/12

The headset speaker is highly recommended for each of the still bissl like in bed listening CD or want to look over the laptop television without the partner disturbing. I hate headphones permission, ... Read more

Good to fall asleep to

written by Aleta, 20/03/12

Just what I wanted. Works great to listen to without disturbing the person next door. The bunk bed is heard on the other hand through the mattress down to the sleeping under.

mini Speaker

written by SoAnd, 21/03/12

It's a great sound considering the cheap price. I am very satisfied with the purchase and recommend the product.

Just great!!!!

written by sari82, 23/03/12

Just great and not just under Kopfkissen.Mein son used it indoors and draußen.Ich they would buy again.

A friend of the night

written by Kent, 06/04/12

They serve excellent, only a small disturbance to the next door. Do they have connected to my Smartphone.

Super Headphone Replacement

written by Eva, 13/04/12

I have the speakers about 1 week in use and am very enthusiastic about you. Now I have, however, after a short time a cable break. But even that was no problem: call short in Cool Stuff, and the very ... Read more

Surprisingly good

written by Ivo, 03/08/12

I must say at first glance see the headphone high nciht good. plastic and simply more or less disks. But connected and under the pillow, they have a surprisingly good sound quality and, depending on t... Read more


written by LISE, 07/08/12

They're wonderful to use, Falling asleep so well to music at night. They also provide a nice sound. Have lots of relaxing music I listen to. RECOMMENDED.

No further ...

written by Mr. Somebody, 14/08/12

These pillow speakers had received good reviews from others who bought these, so I purchased a pair for my father as a birthday present. Unfortunately I must say that they were a bit disappointing. It... Read more

Fast delivery

written by Cicily, 17/08/12

Thanks Coolstuff for the prompt delivery. The speakers work fine. Recommend warmly! ; O) message Cicily

good product

written by M Lansiquot, 23/08/12

Overall happy with your purchase. Will continue to buy from you in the future. Speaker works exactly as expected.


written by Arcanoe, 01/09/12

The speakers are great! It is so pleasant evenings listening to music in bed without pain ears headphones. My husband heard by the music definitely not. Stupid thing is that I have now found that I ca... Read more

Thought that was more of ...

written by SBI, 14/09/12

We used these pillow speakers in a contest, and had expected that there was a pillow case or something else with ... In reality it is just a set of speakers you get ... I have not tested the product a... Read more

poor sound

written by Dennis H, 17/09/12

Bought pillow speaker in expectation I use them with my mobile as they have mini-jack, but operating power is so high that they thereby play too low for general use / strength. Envidere sound quality ... Read more


written by silvie, 16/10/12

A funny gadget. The clay under the pillow comes across well. Power really fun. Search now just the right music to fall asleep.

pillow speakers

written by Lotta G, 17/10/12

A toppenidé to lay flat speakers under the pillow to listen to music or audio without the / the others in the room disturbed. Perfect for me with a snoring spouse! Good sound is not radiated in the ro... Read more


written by Nanna, 29/10/12

I have now had them in a few weeks, and I must admit that I love them. The sound is perfect for reading or sleeping. The only thing that did annoy me is that they are resolved, so I should have just m... Read more

very good

written by michelle schliewe, 07/12/12

the place my brother is also very good because he likes to music to listen to sleep so much all I can say because it is a wine eight gift but I ahb e it times geteste if you would take it lautschprech... Read more


written by Cold, 10/12/12

Was a bit skeptical about these speakers worked so well as it was described, but must say I was pleasantly surprised when I tried them, before I packed them. Good sound in these :) Think enough this w... Read more

pillow speakers

written by Moffe, 10/12/12

Was surprised by the good sound only positive and are recommended warmly by a very satisfied customer kanonbra


written by Birgitta Åberg, 13/12/12

Hey! Ordered pillow speakers, fast delivery, very good speakers. will check if there are more neat stuff, satisfied customer mvh Birgitta Åberg

Pleasant feeling of hearing

written by Kiki, 17/12/12

The speakers are good to listen to music in bed. They can simply slide the pillow or as we in a pillow with cram. Finish the Hörkissen. Insert mobile phone and listen to the music. Kiki

Perfect julkappar

written by Alexandra, 17/12/12

So good speaker! Bought including my mother listening to the radio all night, now she will not have earphones that fall out of your ears all the time!

Super-good speakers!

written by Cia, 17/12/12

At first glance they seemed plastiga, but works great !! Having them under the pillow was great and bothered no one.


written by Linvan, 21/12/12

Great speakers! The lying on the pillow belongs, but not the one that is next. Works with both regular pillow and neck cushion.

pillow speakers

written by Carina, 21/12/12

A really good product! Super satisfied, so easy to take with you in bed, couch on vacation! Do you buy this product, you will not be dissatisfied!

pillow speakers

written by babzan, 24/12/12

Was pleasantly surprised that it was so good. A toppenköp. Can warmly recommended. For a small fee you avoid bulky headphones, chafing, if you should lie and listen to music, radio or television. I am... Read more

pillow speakers

written by Krillmeister, 25/12/12

Certifies that they live up to expectations. Listening currently on audio books when I use them, and the sound is heard better than what one might think of the pictures on these plastiga creations. 4 ... Read more

Too money

written by Tara, 25/12/12

Seems like it should, and enda good sound, it's incredible nice that you do not need to have headsets on.

snooze music

written by Sonnenblume, 25/12/12

Something inconspicuous they shall come, but kept absolutely what they promise. Lie in bed and listen to the radio without painful pressure on the ears. Came as a gift well received and I have witzige... Read more


written by stelar, 26/12/12

Cannon Speaker to put under the pillow so now Mom & Dad sleep without being disturbed by my music delivery went quickly

A little worse than expected

written by Marie, 26/12/12

You heard pretty good when you lay on the pillow, but also heard a bit when you do not lay on the pillow. Still pretty good, fun thing :)

works well

written by Rejmun, 28/12/12

Right satisfied with the product. They do what it says on the package. Noticeable from under the pillow over the sound heard right well.

Super fun, but also useful gadget!

written by Mbk, 30/12/12

A fun gift, but also with good sound when they are below the pad. I wish that the gift was to myself! ;) Maybe I should buy a set of more ...;)

Hyfsat satisfied

written by Patrycja, 30/12/12

The sound is of course pretty flat when it comes out of small speakers with no bass and additionally travels through a pillow before it reaches the ear. But given the circumstances, these small speake... Read more

good sound

written by LM, 31/12/12

The speakers are easy to place in a pillow and the sound is really good. You can adjust the volume via the player or easier by moving the speakers away from the ears.

does the job

written by Alex, 31/12/12

They are simple moves loudspeakers such as those of the headphones, but encased in a hard plastic and intended to be placed under a pillow. One thing that's very nice is that they do not need batt... Read more


written by Marie, 31/12/12

Bought the speakers to my little brother in 19 years that like to listen to soundtracks with thunderstorms and rain before going to sleep. Super sound! Still think the sound depends on how much you ca... Read more

Works well!

written by Kina, 31/12/12

Have bought them before, and they work great if you do not like to have normal headphones in their ears. The audio is a little out, but the kids like them very much ..


written by palver, 01/01/13

It brought joy to my niece, who was in julergave, it brought joy to my niece, who was in julergave. It brought joy to my niece, who was in julergave. It brought joy to my niece, who was in julergave. ... Read more

pillow speaker

written by elisabeth, 02/01/13

fight okay to have under your pillow when you lie down at night and listening to the audio book or music from iphone :-) successful gift for our teenagers

pillow speakers

written by Malin, 03/01/13

Very good! Son has them both hanging around the bedside lamp, but also under the pillow. Works very well!


written by Krisser, 05/01/13

My friend always slept with alm. headphones in their ears, and woke up with a 'worn' and sore ear or ended up turning them off in the middle of relaxation. So I gave her these and they are her... Read more

Great speakers: D

written by Anonym, 06/01/13

These pillow speakers was really jättebra.Rekomenderar them. I listen to music every night before I fall asleep, at home it will be to the radio, and when I sleep away so I use the ipod / phone headph... Read more

Only 1 Problem

written by mp, 06/01/13

the speakers work just like one would want. However, one has a problem used when you use them for their handi and this also as a ringer. morning ringing the handi ringer then only through the speakers... Read more

pillow speakers

written by Mel, 08/01/13

They are okay, not much more than that ... A little big and uncomfortable and they "leak" sound to the room around ... very good idea but needs to be developed =)

Works, but that's the problem.

written by Danni, 09/01/13

Delivery and product functionality give 4 stars. I am one of those who always said that I slept better with music. But these speakers showed me that I was wrong. They work as they should, but that&#39... Read more

Super idea

written by Marianne, 11/01/13

Very good idea and fully live up to expectations. My son uses them every night before going to sleep - and are glad to be free of that was out of bed to turn off a plant.

Make it they'll simply

written by Merri, 15/01/13

Surprised sound quality and function. They are doing what they should without being intrusive. There is so much more practical is to have headphones on him. Extra-long cord, eliminating tangling.

It was worth it

written by alex, 21/01/13

An illness kept me a long time to the bed. With the very practical and also state subsidy, small pillow speakers I could relax and enjoy the time spent. I have sewn the speakers in a very small flat c... Read more

Exactly as described

written by Nicholas, 24/01/13

The headline says it all really. Have nothing negative to say about the product. At that price you get a lot more than one would expect really.

Very satisfied

written by Hattifnatten, 28/01/13

does exactly what it says. they put under the cushions and you hear sound. the sound is quite decent, and plays like nogenlunde high hvist you will. liked having the volume quite low so I can fall asl... Read more


written by :), 07/02/13

Okay, not great sound and I put it under the mattress for it to be quiet since I move a part of the night. The sound is OK but there is not anything super quality, decent for its use. Since I have it ... Read more


written by Mette, 11/02/13

I bought these cool speakers for both of my boys. They were super excited for them and they work. You can not hear the music so that those around. They highly recommended.

Kuddhögtalar review!

written by Sara, 11/02/13

I love this product which is great for me who can not sleep without listening to music / audio book but do not like to fall asleep with headphones in their ears and pacing a few hours later with the c... Read more

pillow Speakers

written by HNB, 13/02/13

Good - but perfectly so quiet that neighbor can not hear them, they are not now .... I use them for tinnitus treatment, and have not yet tried them with music or audiobook.

Love it

written by Fia, 14/02/13

No more family on the guests to be disturbed by my night book the nights I can not sleep. very good sound on my sleep as usual, but no annnan than I hear my book;)

Trist packaging pulls down rating!

written by Lena, 15/02/13

May seem ridiculous to complain about the package, but like a few others also commented, it's not fun to give something away as gifts, which lies in a plain zip-it-bag or whatever it's called ... Read more

Pigeons not properly

written by Lasse, 01/03/13

The idea is good, but the speakers may not work as intended. You have to screw nicely high up before we hear something, and do it, yes so noisy they are just as much for those who do not want to hear ... Read more

pillow speaker

written by Ingse, 14/03/13

Although to be screwed up high for the facility, they provide a good sound through the pad. I highly recommend speakers to others who would like to listen to relaxing music or for example a read aloud... Read more

Pillow Speakers - a detailed review

written by Thomas B. Dalgaard, 24/03/13

I got my first pair, because my boyfriend purely by chance found them at Coolstuff.dk. I am the type who likes to listen to music or audio books before going to sleep. In the past I used headphones, b... Read more


written by Åke, 28/03/13

Very affordable. Light and flexible, but should have longer cor, Can rekomndera it. Now I have to write more characters.

Good speakers

written by hartmann, Germany 09/05/13

The pillow speaker meet my expectations for these types of speakers. They can be inserted into a pillow or pushed under the pillow. The cable length to the sound source is sufficient. The listening ex... Read more

Super satisfied.

written by marie, Sweden 11/05/13

I was surprised how good it sounds right to them and they really do not interfere with the next door. I am super happy! Moreover, it is a really good price!

Great sound!

written by Liatovisen, Sweden 13/05/13

Fantastic sound! Giant Plush at sleep onset and does not sound very "outside" the pillow. Nice not having to break their headphones in bed. Comfortable to use if you have trouble falling asl... Read more


written by Tuppa, Norway 27/05/13

Pillow Speakers are a must and they work really well. I have thick tempurapute and hear well what is said on audiobook. But ear must be just above the speaker should I hear the text and no other :)

Review of "pillow speaker"

written by J.W., Germany 31/05/13

The "pillow speaker" were the right choice for me. I use them now very often in the evening when going to sleep. The sound is good and acceptable. The speakers are small, functional, and dur... Read more

pillow Speaker

written by Ina, Denmark 11/10/13

Is really happy for my speakers, that allows me to listen to the radio through the pillow at night while my husband sleeps. A clever invention of insomnia.

pillow speaker

written by gurli, Denmark 21/10/13

is super good and easy to deal with gøre.kan well anbefales.også to take with you on camping super good .....


written by Louise, Denmark 25/11/13

I bought these speakers, and am very disappointed and feel I have been cheated. I usually fall asleep to music, and although I located them under the pillow, with very low noise level, my girlfriend c... Read more

Okay at low price

written by Maria, Sweden 03/12/13

Okay speaker but plastiga so the rattles if klonkar them into each other, which happens easily under the pillow. Extremely way audio so you have to have the ear of the right place to hear something - ... Read more


written by JOMA, Denmark 12/12/13

I use these together with a Zen program lies and listens when I go to bed, it's like another world. Hope my tinnitus disappears one day

As described!

written by Sika, Germany 19/12/13

I'm totally satisfied with everything. Service, speed, product as described ... now I just have to find the time that I get the gifts to Christmas back. Thank you!

pillow Speaker

written by Heidi, Denmark 25/12/13

Pillow speakers work as intended, but the sound is bad. There is very crunchy. The sound is heard, however, evident through the pillow, so music and voice from the radio.

Okay gadget

written by Robban, Sweden 26/12/13

The speakers work fine, but only as long as they are located directly below the ear. Do not they will hear the music of the next door.

pillow speakers

written by Laa, Sweden 27/12/13

Bought on the profit and loss in connection with another purchase, any financial loss was not overwhelming. Have a partner who can not sleep unless it's quiet, and I have trouble sleeping if there... Read more

Super product

written by Anne, Denmark 30/12/13

I am very pleased with my pillow speakers, I always fall asleep to music, and these speakers have great sound and quality to just below the pad. If I have to come up with any criticism, it must be tha... Read more


written by Malin, Sweden 13/01/14

Great speakers like clockwork. The only negative is that the sound is heard even to those who are not on the pillow with speakers, but otherwise very good speakers.


written by ANKE, Germany 16/01/14

Price / performance is my Erachtesn ok. Speaker size very comfortable and great in different pillows incorporate, already have mono speakers at home - just does not so much fun .... Highly recommended... Read more

great product

written by Fillies, Germany 20/01/14

Have already seen in various providers of this product. It was mostly used in a pillow. However, to me the substance has never confirmed or it was too expensive. Now I'll make a pillow itself. Sho... Read more

pillow Speaker

written by MS, Denmark 27/01/14

Mega good invention; our son is happy - great gift. And great customer service from Cool Stuff; the package was missing in the first place - we had ordered several things. But help was near; within a ... Read more

Finally quiet to sleep!

written by Schmitzkatz, Germany 27/01/14

Great invention! I actually do not hear anything more from the night audiobook Sessions my friend. Perfect!

The gift like

written by Anna, Germany 04/02/14