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Romantic Rose Petals

150 synthetic rose petals that you can spread out on your bed, in the bath or wherever you want for maximum romance (and probably get to score)!

Romantic Rose Petals - Romantic Rose Petals
Romantic Rose Petals
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Romantic, but smell strongly

written by X, 14/07/09

I had planned a special romantic evening with these blades. Luckily, I tried to prepare the scenario once before it was time! The leaves are really nice and there are certainly numerous enough, but th... Read more

Romanticism Flows

written by Emmie =) <3, 15/07/09

Easy to spread out across a bed, a table whatever faktist =) smells very good across the room or the house =) recommend for those who want a romantic evening &lt;3

Trevligt tillskott

written by JC, 10/08/09

Efter en romantisk middag med min flickvän med vin och below tillbehör Rosenbad that var perfekt a manner that avsluta kvällen. Rosenbad doftar Väldigt starkt till Forst, men spreads sedan I behaglig ... Read more

Rose Bed

written by Linus, 13/08/09

Okay product, maybe a little strong odor in the beginning. But nothing wrong authenticity. Although they are in plastic!

A perfect purchase to make a romantic evening.

written by Kenneth Mortensen, 18/10/09

Rose petals are always a classic-winner on romantic evenings. In my case helped the relationship to come up to a new level where everything suddenly only positive. Tires with rose petals in the bed, o... Read more

written by , 03/11/09

only drawback is that they smell very strongly of a cheap, too strong perfume, so you almost have to leave them lying around so they can vent a little, otherwise the smell is so strong that you get a ... Read more

written by Line, 13/11/09

Like the leaves are really beautiful in the colors! However, I had assumed that they filled a little more how 100 pieces. As another also writes, is the smell from the added perfume VERY powerful, rem... Read more


written by Toby, 28/12/09

The rose petals smell great and are just married, love, or older couples a nice surprise! Short: For each Päärchen a must! Romantic can not surprise his wife, girlfriend, etc.. But as for spring, it i... Read more

Rose Bed

written by Peter, 04/01/10

Very cozy product but had an uncomfortable strong scent. Got rinsing them under advice from other comments to damp smell.

wonderful surprise

written by ida, 15/02/10

Can not say more than that the rose bed was really good. Fine fragrant rose petals that created a giant romantic mood.

Rose Bed

written by Karro, 16/02/10

Fell for the rose petals because they (unlike most others buying in the store) are reusable !!! What a thing to be able to use them again and again .. Good price and cozy gift for themselves or their ... Read more

Romance high level

written by Micke, 25/02/10

Rose leaves were just in time for the crowd and had a lovely romantic scent. Worked perfectly as a surprise on Valentine&#39;s Day. Good product that might cost a bit much for the purpose, but fun any... Read more


written by Crazykiddk, 01/03/10

Should use some roses quick to valenstinsdag delivery was quick and I got off the hassle of fiddling my own praises to atoms ... it gave a nice effect on the bed in the form of a brain form created by... Read more

Rose Bed

written by JL, 11/04/10

More romantic than this can hardly be. Ideal to surprise their loved one with :).

18-year gift

written by Anders, 12/04/10

It was about 2 weeks left until my girlfriend&#39;s 18th birthday and I had no idea what I would give her. Then I saw coolstuff and looked around a bit. I came when I would fix a &quot;hot&quot; night... Read more

written by Mette, 17/05/10

Super nice and romantic for a cozy evening. They were really nice but the smell of rose petals sat in everything afterwards, duvets and pillowcases and the quilts and pillows and body. Rose leaves wer... Read more

Rose petals m. Bad smell

written by Ruzzh, 16/08/10

Too powerful fragrance. You get headaches quite quickly and it is almost impossible to get to an acceptable level. Do try washing with soap, odor removing and disinffektion. So besides that they are r... Read more

Rose Bed

written by En glad kund, 20/09/10

I can say that this is how it worked extremely well to surprise their partner with a dinner. Rose leaves scattered around everywhere I where dinner was served and it smelled so good so everything was ... Read more

Purpose fully met!

written by Lennart M., 04/10/10

There is nothing new, but romantic again! Candlelight and rose petals! They are well packed, pleasant odor and achieve the desired effect! In addition, they can be freely re-use! All in all recommende... Read more

rose bed

written by norbert, 25/10/10

hey I&#39;m happy with the product I bought sooner except that they smelled pretty bad so I had to spray perfume on them to remove the bad smell but otherwise huh them nice and looked like according t... Read more

Odourless but realistic

written by Diskis, 26/11/10

These smelled not quite as much as I thought they would do, but they looked very good and it made them would. I got a little feeling that leaves tinged in white sheets, but maybe it was just my imagin... Read more


written by Beatrice, 05/12/10

They look nice, but they smell terrible. Tried to clean them three times but then dropped the color and the smell remained. Can not recommend them.

great product

written by Stoiber Manuela, blaublondschopf, 08/12/10

On time delivery. Product exactly as described. Very fast shipping. Always my pleasure.

pure romance

written by skubbe, 20/12/10

It does not get more romantic it is a score!


written by Johannes K., 17/01/11

My girlfriend has indeed very happy. BUT: From Rose fragrance no trace and the price is disproportionate to the quality of the packaging / goods rather a 1Euro Article

Super satisfied!

written by Sandra , 21/02/11

Fine rose petals and looks very real out. However, had ordered two when I thought they were a bit of a pack

Rose Bed

written by , 23/02/11

I had been told by a friend that they really stinks ( &quot;smells of roses&quot;) so I washed the really carefully before I used those. Once I used the most, they were very cozy and really gave Stamm... Read more

Really good ! ++

written by Molle, 12/05/11

I think the package rose-bed 100 pieces were very affordable. They are, as I said reusable, so it&#39;s very good! It gives really good grades! ++++++

Inexpensive love ..

written by L-T, 21/11/11

These were nothing further to spread out on the bed .. A little too plastiga.

written by Bea, 19/12/11

Fine rose petals, but they have a little foam odor.

many rose petals!

written by evelina, 29/02/12

Bought the &quot;rose bed&quot; for Valentine&#39;s Day. Did a little walking up to the bed of rose petals and put the rest on the bed. Became super good! Rose leaves were very nice and looked like re... Read more


written by Sanna, 11/04/12

I used these rose petals when I and my boyfriend had birthday. At first I was a little skeptical, mostly thought that it looked like small pieces of fabric (which of course it is). But after a while I... Read more

Look very genuine

written by Nissenina, 19/06/12

Look very genuine, good-looking color, but the smell is nothing ??? Had received five plus it smelled something !!

Rose Bed

written by E., 06/08/12

The leaves were not at all like I thought after reading what others have written about, they smell almost, and they do not see a damn real. Disappointed

rose petals

written by Anna , 03/09/12

They worked fine, but I certainly think that you should consider selling larger parcels as there were barely leaves enough to make a heart out of them. Regards. Anna


written by Tina, 14/09/12

Cozy and romantic. Can be used again. Easy to use, spread them in bed take on a Nougty knot, lie in bed, the world&#39;s best gift.

is a good idea

written by Facmann 1, 20/02/13

it is a good buy, less disadvantageous whom the rose petals moist be dyeing it off. LG Facmann 1


written by Atina, 20/02/13

They here we like! : D What could not get more romantic like getting into the room one evening you are tired, and his girlfriend has covered the bed in rose petals. Romantic!

Good buy

written by Nojd kund, 08/03/13

Bought &quot;rosenbadd&quot; to all hjartansdag. Skojde them before use just as another reviewer had been beaten and then felt not by any scent. It was very much appreciated and will be used for other... Read more

Rose leaves

written by Georg Vogl, Germany 29/05/13

I&#39;m excited - genaus what I was looking for. I hope you have the rose petals far in the program.

poor value

written by Angi, Germany 02/09/13

The leaves themselves are from no bad quality, also have some light and dark, what the whole picture is improving. However, for 100 sheets in just 10 € is quite expensive! The packaging is as large as... Read more


written by ann, Sweden 21/12/14

Was a little hesitant over how these rose petals would actually look like live, but can only say that I was pleasantly surprised! They look extremely real, go to wash and dry, and afterwards it is equ... Read more


written by MK, Denmark 20/02/15

Ordered these rose petals, those you&#39;ll have no strong perfume scent, which tideligere has been written, so you can safely buy them and is sticking to my girlfriend is happy, we celebrate for Vale... Read more

Rose Bed

written by Camilla , Sweden 20/02/15

This product can be used to much. In bed, to decorate with the example. candlesticks / barrel or why not on the table, etc. Only the imagination limits. They are in fabric and decorative, I think.


written by Gustav, Sweden 23/02/15

Nice sheets, stretched well into the bath. Unfortunately dropped all the leaves directly, which took away some effect ...


written by Frkfryd93, Norway 25/02/15

The rose petals were a great success!

Good but expensive

written by K, Sweden 26/02/15

Good and lifelike product, though it will cost much more than similar products I found in town ..

Some few leaves

written by Gavemannen, Norway 31/08/15

Got the impression that there would be several leaves, a package was barely enough to cover a double bed. But otherwise I&#39;m very pleased with the, just remember to buy more software than you think... Read more

rose bed

written by Nai, Norway 29/06/16

Do not rely on the image. In the picture on their site appears luster and fine, but when I got it then it is not the flower liked the picture. So poor quality. I do not recommend this product.

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