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Roly The Laughing Dog

Cute cuddly dog toy that laughs like crazy and twists and turns on the floor as you approach. You couldn't find a happier dog!

Roly The Laughing Dog - Roly The Laughing Dog
Roly The Laughing Dog
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Roly The Laughing Dog - Batteries AA 10-pack
Batteries AA 10-pack
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Roly The Laughing Dog - Batteries AA 4-pack
Batteries AA 4-pack
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What is this?

laughing dog

written by vove, 04/01/10

my two grandchildren have probably not been so funny laugh so we got hurt persona .... yes mien of 3åriga grandchildren when he saw the dog laugh a mine for life .... hope you had a fun C... Read more


written by Malin Pikkarainen, 05/01/10

Funny that do not warn people that it is running, everyone laughs!

really crazy

written by Hilda, 06/01/10

How fun anytime they first five times, but then interest fades a little. After a few days break from it, it's probably just as fun again. I bought it for a little guy in almost a year, and where d... Read more

Funny and entertaining!

written by Martin, 11/04/10

Bought one for my 5 year old little sister for Christmas. The estimated directly by all adults. Very entertaining but it broke down pretty fast. Do not know how violently my little sister played with ... Read more

fun doggy

written by PrettyMama, 27/09/10

Great fun! Really contagious! It is, however, for a short time, could well have been double or even triple the time. We have three cats, Kalle 10 years and deaf thought doggy lived and jumped on him, ... Read more

laughter is contagious

written by Janis, 27/09/10

The dog makes me laugh no matter what state of mind I'm out. The same applies to anyone I expose the dog laughs! Absolutely wonderful. Everyone should have one of those - skrattsmittare!


written by Nansen, 10/10/10

No more bad days. Who can live without a good laugh?

fun and cute

written by , 23/10/10

A Christmas gift that I have ordered ..but tested it before it turned into one package. A fun dog that elicits a skratt.Gullig and fun in one.

laughing dog

written by Lena, 25/10/10

Funny gift with infectious laughter! I believe that every instance. can please many.

Super funny! :)

written by lubi, 09/11/10

The pool of our recent family increase is really awesome and totally infectious to my taste. The only drawback: To turn the animal again you have it in your hand, turn on his back, open the Velcro on ... Read more

"Laughing Dog"

written by Tommy, 29/11/10

Blast !!!!!!!! Has bought a "Laughing Reindeer" also ...

You become skrattig of it!

written by Lucas, 30/11/10

This is something you do not give to their own children, the toys that gives it's just away to other people's children, or how. But it's cute and go and rub off as you become happy. Great ... Read more

Giant Funny !!

written by Nisan, 04/12/10

I bought this for my daughter, 6 months. She loves it! That she does not understand how it functions only make it "more alive" and more fun because, in her world, can get on with their infec... Read more


written by Gena, 06/12/10

Got laughing dog for Christmas last year of my daughter now I bought for my grandson who first was a little afraid of the dog, but ventured up to the o became very fond of it I've had it with me a... Read more

fun doggy

written by Kerstin, 09/12/10

We have only tested it a little, will come into use for Christmas. Will probably be incredibly fun. We have lottery instead of presents. then you have to take pats from each other. Guessing that the d... Read more

hilarious dog

written by ellinor, 10/12/10

bought the laughing dog and it became the highlight of the evening when we had a party .... as fun for big and small, but our cat ran and hid * S *

funny pooch

written by Nemas Problemas, 12/12/10

A funny doggy. Actually not one of those thing you tröttnas the first time. The laugh at me every morning at. 6 and it is somehow right uplifting.

Unrestrained laughter

written by Katrin, 21/12/10

My daughter got this dog for my birthday from us and I promise that she sat on the floor on crying with laughter. It is really difficult to keep once it starts. Sure, it will be very little for some t... Read more

laughing dog

written by Micke, 28/12/10

To beat the dog while it is switched on was tricky. But to then see it open, and the person met with a laughing dog, became one of them better Christmas presents

laughing Dog

written by Laila Rypern, 02/01/11

This dog is very special. Excellent Fun and inventive. A great gift to give away exudes enthusiasm.

Super contagious laughter.

written by Kit Tolstrup, 03/01/11

We ordered a little differently to our package game New Year's Eve and the biggest hit was the laughing dog, all were cracking because its laughter was so contagious. Highly recommended here :)

great dog

written by , 03/01/11

Fast delivery and good product. I'll be back!

laughing dog

written by Kirsti, 04/01/11

We bought the laughing dog to our own dog for Christmas. When he opened the package he first became alarmed, what is this, we had put the batteries in the dog so that it could start laughing at gång.S... Read more

infectious laughter

written by Max, 05/01/11

I think no one can manage a round of Angry game against this dog. It lived clearly up to the expectations you had of the text, and is a fun gift to give to children of all ages. We earlier had almost ... Read more

laughing dog

written by Johanna, 06/01/11

Bought it as a toy for my puppy, very appreciated as long as it was :) Unfortunately, so put it off after two days, was an abuse. No further hållbarighet so for my part, not worth the money but can ce... Read more

laughing dog

written by , 13/01/11

Bought it for my dogs. They are very confused and totally fixated by "the laughing dog". The laughs and turns around.

laughing Dog

written by Måhadet, 17/01/11

This struck really depends, especially in the little ones. They had only lost to touch it after it had laughed finished. Have had to hide it away to get quiet in the house.

a new friend

written by janne, 21/01/11

My new friend is a bit oberäknilig you go up in the night he will be so happy when I get him laughing and waving at svansen.Han was wonderful !!

So close to a real pet, you can get!

written by Tolala, 02/02/11

Fantastic fun buddy. Uppsakattades snormt of 3.5-year-old. Scared Battle of 1.5-year-old. Grandparents howled with laughter. Clearly a fantastically fun buddy. And wc, yes, laughter is contagious to m... Read more

laughing dog

written by nina, 16/02/11

First contact with the laughing dog was with my mother. I was fond of it before it got a laugh. It was so with advancing thought I anyways. I then thought that it would be good to have on the job, to ... Read more

Joy spreader

written by Lisbeth och Albert i Långbro par, 19/02/11

The laughing dog is a very pleasant acquaintance, under the seat or in the children's children, however bed among dolls and teddy bears and when someone comes to visit, and will also come the happ... Read more

Totally crazy!

written by , 11/04/11

Laughed so I had a stomach ache this little creature! Had it in the kitchen one day when I had guests, it was a long moment of laughter! Glad to have reached so little can entertain so many!

It is not to stick out.

written by Melita, 28/09/11

My mother had to ask me to stop the dog, she was devastated by grin. ALL will have "such a". To their grandchildren, adult "children", dogs or cats - or just for themselves. It is ... Read more

great dog

written by Grete, 22/11/11

The accounts for the miesegrimmigsten people a a good-humored. One can not help but to laugh. That's fun!


written by Trine, 02/12/11

This gift I was going to give to my nieces who is almost 2 years, but when I would take the battery so it started and all who were in the same room as me got a real laugh. It was really cool, it rolle... Read more


written by Sojo, 05/12/11

Fantastic fun little thing. This I think will be this year høydare on Christmas :-)

Small screwdriver needed

written by Blivande dörrvakt, 24/12/11

Ideal also as a bouncer at the patio door or the like in the summer, it scares impact on both cats and two-legged intruders that come close to the dog's motion sensor, while not prepared. Ps. Do n... Read more


written by Theresa, 04/01/12

This dog became a super cool gift, and everyone enjoyed it, children and adults :)

my nephew

written by Fabian, 27/02/12

disliked unfortunately this little dog as long as it laughed. My brother explained to me that the laughter sounded like "The Joker (from Batman) stoned on anfetamin" Anyway. As soon as the b... Read more

Just great

written by Bibis Test-Welt, 07/03/12

I ordered the laughing dog and we are all very excited the products came quickly and with us are against us as described very satisfied and can this product with good some Recommend

infectious laughter

written by Solveig, 05/04/12

Funny dog ​​with a very infectious laughter! However, I personally think it's a little too loud. A little hard to get up the door to the batteries. Otherwise fun!

An infectious laugh!

written by Fabulous, 25/07/12

The batteries were a little tricky to put in, but great for young children who can not open it. It's hard not to laugh myself when the dog starts :). If you get tired of the abdominal muscles or i... Read more

laugh Fest

written by Hanna, 28/12/12

Really fun thing that you can not watch without start laughing yourself! Works a little uneven, the sensor seems to be somewhat "temperamental" when the dog starts to laugh by himself too. F... Read more

Nice dog with coarse laughter

written by M Nilsson, 31/12/12

Was pretty nice, but the laughter could instead have been with a child's voice. Now that sounds like a big man laughs, which may be uncomfortable for small children. Has not received any feedback ... Read more


written by TES, 03/01/13

Funny play. The kids enjoying the rolling dog

Just awesome !

written by Scheijanamann, 16/01/13

The part is simply top class ... because not only the dog or cat has fun with it ... Really a great invention !!!

Always good for a surprise.

written by Spielie, 04/02/13

Right away joy with the dog verbreitet.Staunende faces and again wonder at the Technik.Gute mood vorprogrammiert.Das right gift for everyone.

laughing dog

written by Mona, Sweden 23/12/13

Unfortunately it does not work out ... Got off on a couple of occasions when we were in the o tried on the sensor over the eyes to "react" .. Unfortunately, one can not be bothered to return... Read more

All the best

written by Petra, Germany 24/01/14

Hello Had won a coupon, above manner. Ordered and everything worked great. Thank you!!! LG Petra Boicenco

How fun anytime!

written by LindaG, Sweden 14/10/14

This cozy dog ​​with beautiful laugh makes me laugh composite nonstop.Super happy:) Suitable for all ages.

Cool dog

written by Gunsanm, Sweden 23/12/14

This cute dog is bound to spread joy and laughter inducing go on Christmas Eve. Always quick deliveries from coolsuff.

Laughing Dog

written by U.L., Germany 27/12/14

The "Laughing toy dog" was a great gimmick. Not only for children but also for adults of both sexes up to the age EIGHTY years !! It corresponds to the description and looks quite funny. The... Read more

Laughing, rolling dog.

written by Frida, Sweden 24/02/15

Really funny. As soon as you go near him as he laughs o rolls around! Very happy were my son for this mad dog;)

A fun toy!

written by Cool, Finland 29/12/15

Fun laughing dog, whose laugh sounds a little Loir Laugh power vagrants. Between the dog did not start to rotate when it is approached. I can recommend for kids and the young at heart!

Super fun

written by Peter, Denmark 27/03/16

A nice dog who spreads joy when the laughs you will be happy. You can make fun by creating questions for it.

fun dog

written by Farmor, Sweden 19/08/16

A 9-year-old delighted surprise when the dog rolled around oskrattade credible became kalasets highlight. Even adults had fun for a while. Fun gift o partyhöjare when the child received all his desire... Read more

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