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Rubik's Cube

One of the world's most famous puzzles of all time, where you twist the cube parts to make each side just one colour.

Rubik's Cube - Rubik's Cube
Rubik's Cube
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Very good.

written by Blwh, 03/07/09

A very good and nicely packaged Rubik's Cube. Following a support to the well which is good, and the mechanism works well. It must be lubricated, of course, I recommend CRC Silicone Spray, otherwi... Read more

Rubik's Cube

written by olle, 15/07/09

A classic! Has saved many tedious hours on summer job =) just a warehouse left now!

Rubik's Cube

written by Fadolfi, 21/08/09

I bought a Rubik's Cube, it is of very high quality, I have not dealt with the particularly mild, since I'm a beginner. I'm still putting it together. Funny thing, easy to buy!


written by , 25/08/09

As fun as it was 30 years ago

Great pastime!

written by JohannesM, 24/10/09

I received my Rubik's Cube in record time! Much faster than ever when I have done over the Internet! The product itself is super good and very addictive! Once you have learned to solve it, you can... Read more

Fun, durable and good training!

written by Sigurd Møller, 31/10/09

First I start with this comment: GREAT FAST SHIPPING! it just make it all so much easier :) Now for the Rubik's cube, after which my friends were starting to take this crazes of the 1980s again I ... Read more

written by Suss, 06/01/10

After searching in div. shops after a Rubik's cube for my son for Christmas, I managed to find it on late Saturday night. And darn if not I already got it on Tuesday despite the bustl... Read more

Gun toy - buy it today

written by Lise, 12/02/10

Kanon toys for everyone, both children and adults. I never learned to do it as a kid, and when I saw that my nephew could make it in less than 1 minute, I had to see if I could learn it. I am now well... Read more

written by John, 09/04/10

The cube seems solid ledløs and are not in any way. A minus is that the stickers with color, do not sit quite well and they slide off the side of the piece.

good entertainment

written by Navntoft, 22/04/10

Great entertainment for many hours, and when you have solved it once, you will make it faster and smarter again! Moreover, the cube original from, so the quality is top notch. A good site f... Read more

Rubik's my new religion!

written by Jesp3869, 05/05/10

I did not think I could ever learn to make a Rubik's, but it was surprisingly easy! ambitious course follows is not an instruction with it, but it's just about finding a good video on Youtube,... Read more

Rubik's Cube

written by Al3x__87, 17/05/10

Bought a Rubik's cube from coolstuff for about 2 weeks ago. And must say it is really fun to lie and try to solve the cube. Good brain exercise. Have not yet passed the whole cube. But one day it ... Read more

good quality

written by Lotte, 26/05/10

After trying with diverse, cheap Rubik's Cubes, we were tired of the bad qualities, and decided to spend a little more money, hoping to get a good quality - and it must be said to be a good decisi... Read more

The color of rub

written by makelle, 30/06/10

When the cube (price 139 :-) was new and had every right unused delkvadrat the cube's sides a plastic film for protection. In use, they begin to peel off at the edges and eventually fall off one b... Read more

Rubik's Cube

written by Henrik L, 11/08/10

Cube is probably the worst I to date have had in hand. When I took it out of the box and tried it. Was the hardwood, the squeak jams are heavy and after a week are the colors started to peel off. So h... Read more

Great pastime.

written by Louise K., 17/08/10

My cube came right to the door after two days and I have sat and nørklet with it ever since. I would strongly recommend it to the small blow-breaks where you just want to clear thinking a little.

happy boys

written by Sellmer, 13/09/10

It was 3 happy boys who received the three dice, they were in a good quality and was a great success.

Good Rubix cube

written by , 13/09/10

This Rubix Cube I bought at cool stuff, is really functioning and is in no way discolored or damaged. It is all in all a really good product and it still functions well. I use it almost every day, and... Read more

Rubik's Cube

written by Jonas, 14/09/10

A Rubik's Cube is a very good pastime while waiting for something. Time goes really fast and it's quite fun to try and beat their Gammla times: P

For cool :)

written by Lindholm, 21/09/10

I have something to do in the hours now! : D

great Product

written by Simon Seirup, 23/10/10

The product is fun, learn rich and incredibly convenient. One can always changing with it when you have nothing else to do. It's a little hard at first, but it quickly becomes smooth. You learn to... Read more

written by Jonas, 25/10/10

Fun brain puzzles, just as it should be. Nothing strange, product quality, and comes with a small plastic stand for those who want to showcase it.

Rubik's Cube-memories

written by Moppi33, 26/10/10

Yes, he is, the real magic cube. I have the handles already back on it. Since back memories ... Great part

written by , 28/10/10


Just great!

written by Kankel kankman, 06/11/10

The cube is simply super. Very strong and very good to turn. So the puzzle is fun.


written by Nilla, 11/11/10

Hearty quality, as challenging as it was 20 years ago.

First order magic cube

written by Gruss aus Bielefeld, 20/11/10

Have long the Internet probed and searched, did not want a Rubik's cube, which it gibt- on every street corner here I find anything and the whole well - with Porto - CHEAP! Have My Stuff also get ... Read more


written by Michaela La, 25/11/10

- I have chosen this magic cube after my old was unfortunately disappeared .... and I think it is an absolute must in every household - the order went super fast vonstatten, picked and after nearly tw... Read more

Turn ... turn .. and turn ...

written by Juliane, 29/11/10

I found Zauberwürfel class, man can really spend a couple of hours and turn drehen..drehen..und. Just a great gift!

Rubik's Cube popular Christmas gift

written by Mormor, 02/01/11

Gave Rubik's Cube as a Christmas gift to my grandson (8 years and 5 years). The cube was very popular, but somewhat difficult, until they discovered that the solution could be found in the mother&... Read more

very funny

written by tømrer lærling, 03/01/11

very fun pastime when you must disconnect good quality

written by Maria , 05/01/11

A classic that has resurfaced! Perhaps more fun for moms and dads uppvxna in the 80s, today's children but certainly a "SUPER BRAIN TRAINER"

written by , 14/01/11

all the best ... good product ... good quality

Rubik's Cube - star purchase.

written by C. Frankmeister. , 17/01/11

I am really happy for the Rubik's Cube 3x3. I received it soon after I had ordered it - and it is real if we now just bored. Thanks! :-)

The classic

written by Den Grimme Nøgne Dreng, 18/01/11

In short: The cube IS the original, the quality is top notch! The only drawback: I can dælme not make it, hehe! 6 stars here!

Rubik's cube

written by Marie , 25/01/11

Rubik's cube was fine and it worked really well to get the lerveret.

written by jn, 28/03/11

Super toys for people of all ages. We use it all here in famillien and we are 3,11,14,34 and 39 years. So jump in and get it sjovet with a cube :-)

Fast delivery

written by Tina, 13/04/11

Was very pleased with my order. quick service and everything was ok!

perfect product

written by , 30/04/11

Super nice and fun product that can be recommended ..


written by Jacob, 03/05/11

The cube is running fine. Is a little tight to begin with, but you can feel that it is ok quality whenever you use it. User itself every other day about ... Only ++++ from here .. :-)

excellent quality

written by Warlock26, 09/05/11

I have the time owned part Rubik's Cube's but this is the first original Cube, and I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product, rather than the quality of the hundr... Read more

Rubik's cube

written by Malene, 14/05/11

Really good quality - my son was very happy with it. Until I got to throw it very hard into the wall, because he would not listen. It could therefore not stand;) (but the kid has learned to listen for... Read more


written by Switch, 22/05/11

I have spent many hours to crack it, but it has not yet succeeded me ... but do not give up! It's simple hem of cool;)

Retro Products

written by Steven Mahone, 07/07/11

Thanks Cool Stuff young people to the classic Toy Story purchase with which we had at that time a lot of fun. Thanks for that!!

Super fast.

written by Tina Nielsen, 08/07/11

I received the goods the day after delivery. Perfect delivery of the goods. Recommendable.

Rubik's Cube is always adding the appropriate cube

written by MrGran, 21/07/11

Always fun to have one lying around at home or on the go. Just the one I got was a bit slow in his movements, but unfortunately may be possible to buttering up somehow.

Rubik's Cube 3x3

written by Matthias und M., 26/07/11

Advantages: + Original Rubik's Cube + Limited Silver Packaging + with stand + akzeptabeler Price + turns very well and easily + full, rich colors + good workmanship + sticker keep good + long last... Read more

Rubik's Cube

written by robin fabrin-petersen, 28/07/11

Fine. Nothing to complain about.

Fun, but why so pricey compared. Impersonators?

written by MB, 25/10/11

I am really excited about the cube, and have spent much time on it, and it brings me to come. What I am not so happy with is that on the box says "the smoothest-turning cube ever made", but ... Read more

fast and problem-free

written by jytte andersen, 13/12/11

booking with cool stuff is wonderfully easy and quick, no problems

written by Charlotte Eskildsen, 20/12/11

It's a Christmas present, so can not answer how it is yet.


written by larserik, 20/12/11

Finally I started tweaking with anything other than iPhones min. I love Rubik!

it go mega

written by chr10, 29/12/11

I think it's mega go after it got a gan grease drove it just gost

written by Annemarie Brandt, 04/01/12

It was a Christmas desired. We were very satisfied with the quick delivery despite December. The product was oreden and unharmed. Så¨vi was extremely happy for the deal. Sincerely Annemarie and Peter ... Read more


written by Mie, 21/01/12

It is good as an amateur cube

Easy handling, the goods on time and good information about delivery

written by Henrik, 16/03/12

Easy to order the right product of the right quality arrived on time, and there was good information along the way. Fine SMS service. At the post office are some dull roar to disclose is not Cool Stuf... Read more

Rubik's Cube

written by Esprit-73, 10/07/12

The delivery was spot on. The product meets all expectations except maybe when a small crease on one of the color decals.


written by Espen A.Olsen, 14/07/12

Rubik's Cube is always a little funny thing to be doing sometimes. I used my other hand 3-4 days at a stretch after I received it, and had as much fun every time. Only con is the wax, it has alrea... Read more

Great pastime!

written by En ny Rubik's fan, 25/09/12

I always could solve a Rubik's cube and I thought that now it must be now: D After some searching on the web and with the help of friends and two weeks of work I solved this cube faster and faster... Read more


written by WannarN, 13/12/12

Rubikskuben is entertaining, funny and has great quality. A little tough possibly when to turn, but nothing that affects your performance.

quality improvement

written by Pirad, 02/01/13

The cube is okay, does what he should. However, there are cheaper anywhere and I doubt that he is solving one year reasonably regular. He can not turn very easily and Verknüfungen the items seem prett... Read more


written by Tobbator, 30/01/13

Bought this because the old man had been slow in the hinges. Fun puzzle with the TV and on the job when you need 5 min away from the screen :)

Good processing and good product

written by Emil Lykkeskov, 18/03/13

Ordered 2 X Rubiks cubes 2 weeks ago. The delivery was fast and the products live up to expectations. Rubik cubesne must be just "in time" before they work best. In time they become looser a... Read more

going nice

written by Kenneth Gregersen, Denmark 01/05/13

This rubriks cube goes playful little and is super smooth when you get to know Dog is a disadvantage as far as I can see are a few of my paste brand started to fall of this they did already in three d... Read more

Rubric Kube

written by Trond, Norway 16/06/13

This was a very poor product! this cube has knaptnok a value of 10 million not NOK 175 with freight This was probably the last thing I buy from you. Trickery !!!! Regards Trond Andersen

Rubik's Cube

written by ogl, Norway 17/10/13

Hello. Bought "Rubik's Cube" from you some time ago. Sorry to say it, but it was slow and just as bad as those sold at toy stores. Get one that is much easier to twist, and not one you g... Read more

delicious cube

written by buch, Denmark 29/10/13

Good Rubik's cube with easy swivel joints. Quite delicious to use. Made with stickers, which rises slightly at the edges with regular use, but this is probably to be expected. Otherwise, it works ... Read more

Just great !!!

written by Silke von der Bank, Germany 12/12/13

Ordered and within a short time of the Rubik's Cube was there. My son got him to Nicolaus and is blown away. He had him sooo much desired. thank you

Rubiks Cube the original

written by Peetschei, Germany 22/06/15

Top product - rotates easily. No glued colored surfaces without clattering stones. Crunches as it must be in the movements of planes. I bought this product because I had already played the first origi... Read more

better than expected

written by Kim Dan Nguyen, Denmark 10/10/16

Expected something cheap, but it came in good quality. It came quickly and and within 2 days. Can be recommended!

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