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Reindeer Antlers and Nose for Car

A red nose and two antlers that you attach to your car! No one will miss you when you're driving around like a super-modern Santa!

Reindeer Antlers and Nose for Car - Reindeer Antlers and Nose for Car
Reindeer Antlers and Nose for Car
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Christmas cheer

written by Wicote, Sweden 20/12/13

Purchased Rudolf Costume for companies nile of Shipment took only a few days and with a big smile and the eager anticipation I went on the download package. The product was very easy to ... Read more

Rudolf suit to the car

written by USAM, Sweden 25/12/13

Funny thing to the car just unnecessary but absolutely needed for Christmas decorations nerd. The children also thought it was a little extra fun. Easy to assemble


written by Sandra, Germany 28/12/13

A very funny idea and you will be greeted in the street and many people conjure a smile on your face :-)


written by Sebbe, Sweden 26/09/14

Clearly the coolest available. Certainly it is a pal, but clearly approved. Can warmly recommend to shop Coolstuff, quick delivery. Easy to pay, smooth.


written by AndersW, Norway 27/11/14

Bought Rudolf costume to the car when I'll get in-law at the airport. Received the package after a short time, and everything is in order, have been tried it on the car, and it works terrific.

Sweet and fun idea that can not be mounted

written by Pahlius, Denmark 09/12/14

The kids looked very much the car was dressed up. Unfortunately, it could not be done. The clips to sit on the glass is so thick that the window can not be closed. The alternative is forcing the clip ... Read more

Fun things to be adjusted

written by Michael, Denmark 15/12/14

The device to be stuck in the pane does not work as intended because the window can not be closed. But with a simple strip, the two antlers attached to the vehicle's roof rail and then it is to th... Read more

The broken

written by Marie, Denmark 16/12/14

I think it's a fun idea so that's why I bought the product. But then when I had to put it on my car broke it right away, very annoying.

no plastic junk, can not keep

written by Søren, Denmark 19/12/14

Looks sweet and pretty. Gave many fine comments. Both horn broken on day two as the car was passing by an oncoming truck on the road. Both horn broken due to wind pressure. I wonder if the warranty co... Read more


written by Malou, Sweden 20/12/14

Easy to attach (tested on several cars) and looks really smart. When you've been out in the rain or snow do "suit" picked off to dry, but you do not need to worry that it will change sha... Read more

really Nice

written by LVN, Denmark 22/12/14

A really nice little finesse to the car this Christmas :-) Though a bit difficult to mount the red nose, but it succeeded.

funny thing

written by Rudolf, Norway 23/12/14

which brings a lot of attention. : D Only con is that you do not get caught windows 100% again (bending / malformed display around the window.) Otherwise, good quality goods. :)

gives good attention

written by Anders J., Denmark 23/12/14

Easy to install. I mounted them on the top of the door on a Peugeot 107. So NOT the glass. This means that there will be no rubber strips stuck, and they do not break.

Rudolf Costume

written by Fredrik, Sweden 24/12/14

Would be a fun thing, but the brackets on the horns is so big so you can not close the windows completely and it is the wrong season for. Fun thing that at least does not fit on any of my cars.

Fast and good service

written by Pia, Denmark 24/12/14

Very fast delivery. Ordered Sunday morning and had it the day after the mail. Item is just fine.

Fast and perfect

written by Susanne, Denmark 25/12/14

My package arrived the day after ordering. Everything is as it should be. The nose on the reindeer will, however, continue to fall off the car.


written by Niklas, Sweden 26/12/14

Really fun and this causes the environment to react! Good quality and despite many mil, it's still just as good!

Rudolfkostume Car

written by Henrik W, Denmark 26/12/14

Super good and quick processing of orders at Cool Stuff :-) easy to shop here and the product, completely sovereign and easy to assemble - can be recommended


written by stine, Denmark 30/12/14

This is a fun little thing to put on his car in the month of December, my husband did, however, by his mother's car as jokes, which was and still is a fun topic of conversation.

break easily

written by Malin, Norway 31/12/14

Fasteners on the window break easily when to close the window .. It's a little boring! But we drove around with antlers and Rudolf nose :)

Fine service and product

written by Thomas, Denmark 02/01/15

The product came on promised time and the quality was as expected fine. Good service and nothing negative to object. (=

Helhäftig joy spreader!

written by Gruvpaddan , Sweden 20/10/15

First and foremost, I must say that Coolstuff's go with Agnes stands fast, you hardly need to sit and twiddle our thumbs waiting to get home package! As for the suit to the car as it is also great... Read more


written by Radar, Norway 10/12/15

Terrific instantly delivered

Easy to assemble

written by Sussi, Sweden 10/12/15

Very good and startling among children. Easy to install just a clip on the windshield and steel cord to the nose of the front, recommended :-)

Full satisfaction :-)

written by Hanna, Denmark 14/12/15

Fast delivery after the order was placed and the food was exactly as I had expected and hoped for :-)


written by Maja, Sweden 15/12/15

Oh how many happy faces you meet when you are out o run! Great fun, really pleased. The windows must be a little bit open when you have horns on, and that's what makes it not five stars.

Fun bilpynt for Christmas

written by Bente, Denmark 21/12/15

Perfect fit for my Peugeot 107. The horns can usefully be put on the rear door windows on 5d model.


written by Chilla, Sweden 25/12/15

Many eyes get: D: D Super fun to pimp your car with: D: D Easy to assemble and fine quality A must have for Christmas MERRY CHRISTMAS

July pimped car

written by Camilla , Sweden 28/12/15

Unfortunately, there was little traction at the windows, but it was so cool.Vill to stand out in the crowd, I can really recommend this to the car. Synthesis apparently in the parking lot.

bad buy

written by mette syberg jespersen, Denmark 29/12/15

It is not possible to put antlers stuck on the car ........................................ ................

nice gimmick

written by Lotte, Denmark 31/12/15

Fun gimmick to the car in the Christmas month. Makes it a little easier to find his car in the parking lot and provide many funny comments.

Funny julpryl, which does not fit as planned.

written by Tomas, Sweden 04/01/16

The idea is fun, Christmas decorations, you can not get too much of. Unfortunately, this is not entirely easy to attach to the car. Horns strongholds are too rough so they can not be fixed on the boxe... Read more


written by K, Denmark 07/01/16

Was overall happy with the product. The only negative was that my head was pissed when I put it on her car. Mostly because she first discovered it a day after which in the meantime she had blistered w... Read more

Jingle bells

written by Han med den stakkars onkelen, Norway 19/01/16

I gave this to an uncle, a cousin and a buddy, and all responded positively. The price however ... It was worth it, but I do not think it can cost a lot of $ 100 to manufacture something like that, bu... Read more

A fun and unique gift!

written by Philip Poppe, Sweden 02/05/16

Bought this for my sister that she would have to his car and it was a successful gift. It's a fun thing to dress the car to and appreciated as a gift. Recommend!

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