Port-A-Poo Dog Waste Disposal

A blessing for stressed out poop pickers. Simply attach the dog poop disposal to the top of the lead and then just hook on the bags while waiting for a suitable container to toss them in.

Port-A-Poo Dog Waste Disposal - Port-A-Poo Dog Waste Disposal
Port-A-Poo Dog Waste Disposal
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Porta poo

written by Andrew, 26/12/09

cool gadget that is easy going for it to sit on the leash at all times .. a bit cumbersome to turn up the screws when to switch to a new leash else was quite okay


written by Maria, 01/01/10

I gave it away in the New Year's gift and it was a success! My friend who has not seen anything like it thought it was absolutely wonderful! She put it on the dog's leash at once and can not u... Read more


written by Tina, 17/06/10

This product works very well. We lack only that there is a squeeze on both sides. An empty bags and one to use. BUT, it works as I said good and is better than no Port-A-Poo at all.


written by Jossan, 01/09/10

frees the poop bags. It is sometimes enough job with dog leash at meetings, etc. Recommended whether it is a gift or for yourself!

Everything great

written by Maria W., 17/12/10

Class. Everything great.

Useful when you have to keep track of three dogs.

written by Lasse, 18/04/11

It was a little difficult getting screwed on, but when it first sat down there was the great use.


written by Vibeke, 24/08/11

Is very nice to have, well not having to keep in stinkeposen entire trip! Little silly there is room for much more than one, max two bags, and that there is little job would change it from tape to tap... Read more

not practical

written by Anna, 24/11/11

Funny thing, but too "heavy" and unwieldy to have on the leash.

Oh so handy

written by Hanna, 26/11/11

Among the worst thing is that must carry around a bag of poop virtually the entire promenade because it is so thinly between soptunnarna. It is ideal to poop bag can hang on the leash without disturbi... Read more


written by NilsElliot, 01/12/11

I really like to avoid having to carry a bag of dog poop simply because there are not dog dog poop thin near! The only downside that makes it only gets 4 out of 5 is that it feels awkward when you wan... Read more

Really simple smooth o

written by Malin, 23/03/12

I think this is really smooth when you are out with the dog for the municipality has not been too generous with bins. You do not have to hold the bag in his hand, but just hanging on and then you have... Read more

Handy case :)

written by Elisabeth, 20/12/12

Quite so fine to avoid carrying bags and especially when there are far between boss bins. Light attaching the tape and easy to attach the bags.

nice thing

written by Sonnenblume, 25/12/12

a witty and, in principle, useful idea. Unfortunately fit this gimmick to any of the various lines, my parents have for their dog ... why only ok.


written by Kenneth Gregersen , Denmark 01/05/13

Lovely stuff use it much when we airs dog if that is far from the nearest garbage pail However there is a downside to use screwdriver to mount this invention

Smart conveniently o

written by Cecilia, Sweden 13/05/13

It just screws fixed it since it sits just fine. Smooth and easy, good o have for dog owners


written by LS, Sweden 08/08/14

Really smart when you can not find a garbage quickly. Feels more hygienic. It is screwed on to the leash and fit flat leash.


written by Annette., Denmark 04/01/15

Super good invention. It is easy to put on the leash and easy to deal with - and works well when it is in "use".

Good, but expensive

written by Zyx, Sweden 05/01/15

The idea is good and it works as it should! On the other hand, it is a good habit to carry the bag in his hand and the price is too high in relation to the operation ..

Poo bag holder

written by Lili, Sweden 04/03/15

I got a Port-A-Poo poo bag holder by my son in law a few years ago. It took a while before I realized the point, but when I recently happened to break it, so it was impossible for me to imagine not im... Read more

Does not fit all leash

written by Tompa, Sweden 20/08/15

I gave it to my parents. They did not think it was good because they have a leash that goes into one of those roll, which meant that they had to put it very close to the body in hunden.han was afraid ... Read more

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