Potty Putter Toilet Golf

Now you can make full use of your time at any time, and hone your putting skills with this potty putter, while doing what you otherwise need to do!

Potty Putter Toilet Golf - Potty Putter Toilet Golf
Potty Putter Toilet Golf
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What is this?

written by kingo, 08/06/09

it is fine enough but if you come to a shoot balls too far away, it sucks: D

funny thing

written by MM, 10/06/09

I bought this for my dad in 60 years presented, thought to tease him a little too looong toilet-visit! Now maybe they will be even longer ... Thought it was a fun thing, but would hope for a little be... Read more

written by LKJ, 12/06/09

It is incredibly well made up. For it can then be boring to sit there on the pan without any good to make themselves. It's a fun gift that you are looking forward to giving. PS. it can also be use... Read more


written by Masseman, 03/09/09

Potty Putter was a success at a friend's 40th birthday party!

Toilet Golf

written by , 17/10/09

Fun gift, but with rather low quality in relation to price.

funny surprise

written by miriam, 30/12/09

Absolutely fun Christmas gift this was to long bully .. Gives a lot of laughs and entertainment!


written by Nettan, 04/01/10

Big success and happy cries became when her husband opened his Christmas present "Toilet Golf" - ALL wanted it !! So now, all golfing men in the family to acquire a like !!!

More fun in theory

written by , 05/01/10

Does not work properly in practice. Quite disposed except its quality.

Toilet Golf

written by spelolle, 07/01/10

In good time before Christmas, delivered product that I want to give my brother in law for Christmas when he is totally obsessed with golf's value sysslesättning a pensionär.Då he lives several mi... Read more

written by Angie, 09/04/10

There are two 'golf balls' in the package, one of dem is broken. The green matte is really thin, not as good as it looks in the pictures. HOWEVER, it is a cheap thing, anyway.

Both perfect and bad

written by Mårten, 09/09/10

The gift became incredibly popular and everyone wanted to go to the bathroom and putt in the evening, but unfortunately the club went down after just one hour ...

There will be a success !!!

written by Siwan, 16/09/10

I will give away two Toilet Golf Games, so I have not played myself yet. It seems to be high quality (on the box in any case)! :-) There can not be anything but a top game !! And this year's prese... Read more

Good but rubbish!

written by Mette Helle, 15/11/10

The product lives up to the description, however, is the price sky high - just the same product can be bought in the 10's shop for 50 kr.


written by mjauan, 18/11/10

It was the best gift I could give to my dear son-who are golfers and also likes to park himself while on the toilet. And he apparently dessutonm need practice on putts so the gift came as a godsend. A... Read more

Really funny!

written by Feffe, 22/11/10

I gave this to the father who is the golf enthusiast a birthday present, and he was thrilled. The quality is the judgment it is, it's plasticky but I expected nothing else. There is a spot gift fo... Read more

Best mandelgave

written by Louise, 03/12/10

Super idea :-)


written by camilla, 20/12/10

I gave toilet golf for girlfriend. and I can promise it brought a smile! he is very happy about it! so can only give 5 stars! :) Super product! thanks cool stuff!

Fun golf set with

written by betty, 20/12/10

Giant Funny gift for golf nerd or if you are constipated, and sit long on the toilet (ha ha). Something fragile and unstable club. The carpet was of rather flimsy quality. Door label is not so good at... Read more

toilet Golf

written by Cutter64, 22/12/10

Bought as fun birthday gift, was very well received and has been used on several occasions. Many of the guests are seated well long on the toilet !!

Potty putter

written by n, 25/12/10

Super Gift! Power all the toilet a lot of joy. Hardy, however, that to the waiting time to "loo" to go significantly increased :)

practice - too expensive

written by lotte, 27/12/10

Can be available in Tiger stores for kr 60, - !! so I was a little cheated !!!

toilet golf

written by annkristin, 27/12/10

Much appreciated Christmas gift. Only problem is that the rest of the family can not get into the bathroom, as the golfer does not want to surrender.

Wonderfully fun product!

written by KT, 27/12/10

A Christmas gift that became very popular with a lot of laughter. Nice to have when there are guests on a visit, I was told. Do not just be on the toilet, but that is where the product do best humoris... Read more

Very satisfied

written by Jonas, 28/12/10

I bought toilet golf as a Christmas gift for my uncle who loves golf, since he can not play golf outside due. All that snow. He thought it was very funny, and comes enough to "put" very out ... Read more

written by Lene Jensen, 10/08/11

Really fun gift for the man who has everything! And when particularly to him playing golf and rarely talks about anything ...

written by Helle, 09/11/11

Fun gift for the golf crazy

Despite Shortage everything was great!

written by Marcus, 21/11/11

My order was quite scarce and to my first fright two orders were inadvertently interchanged. So I got two days before handing instead of my order two umbrellas! A quick call to the hotline was suffici... Read more


written by , 21/11/11

Super fun product. Easy ordering and fast delivery. All packaged well and safely. in.

Toilet Golf

written by Ove Schmidt, 23/11/11

Is given as a gift, has not been the reaction in now!

Compensation for the newspaper

written by Jan, 20/12/11

We have put this product on our guest toilet and it has been great fun and joy - although people godtnok sitting there a little longer a "normal" all think it's a fun feature, and they c... Read more

written by , 21/12/11

Good thing that appealed to the donee who is keen golfer :-)

Fine, fine

written by Stefan konitzer, 22/12/11

Fast delivery ... nice toy .... and fun to the loo

Something for the man who has everything

written by VS, 26/12/11

A home run as a gift, but is important to ensure that the recipient has two toilets in the dwelling - for living quarters of home guilt

toilet Golf

written by , 29/12/11

Lived up to expectations, even if the product itself is the completely useless

toilet golf.

written by maria, 02/01/12

The product came quickly, and everything in order. Can only recommend to buy things!

toilet golf.

written by maria, 02/01/12

The product came quickly, and everything in order. Can only recommend to buy things!

Fast delivery

written by Frank, 02/01/12

On the day after the booking - no problems - nothing to complain about :-)


written by Bianca Mundal, 02/01/12

This product is a lot of fun and cute. For Those Who have a sense of humor! :)

Great gift for everyone!

written by Elke, 13/01/12

Great gift for everyone! Eyecatcher. Sorg for good mood!

Super fun game for great price

written by SarahJanssen, 17/09/12

I bought it as a gift and would have kept it best himself. The game looks really well constructed and was the hit on the birthday.

everything fits

written by matze, 27/09/12

awesome gift ... only the balls are NEN bit easy! have the front give even exchanged right golf balls! greetings

cool and fun!

written by Linnie, 08/10/12

A perfect gift for those who like to take the time, both when they play golf and shit .. so why not do both at the same time ?! : D saves time! ;) Haha 10/10 .. easy!


written by Kira, 23/10/12

It's okay, but thought it was boring very quickly. but otherwise I'm satisfied, fast delivery.

Toilet golf

written by Polina, 01/11/12

Very fun thing and successful gift! Especially the carpet is not of the best quality, but still recommended: D

Fun stuff to the golfer!

written by Sophia, 11/11/12

I bought this as a Father's Day gift for my dad who love golf and can not stop sighing over the fact that the golf course is closed now during autumn and winter. Had liked a little better quality ... Read more

Funny gift for dad

written by MLS, 14/11/12

Potty Putter responded to expectations! It was a hilarious gift for dad in 30 years made and fun for the kids and play with next day;)

Absolutely super happy !!

written by Pam, 16/11/12

For those not bought this makes it, quick delivery and how fun anytime;) Maybe this year's Christmas gift;) good luck // pam


written by Carro, 28/11/12

Super happy dad after this Father's Day gift. Now, visits to the toilet a lot more fun. :-) This was also very popular for our guests

incredibly cool

written by Lkm, 14/12/12

This was a birthday present and it fell in taste! :) Great fun and a suitable gift for someone who has everything! My future gift for those hard to buy for! :) Brilliant

Christmas gift for golf geek who has everything!

written by D-dog, 17/12/12

Christmas gift for golf geek who has everything! Dum gift giving good mood around the Christmas tree. Buy !!!!!!!!!!!

All the best!

written by Axel, 27/12/12

All the best, the item was as described and fast delivery! As it should be! Any time!


written by Flevin, 27/12/12

Toilet Entertainment at its best that will enhance significantly putt! That said was an extremely fun toilet entertainment!


written by Sakari Kinnunen, 28/12/12

Truly a fun gift for Christmas, although the father-ukolle! : D There will be a need for even a younger guy would be a bit of time sitting on the side of the toilet!

Awesome fun idea.

written by Nick, 31/12/12

Gave this as a Christmas present in 2012. Has been much appreciated. Just make sure that the room for "The green" :)

Troubled fun thing

written by JB, 31/12/12

Potty Putter was a fun thing, the perfect Christmas gift game hag had with the family, have not tried it myself.


written by Plastmorsan, 02/01/13

An awesome Christmas present! Quite a bell! Everyone was soooo fachinerade! Parts of home with a golf geek who spend x number of minutes on the house with red heart, it's hard to imagine anything ... Read more

empty box

written by päivi, 04/01/13

Product box was taped well at the factory and I was wondering that even has a light box but I packed it for Christmas lapselle.Kun recipient received a gift so great was the astonishment of the box wa... Read more

lovely gift

written by Ørjan, 10/01/13

This gift was very well received with great laughter on Christmas Eve. Not exactly very convenient, but a very fun gift suitable for most ages.

not satisfactory

written by veronika, 17/01/13

is not possible and unfold pitch for d like golf game. bad plastic not once 5g weight. will be sent in return not worth the money

fun gift

written by Hanne, 13/03/13

It's a game everyone can use. Possible to make a scoreboard and hang it on the toilet. Possible to take it on holiday.

Age Adjusted gift

written by mink, 21/03/13

Good gift for people over a certain age to customized training and to improve the handicap.

Toilet Golf

written by ulrika_fisken, 26/03/13

Bought this for my husband as a little gift. My husband is crazy about golf so it suited really well and he was super happy. Now he sits there on the toilet for a while and you hear him cheering or sw... Read more


written by Alla, 29/03/13

we have bought one for ourselves and one as a gift, really fun words :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :): ) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Perfect Dad gift!

written by Lovisa, 15/04/13

Bought it for my golf mad dad on his birthday and it was much appreciated. : D would have preferred measure of the track and the balls would be a little more hard, like a real golf ball.

super fun

written by Daniel, Germany 02/12/13

Super gaudi. Have it my best friend paid for 40.sten so that he has time for golf time. Came very well.

For crap!

written by Anni, Norway 11/12/13

Do not recommend this to a croak! Behold, it is obviously useless, but reality it provokes me I bought it. Waste of money, buy either a wine bottle! For something forbannade shit!

A funny gift idea

written by Rena, Germany 11/06/14

I have this set, presented as a birthday gift to an amateur golfer who needs nothing and it was the absolute highlight gift at the party! There are then renters same time went to the toilet to try it ... Read more

Funny Father's Day gift!

written by Lina, Sweden 24/11/14

Much appreciated and different for Dad on Father's Day. Nice to be able to send home a Coolstuff product to person elsewhere who surprise.

Valentine gift

written by Sau, Norway 20/02/15

girlfriend was very happy Valentine's gift. Large and fine mat and sturdy golf club. Satisfied that obtained with two balls

quick delivery

written by Ugland, Norway 01/12/15

There is a Christmas gift that we have not opened yet, but booking was easy. Nothing that was difficult to understand and delivery was very quick in addition we were told fgratis where our item is. We... Read more

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