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Popcorn Machine Cinema Style

With our cinema style popcorn machine, there is always a handful of fresh popcorn at home, as well as a stylish kitchen appliance that may - no, should! - stand in the middle of the picture.

Popcorn Machine Cinema Style - Popcorn Machine Cinema Style UK Plug
Popcorn Machine Cinema Style UK Plug
26 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Popcorn Machine Cinema Style - Popcorn Machine Cinema Style EU plug
Popcorn Machine Cinema Style EU plug
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Popcorn Machine Cinema Style - Popcorn box (20-pack)
Popcorn box (20-pack)
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

54 reviews

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What is this?

It actually works !!!

written by Lars, Denmark 13/11/14

Received this machine yesterday, promptly delivered as always when dealing with cool stuff, and have now tried it twice. The first time I followed the cooking instructions (popcorn and fedstof amount)... Read more

popcorn Machine

written by Wiger, Sweden 27/11/14

Plasticky, difficult to clean, so your popping popcorn as usual in a pan. I promise, you'll regret it if you buy such a machine.

Perfect popcorn

written by Anna, Sweden 01/12/14

Me and my boyfriend loves popcorn and when we saw this machine so we knew we had to have it. We bought it for a bit measurement in the kitchen (one of these beautiful machines have to get out in the o... Read more

delicious machine

written by Tom, Denmark 01/12/14

Got it at a good price, it works perfectly .... really worth the money. Popcorn as a movie or amusement park.

Popcorn even better like the movies

written by Evarl, Germany 04/12/14

This product is the highlight in my home. Currently is prepared daily popcorn with us and also likes to experiment times. Such as Christmas Popcorn - Prepared with orange sugar and cinnamon. Or vanill... Read more

very plastic

written by Peter, Sweden 29/12/14

Worked very well and it was really the cinema feeling. Be very jewelery plastic on it and was a little rickety but still worth the purchase :-)

Cinema at home

written by Cgw, Germany 30/12/14

Perfect Popcorn quickly between produced! Sweet or salty ... anything is possible! This machine can I really recommend !!!


written by Bd, Denmark 20/01/15

The machine is Great. However, I find it difficult to get the "pot" taken by so I can do it properly clean. Can you help with that. The amount of popcorn and oil are suitable.


written by johan, Sweden 04/03/15

It was a really fun pocornsmaskin, popping good and easy to clean, tough design that makes on the kitchen counter that ornamental with.

fine machine

written by Erik Vinkel, Denmark 23/03/15

Popcorn as in the old days. Applying the same principle as the larger popcorn machine, I operated under a student in Odense Tivoli many years ago. So pure nostalgia. But the machine pigeons: stir duri... Read more

PoP til you drop

written by Bargain Bob, Sweden 24/03/15

Cruel popmaskin both appearance and quality popcorn. Would recommend. One drawback only - mother sitting in your living room every Friday night when you want to relax.

Just great!

written by .....Thomas, Germany 22/04/15

This popcorn machine does what it should and also looks great! I can only recommend it!

Fun and delicious, but ....

written by Rune, Denmark 04/05/15

A fun machine for kids of all ages. It makes it to quite perfect. BUT ... hold now ask a struggle it is to make the machine clean. Especially the pot can only be disassembled with a screwdriver. There... Read more

Product defect and super customer service

written by Kasperol, Denmark 22/05/15

The product received was partially defective and badly scratched. Complained and was offered discounts of 50% or new product sent. Distinguished.


written by TonyFK, Norway 22/05/15

This was cool. Good looking, easy to handle. Less noise than expected. A good innvesyering.Litt knot making reindeer, but it goes

Cruel popcorn machine!

written by Nannis, Sweden 27/05/15

I bought this popcorn machine like a little fun thing to my brother when he confirmed it. Both I, he and our parents are very satisfied! The package arrived quickly despite that we live in Acts small ... Read more

plasticky but okay

written by kvalle, Sweden 02/06/15

little troublesome to clean göra.speciellt pan when the cord is connected to the fixed installation a plug for easier clean cleaning had every najs. but the product very plasticky, but they may perhap... Read more


written by JulieCP, Denmark 11/06/15

Very good products. A super gift to give to a loved one and who is very fond of popcorn. It makes some really good and tasty popcorn. Much better than microwave popcorn.

Good, but a little hard

written by Stine, Denmark 15/06/15

You get super good result with popcorn machine! I bought coconut fat (with no taste for the best experience). There are measuring spoons with, but if we put all the cores in relation. The measuring sp... Read more

popcorn Machine

written by xxxx, Denmark 19/06/15

Fast delivery, ordered on Tuesday and could pick up the very next day. It's a fun machine that works fine. The pot is a little difficult to clean but is otherwise very satisfied.

Delicious popcorn machine

written by LKL, Denmark 22/06/15

Tastes good and easy to walk to ☺ Ordering and delivery process completely smoothly - quickly and efficiently

A hit!

written by Renie, Denmark 28/06/15

We have made organic popcorn with organic coconut oil (without coconut flavor). They taste great! A little difficult to dose the amount of corn that you have to try them, so that most corn is popped. ... Read more


written by Camilla, Denmark 29/06/15

Very beard machine, unfortunately, was badly scratched and bit udu, but I found a solution with cool stuff. We used it for my daughter's party and the kids loved it, it takes about 5 minutes to po... Read more

Very disappointing product

written by Ole, Denmark 28/07/15

Stay far away from this product. It's dangerous. Slider with grain out in through the crack in the top of the door. And every other time, the popcorn stuck to the pan and the engine is thus blocke... Read more


written by Pipe, Germany 19/08/15

hey yo: D So the machine is quite in order. I've now seen many times popcorn made :) Only with the sweet I get not quite go ^^ probably reading this indeed one and because I can give an advice: D

Smart popcorn machine

written by Peter Høgfeldt, Denmark 31/08/15

It looks great in my kitchen, and it makes good popcorn. It is not so easy to clean, but it's ok.

popkornmaskine a la bio

written by Mormor, Denmark 31/08/15

It is a celebration to make popcorn. The joy is great every time. It is healthy. No hormone disturbing elements. Served with a clear conscience.


written by Pia, Denmark 01/09/15

Super cool popcorn machine, cinematic, easy to use and easy to clean. Super satisfied. Deco and enthuses on our home bar

Nice little machine

written by Knudsenfyn , Denmark 11/09/15

This machine is a fun little thing which is perfect for a little fun engangår from. The first was good enough but the pieces sends a new one with the same. Perfect service.

popcorn Machine

written by Karina sverker Nilsson, Denmark 09/10/15

Very nice machine that we have much benefit. :) Living up to expectations. However lacked a little black gizmo it a "leg". So the lashes.

Popcorn Machine Cinema Style

written by Janne, Sweden 11/10/15

Plasticky and difficult to clean. Worked well only a few times, it ended up tipping out the popcorn so now they get caught. Do not buy this

fat good

written by prylis , Sweden 22/10/15

Troubled good machine. Allows children to themselves o popcorn will be best. Popcorn on the right and choosing which oil is a plus.

popcorn Machine

written by Nette, Denmark 30/10/15

Really a hit to a child's birthday or the like. Can definitely recommended for Your next party


written by Caroline, Norway 05/11/15

Total useless and impractical huge but very worthwhile purchase. Is used for movie nights, birthday and helgekos.

Be quick good popcorn - processing unfortunately lacking

written by J. Becker, Germany 30/11/15

A stylish device, which makes large amounts of popcorn in a short time. Unfortunately, the case is made of plastic billigstem, the gears are also made of plastic. The door and the lower extraction shu... Read more


written by Katarina, Norway 16/12/15

I'm very satisfied with booking. This is something to look forward to movie night at home. ... It's really quick to make popcorn. recommended :-)

Super service

written by Dainius, Norway 17/12/15

Very fast ship, just two days, amaizing! Popmaskin is good, nice, old school :) thanks for good service


written by Charlotte, Denmark 30/12/15

Really fat popcorn machine! You almost feel you are in the cinema, they taste at least as good.

Machine & Delivery properly

written by C81, Germany 04/01/16

As can be seen in the title, I am very satisfied. The popcorn machine works perfectly and makes great popcorn. The delivery was a little slower than expected or hoped, but the machine was fortunately ... Read more


written by JT, Norway 04/01/16

Thank you for the incredibly fast delivery! Kids love this popcorn machine! It is very effective and fun!

Super good popcorn

written by Frederiksen, Denmark 04/01/16

This machine works excellent, however, the popcorn pack down in the "pot" so it must just keep an eye on. Otherwise, it is recommended to use tasteless kokusolie so is the popcorn even bette... Read more

Popcorn Maker

written by RillenRolf, Germany 05/01/16

Was a great Christmas present (at the last minute) and works well! Appearance she does anyway good and the handling is also easily explained. I can only recommend ! Delivery service was TOP !!!

The top

written by I, Sweden 05/01/16

Fun and funny popcorn machine that you would like to have happen. Is quick to warm up and popping popcorn. Given success in the future party, or just the Friday cosiness. Hyfsat easy to clean. Maybe s... Read more

Great, but hard to clean

written by JesperT, Denmark 20/01/16

Popcorn machine is great to use, and it just works every time! The design is smart made, as there is a bowl, popcorn smoking down, so you can make much larger portions. However, it is very difficult t... Read more

popcorn Machine

written by Elisabeth, Sweden 21/01/16

A little difficult to clean, but squeaky popcorn gets. How would you like a seemingly old-fashioned popcorn machine and is not afraid of cleansing, it is good buy, I think.

Good experience.

written by Jan Clausen, Denmark 04/02/16

However, slightly different infos. operation. Website prescribed something not quite consistent with accompanying instruction.

Perfect popcorn machine

written by Steen & Lilian, Denmark 16/02/16

Hello COOL STUFF. We ordered Popcorn machine Cinema Style it. 4 / 2-2016 and had it delivered the next morning the. 5 / 2-2016. Of course we were excited about how it worked, we bought 1 pk. Palmin an... Read more

Good product

written by J, Norway 14/03/16

Was very happy with the product. It was easier to wash than I thought and it seems generally good and fast. In addition, the product very good.


written by Ingvild, Norway 19/04/16

Just as beautiful as the picture. Worked perfectly. Very popular mixed "cinema guests" our. Easy to use.


written by Schønemann, Denmark 26/04/16

MEGA GLAD for our new popcorn machine :) It has a slightly retro-like appearance. Game sweet. It is easy to operate and it tastes like popcorn when you're in a movie.

purchase worth!

written by Súsanna Ottosen, Denmark 17/06/16

I am very happy with my purchase. The machine worked perfectly and it looked exactly like the picture. Popcorn smagede very well. As in bio. The only drawback is that it can be complicated to clean th... Read more


written by Pontus, Sweden 26/09/16

Plasticky, it feels like it should cost 50 SEK. Have not tested it yet, but use it as a lamp. It looks good to the eye, but it is so extremely plasticky and feels cheap


written by Mariann, Norway 05/10/16

Much easier than Micro Popcorn. And even more koslig atmosphere with this cute retro popcorn machine. Now it is actually effortless and fun to Pope Popcorn. And it has become just more poping after we... Read more

Super satisfied

written by Sarah, Denmark 24/10/16

Everything went as expected, received a popcorn machine after two days - it has subsequently been used extensively by both me and the kids. The satisfaction is great in the little family.

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