Sansaire Sous Vide Machine

Cooking food sous vide gives you unbelievably tasty results - unfortunately this has long been the preserve of expensive restaurants. Sansaire makes sous vide as easy as carbonating water.

Sansaire Sous Vide Machine - Sansaire Sous Vide Machine (EU Plug)
Sansaire Sous Vide Machine (EU Plug)
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Sansaire Sous Vide Machine - KitchPro 3L zip-bag 15-pack.
KitchPro 3L zip-bag 15-pack.
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71 reviews

Sansair Sous Vide

written by Rush, Spain 15/09/16

Recieved the product and its not working ,tgis was confirmed after troubleshooting checking all the plugs and connections ,a huge dissapointment and ruined my plans. Emailed sansair and waiting for s... Read more

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Awesome ........ but

written by agakhan, Sweden 20/10/14

Top Product works fine but was f-one get hold of a high-stew that is 15 liters volume? Having visited most of the shops and searched online for a suitable product to put Sous Vide Machine in but faile... Read more

Nowadays professional chef

written by Roland, Sweden 27/10/14

Now I know how they achieve the perfect light red fillet of beef in restaurants; they use a Sous Vide. It is a professional thermostat for a water bath allows one to cook meat and fish to the exact te... Read more

Easy and straightforward for the happy amateur

written by MikkelB, Denmark 21/11/14

Sansaire is easy to go to - it's just plug in and you're off. The product holder, as promised, the temperature within a range of +/- 0.1 degree. Have intil far only made a few things in sous k... Read more

Had I not prøvert it myself - I'd think it was a lie

written by Lars Byriel, Denmark 01/12/14

I tasted meat made "Sous Vide" with some friends and was not a second of doubt, such a MAT I also have. "Sous vide" is to cook the meat is vacuum packed in a water bath over a long... Read more

Simple and Simply the!

written by Åse (, Sweden 15/12/14

I'm completely sold on Sos Vide now! Simple and does not take much space. I have already used it three times in three days. A really good buy and money well invested!

By the book.

written by Christian Krog Rasmussen, Denmark 29/12/14

got the goods quickly, the order went smoothly and everything was in perfect order upon receipt, the product also functions perfectly.

test of Sansaire circulator

written by Alf, Norway 01/01/15

This was tested in a saucepan with 5 liters of water with the following results 27 gr C +0.2 to + 0.4 40 g C 0.0 to + 0.1 60 ° C 0.1 to 0.0, this is as good as a Sous Vide Suprime demi as I also have ... Read more

Sansaire sous vide

written by Obiwahn, Germany 02/01/15

Sous-Vide is the sow which is currently driven by the kitchen village. Nothing new for professionals, but for home was this cooking method previously feasible only with devices from the hardware store... Read more


written by CoolStuff-Fan, Germany 08/01/15

The product has absolutely exceeded my expectations! Already applied several times .... and achieved great results!

Practical Sous-vide machine

written by Ole, Denmark 13/01/15

I bought primarily our new machine to improve the preparation of lean meats - such. chicken and turkey, and I must say that it meets my expectations. The above is not much left in the cupboard, and pe... Read more

good choice cost / benefit

written by ksdyrkorn, Norway 13/01/15

An affordable alternative to a circulator and that it is considerably prettier to look to the kitchen for those who also think some of the design.

Good design!

written by SX, Sweden 15/01/15

The Sous Vide Machine works fine. The design is great, I think. Easy to use and great results. Not many other options can be found in Sweden in this price range.

amazing gadget

written by Knezevics högerdojja, Sweden 26/01/15

Do their job on the exemplary manner. Sounds almost nothing. A really really good buy simply. As regards vessels so it works just fine to buy a plastic tub at Clas Ohlson or the like for the dog ring ... Read more

Sansair and Cool Stuff

written by Bo Fritzen, Denmark 30/01/15

This is probably a double review. Sansaire machine works flawlessly and you can not hear it, which is quite important while standing and running for several hours. Others have already described this a... Read more

Sous-Vide household finest

written by H.H., Germany 16/02/15

Gift to our son. He is a very good cook and very satisfied with the device. The results are impressive. One wishes a little more information about the handling. But there is indeed the Internet.

No problem finding suitable trays / containers

written by Unicum, Sweden 19/02/15

Saw that someone had problems finding suitable water. Personally, I started with this: but to invest in this kind of plastic containers shortly :) ... Read more

Stunning in its simplicity

written by Petter, Sweden 25/02/15

Highly recommended. More people should try this simple-looking machine. Very easy to get the perfect result, meat, poultry, fish, eggs does not matter. Vegetables I have not tested yet. Keeps the temp... Read more

fine case

written by Jørgen, Denmark 06/03/15

Has made a skinkecoulotte and a oksecuvette with super result. Looking forward to make several dishes. :island)


written by Liyana, Norway 06/03/15

I do a lot of cooking and enjoy experimenting with new techniques and equipment. I 've been tarrace two get into sous-vide for a while now, but all the other options two get one here in Norway are... Read more

Sous Vide for Life

written by Jonny, Sweden 06/03/15

This is without doubt one of the tastiest purchase I ever made. Delicious doubly for it is really as it is said, Sous Vidernas Apple :) Shit Stylish and extremely easy to work with. Has so far done fl... Read more

Super delivers what it promises!

written by akex1897, Germany 09/03/15

The sous-vide unit of Sansaire has convinced me of the first used. The unit is very quiet, you can hear hardly anything, it heats up the water quickly and keeps the temperature as promised to + -0.1 d... Read more

Sansaire Sous Vide Machine

written by Bum bum, Denmark 09/03/15

There is not much to write about it because it works well just. And then fills it only slightly. So when not in use can be stored away in a closet or in a drawer.


written by Daniel, Sweden 10/03/15

Top product! Great prompt delivery and very convenient service very happy so far - made an awesome Poached Egg for Sunday breakfast ...

sous vide

written by Finn, Norway 25/03/15

Works great. Quick delivery. Small footprint. Quiet "" ............................................... ...................

Sansaire sous vide equipment

written by TOM, Germany 06/04/15

Great sous vide apparatus which takes up little space in the kitchen away. Water is constantly in motion, temperature becomes very precisely. Heating the water to the set temperature is easy. Operatio... Read more

Easy and delicious machine !!

written by Kasper Christensen , Denmark 06/04/15

I had gone for a long time and thought that I would buy this machine and took me so together to do it, 1700 kr incl delivery is a lot of money, but after the first time I used it I was amazed at how e... Read more

Cool functional product

written by Christian, Denmark 09/04/15

Sansaire are neat, functional, great design, completely silent and does not take up so much. It warms quickly up the water is incredibly easy to set. It is also an advantage that you can settle for a ... Read more

Great tool.

written by Åge, Norway 08/05/15

Black certainly to expectations. Affordable pris.Lett to bruke.Særlig useful that you can use any one guy. Good results.

Affordable sous-vide

written by Gajjex, Sweden 11/05/15

Easy to use, pretty damn efficient, fast and clean. Absolutely nothing wrong with the product at all. Should we complain about something then it might be the clip that secures it in the container feel... Read more

Super machine

written by Peter71, Sweden 11/05/15

Bought this as a friend of mine has had it a long time and am very satisfied. Although I am very satisfied. Has now run some different cuts of meat, and can only conclude that it works perfectly, just... Read more

Super invention

written by Jimmi Kristensen, Denmark 11/05/15

This is quite simply the lettetes way to make good food on. Easy to use and it gives a good result every time

Without air

written by Thomas, Germany 12/05/15

I have used the device twice. Onseneier 1hr pork 26 hours The device works as described, is quiet, heated quite accurately

Absolutely incredible

written by Mattias, Sweden 14/05/15

The world's best grejj so incredibly smart, works perfect. I've used it for a week now almost every day, I constantly think of new things you can try. Nice that it does not matter so much meat... Read more

Incredibly happy

written by Christoffer, Sweden 14/05/15

It works even better than I dared hope for. It's not as big as other Sous Vide I checked in, but smooth and sleek. Would highly recommend!

Very satisfied

written by Andreas, Germany 10/06/15

The Sansaire impressed me especially because of its ease of use and the results achieved so far, he also can be stored in the kitchen drawer. The dishes, including beef, poached eggs, salmon and crème... Read more

Asnice elements

written by Anders Pettersson, Sweden 07/07/15

Have tried many times to optimize the temperature with an oven / pan, etc. to try to get large pieces of meat to keep looking inside and outside, started googling and found this technology and chose t... Read more

great device

written by Zakia, Denmark 20/07/15

I bought a sansaire sous vide, which function completely as promised. I have already made tykstegsbøffer, pork tenderloin and a US Ball tip in it. The meat is tender as butter which is somewhat higher... Read more


written by zerz, Germany 01/08/15

Fast delivery, perfect packaging. The device and the operation is simple and self-explanatory - exactly what I wanted. Temperature control works to the point; remeasured I did not, however. But since ... Read more


written by db, Sweden 19/09/15

Can highly recommend this product. A Plus is that you can customize the vessel after the food's size. Can oxå recommend recipes from:

Meat on the tender way.

written by René, Denmark 17/10/15

I've tried it on some chicken and I must say that it was good enough lækkert.Så so far I am very tilfreds.Let to put in a gryde.Og you choose the size of gryden.Også just igang.meget easy to set t... Read more

Sansaire Sous Vide Machine

written by Heinz, Sweden 30/10/15

Sansaire Sous Vide machine completely corresponded to my expectations, it for cooking to a whole new level. The results are very good. In addition, the heater is very simple to operate, highly accurat... Read more

Home Chef's wet dream

written by Jenny, Sweden 08/11/15

Thus, this is the funniest kitchen appliance you can think of. I have tried a little of everything and the best so far is the lamb (stuffed with garlic and rosemary, 24 hours, 56 degrees, then browned... Read more

Like the sharply

written by LLO, Sweden 09/11/15

A very good buy, is so far very satisfied with this product, really recommended if you are curious about Sous Vide.

very good

written by Kristian, Sweden 18/11/15

Troubled good and easy to use. Can not believe I waited so long to buy it. One tip is to have a cooler bag that you fill with warm water (as hot or NGN degrees warmer than what you cooked the food in)... Read more

amazing product

written by Krilla, Sweden 04/12/15

Spot on affordable sous vide circulator. Should perhaps be cheaper? Do their job. Too bad slow delivery.

broken product.

written by caroline, Sweden 14/12/15

My partner has longed for this for ages, I bought it for his birthday present

Faulty on delivery

written by Martin, Sweden 02/01/16

Sansaire must be felkonstruerad when both fasteners (made of plastic) that holds the rotor was damaged on delivery. Most likely they have broken by rough handling during shipment (the engine is heavy ... Read more

great device

written by Maka, Germany 04/01/16

First time the 48h / 64Grad pork belly tasted. Device keeps the entire time after reaching Zieltemparatur exactly 64 degrees. Barely audible noise and a stylish design, small footprint in the kitchen.... Read more

Super device!

written by DerAndere, Germany 04/01/16

Simply clamp onto a high pot, pumping and keeps the temperature constant - perfect for sous vide. The roast beef was fantastic. And a lot more sophisticated, while less expensive than many other therm... Read more

Sous vide

written by Peter aus rosenheim, Germany 04/01/16

Hi gets the sous vide is super easy to use and easy zuverstauen. Have already made roast beef supper absolutely The only there should be spelled in German operating instructions here but its not so ba... Read more


written by Anna, Sweden 04/01/16

Bought it to Mom for Christmas but must immediately buy one for myself. On New Years Eve we made burgers that beat all oxfileer we tasted before and all guests agreed, delicious New Year dinner!


written by Karla, Sweden 04/01/16

Has had time to try it on beef, pork and duck! Works great, even when I run the roast beef for 30 hours.

perfect results

written by Johan, Sweden 05/01/16

Bought the machine before the New Year's celebration in order to prepare the meat in a smooth manner. Extremely well! There we could miss our access to a "cookbook" with a little more in... Read more

Incomparable gadget!

written by Jonas, Sweden 05/01/16

Wonderful and easy! Creates peace and quiet in the kitchen when you do not have to worry about over cooked / prepared food. The eggs will be perfect at 75 degrees and 20 minutes, chicken breasts are j... Read more

Superb Sous Vide Machine

written by GoranW, Sweden 06/01/16

Fantastic Sous Vide machine. It keeps the temperature perfect and very smooth. It was a very successful Christmas gift!

Amazingly fast delivery!

written by Fredrik H-C, Sweden 08/01/16

I ordered my sous vide machine on the Monday before Christmas and I was already on Wednesday! I could not be more pleased !!

Sansaire Sous Vide - a big shot

written by Anders, Sweden 11/01/16

I bought it from Coolstuff. Quickly, smoothly and easily. Have used it for, poultry, fish, veg and meat. Everything has been just as good as I expected. It is simple to use. I would wish for something... Read more

easy apparatus

written by Betoni, Sweden 14/01/16

Easy to use, no special vessels in addition to the usual kitchen equipment needed. Provides excellent tasty results.

sous vide

written by Marianne, Norway 18/01/16

Hi! 'm Very happy with my sous vide machine. Having already gotten used it several times in the two weeks I've had it. (Had previous experience with similar machine) The meat is always absolut... Read more

So damn good

written by Pelle, Sweden 19/01/16

Bought a Sansaire Sous Vide Machine and nothing is every to much like home. I have never tasted anything so delicious, tender and juicy meat that they we driving for Sous Vide machine. Takes its time ... Read more

Sous vide. Easy to manage with the food

written by Johan , Sweden 22/01/16

Yes the food is as good as it can. Have now tried some different ingredients. Everyone knows how easy fish or chicken is too dry. It is now only a memory. Good taste and juicy. Highly recommended. Tip... Read more

Easy to use

written by Tina, Denmark 25/01/16

Have tried it three times and think it is easy to use and takes up little space. The only drawback is that I am not completely comfortable using a standard. bag (particularly at the roast, which must ... Read more

sansaire sous vide

written by I, Sweden 25/01/16

Works just fine. We cook nowadays all meat, fish and chicken with it. Easy to pick away, takes up little space in the cabinets.

Prima settlement

written by Gongi, Germany 26/01/16

Has everything worked out great, fast delivery, goods in order, payment via Klana unproblematic, I am very satisfied with the handling!

Good but a little guidance about the temperature would be desirable

written by cat, Sweden 01/03/16

Bought this as a Christmas gift to the old man. The idea was fine, and when you just ferreted out some recipes, it works great enough. But for us, not so good for meat and the temperatures are optimal... Read more

Sous vide - almost a bit too simple

written by CO, Norway 13/06/16

My first sous vide machine. And after two weeks and about 10 Dishes "Prepared" in the machine I am very satisfied. Low noise, easy to use and makes himself right on the kitchen counter. Only... Read more

Estimates Sous Vide Machine

written by Mobobo, Denmark 13/06/16

I am for the time being extremely pleased with the results my machine produces. Easy to operate and warms quickly the water. The only negative is that the plastic material seems fragile. I have only h... Read more

Very good service !

written by Milli, Germany 13/06/16

Order by email notification because the item was not available initially. then get the desired information delivery, ordered, delivered quickly and trouble-free operation. Compliment!

Good but expensive

written by David, Denmark 30/08/16

I have now had this unit for just over a year's time. There is no doubt that the outcome of this machine is nothing short of fantastic! However, there is, as with many other features, room for imp... Read more

Looks good, but processing leaves to be desired

written by Sous Vide Interessierter, Germany 12/09/16

Have returned the Sansaire again because I was processing for the price simply is not convincing. Does the stick has good, can be adjusted precisely and even has the ability to calibrate the temperatu... Read more

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