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Scoop That! Ice Cream Scoop

Is this the world's best ice cream scoop? Applies the laws of physics to conduct heat, non-stick coating and super sharp edges for optimal ice cream scooping!

Scoop That! Ice Cream Scoop - Scoop That! Ice Cream Scoop
Scoop That! Ice Cream Scoop
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What is this?

Ice cream scoop works.

written by Nils Petter, 28/09/15

I received just one isskje that I really had no faith. But it is amazing. Tough ice is like butter and spoon stock delightful scoop of sorbet. Recommended !!!!!!!!!!!


written by Fredrik, 02/10/15

This works out very good! Could certainly been a bit faster, but it is also just heat from the hand in question. Regardless! Give it 5 stars because it provides what is described in a very cool and st... Read more

Do not wash in makin!

written by Erlend, 04/01/16

Ice cream scoop worked so far, but bad that it can not be machine washed. Looking in retrospect that this is stated on the website and in bruksanviningen inside the box, but who reads bruksanvining fo... Read more

It works! :-)

written by Lise, 04/01/16

This isske, making it really easy even frozen solid ice cut it out easily through and it's also easy to get the ball of the spoon again without having to use aids. This isske must also be said to ... Read more

IceCreamHeaven (ICH)

written by Norpan, 04/01/16

Now I have found the way to happiness. The bucket that takes me all the way without a sigh or hesitation. All have one, now soon it will be only you do not have one. You do not want to be without. Rig... Read more


written by X, 04/03/16

Did not think it would work as well as it did. But it works quite properly, have an ice cream that is not even going to hack into when you take it up. But this is how it works just fine.

Better Eisportionierer there is not!

written by Alfred, 03/09/16

This ice cream scoop of Cool Taff "Scoop That!" works by transferring heat from the hand grip on the Circumferential cutting edge. This enables even exat from frozen ice cream and effortless... Read more

Does what it promises

written by Anne, 28/10/16

Works as just that, never been easier to get nice scoop of sorbet and preserve ice. No need to remove the ice before you will wear it!

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