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Rubik's Cube 5x5

The new advanced Rubik's Cube 5x5 is here, for those who have fought your way through the original and have waiting for a harder successor! This version of rubik's cube doesn't have "only" 3 rows of squares but a whole 5x5 to twist and turn!

Rubik's Cube 5x5 - Rubik's Cube 5x5
Rubik's Cube 5x5
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What is this?

written by Morten Steffensen, 24/08/09

The product lived up to my / our demands. Also thanks for the fast service and shipping

written by , 09/11/09

Good logical challenge, however, had to be a little larger, as the small squares on the cube is difficult to deal with some big fingers :)

fun idea

written by Johan, 25/12/09

Funny idea, some innovative and -väldigt- difficult to solve! However, I think that the cube was a little too loose in the joints, it does not feel sturdy, a bit like it might break if for example a c... Read more

The classic Rubik's Cube cube at a higher level

written by frk-stender, 19/02/10

If you master the classic Rubik's Cube 3 * 3 cube, this professor cube even more challenging to offer. The cube comes in a single edition, in a beautiful and colorful packaging, so it is just to g... Read more

Rubik's cube

written by , 08/04/10

An excellent gift - delivered reliably and punctually

Professor Cube 5x5

written by Bente Bornhøft, 10/05/10

Both the product and your treatment of us are very fine - thank you

good quality, Liefererung about hesitant

written by Martin, 22/11/10

The cube is good quality, unfortunately the Lierfung came in order until a week later, but everything else

Super site

written by , 29/12/10

Easy and fine I ordered this professor cube and only went a few days so I had the goods. Packed neatly into a box so that could not happen on anything. I would 100% recommend to everyone ... Read more

As good as I thought.

written by RubixKub, 05/06/11

After that the 3x3x3 become "too easy", it is 5x5x5 definitely a challenge for those who want to test the brain office of a severity that makes 3x3x3 seem like pure baggisen, then it is so m... Read more

Professor's Cube 5x5

written by Matthias und M., 26/07/11

Advantages: + Original Rubik's Cube + in original packaging + with stand + akzeptabeler Price + turns very well and easily + full, rich colors + good workmanship + sticker keep good + long lasting... Read more


written by Denise Carlsen, 29/08/11

Having solved this can not go back to the usual "light" Rubik's cube with 3x3. This extremely fun cube get the usual to appear dull and cinch. Now I just want to have bigger and bigger c... Read more

EASY ....

written by Dorthe, 05/01/12

It's super easy and then comes the goods VERY quickly

perfect service

written by GVC, 06/01/12

Everything went as planned - despite orders submitted two days before Christmas came the goods are in the mail as promised and to our complete satisfaction.

poor quality

written by Tanja, 08/01/12

I have finally made Rubik's cube 3x3 and so I just had to præve 5x5 cube, and I found at a cheap price here so that I bought of course. But when I finally got it I was incredibly disappointed, it&... Read more

good service

written by Tanja, 13/01/12

I got as seen above, this cube and it was not as I had expected so I wrote an email and got quick response and was then sent to a new cube. Super good service .. It's not the last time I buy somet... Read more


written by hannechr59, 26/02/12

this cube is given to my two grandchildren aged 10 and 16. I wonder who get these sides resolved. but they hyger with it. hanne Cristensen 420 krsr

Challenging, difficult and fun

written by LK, 01/01/13

The Christmas gift is still in use as recipient, 23 years old, not yet finished resolve it for the first time, but close to, here a week after. There has spent many hours on it, victories and frustrat... Read more

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