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Polaroid 300 Instant Camera

A classic camera brought up to date: See something fun, take a picture, remove the picture, look at it, show it to your friends. No cables, no usb, no computers. Just press the button.

Polaroid 300 Instant Camera - Red
13 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Polaroid 300 Instant Camera - Black
25 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Polaroid 300 Instant Camera - Blue
29 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Polaroid 300 Instant Camera - Purple
10 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Polaroid 300 Instant Camera - Fujifilm Instax Mini Airmail
Fujifilm Instax Mini Airmail
16 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Polaroid 300 Instant Camera - Fujifilm Instax Mini Comic
Fujifilm Instax Mini Comic
20 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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Super service!

written by Åsmund, 19/12/10

The camera was just what a Polaroid camera should be, but what stands out here is how fast everything was provided! * BAM * do not think it went two days away!

Very good!

written by Mille Bøyesen, 20/12/10

I've been looking for this camera for a long time, since it was discontinued. So fucking fat you could find it here! It works quite optimal. The pictures are of good quality (as it can be when it&... Read more

Polaroid 300

written by Emma, 25/12/10

Is sick happy that Polaroid has made new Polaroids, which you can use for one can not at the old Polaroid Islands.


written by rerø, 27/12/10

this camera is very good and I am very satisfied. The images coming out is perhaps a little smaller than expected, to it is very expensive to buy those. But it is very brae pictures :)

written by betty, 17/01/11

polaroid 300 I thought is a good device. but I'm quite new and has no particular knowledge of it. so it's a little premature formig to make a statement. Please betty

Polaroid camera

written by Tima, 30/06/11

Super Satisfied !!! Easy to use and good image quality (considering that it is a Polaroid camera). Fast delivery was there too :)

Polaroid 300

written by Kam, 04/08/11

Pestle Satisfied with the camera, price, and delivery. Lovely to have a Polaroid camera as it also is possible to obtain reasonable film to. Fun and easy to use.

Polaroid camera

written by Annika, 18/08/11

A classic Polaroid camera. Plus okay image quality. Less for the design of the camera is quite big and bulky. A little hard to put down, it falls down easily and is not as "grip" to hold. Sc... Read more

Super good!

written by Louise, 20/08/11

I am sooooooo glad to a website in Danish sells Polaroid 300 film! It's so nice. One can be a little unsure EVD to buy things from other countries' websites, but when it's Danish ... it&#3... Read more

Polaroid 3000

written by Puk Munk, 30/08/11

Hello, I had great difficulty starting. And I spilled a whole package photos :-( There was simply no picture on the pictures even though I followed all instructions. Immediately it seems to work now, ... Read more


written by BT, 20/10/11

NO FILM INCLUDED. I am happy for the Polaroid 300, and I use it regelbundet. When I received the package from cool stuff there is not film included. Despite the fact thatthis is meddelat on the websit... Read more

Camera could not find someone better!

written by camilla, 08/11/11

e kjæmpe pleased me camera, feared that d sku be miserable since d actually va so cheap to bildan va so small, but got a super posetiv reaction when æ actually got sedder results! :-) Only pull down e... Read more


written by JM, 08/11/11

It's a really fine camera that is very similar ones, I wanted me in the '90s. It works flawlessly - had no problems with it. It took a picture or two, completely figure out how to get it super... Read more


written by , 17/11/11

I e very pleased with Polaroid buddy my pictures are a little smaller than I thought, but it's good quality of pictures

retro Camera

written by UNA, 21/11/11

Good simple Polaroid camera with a retro twist. Slightly small images, but for the younger generation who had not been on the "Polaroid time" it is perfectly OK. Easy operation, slightly exp... Read more

I guess it was okay but nothing more

written by Josephine, 30/11/11

I ordered three packages film for my Polaroid camera and they came in the mail in time. But when I downloaded the package, which was an envelope with bubble wrap inside, was open when I got it and pac... Read more

Great Camera!

written by A, 19/12/11

Very funny and cool camera, which defintivit makes it extra cool with the old-fashioned way to take pictures. The quality of the pictures are definitely okay, wish they were a little better, but all i... Read more

Super gift!

written by Aim, 27/12/11

My sister was very happy with this camera.

written by Cajsa, 01/01/12

There was a presentation och val uppskattad :) Clearly lasted pengarna!


written by Minnelita, 02/01/12

Bought the most that it was a funny thing. It used to take pictures of guests at a wedding, and then it was okay to stick those on the wall right away.

written by , 04/01/12



written by Cissi, 05/01/12

When digitization is everywhere, it is fun to go back to basics! The camera looks a bit like a toy, really quite ugly but it is offset by getting small fine Polaroids be directly put in an album or on... Read more

Polaroid 300

written by Tindra, 05/01/12

Great fun! Modern with very nostalgic feeling. Shoots nice little pictures!

very happy!

written by Gaia H., 05/01/12

I ordered it right before Christmas and got it very quickly. Love the camera! Very easy to use and fun to have :)

written by Kristine, 06/01/12

Fast delivery and the product was as expected. Very happy: D


written by Strandboll, 09/03/12

Fun and fun camera to bring back some form of nostalgia. The last star is missing is to polaoridkoren are expensive per piece!


written by roykva, 26/03/12

Super good site, fast delivery and good service! going to order more here from! so looking forward to a good bargain on

Pestle cool!

written by Lisa, 12/06/12

Was skeptical about the size of the images and the quality. Was nice pictures and the size was decent. Only thing that is silly is that you really must choose wisely what and whom to take pictures of.... Read more

good buy

written by Maria, 23/06/12

Very happy with purchase! The pictures came out fantastic as long as one is aware of lighting and setting.

Best Gift Ever

written by Mustikkaftw, 11/07/12

My friend has always dreamed of a Polaroid camera, so she was thrilled when she opened the package on his 20 birthday and just found one of those in the cereal box we hid it in. The camera is how cute... Read more

Super Pleased

written by Emilie, 20/07/12

I'm very satisfied with the camera! Always exciting to see how the images are as they slowly but surely becoming more apparent. Incredibly fast delivery too! It took only two or three days from th... Read more


written by silje, 03/09/12

Very happy with your camera! Nice pictures in a little "old" style which I like very much! the only drawback is that it comes with instant film that would then have to buy outside.


written by Camilla, 07/09/12

I bought it as a gift to my daughter! Talk about success! RECOMMENDED :-) Very simple to use.

For fun

written by Johanne, 11/11/12

Absolutely fine camera. Should not be purchased if you think the image quality is important. Tend to become very pale and with a little dark out background. Otherwise very nice and fun to have :)

over foventet

written by Bet, 20/11/12

Customer service entirely on 110% product exactly as it was described fast and safe delivery will shop here several times!

STAS !!!

written by Lissa, 12/12/12

Yes, this was good money spent. Nothing to say on either price or product. The pictures are the not the greatest, but it is then a bit of charm. And yeah, the movie cost a bit, but hello, it is then a... Read more

Ingeniously camera!

written by Mari, 28/12/12

The tip my dad that I wanted this camera for Christmas when it is otherwise not very easy with gifts for a 18 year old girl. This Christmas gift was probably one of the best and funniest I got! The im... Read more

Very good!

written by Christina, 29/12/12

Super Pleased! Quick delivery and easy camera to understand. This is a winner and certainly worth the money. Each image is unique :-)

Polaroid camera

written by Mette, 04/01/13

Easy to use, fun that it is possible to obtain "good old" Polaroid camera, but the film should have been included in the camera package.

Super Pleased

written by Marita, 16/01/13

I love this camera! I get amazing pictures with charming and good quality. It captures very well the factors I will remember, and easy to use. I'm very happy!

results directly

written by Sara, 28/01/13

A little big and bulky but very satisfying to get the image directly in hand. Good image quality and simply a very fun thing!


written by Kjersti, 11/02/13

A fun camera that is easy to use. Some small images so wise not to take pictures far from the object. The negative must be that it is expensive movie and we just get out 10 images. But all in all, a f... Read more


written by Ida, 20/02/13

Ingenious! Love the camera, it is great fun and love that pictures come out right away. Digger camera

Fun and good

written by j4n3, 13/03/13

Had not read me that the images were so small, but having said that this is a very fun toy! Getting a little retro feeling of photos, you can certainly buy small cellonfabiter to flash for variety. So... Read more

Super Happy with my new Polaroid 300!

written by Victoria, 21/03/13

I am so happy with my new Polaroid 300 camera. Very fine, clear images and it is easy and use.

Polaroid 300

written by Cec, 28/03/13

I like this camera well :). As little as a instant camera can be and super easy to use. (By the way, it is quite exactly alike Fujii film its instant camera) The only thing that pulls down to me is th... Read more

Love this Polaroid camera

written by Coolstuff geek, Sweden 23/04/13

I've always wanted a Polaroid camera and the year my parents were out to buy one for me so they had stopped making them, so I gave up my dream of ever getting a stopped because even look for them.... Read more

Polaroid 300

written by SOLveig, Norway 12/09/13

Perfect camera - we ordered this so that guests could take pictures at weddings and write some words bride and groom. Successful and fun.


written by søs, Denmark 21/10/13

I was so sad when we could not get the film to our old polaroid camera. I thought they were not made more. but then I got a tip that I could get the cool stuff that is so simpels and equal to as the o... Read more

Polaroid 300

written by Runa, Norway 07/11/13

I bought Polaroid 300 as a gift to myself. I was very happy! By others' reviews, I was aware that the images came to be a bit small, but the photos were surprisingly good even though they are smal... Read more


written by christine, Norway 27/12/13

This camera does not actually .. When a picture is taken, the pictures are still completely white. Just nonsense


written by Adriana, Norway 27/12/13

Excellent good camera, really. It takes real nice pictures of famous vintage, polaroid style. The camera is also very comfortable to stay in. Super happy!

Not quite like the advert says, but okay

written by Tøtto, Norway 27/12/13

The images are not as nice as it appears that they may be on the creative. They are "70s" look, a bit faded and old simply. But still okay as a toy.


written by christine, Norway 27/12/13

This camera does not actually .. When a picture is taken, the pictures are still completely white. Just nonsense


written by Stine, Norway 26/06/14

Camera was as expected, small and handy. And sublime. Good quality images. Only minus is the flash that comes on every time without the ability to turn off.

Retro is fun

written by Wenche, Norway 28/07/14

Fight Tough camera that works as it should. Takes very stylish and retro images. Simple to use and perfectly suited to Art Journaling.

fun camera

written by Fornøydkunde, Norway 01/10/14

The camera is fun and easy to use! The pictures is something small, but as long as one is aware of it, there is no problem. In natural light is very good and clear images. Very satisfied, recommended ... Read more


written by Kunde, Norway 16/01/16

The camera is great and was well received as a gift, easy payment and super fast delivery. Five stars!


written by Berra, Sweden 26/01/16

A wonderful little camera, lovely to get. the image directly in Love it

fun stuff

written by Anders, Sweden 04/03/16

Nice little camera that my daughter was super excited. Taking great photos and it has the feel of a classic Polaroid. What is most negative is that the film is swine expensive. Almost 13 per image, so... Read more

Image quality miserable

written by Vossi, Germany 21/03/16

The not good pictures, the camera is like a digital camera, I knew. but that the quality is so bad, I would not have thought. Outdoor and bright are almost not visible. Only indoors a short distance a... Read more

Very cool!

written by Fahar, Norway 06/05/16

Bought this to have on birthday party for a friend. The camera was super HIT among guests of all ages. Good results! And really cool with images that recall a time - couple of minutes. Highly recommen... Read more

Great and fun camera

written by Chaugseth , Norway 07/05/16

Great and fun camera that arrived in the mail a few days after ordering! The camera is easy to use and takes the right light conditions surprisingly good pictures! The image size are slightly less tha... Read more

quick and easy

written by sjur, Norway 30/09/16

has one camera must have movie, it's that simple. not as easy to obtain, since all photo shops disappear. this was the cheapest, best and fastest.

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