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Plastic Egg Moulds

Remove the shell from your warm egg and put it in the egg mould. Rinse under cold water and take out your egg, which is now shaped like a rabbit, bear, car, or heart!

Plastic Egg Moulds - Plastic Egg Moulds
Plastic Egg Moulds
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Easter Joy

written by Mae, 30/03/12

My nephew will probably like this because it looked so funny out. Fun to serve the egg into another shape than oval.

funny äggformar

written by Gaara, 06/04/12

Have not had time to test them but they look promising! In the future, I will definitely use them when I'm cute and fixes lunch box for my guy! Imagine how cute he will be bullied at work when he ... Read more


written by computerbabe, 06/04/12

Seemed quite ok, was a hit with children. Lit oliks info on what else sturgeon in eggs one could use from form to form.

Fun-filled start to the day

written by GOTHIA, 20/04/12

This was certainly one faves for children and guests who watched lots of di weird eggs. Fun, cheap and good quality. As there are only 39, - in postage no matter how much you order; o)


written by Tove Anita, 20/06/12

The kids were very excited about how these eggs were, and ate willing their supper. Unfortunately there will be some mess when the egg is compressed in the mold, then some of the egg usually comes off... Read more


written by ;), 02/07/12

Solid and simple to use for young and old. Young children think it's festive and would love to taste scrambled characters;)

For a good mood in the lunchbox.

written by Theobromina, 11/07/12

In Japan it has culture, lovingly cope garnished lunch boxes (bento box) with the kindergarten, to take the school to work. A Japanese friend brought me the other day such eggs formers from Tokyo. Aft... Read more

Ei, Ei, Ei ... in many forms

written by Angelica Langley, 27/08/12

Besides quadrangular eggs we can now bring eggs in other forms. For example, they now look like a car or a Teddy. Honestly Thus formed the things have suddenly a completely different taste. This of co... Read more

Use them to cake pops

written by Pia, 04/09/12

There are more areas of use for them, the cake pops. More fun design in this way and fits in a little more age groups


written by Marit, 05/09/12

Just okay shapes, forms the few eggs that are small enough to fit into molds. They should certainly have been greater.

fun gizmo .....

written by Ann Helen, 05/09/12

The kids think this was fun, but it gets much shut with large eggs, best suited for medium eggs. Is otherwise very happy.

these were hilarious

written by Tonje, 07/09/12

:) Fight cool and easy to use. dishwasher safe. ten min in cold water so they finished. The kids enjoyed the fight very well.

Not suitable for ordinary eggs

written by Lene, 10/09/12

Fun with shaped egg, but the forms fit the not ordinary eggs. Must well buy extra large eggs for these to be good.

We Love!

written by Else Marie, 10/09/12

I think certainly have with me all three kids when I wrote that we love these! Very nice to be with you to create, very nice to the breakfast table one Sunday and not least in the lunchbox to school /... Read more

egg Moulds

written by Solveig, 13/09/12

Egg shapes are brilliant, the kids love getting eggs in various shapes :-) Big fuss with kaninegg in lunchbox and on slice of bread :-)

How fun!

written by Anna-Lee, 01/10/12

Really funny idea. Easy to use (my daughter 2årig manage to make them sjlv) and super response from both children and adults. Worth mentioning that these eggs are cold when they are completed, but tha... Read more

... And food is fun

written by Tante Mi, 09/10/12

This Eierformerwww are the hit ... and it can be brought not only hard boiled eggs in neat form, no well cooked sushi rice can be shaped so! a very great thing. I am delight and my kids look forward t... Read more

super festive

written by Linda, 11/10/12

This was fighting fun, the kids are very happy, simple shapes so even the youngest child is 2 years managed to "create" their own rabbit. And fun for us adults to have the salad to party etc... Read more

good Party Gag

written by kadaba, 22/10/12

Now that's an idea that really needs the world. It really works and was very well received on my birthday.

Eggs form

written by Viveca, 24/10/12

Fun to do something different with the eggs. If you make a salad gets a little fancy but a small image .. =)


written by Bitch 1975, 09/11/12

Egge forms were fun, but the car, the bar and the cat were scrambled fight hard to get out whole. And one should use SMALL eggs for them to fit. Otherwise found the kids this was fun when they first c... Read more

As expected

written by Angie, 13/11/12

Tested them right when we got them, felt that it was a bit difficult to get to some of the molds, then the eggs are of different sizes. But basically it was really successful, fine when you cut them! ... Read more

so cool

written by kiki, 28/11/12

ovate was cool and much bigger than I thought. They are also lightweight and use, you only cook eggs put them into molds and put it in cold water :)


written by MajaJ, 03/12/12

Nice, big and colorful shapes! a lot of money. Hard plastic and nice colors. A really fun thing.


written by jeanette, 15/12/12

very happy, fun for snuppa opening lunch box with another shape of the egg :) far the most common recommending to families :)

Stylish but ouch ouch ouch!

written by Lisa, 19/12/12

Yes it is a nice result, but do not take too big egg. Works best on small to medium eggs! Then you have to have heat-resistant hands and fingers with FY phase huh getting burned else!

Very good

written by Naddel, 26/12/12

Works perfectly. If the egg is a little too large, it can be purely bucking careful then swells also nothing out. Processing absolutely stable and high quality. Class. Children and adults can also enj... Read more


written by Angélica , 29/12/12

My daughter was very happy with their Christmas gifts. So there is something fun to give to the little one. Yep, recommended :-)

Eggs - with a difference

written by Queen of Home, 18/01/13

We have the eggs - molds purchased at Nicholas and tested with our daughter (2,5 years) together. The molds are very colorful, have fun patterns and with the right eggs (size M, otherwise form the bro... Read more

Super product

written by AnnikA, 26/01/13

Very beautiful and colorful product. So does eat eggs fun! Especially for kiddies. Recommended =)

Love this!

written by Tak, 12/02/13

Äggformarna bought for my daughter who loves eggs and guess if she loved eggs even more after the cute characters! A little annoying, they are until they are in place and the egg white floating out he... Read more


written by Lise, 14/02/13

Ovate works fine. The only thing is that the heart shape is slightly larger eggs than the other three. Was successful in his lunch in kindergarten!


written by Bou, 12/03/13

am thrilled looks great but eggs in size L are too large and m bit too small because it does not work well but with size l can to simply rest cut away and then looks great, I can only recommend the ki... Read more

egg shaper

written by Bine18, 18/03/13

Have the eggs form sublimity of course immediately tried, and it was great ..... Our great immediately squashed only times 3 eggs .... super quality, everything worked immediately. Of course, is conne... Read more


written by Elwicca, 19/03/13

It's become a lot more fun to eat eggs at home - the kids go mad for it :) it is relatively easy to make - car shape can tease a little, but it can also be due to lack of my patience: p

egg molds

written by mummi, 09/04/13

Hey, these fun egg molds are wonderful and easy to use, we now eat more eggs when food gets cool looking.


written by Martina Lübcke, 10/04/13

The Cool Stuff eggs formers were delivered quickly and were the highlight on the Easter table Easy to handle!, Easy to clean and absolutely funny! Maybe pushed out egg mass can be well away! My family... Read more

Fun eggs

written by gottgrisen, 11/04/13

Äggformarna V very easy to use. Hares and hearts was a success at Easter table. However, had the desired little more neutral shape than the car and teddy bear. The. Suitable safe for smaller children ... Read more

egg shaper

written by GB, Germany 12/06/13

Former eggs are super. My grandchild was thrilled. Beautiful decoration idea. Even my colleagues found the shaped egg super.

Very good

written by Turid, Norway 01/07/13

The molds were solid and easy to use. Figure lasted fine and egg layers with shapes lasted ein huge success at school ending to my son. Fits best to medium egg. Exception: heart shaped, best suited to... Read more

Cool eggs shaper

written by Gnömli, Germany 04/07/13

The egg shaper is really great. Power beautiful decoration on plates and buffets. Just be aware (especially the heart, that the former is filled through the egg, otherwise after missing a piece. Our g... Read more

Festive ovoid

written by Tokidami, Norway 08/07/13

It is light and squeeze the eggs (size Large), they are suitable only for eggs in size medium, taking dei careful outbred, they can sit a bit stuck when they are cold, but COOL shapes, kids like them.... Read more


written by K, Sweden 30/07/13

Very popular! Mainly in 3-year-old who loves them. nmotiv knows exactly what he will eat., but also on the staff meeting sandwiches

Great thing, easy to handle recommended

written by -SarahS_MuM-, Germany 16/10/13

Had heard of these Eierformern quite some time and have me then they struggled through to buy. The price I find acceptable, as long you have of this product something. My first attempt was successful ... Read more

Funny Äggformar.

written by Roliga Äggformar, Sweden 16/11/13

Very amusing to look at and do. Being able to spice it up a little extra with this food makes amusing. Especially for the little ones.

Eggs are ovate - or not!

written by Andrea, Germany 09/12/13

Do I need a egg shaper - certainly not. Is it still good to have one! Yes, in any case! Quick and easy it is to the cooked, peeled with these funny Eiformern, bringing still hot eggs in funny shapes. ... Read more

Fun for kids

written by Angelica, Sweden 30/12/13

Fun for the kids but a little small and hard to get into the eggs. Must have small or medium sized eggs! But a very popular product for breakfast !!

Works well!

written by HannaB, Sweden 01/01/14

Very funny äggformar. 10 min in cold water and so swish was the egg size o clear, just as promised. Has very difficult to scale the hot eggs, so a tip to use a spoon to control the shell with. Saves f... Read more

funny thing

written by Jennifer, Sweden 10/02/14

Let say that it was very cute. But do not know if there must be some special "size" of the eggs so that they fit well without being crushed. Easy to clean on a fun thing for the eye.

egg Moulds

written by Dorthe, Denmark 28/04/14

A fun way to impress guests at the different kinds of eggs. I used them for Easter lunch and they were well received.


written by Emma, Sweden 01/03/15

Funny, little FRIVOLOUS thing. I chose to give as gifts so I do not know how well it works unfortunately.

Funny and smart!

written by Heddz, Norway 03/04/15

The festive eggeformern was very funny! Been Fall when they give a gift to someone who just loves eggs

a pity

written by reno, Germany 17/04/15

31.03. I have the eggs former ordered and paid for, but he came at 9:04. and thus really too late, because I had this thought as easter surprise, the eggs former as such is too small, which are eggs c... Read more

Funny thing

written by Stefanie, Germany 21/04/15

Have there been tried once and it was ... well let's say: Form Depending! Some eggs could be solved better than others. Maybe that was just a coincidence, I can not judge at this time! Overall, a ... Read more

surprisingly eggs

written by Rs, Denmark 24/04/15

The idea is funny, but the result is just perfect when you have found the correct egg size. With too large eggs are pressed, the excess white outside. Perfect and fast handling of goods.

Funny äggformar the breakfast table

written by Joli74, Sweden 28/04/15

A little fiddly to peel the hot eggs ...! But once you peeled them and lightly press them into shape and sealed the it and then rinsed in cold water, it was fine figures put forward on the table - to ... Read more

Just great !!!

written by Bussi, Germany 24/09/15

The product was exactly as advertised. Great!!! I can recommend only !! Very fast delivery.

Super Egg Shaper! Especially for children a lot of fun!

written by Bo, Germany 30/09/15

My son (2 years) loves hardboiled eggs. When I saw the egg shaper, I had to order them şoför for him - and it was worth it! The eggs come after they were cooked hard, once for a few minutes in the bal... Read more

Egg with a difference

written by Madeleine, Germany 22/02/16

The molds are a nice gadget. Difficult but accurately estimate the hardness of the ice. The details in the molds are well reproduced in the egg.


written by Britt, Sweden 05/04/16

It became a hit for the younger children who made different designs with hard-boiled eggs. great gift

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