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Plants in a Can

These plants come in a beautiful aluminium can which you can open up at any time, pour in a splash of water and let the wonder of nature begin.

Plants in a Can - Petunia
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Plants in a Can - Parsley
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Plants in a Can - Strawberry
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Plants in a Can - Pelargonia
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Plants in a Can - Oregano
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Plants in a Can - Sunflower
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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72 reviews

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What is this?

written by kirsten, 22/08/09

we've already got two seedlings and the largest react like a true mimosa, fantastic. Everything was perfect: The package came as promised, the can was fine and actually quite gender. the plant gro... Read more

written by , 01/10/09

I'm happy with my order and it was short notice. I will order from you again. Preserved plant was also easy to handle.

Really fun to see when they grow.

written by Kylli, 21/12/09

Took only a few days before it starts to grow a small plant in my window. Perfect as a gift for amatörbotanikern!


written by ida-marie, 04/01/10

kanonbra gift that you can easily send the mail. It's easy if you want to give a plant to someone who lives far away. And there is swelling not wrong to have a flower in the mail either. ;O)

Instead bouquet

written by Åsa, 18/03/10

So handy and different to give away a canning plant instead of the traditional bouquet!


written by Åsa, 26/04/10

Bought here several times and it is always appreciated!

Seems to work as they should

written by Martin, 21/05/10

Yes ok, the flowers were for my partner and after about two weeks, it has come to start small shoots. It is a little slow for my taste but I think plants have a tendency to hurry slowly, unfortunately... Read more

Cheerful young ladies!

written by Magda, 17/06/10

I ordered these fun cans to my child misses as a summer gift. Guess what excited they were and that they can choose when to put the flowers in bloom. Then it was a plus for the fast shipping

Go 'gift

written by Simon A, 13/09/10

A fun gift that brought smile. The only minus is that the planter is a long time to get flowers, but the development is fun to follow.

fun plant

written by Andreas, 19/09/10

When I got canning plant, I could see that, the bottom of the can looked like the top of a soda can and the top of the can looked like an ordinary can lid. I did not know what the bottom cover should ... Read more

crazy time in the :)

written by Louise, 04/10/10

There's crazy time in my sunflowers. Now I am looking forward to the blooms: O)

looks at least from pretty

written by Roberta, 05/11/10

have the plant purchased as an original Beige Schenk and certainly hope that concerns them also. All I can say anything nocj. But the can in itself is pretty and the idea originally.

written by Tina, 20/11/10

I have used it as a gift, so I have not even tested the product, but the reaction from the receiver was very positive, and I should now have a few lying, as it is a sweet and unconventional gift idea

Super satisfied!

written by mandis04, 30/11/10

So cool, this is the perfect gift to give away to the person who has everything! IOF took some time before they saw it pick up a little green, but then it went quickly :)

written by Linda, 28/12/10

I gave away the canning plants for Christmas and it was a smash hit! Everyone thought it was a fun Christmas gift and wanted to know where I bought it.

Amazing canning plants

written by Mel, 28/12/10

Very fun gift idea when we smite all plants to death at home. It's exciting because it's the canned, slightly tough. A real boy-flower. Gave it to my boyfriend for Christmas and he thinks it w... Read more


written by -, 28/12/10

Well, very fun gift idea, but really no environmental mess .... Gave it as a gift - do not know if it works. Do not buy it again.

Fun and Good!

written by , 28/12/10

Fast shipping, good packaging. The item överenstämnde with the order. Very njöd customer who will come back!

Good, but ...

written by Ragdoll, 30/12/10

Good and fun gift for a person who liked to cultivate but it was bad description of how to use it, ie how to water the first time, and so on.

perfect Christmas gift

written by Bella, 01/01/11

Both my older brothers got the spices they love cooking and my grandmother loves flowers. However, it is not fun to buy a flower and this was perfect for the person who already has everything still to... Read more

written by , 03/01/11

scrap metal

Preserved Plants

written by , 24/01/11

A friend gave these canning plants. And the gift be greatly appreciated! She believed, however, that she got some soda cans =) They have been preserved plants, I will buy again defentivt really perfec... Read more

Dahlia and basil

written by sandra, 17/04/11

bought 2 different canning plants, a Dahlia and Basil, for about 3 weeks ago. Dahlia began to grow almost immediately, has been growing quite nicely, it is about 3 cm now. but the basilica however, do... Read more

cans plant

written by Tarisa, 18/04/11

A sweet gift idea, flower Flowers in the can. But the one who gets it should have little interest in such things, otherwise it will certainly not sown. We think it's great and I'm looking forw... Read more

fun thing!

written by Lee, 09/05/11

this thing was very appreciated by my dad's birthday. I bought Oregano in jar and now I know certainly not if he has opened it yet, but it was hugely appreciated because he loves fresh spices and ... Read more


written by Steffinem, 19/06/11

Not expensive housewarming gift at the party, but definitely one of the most appreciated!

So simple!

written by Jossan, 27/06/11

Carefully pour into a glass of water and let stand light. If only a few days it starts to sprout in the jar. Soon, you can enjoy something beautiful, or something you can use in the food.

Plant canned.

written by My, 04/07/11

A great gift idea for a friend, you would not know what you should give. It is a fun gift to get, and instead of getting a bouquet of flowers or a grown potted plane can even see his gift germinate.


written by t, 19/08/11

fun gift, was exactly with the description, perfect as a variant of the usual occupancy flower!

Happy Birthday egg and I love you egg

written by Anne, 03/11/11

I bought Happy Birthday egg and I love you egg and I was very surprised that so quickly it went to hatch and grow. Especially in the beginning it took some monitoring and care, but after the plant beg... Read more

Preserved Plants Parsley

written by Anne, 03/11/11

A perfect hostess gift. I have several cans standing, so I always take a flower with when I'm invited out, it's easy and it's a fun gift to modtage.Jeg have of course tested the can before... Read more

written by 'Ejgil, 07/01/12

Hello cans has arrived one with a small bump irrelevant.


written by qriztinna, 31/01/12

bought canned food with strawberries and dahlias, after about two days, the plants already come up. will be interesting to see what happens in future. only minus I can give is to bruksanvisnigarna not... Read more

good response!

written by JL, 29/03/12

bought this for my boyfriend and got a good response! She thought they were a fun thing! fast delivery too! thanks for the good buy!

Fun give-away gift

written by Babsan, 10/04/12

Different and appreciated gift in all its simplicity. Options go-away flower. Good to have the "gift-cabinet".


written by Andrea, 30/07/12

Really funny idea, corresponded to my expectations. The only thing that was bad was the instructions that came with, difficult to know how to go about it.

Come and buy canned porridge ...

written by Anna, 08/11/12

... The flowers instead. This is actually one of the better products I've ever met. Often lagging man with a bottle of wine when you get invited out, because it's so hard to find nice flowers ... Read more

Överlevnd canned

written by j5k, 12/11/12

Funny gift to give away! If you have a survival kit becomes an cans an obvious choice to place there ..

Inventive fun gift

written by Anna, 26/11/12

Great fun and appreciated gift at a great price! Glad to see that it actually works well. We bought sunflower and strawberries, and they grow :)

summer garden in winter

written by pytte, 03/12/12

these canning plants are quite simply amazing, I can not understand how they can live off the bit which is in the can, the petuniea which is 1 year old before I opened it, and now takes up my whole ki... Read more

Happily surprised :-)

written by pernilla, 11/12/12

Bought 6x canning plants of which five are to be given away. opened a can of strawberry and it took about a week and a half before it began to show some life. Now I have several small green plants app... Read more

Funny gift,

written by Sandra, 17/12/12

Much more fun to give away the jar instead of an ordinary flower. Additionally, the receiver can choose when it is time to take care of a flower. Bought 5 pieces to last Christmas, all blossomed very ... Read more

Fun canning plants

written by Sandra, 19/12/12

A sunflower I gave to one who turned 90, she was surprised by the flower. Glad to conserve the flower could surprise one aged 90 !!! The only negative was coolstuffs sticker set over half canning plan... Read more

Christmas present

written by Annika, 21/12/12

Will give away things for Christmas, but incredibly fast delivery. ordered one day and things came the next day.

Spices canned

written by Bennie, 25/12/12

Have not had time to try it yet, but shipping and packing worked perfekt.Eventuell response we get first in the spring when the receiver planted spices

fun Christmas gift

written by Fanny, 26/12/12

Fun Christmas gift but you have only a single tin can, on some pictures, it looks like there are several pieces in a package ....

Konserväxter :-(

written by Christian, 28/12/12

Ordered canning plants unfortunately cans down smeared with coolstuff stickers if you can not remove very sad looks crazy because otherwise a fun product.

Snggt on the windowsill

written by t.w, 04/01/13

Stylish design on the cans, now we are waiting for the spring to see how the quality of the seeds är.Perfekt as a gift!

Tokbra and fun gift!

written by Emelie, Sweden 26/04/13

Fast delivery and the item was appreciated as a gift. My sister was flabbergasted, I can promise! :) Can not recommend this product!

Good host / hostess gift

written by Kolakiksen, Denmark 27/04/13

Thought it is a fun hostess gift, it is something that is a little different than "just a bunch" There are many flavors to choose from. However, it passed that there is a parsley that never ... Read more

Fun going-away gift!

written by Frogyn, Sweden 02/05/13

Perfect as a going-away gift! Need not be afraid that the flower kvaddas during the car to the intended person. GREAT FUN!


written by Sonia, Sweden 04/05/13

For the last Mother's Day, I ordered a flower for me, and the one for my mother and mother in law. My mother got geranium and it became three plants that she then repotted. Two blossomed in red an... Read more

funny thing

written by Rebecka, Sweden 14/05/13

I bought one of them has a friend who loves plants as a fun thing only, and it is growing and getting bigger every day will be fun to see how it turns out.

canning plants

written by hvidtop, Denmark 31/05/13

I bought flower canned. A little skeptical, but the flower has come up. So it will be interesting to see how it's going to look like. Fast and good service / delivery.

it grows

written by Daniel, Sweden 24/06/13

Have änsålänge only grown 3 cm but there are indoor änsålänge due to wind and wind on the 5th floor, but there seems to be something wrong.

Good gift!

written by Sara, Sweden 05/01/14

Funny thing! Do not give them away yet, but bought two as a perfect thing to have at home, such as the daughters to go to a party.

Good idea

written by Tuike, Finland 26/02/14

I ordered my husband a couple of plants here online Valentine's Day gift. He was thrilled too, because she loves plants / flowers. Plants did not yet opened during the winter months now and ruvett... Read more

Did not grow

written by Stina , Sweden 10/03/14

Bought 3 pieces for Christmas, those who got them watered them according to the instructions but nothing happened, now 3 months after it has still not grown up anything, just to throw.

Perfect as a gift

written by Elin, Sweden 11/04/14

Not sure what you want to give someone a gift? Instead of a potted plant or a bouquet, so buy a canning plant. Gave one to a girl friend who loves to fuss with flowers and she was delighted. Should be... Read more

Canned Canned Vegetable

written by Monica Hindren-Pohjolainen, Finland 03/06/14

A wonderful new thing to try! I bought a basil and Dahlia Jars. Interesting to see this beginning to grow plants when they are soaked :)

Funny thing to give away

written by Maggan, Sweden 27/10/14

Thinking of buying such a multi-fold to someone else's birthday med.Trevlig jar that it was packed in with.


written by Amelia, Sweden 22/01/15

I bought a love bean and a petunia simultaneously. Love Bean is almost 40 cm in height after only a few days. My petunia other hand, has shown no duvets on life yet. Is a little surprised at how much ... Read more

Petunia = LOVE

written by Josephine, Sweden 27/01/15

Total Love my new little plant, although it has not reached any yet. I go tense, waiting to see the first little bud, however, hihi.

FSK gift

written by Maria, Sweden 29/06/15

Estimated presented to the staff at her son's preschool! Great price and fun gift idea. They had not seen anything like it before :)

appreciated gift

written by niljo, Sweden 12/10/15

Was appreciated gift instead of flowers on the anniversary. A different kind of gift. Therefore recommended hot!

Preserved Plants

written by Olesen, Denmark 16/12/15

I have not tested them, as it must be a play gift for Christmas -) But I'm sure it will be a hit.

Very beautiful

written by CageJohn, Germany 27/12/15

Cool thing and everyone is looking forward, unfortunately, only at a few on. whether this is due to the care or the product, I sadly can not say!

Nice with plants!

written by Annika, Sweden 21/03/16

Very fast shipping :) Nice with plants, just open the can and watering! It started coming up shot after 2-5 days, now it is only to be expected.

2/3 survived

written by Asli, Denmark 22/03/16

Ordered 3 plants, 2 of them (strawberries and Dahlia grows fine :) 3 is not life, unfortunately :( Have though previously also ordered a canning plant that grew big and beautiful, so just think I'... Read more

For those who know how to sow seeds

written by Sommar, Sweden 31/03/16

Bought canning plants in the belief that it would be easy, but easy is not it ... the small shoots coming up just wither ... do well wrong in some way, but there was not so much instruction either ...... Read more

Mighty good and easy to cultivate

written by Mikaela, Sweden 28/04/16

Very good and easy to grow, good packaging easy to carry on the window sill. Begins to grow within a few weeks, tense face to see the final result!

A cool flower

written by Siri, Sweden 12/06/16

An appropriate flower to give as gifts. Can be taken up when the gift recipient feel like it, instead of getting many (live) flowers at its 50th anniversary as an example. These flowers can also be se... Read more

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