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Pizza Boss 3000 Cutter

A pizza does not just need to be eaten, it needs to be conquered. And how better to show your superiority over the pizza than by sawing it in two with a circular saw.

Pizza Boss 3000 Cutter - Pizza Boss 3000 Cutter
Pizza Boss 3000 Cutter
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What is this?

written by fornøyd kunde, 01/12/10

TOUGHEST pizza cutter ever: P !!! perfect (gift) to the person who has everything!: D to for people who have everything!: D

Male Gift No. 1!

written by Shandi, 21/12/10

Pizza wheel actually looks cooler in reality than in the picture, and is a perfect gift for the man who has everything!

Pizza Boos 3000

written by Patricia, 27/12/10

A really fun thing to compliment the pizza moment! It was great to cut with! However, had the required protection or similar to the blade but otherwise great!

Nice cutter!

written by MadSjov, 28/12/10

Very delicious and male pizza cutter works / cuts efficiently! However, hand wash, but it is okay.

A fun gift!

written by , 02/01/11

Great married, and works super well on Pizza!

Steady hand

written by Therese, 03/01/11

At Pizza Boss 3000 is a sleek little gadget is no doubt but that it is twice as good as a regular pizza knife you see first when you try it. It sits comfortably in your hand so you get used force thro... Read more

Nizzle one

written by Sophie, 03/01/11

A little hard to press through the pizza, but with the right Patience knife can easily cope with the work itself, as it is incredibly incredibly sharp!

Very funny

written by Aleks, 04/01/11

Have bought the Pizza Boss for my best friend who is believed to be the largest buyer of frozen pizzas. Moreover, everything is typical "boyish", also fully his thing. Therefore the Pizza Bo... Read more

Too expensive!!

written by Monica, 06/01/11

Not what I expected! Less than I thought! and then I thought it was battery powered. But careless of me not to find out the better. Anyway, they are not worth the money!

ingenious circular saw

written by Rita, 25/08/11

this was the gift to the carpenter. now he can even cut pizza with circular :) it was good to cut with and easy to clean

written by , 03/10/11

pushes just filling across when you push it down through the pizza ..

Pizza Boss

written by Monica Aalykke Jensen, 01/12/11

think it was a poor explanation of the product. It is not motorized as it looked like much of the image which could be seen. Otherwise, so I was happy with the order.

written by Trine Lise, 15/12/11

This pizza cutter a fun to watch and very sharp and nice, it is a pity it is that on a homemade pizza with a little thick bottom and part fill so drag the fill with themselves, cutter is simply too lo... Read more

written by Robin, 15/12/11

Unsettled cool pizza cutter, very easy to wash.


written by Louise, 19/12/11

The gift to the man who otherwise has everything :) The small pizza cutter's more fun than the usual bought in the supermarket and it is certainly a conversation worthy around supper .. A purchase... Read more

Very cool!

written by mio, 21/12/11

This was given to law a birthday present. He's a carpenter! Super cool gift that was well-liked!


written by camilla, 22/12/11

pizza was suddenly much easier to slice


written by Catrin, 22/12/11

Heavy and gives an impression of kvalitté. Cool Christmas present to her brother in law =)


written by simon stabben, 26/12/11

is good to cut, but should have been sound effect with :)

Sensational pizza knife

written by Solvår, 16/08/12

Any notice how you cut up the pizza. The sound you need to make yourself :) A funny and sharp knife. Some work with cleaning.


written by Ann Kristin, 12/09/12

Circular, you sort of ... Just cabinets fill. It has dragged all the filling and destroys pizza, nothing good at all.


written by Tommy, 02/11/12

The magazine is all for more plastic, so the benefits of all the filling. Regardless if I keep it perfectly straight. Should have been a little longer.

Pizza Boss 3000

written by Mandylein, 11/11/12

After our previous pizza cutter constantly garnered the rinse water in the hollow handle, needed something new. In Cool Stuff we are then pushed to the Pizza Boss 3000 and were immediately impressed b... Read more

digg digg

written by Trond, 22/03/13

shit stylish product, illuminates the day when we have pizza and will be using this superb pizza wheel! recommended to all who love pizza

superior pizza carving

written by Mike, Denmark 07/06/13

nothing less than perfect for boy collection! it provides a overvisende bid who manage Pizza carving ...

Circular pizza cutter

written by Galantine, Germany 24/09/13

For men, it is difficult to find suitable gifts, but the circular saw as a pizza cutter arrived super. For hobbyists who like to cook, an ideal gift. As holder of the pizza cutter, I have purchased a ... Read more

Father's Day Gift

written by Mari, Norway 18/11/14

To my father who makes the world's best pizza! This was a fun gift for hobby carpenter !;) He liked the product well and it is simple and clean! Must add that he was a bit disappointed that it was... Read more

Awesome product!

written by annna, Finland 24/08/15

The product was absolutely awesome and well according to the images and description. Does not seem to fall apart and quite easy to clean by hand. A well-cut, a sharp blade. Accessed adult man does pla... Read more

Something else

written by Zauberfee , Germany 29/12/15

Have a cool pizza cutter my husband paid. He was thrilled and it works great. Now making pizza cutter fun ^^


written by DB, Germany 09/02/16

a bit awkward not quite as convenient as expected, but otherwise okay, looks funny from, easy to clean

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