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Rubik's Cube 360

Less cube, more sphere. Less maths, more physics. Just as hard. The mysterious Hungarian inventor Erno Rubik is back to test your skill, endurance and logic with the round rubiks cube.

Rubik's Cube 360 - Rubik's Cube 360
Rubik's Cube 360
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What is this?


written by s, 25/12/09

this was the Race to the packages were opened and wanted to be tested! after only 15-20 minutes he had solved it, he thought it was too easy so I have to find harder to reach next year.


written by Josefin, 26/12/09

It was not so very difficult, I think. Solved it within an hour, but it's entertaining anyway. Funny tweaking, we were a few that wanted to try =)

Rubik 360

written by Kasse, 27/12/09

Without the help of YouTube, this "cube" is not going to solve. But very funny. Please send any tips on the package.

Fun favorite with the changed concept

written by Robinzon, 04/01/10

Rubik's 360 gave a Christmas gift to the eldest daughter. She has previously had great pleasure of Rubik's Cube and employed many days and weeks to find a solution to the tricky problem of get... Read more

written by Peter, 21/03/10

Really good puzzle, can be a little hard to figure out, but is reasonably easy to go to. Taking however much exercise to solve quickly.

Too cool!

written by Jesp3869, 05/05/10

Rubik's 360 is not necessarily a must for a rubiks enthusiast, but it is worth every penny!

written by , 20/11/10

It is a very good alternative to the plain rubriks cube, it is nice packed and shipping was fast and efficient. I act like with you again

Rubik 360

written by Nissikiss, 25/11/10

Since I have been delighted with the Rubik's Cube, my blogger came action of Cool Stuff just right, because I had the opportunity to test the new "Rubik 360". In "Rubik's 360 &#... Read more

Full conviction

written by G. Zannier, 03/01/11

The Rubik's 360 has triggered the full pleasure with my daughter. It is Knobbelmeister and has made it to the same right. She finds him class.


written by Malin, 06/01/11

A really tricky thing to get mad at the same time as you become overjoyed when you manage to solve it!

nice gift

written by Thorz, 08/01/11

I gave this as a Christmas gift to a cousin of mine who is 32. He liked it very much.

It is sk ... severe :-)

written by Svend Sandbæk, 26/01/11

Talk about frustration. But I have set myself, to solve the puzzle !!!, well made but pi ... annoying :-)

fun ball

written by Sniko, 07/01/13

The ball is very fun for those who want to solve some small challenges. I bought it as a Christmas gift for a friend who loves such things. He was very fond of it and spent much time on it.


written by Evelina , Sweden 19/12/13

Bought this for my boyfriend's birthday. Spot on! Very ingenious, and it will probably take a while for him to solve it.

brain nut

written by Trine, Norway 25/12/13

Put a frustrated 12-year-old at the end of Christmas Eve and wondered how this would be resolved - fun :-) Will be said that 17-year-old and 39-year-old did not understand anything ... This "cube... Read more

It was easy

written by Anders, Denmark 01/08/15

Just turned 12 years and got the Rubik's 360 and solved it in an hour. A little tip: let the weight hang points and turn the black points toward you.

Handball estimated 40 birthday present!

written by Silvia, Sweden 27/11/15

Hard to find gifts for those who have everything. However, this was a very appreciated gift of the celebrated who thought it was a gift for the whole family to occupy themselves with in the sofa, at t... Read more

All top top

written by Yipmanlee, Germany 06/01/16

The product was delivered in time for Christmas. The Cube itself it is a great skill and concentration game. However, very tricky but on the Internet there are some video tutorials so you Pats not com... Read more

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