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SPA Jelly Bath

Pour the powder into your bath and the water doesn't just become fragrant, it also turns into a viscous jelly bath of thousands of tiny beads. Wonderful!

SPA Jelly Bath - SPA Jelly Bath
SPA Jelly Bath
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Nice feeling

written by Credo, 15/06/09

Bought Spa Jelly Bath to your wife on Mother's Day. After a hesitant beginning it became an appreciated gift. Keeps the heat very well and gives a different gooey feeling. The only negative is the... Read more

Fun-time experience

written by badgalningen, 15/07/09

Thought it was fun with the water was a bit gelatinous and so it smelled ok. There were problems with dissolving gel afterwards even though the instructions were followed very closely because I had th... Read more

Luxury bath

written by kilstösa, 01/09/09

These gave me the gift for mom and sister, luxury gift.

written by Janne, 04/01/10

Perfect gift for mother, or anyone else around who are stressed and need to relax. Was pretty scary, was small jelly balls. but worked and smelled delicious!

With all your senses

written by Katja R., 19/01/10

For my daughter I had already bought the Gelli Baff-and fands urkomisch.Aber as spa experience? Well, let's see ... It was truly amazing entspannend.Der fragrance was very pleasant and especially ... Read more


written by diana, 27/01/10

Rekomenderas !!! This was amazing :) how good any time, and at the same time a very strange experience. Worked just fine to dissolve the "gel" afterwards. Thought it would be blue spots left... Read more


written by Niklas, 29/01/10

worth a try, becomes small jelly balls in the bath and it feels really weird but fun

cozy spakänsla

written by NictheSwede, 02/03/10

Tested product with my girlfriend on Valentine's day, it was easy and convenient to mix up with water. The bath was very cozy at the same time you had a little strange feeling, like swimming in je... Read more

written by , 22/10/10

Full genial.Man know that can not properly beschreiben.Es's just a completely different Badegefühl.Wenn it were not so expensive, I would always therein baden.Ist also a nice gift to people who li... Read more

written by , 10/11/10

Great product, fast delivery, at any time, Thanks

written by nemismamma, 11/11/10

As for swimming in jelly simply. Relaxing and comfortable.

really happy

written by Gårdare, 12/11/10

Bought this as a gift for my sister. She was rikigt satisfied with Jelly Bath. It's that was good was partly that you can send to another address than the sender when I ordered through the Web, at... Read more

Cool product, poorly delivered

written by Lee, 18/11/10

Seems like a cool product, just sad that they got it delivered in a compressed and squashed packing ... Not so fun when to give it away for Christmas. :( (The cardboard Spa Jelly't and the other t... Read more

SPA Jelly Bath - a special pleasure.

written by Mandylein, 29/11/10

I enjoyed the swimming, it could try in a Christmas-test action. The water gels after addition of a powder, and it's something funny :) The heat is kept great, bathing can be extended. Who anythin... Read more

Good product, poor service

written by Lee, 01/12/10

Did a review before that apparently was not positive enough to be published on the page. Have because it is now even less positive to say, but as I wrote in my first review: SPA Jelly seems to be a fu... Read more

In short, a wonderful experience :)

written by Kaprimo, 13/12/10

I must admit I was a bit skeptical before I tried out this product, how does it possible to transform powder into gel beads and then transform it back into the water with a new powder. Sounds like a l... Read more

Beautiful spa bath!

written by trött mamma, 20/12/10

So very cozy and relaxing to crawl into the spa. The water was warmer longer and smelled wonderful. Can really rekomendeas as a gift for tired moms who need relaxation.


written by Alexandra, 27/12/10

Very exciting experience! However, a little disappointed that you can not read that the product can not be used in the spa tub before you ordered. There I found out by reading the product itself, and ... Read more

Jelly Bath

written by maria, 27/12/10

Had high expectations for this product. Jelly bath was found to be a bath of gelatinous lumps. Some slibbig feeling. Consuming both before and after the bath. No.2 bag which would restore the gel to t... Read more


written by Katten, 28/12/10

No one had heard of in this way, so the interest was enormous when we decided for a test. And Joho! It became pearls and försvan when we spread them on the salt. Very tudda and fun Christmas gift!

written by Husse, 28/12/10

It is truly a nice product. It is very nice to be in the "gel". It holds heat well and does not dehydrate the skin. The powder will "transform" it back to the water is not 100%, bu... Read more

Spa Jelly Bath - Perfect for a cozy evening

written by Jesper SB, 14/01/11

The product is really nice, it's difficult to describe it with words or pictures. The bath turns really small jelly balls and bath keeps the heat really well. The instructions are easy to follow. ... Read more

Really good

written by PiGGo, 19/01/11

It was better than expected, I must say. For after I had seen the video available here it does not look like there is so much jelly. But it was really mean that swimming in jelly. And it was much appr... Read more


written by Gullhår, 31/01/11

After my best bathroom ever I ordered more immediately. Nice present for someone who has everything. Allow plenty of time for it just gets more and more comfortable ...


written by Gullhår, 31/01/11

After my best bathroom ever I ordered more immediately. Nice present for someone who has everything. Allow plenty of time for it just gets more and more comfortable ...


written by Anders, 12/02/11

Bought this for my girlfriend for Valentine's Day (but used a little earlier). Besides girlfriend was about to somersault when she was down in the tub so this was really wonderful for her. We also... Read more


written by Steffe, 15/02/11

The girl loved this bath gel lot, spot "girl presented"


written by Andreas Fridlund, 22/02/11

Purchased the product as a gift to my wife for Valentine's day, and one can clearly say that it was an appreciated gift, I give absolutely clear full points for this product, the price can always ... Read more

written by , 22/02/11

We'll see what the girl says about this! the right to her I bought it;)

written by gast, 27/02/11

all the best :-)

After this behandlång get ..........

written by Knäppejeppe, 28/02/11

Uj what my wife was happy, guess whether it was successful ... She was so happy that the "SPA" -upplevelsen had to follow up with a massage both without ochinnan :-)


written by favorit i repris!, 11/04/11

bought this once before (and to myself and my partner). This time it was time to give it as a gift and it was much appreciated! do you want to give someone close an experience that does not cost too m... Read more

Just as it says on the box

written by Robert, 26/05/11

The feeling that this SPA treatment gave was just the one described on the package.

brilliant product!

written by Jakob, 17/06/11

If you are into long baths, and loves spa experiences, then it is not the case, it smells, it softens and it retains heat, and there's no cleaning up after it as merely stir some powder in and the... Read more


written by Stina, 15/08/11

The gel was nothing like I thought, but it was really lovely. Anyone who complain that the gel does not disappeared I do not understand, it was the mass of gelatinous lumps remain, but they ran anyway... Read more

Romantic pleasure

written by Kosh, 24/08/11

Have the Jelly Bath bought for a romantic bathing pleasure for two. The application is easy and works without any problems. The scent is pleasantly relaxing and not too intrusive, through the thousand... Read more

Very good!

written by H.G, 11/09/11

I ordered this product before the anniversary with the girlfriend of curiosity "Jelly Balls" it sounded nice! Then we filled the tub, we started to distribute the powder which initially did ... Read more

Beautiful and awesome!

written by My, 14/09/11

A very great feeling, and rather intriguing. The film showing it coolstuff do not do it justice, you can not really see how it looks. But it is really like a lot gelepärlor / lumps that feels really g... Read more

praise and criticism for it all

written by Nanna, 24/10/11

The fast live ring was a plus as well as the cheap price. However, the SPA destroyed at pickup, so would strongly recommend a better packaging and not to squeeze so many things in a small package. How... Read more


written by Tymara, 25/10/11

Oh dear, bought 3 pieces of this product directly. To others, however, because I myself do not have a bathtub. Awesome prized and unusual gifts, the feedback I received was positive and I did not even... Read more

Has drain clogged and was not as expected

written by Nani74, 19/11/11

Utter bad buy. Have as indicated the tub made only half full and it was not as if you had the feeling in gel, jelly or something to bathe viscous, but it was plain water with many little bloated beads... Read more


written by Joe Cool, 23/12/11

Unfortunately Does not deliver what it promises! Had imagined being or viscose badewasser properly as gel! But it only swim so ridiculous patches rum in it :-(

Fun product, bad finish

written by Sandra, 01/01/12

Wonderful product. Be just as you had imagined. However, dissolving the powder did not work at all for neither me nor the friends who got it for Christmas. Kankse depends on the hardness has been on t... Read more

written by , 18/02/12

Super experience! Highly recommended!

Do not dissolve properly up

written by TOM TOM, 27/02/12

Ok product but does not solve all the jelly with bag 2. Where there is unfortunately no more to say then this should be 100 characters.

Käringan was satisfied.

written by Tjocken, 27/02/12

Bought this all-Valentine-dagpresent to käringan my, she apparently thought it was damn good. Never tested himself when the idea of ​​jumping into a tub of jelly do not really feel like anything I per... Read more


written by Löken, 27/02/12

My boyfriend and I bathed in this all hjärtansdag, pouring the powder into the bath (felt like sand), it was then that small gelekorn of "sand". It was really fun to swim in, however, kept t... Read more


written by henka b, 05/03/12

Met my expectations and could regulate how thick they wanted to spa gel would be the amount of water ...

Good experience for little cost.

written by Glenn, 27/03/12

I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to treat themselves to something good! All in all a very positive surprise considering the price. It works basically very simple; it included two wel... Read more


written by Mårten , 21/04/12

I did exactly as the demo video anyway, it was a flop. The bath was full of small annoying balls of jelly. Then when I get tired of the uncomfortable feeling as I hit the bag No 2 would now do "g... Read more


written by Renee, 14/06/12

I got the product for Christmas 2 years ago the first time and have used it since. It's a wonderful experience to swim in these small, fragrant gel lumps. The skin becomes soft and good, and it&#3... Read more

A very pleasant but difficult beschreibliches Erlebins

written by HP, 25/06/12

One thing first: Jelly SPA is not for contemporaries in which everything has to go fast, fast, fast. This starts at the very beginning with the addition of the powder to the water. Pour the contents o... Read more

Spa bath home!

written by Jeanett, 13/07/12

I followed instructions from "point to the letter" and got a well-stocked bath with jelly. It was hot, delicious pg relaxing to sit in. The skin was incredibly soft and you felt really clean... Read more


written by Fornøyd kunde, 05/08/12

I liked the product fight, fight well! It was really nice to be fighting long in the bath! The only thing I think could be improved is the solution powder which did not resolve the gel completely, was... Read more


written by T, 21/08/12

It was a popular thing to her partner. Keeps the heat well, do not think it's that big a problem to restore as some think.

The most terrible thing I every experienced ...

written by HT, 25/09/12

Yep, a romantic evening was a disaster, we put in the bag and slowly but surely start the small rubber balls are becoming larger. It was not as expected as I thought throughout the tank would be tough... Read more

Jelly SPA

written by TE, 05/11/12

it is a good and feeling everyone should try swimming in jelly, but a package does not cover a full normal sized bathtub. There should be two packages in the box or a larger unit.

Incredibly delicious!

written by Vilde, 29/11/12

I liked this product very well! It was so good to lie down in the bathtub which was filled with lots of jelly "balls", which together were a delicious pulp. It's got a sort of massaging ... Read more


written by Filip, 28/12/12

Very jelly was left after we used the step 2 agent, not smell at all / not so good but it is a cozy one-time thing. It kept the heat well, but are generally not as fantastic as the product claims to b... Read more

Jelly Bath

written by Sara, 07/01/13

Cool product. Some content may be in the tub so you have to take it easy. Smells good, and makes the skin smooth and fine.


written by OA, 25/02/13

The worst product I bought so far! Sure it was a jelly, but it hardly filled a bathtub. The perfumed smell was so strong that my daughter who has asthma could not even stay in the bathroom and the who... Read more


written by Fridtjof Flo, 05/03/13

A great product, would happily recommend it to all my acquaintances. Is very pleased that the gel works as the product says it does.


written by RazBanton, 08/03/13

England wa. So really gelled it does not have. I think the 4 liters of water would be gelling at the amount of powder. With nem bath so you would need a bit more. Smell and bathing feeling but nice.

Hard to turn into water again

written by Marie, Norway 30/05/13

It was lovely to swim in the water when it was full of jelly balls Oppi but must drain very little powder into the time, so there should not be large lumps. It was really more work than what it was cu... Read more


written by Hans Roar, Norway 12/08/13

This was a wonderful experience! Note that a package is estimated at about 100 liters (standard tubs). It was therefore a bit small for our double boblekar, but it worked fine anyway. Do not get the t... Read more

not tested

written by Mattias, Sweden 16/08/13

Then my girlfriend is pregnant, so we have not been able to rule on that yet. But will probably be a nice "spa bath" when we come home from bb :)

very comfortable

written by anna, Norway 17/02/14

product is easy to use, it is really true that it holds heat longer. A complete spa experience.

Very disappointed!

written by MB, Sweden 25/04/14

Was very pleased to get a swim in jelly, was very cozy! But had I known that I would get out of the tub hinka of jelly when I was done, I had not used the!

Severe Dissolved

written by J, Sweden 08/12/14

Funny product that gives a very different baths, however, so it was not so good to dissolve the gel with the supplied powder so we'll see if it will stop the drain or not;)

Already funny but ...

written by Jessy, Germany 13/01/15

The Jelly Bath is a funny matter when it comes to gifts. Instructions are extremely posted. The Badeglibber was so nice - until it "drain water" about going! The amount of anti-slime agent i... Read more

Did not work so well

written by Blubby, Sweden 30/06/15

Not so good. When I tried this was not the water like jelly as it said on the package, but it was as usual waterproof purple and with little tiny lumps in. Quite ok experience. But what's worse is... Read more

Had higher expectations

written by Lee, Sweden 29/07/15

Simply had higher expectations, thought it looked like taking a bath was completely made of jelly when she was in the video stepped in, but when I did it, it was just like small balls of jelly, which ... Read more

Insanely digg!

written by Per Tomas, Norway 05/01/16

For a winter cold body, these absolutely incredible! It feels fight strange, but great to be in gelèklumper. The water also keeps the heat much longer than usual. There is no problem getting rid gelè&... Read more

Different bath!

written by Anki, Sweden 23/02/16

Bought this for my guys in ten years that would otherwise not understand why you need to swim ... but this thought they were funny as hell, it gets really messy and very different! :) No problem to re... Read more

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