Pin Art Desk Toy

Nobody at all, child or adult, can walk past a Pin Art toy without being tempted, almost compelled, to make an impression of his very own.

Pin Art Desk Toy - Pin Art Desk Toy
Pin Art Desk Toy
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Super fun!

written by Sandra D,, 11/10/11

Knew immediately that I had to have it when I saw it! Has tested a pin species before on tecnicus, when I was little and it's actually still fun. When I do not play with the stand pin species on t... Read more

written by Inger, 05/12/11

Awesome "play". Nice Christmas present and incredibly stylish as decorations. Then why not choose themselves how they should look. A face, hand or whatever. The best part is that you at anyt... Read more


written by Anit@, 26/12/11

Wish that could "lock" when one has made "a design"

How could it be otherwise. Very good

written by , 27/12/11

As might be expected, the part is very good and arrived very well.

Pin art.

written by Monika E., 29/12/11

I ordered 4 pcs. Pin Art, and they were well received as Christmas gifts. The only thing that was stupid was that glass on one of the products was crushed in the box when we received it. So it must ha... Read more

Not age-related fun

written by Jrl, 02/01/12

Pin Art was given to a boy of 13 years, it was not want us but it was just what was wanted without knowing it .... The whole family has fun out Pin art.

Fed gift for kids of all ages

written by Bonnie, 02/01/12

Anyone who has seen my daughter "pin art" has had to play with it, and it's both children and adults, it is fun but simple in a good way: o)

The dragons!

written by ALY, 02/01/12

People can not keep their hands off it, they DO just put their personal touch.

simple and fun-filled

written by pippi, 05/01/12

Surprisingly a lot of fun with simple toy. 12åringen my've fiddled with it for days.

Good product, but a bit too small

written by Jeebus, 07/01/12

The product lives almost up to expectations. Would have preferred that it had place with the whole hand, like a normal guy with big hands will get about 4/5 care place.

Cheap fun, but quality then.

written by Morten, 23/01/12

It is fun, and the price is Good in quality. It is not so big (about 20x10 cm) and it appears to be fragile, so it's probably not suitable for younger children. But fine for the price.

written by , 25/01/12

some of the nails get stuck in the "output mode." but otherwise very good product. You can push them back if you take your hand behind the glass.

pin Art

written by Annemone, 28/01/12

Many years ago I bought a pin art at a trade show. It has been a great pleasure for both children and adults. I have seen an apartment furnished with a large pin art as a room divider and although it ... Read more

Good service, great merchandise

written by Beatrice, 02/02/12

The pin type has arrived super. Fast delivery. Thank you so much!

Classics, the quality could be better.

written by Kim Jensen, 02/03/12

Super pastime Is a little disappointed with the quality. Part of seams Pin nature's heads are not all or nearly gone, and Allen-screw like the top is made of plastic. This is not something that de... Read more

Pin species

written by Ella, 15/03/12

I would have given the rating of 5 if it was not for that it is unstable when you set it down. Especially if you have not done any big figure. The thing itself is really great.

Pin Art

written by Gaara, 14/06/12

Bought this in the 31-year gift for my brother! Believe that is appreciated but difficult to know! Haha! I had fun with it anyway, and our mother seemed to enjoy it with! ; P But yes, it could have be... Read more

funny gadget

written by Cora, 24/09/12

I bought the Pinart because I had this in my childhood and still am very fascinated by the children are enthusiastic

Fun to have on the job!

written by Chris, 26/09/12

This thing is funny, a bit small - but certainly enjoyable. Worth the money! The problem of size is that you often can not accommodate f.esk. an entire face - or a tad too big nose.

Very funny part!

written by Chris FusselBobi, 23/10/12

It distributes the boredom and it's just always funny to try to fit different things there! I ♥ it!

ingeniously simple

written by möter, 05/11/12

just cool ... it got a friend for his birthday and he loved it !!! THANK YOU.

pin art

written by Psj, 13/11/12

Fun, but after a few days we lost interest. I'm afraid it too quickly will be located at the back of the closet, but I give it as a gift to someone I do not see very often.

pin art

written by Psj, 13/11/12

Fun, but after a few days we lost interest. I'm afraid it too quickly will be located at the back of the closet, but I give it as a gift to someone I do not see very often.

pin Art

written by Anno, 26/11/12

Pin Art invites just for that one finds on fun things to take impressions of. The article is aimed at all ages.

Cheap, small and "relax"

written by HM, 13/12/12

Disappointed Pinart'en. It was very small and the needles do not put in place only one turned barely on it. Had to find the new gift to that person.

Pin product!

written by Piitu, 13/12/12

The great invention! Such could also buy a bigger size. :) This will be a good entertainment for evening gatherings!

Fun product at a reasonable price

written by Halvor, 20/12/12

A fun product that can be used for many different artistic expressions! Cheap and fast delivery!

Lovely eighties memorial

written by Peter, 23/12/12

I have wanted such a page eighties and now I finally bought one. It's fun to play with and no guests have yet could not resist the temptation. They should just try to make the imprint of their han... Read more

Giant Poor product!

written by Lotta Magnusson , 27/12/12

Bought a pinart to our 5åring because they have one at the school which he uses frequently. This could, however, he only experiment a few hours before it was broken! Half of the pins are stuck. Now, a... Read more

Gift for father

written by N, 28/12/12

For someone who has everything, this megakul! Dad got this for Christmas and laughed themselves IHEL and found various artifacts depicting the pin-nature's. Going to be used in office;)

Pin Art

written by Marita, 28/12/12

A fun thing my son looked at his cousin before Christmas so I sent for one of those. Super fast service!

Pin Art

written by Ulrika, 28/12/12

Funny thing, but is unfortunately not. Claimed the first and got a new one and it kept anyway until it come out of the pack. The nails sticking ...

Nail Cushion :)

written by qest, 30/12/12

A fun widget that will be lurking in the hands of just for fun. Simple and functional, but the pattern may be printed from any form. Facial or a rotation angle profiles of fun. The only drawback is th... Read more

Super fun for all ages!

written by Lollias, 31/12/12

The whole family likes it, it's just your imagination! :) Have even been dropped without breaking, and it has been in someone's hands basically constant since Christmas Eve (today it is 31/12)... Read more


written by Marcus, 01/01/13

It is very funny at first, but after a time it begins to get a little bortgjømt! But the forms themselves after all.


written by Elisabeth, 01/01/13

We had put a larger version of the Tom Tit, so when we found this was a success. A funny thing, is recommended.

fascinating gadget

written by Johanna, 01/01/13

This was probably the most fascinating holiday gift that everyone wanted to take in and were ecstatic over the shape that came to the other side of the nail board.

really fun

written by Sara, 02/01/13

Ordinary pin art, and as usual, I thought it was funny, my samlig 5 pieces now includes all the different designs and adorn my bookshelf

Cool enough: D

written by Asger, 04/01/13

Yeah .. I got what I paid for. However, had hoped for a possibility that if any. locking pins fixed and maybe hang it on the wall or something, which you can not. In addition it is super cool and ever... Read more

no hills to climb

written by Eirik, 04/01/13

Fell very in taste! Super gizmo, which can be done much with :) ........................................ ....................

handsome case

written by Odd Arne, Norway 10/06/13

Very handsome case and the quality seems good. The kids are having fun with this and play a lot of fun grimacing.

fun imprint

written by Lovis, Sweden 20/12/13

The idea of ​​this I think was fun, and it worked too perfectly OK. It was really neat, almost no matter what you did imprint. (A 'needle' stuck in a situation and got pillas loose, IOF) It sh... Read more


written by Jaana, Finland 27/12/13

I bought a product which PinArt 7-year-old boy feels really nice. A lot of it has already been playing. I got my first order PinArt product as broken, a lot of pieces simply a broken product. I got re... Read more

Best Christmas gift kids got

written by Je, Sweden 30/12/13

Has long been looking this product. So when we found it, we gave it to all the cousins ​​and it was a hit! The best Christmas present they had said some of them :)

Defective pin species, grade 1

written by Micke, Sweden 30/12/13

Hello My ratings for order at large is, good! But Pin art product had a stick stuck all the time (Christmas) and it makes it difficult to use the // Mike


written by SMh, Germany 30/12/13

I gave the pinart my 11 year old niece for Christmas - itself, I have not seen them. The niece and her Fmillie (parents and older brothers) won the Gechenk like.

Estimated by children

written by Tanya, Sweden 26/12/14

It was a very popular Christmas gift from my 5-year-old brother. Suitable for his small hands, but may be too small for adults. Fast delivery.

Blown pin species

written by Selmasmatte, Sweden 28/12/14

Hey! Unfortunately, the "pin art" that we got broken at a corner. I now have to check where to send it back. Could you please send me info on what to do? Sincerely, Michèle

Pin Art

written by snusdosa, Sweden 05/01/15

Yes, it seemed to go home with younger and older. Gave it away as a Christmas present to a 10-year-old. But the thought that everyone was doing it =)


written by Svenskeeen, Norway 05/01/15

So it even when you were about 12 years, got loose on the then and finally got one bought one after Watching it again :)

Pin art!

written by Channa, Sweden 04/02/15

Shit Fun for both kids and adults;) worked just perfect! No nails that stuck. large +++

Power still fun!

written by Tante Trulla, Germany 02/03/15

I knew from my childhood and always had great fun with it - now my children have just as much fun with the Pinart. Great gift idea!

Poor quality.

written by LeneV, Norway 30/03/15

Not recommended to buy the product when it is of poor quality. Bought three of the same product. Two of those were destroyed when they packed up. One bite was snapped off at the same place on both pro... Read more

Good product, partly curvilinear

written by Niklas, Germany 18/05/15

By and large, the product is well made, but some pins are bent, which move the somewhat difficult, especially when you need to match angular figure. But otherwise everything was great

funny stuff

written by Carro, Sweden 16/11/15

Perfect gift for his brother in 11 years. He has to stand in front of his room and everyone wants to keep on with it!

everyone's favorite

written by Helena, Sweden 01/01/16

This was the thing that everyone sat and played with throughout the holiday season, both adults and children. It can fit a child's hand or a "damhand" if you put it diagonally. Other ite... Read more

fine product

written by Jakob, Denmark 20/01/16

There is entertainment for all ages and great curiosity. I think long-term interest is limited, but it is something that others will think is exciting when they come to visit.

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