Scratch Map Original

Map showing exactly as much of the world as you want. The whole world comes covered in a gold top foil layer that you scratch off like a scratch card to reveal the countries you have visited!

Scratch Map Original - Scratch Map Original
Scratch Map Original
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What is this?

game tough

written by Patrick p, 12/11/10

scratch map is the coolest world map available. it gives you an overview of the many places you've been, but also our much you need to experience.

Nothing to complain about

written by Simon Kaarfast, 18/11/10

The product is as promised. fast delivery and low cost. Thank you for good service.

Good gift for someone who travels a lot

written by Kikki, 23/11/10

Kanon good gift for someone who travels a lot. My sister was certainly very happy about it and it's also a little aderledes than regular cards.

Really Cool!

written by Ronja Erberth, 28/11/10

I have bought a scratch map, which initially is a completely gold colored map. Because I love to travel and have plans to do so in the future, it is a great and a product I use frequently! Scraping si... Read more


written by , 08/12/10

This was an absolutely brilliant idea, perfect gift for those who like to put my finger on where they each have in the world.

Civilization fan and planners of travel

written by Ida, 22/12/10

This product has more bottoms than you expect. Is not it funny as simple scratch map, but you give it to someone who played some kind of upptäckar game where you uncover parts of the world as such he ... Read more


written by Karoleen, 23/12/10

A wonderful gift for anyone who likes maps or are traveling a lot. We have already begun to scrape away all the places we have visited together and realized that there is much left to see (right toget... Read more

Perfect gift for Reiselusitge

written by , 23/12/10

The card comes in a beautiful package with explanation for the / the recipient (s). Each country has a different color under the silver coating and also capitals and something like "interesting t... Read more

map of the world

written by Wolf, 25/12/10

Everything was fine. Thank you.

The blast!

written by Ann-Catrin, 27/12/10

The "Scratch Map" is an absolute must for globetrotters and travelers who want to keep their experiences in memory. I was thrilled when I had discovered on this page and the enthusiasm grew ... Read more

Just great

written by Galgolady, 27/12/10

The card is great and has the recipient very happy. Delivery etc. was super fast. Thank you so much!

Lina S

written by , 27/12/10

Much appreciated Christmas present for my sister who frequently travel. It was also an OK price, I think. My older sister has previously had a normal map on which she was sitting up needles to mark wh... Read more

written by Lisa, 18/01/11

Gave away to my grandmother and brother for Christmas and they were very pleased. Sitting up on the wall like a picture, very stylish!

Scratch Map

written by exodus65, 28/02/11

A fun map where you wont mimics until the countries you have visited as a lottery ticket. Fun thing to give away to a real globetrotter

Scratch map

written by Totten, 28/02/11

This was the an incredible artistic product. Here we scraped the countries we visited. The kids thought this was exciting. It was perhaps a little hard and see limits in some places. (Croatia and Mont... Read more

written by , 28/02/11

Clever idea, well implemented.

Scratch Map

written by BL, 01/03/11

A funny and nice map where the whole family can join in and scrape the map to remember all holiday adventure in the various countries have been i.Mitt advice to you all; Order a map, gather the family... Read more


written by , 02/03/11

Had we been offered a framework would become the fifth.

Really good with "Scratch Map" !!

written by Rebecka, 03/03/11

I bought my Scratch Map and am really happy! It comes in a protective tube and is carefully wrapped - so it's great when it arrives! I immediately started scratching them places I have been in (yo... Read more

Scratch Map

written by Meg, 04/03/11

If you like to create solder, digger one this map! Also fun for children, and teach them a little about geography while they get to see where in the world they have been. The quality was above my expe... Read more

Scratch Map - clutter map?

written by Selmert, 06/03/11

I bought this scratch map because we are very well traveled and have visited several continents. I thought it might be fun to get an overview. The map is rather fragile and need to be rolled back in t... Read more

Scratch map

written by Helena, 07/03/11

really funny gift! Too bad it was kinda scratched when it came .. Yet very successful!

written by , 08/03/11

Have bought three copies as a gift and all recipient were enthusiastic about the idea Sratch Map. I hope Review "1" being the highest and not a score. I definitely wanted to make a very posi... Read more

Scratch Map

written by Linnea, 12/03/11

Very fun and cool thing if you travel a lot. It encourages the trip because they are eager to find out what it is in the boxes that you should scrape, and you're not supposed to scratch if you hav... Read more


written by cn, 14/03/11

Map feels quite luxurious, but was slightly damaged, so that the gold was torn in any place even before we started to scratch! But absolute fun gift which was appreciated by her partner.

Fell on good soil

written by Trine, 18/03/11

Very good as a gift, when it should be "unconventional". Was very well received :)

World's Best Map!

written by Bring Bling To Everything, 23/03/11

For someone who lives to travel and plan trips so this is a must! Travel The demand is also increasing tremendously because you want the whole map should be ready scratched before leaving this earth :... Read more

Tragically ...

written by Barrax76, 06/04/11

... What little that was scratched. Thought it would seem much more that I traveled a part ... Well, not the map's wrong, simply head me out into the world a little more often! Really fun little t... Read more

written by S, 07/04/11

This card is a brilliant invention to him / her who travel a lot and would like to keep track of the destinations on a cool and trendy way. Great idea - must be owned !!


written by Hanne Møller, 22/04/11

I had ordered on Monday and got my package Wednesday morning so was surprised how fast it went. ¨ The I open my package was a great stir a more visually map which appeared! Could not be better :)

Good product!

written by Anon, 25/04/11

I am really happy for my card! It is a small reminder that you should go out and experience something if you now are the type that do not just come off as often. Now, both I and my girlfriend one, and... Read more

"Scratch Map"

written by Christer, 25/04/11

Unlike a map placing the needles seen it very clear where you have been. A disadvantage is that you happen to scratch in a place that you were not scrape on it can not be repaired. There is a map with... Read more

Nice map on the wall!

written by ulli, 09/05/11

Hey! Fun idea. Good map. However, little sensitive to oförusedda example cat claws. but it means well that I get to go to a few more countries in the future!

Scratch Map

written by Maria, 09/05/11

Fun idea and an ornament on the wall. However, requires to deal very carefully with the then paint easily released without scratching ...


written by Mig, 25/05/11

I gave it to my brother for his birthday and he was super happy. really a great thing :) I ordered on Thursday afetn, and got it good enough only on Tuesday but it probably has something to do with it... Read more

Perfect for the trip mad

written by Mat , 27/05/11

This product is a great product for him or her who loves to travel. The card is easy and nice to scratching. The only problem with the card whether to scrape all the countries you have driven through:... Read more

Cool map

written by Hanna, 28/05/11

Super fun thing, sitting as a board in the hall. Perfect for the ressugne, to see where you've been and what you have left to see. Only minus is that you have to scrape up some seas and lakes, the... Read more

Fun for young and old.

written by Fennia, 13/06/11

The map was bought as a birthday gift for 11 year old (boy) and was very well received. Fun with maps, and when he realized that he could scrape of the countries he has been, it was extra fun. The map... Read more

Awesome gift for a traveler

written by , 17/06/11

Gave the map to the man who traveled a lot, and will have it on the wall at your desk to scrape plan new trips and scrape some more.


written by Aura Maria, 14/07/11

New and fun meeting looking at the world

Fuck Cool!

written by Ida, 04/08/11

This joy I'm really when I ordered it. I have been in very many countries during my short life. What I recommend doing is to buy a corkboard to hang it up, or pop in a place they sell photo frames... Read more

Great gift!

written by Krissi, 27/09/11

Now I just go even more, so I will be exposed card. Highly recommended!

great gift for myself;)

written by cara, 19/10/11

Although I've already a world map, but this I had to necessarily have anyway. hab then immediately ordered a second as a gift

Everything great!

written by Gabsche, 25/10/11

Am completely satisfied with your order! Everything went super smooth, fast delivery and good goods! Again and again I would order from Cool Stuff. Keep it up!!!

Incredibly good!

written by TS, 02/11/11

Love this! Have been looking for something that I can hang up on the wall (but that is easy to carry everywhere) and that can keep track of where in the world I've been to a fancy way. Finally, I ... Read more


written by , 22/11/11

Alletiders idea for the well-traveled

Just so good!

written by Angelica, 23/11/11

Have ordered two home Scratch Map I downloaded today. 'm Very happy of my own and think it's really fun to scrape up the color of the countries it has visited. The second will be a Christmas g... Read more


written by Roland, 28/11/11

Insanely cool gadget !! Love principle. Equally cool and retro as putting needles in an ordinary world map. New and exciting - especially for someone like me, it is planning my first trip around the w... Read more


written by Anefur, 02/12/11

This map is genius! With this map it is easy to keep track of which countries you have visited. It's also fun to scratch the countries. Recommended to all !!! :)

Scratch map!

written by Sofia, 05/12/11

The map was delivered really fast and I'm satisfied with the giant. It is easy to scratch, and it was not scratched in any way when I got it. I already feel the urge to sale more to get the scratc... Read more

Great gift!

written by lillelubb, 05/12/11

Scratch Map comes in a nice box, you almost feel like they are going out on a treasure hunt. The map is not too large, so most people will probably be able to find some space on a wall as it can adorn... Read more

written by Sagg, 19/12/11

Can not wait to give this as a Christmas present to my travel-loving sister and girlfriend. Have alley glanced at it and regret that I did not buy one for myself. Is super tough and are very happy wit... Read more

world Map

written by Jan, 20/12/11

I ordered one for myself and one for the lady of the house when we both have traveled extensively. It is a fine "picture" that tells us and all our guests about where we've been and the ... Read more

Fed poster

written by Pernille , 22/12/11

A great gift for teenage boys. A poster which also should be a little active. Super cool

written by , 26/12/11

The idea is awesome and a great gift for all travel enthusiasts!


written by per r, 27/12/11

Everything ok and as expected

Has fully met expectations

written by , 28/12/11

The Scratch Map world map has fully met expectations. But it would be even better if each country had its own color; hence this is not possible with the number of countries ?! So is the whole continen... Read more

Scratch Map!

written by Lille My, 28/12/11

Bought scrape map to my brother and girlfriend his Christmas along with a travel book - they found gift was absolutely brilliant! They obviously have to clarify whether they will scrape all the places... Read more


written by Trichetus Manatus, 28/12/11

I have the card ordered in December and given away for Christmas to my friend. The card was very well received, the golden layer also looks already very good, especially because one is kann.Das see th... Read more

written by Gitte, 28/12/11

I am well pleased. The order came as promised and the card was intact. Would like to order on cool stuff again!

very beautiful!

written by Jo, 28/12/11

The world map is really a nice idea, is also super processed and beautifully packaged! With her my parents now always remember where they still have to! ;)

Super easy and safe to order goods in this way ...

written by Hanne, 29/12/11

It is rare that I order värre over the net, but I will definitely do more often in the future when it's so easy ...


written by smgj, 29/12/11

Funny product to whoever has "everything". The 5th star is coming when land next to each other have different colors instead of similar color ...

written by Elin, 29/12/11

Superfine! Incredibly happy with this. Was pleasantly surprised at the quality, there are thick material and resembles truly a painting. Much nicer than the picture. :)

written by Anne Sofie Knudsen, 02/01/12

written by karin, 02/01/12

I received a message that was sent but was not to be retrieved at the post office,

Great gift for hardcore site!

written by , 02/01/12

Good quality and good price. It was Christmas present for a friend but considering buying one for myself.

fine product

written by , 02/01/12

Good, fast delivery and a top-notch product that lived up to all expectations.

For those who like to travel ...

written by Amaroq, 03/01/12

Bought 2 pieces as gifts and regret not buying one for myself too. Fun to see where you've been, and you can dream away to the next trip to go ... A must for is well-traveled, those who want to tr... Read more

Funny thing!

written by Anna, 04/01/12

Gave away a scratch map as a Christmas gift to my sister who travels a lot, she was pleased and thought it was a good thing. A little difficult just to manage to scrape exactly a specific city, for ex... Read more

written by svend aage hansen, 04/01/12

it was a big disappointment

The perfect gift

written by Mille, 04/01/12

Scratch Map is a fantastic gift idea. One wants to travel the whole world around, when you sit and creates.

scratch Map

written by Oliven, 09/01/12

The map is cool enough that, quite large. Wish the towns were written on! At least capitals .. Since I do not want to scrape away the country, only area I've been in there a little inconvenient. D... Read more

wrong items

written by , 16/01/12

Unfortunately got the wrong items which was rather unfortunate as it was a gift, cool stuff made it up by quickly send the right product


written by Tone, 24/01/12

Was it delivered in excellent condition and it is as expected.

Be careful on the map

written by SofieJC, 27/01/12

I received the card a few days after I ordered it. It was in good condition and really lived it 100% up to my expectations. Just a word of advice: One must be careful with how to handle the card when ... Read more

scratch Map

written by Oline, 07/02/12

Fun world map where you can scratch the places you've been e. Good quality, thick paper, and come in nice box. Excellent gift for travel happy friends or or a new citizen of the world who have the... Read more

written by bitten lichtenberg, 08/02/12

I ordered a card that can be scraped, so you can see where in the world you have been. It was a gift for my very travel happy family and I know they have scraped the many places they have been. The ca... Read more

Very well thought!

written by Cruzer, 15/03/12

Fun Idea for discoverers! Got the product, but this right then broken with a green line across the map. Got very good support and is now the new coming! Would heartily recommend both Coolstuff and thi... Read more


written by soulroom, 02/04/12

Happy with Order lodge. Ordered and it arrived quickly at the post. Where I had imagined but much larger.

Super Map

written by Peter, 13/04/12

Toppenfin quality and easy to scratch. Good that it was plastic coated so that one could easily wipe it after scraping so you had a nice map '

Everything OK.

written by sh, 26/06/12

Satisfied. Bezahlmethoden something bizarre (notified Location was stated and was not accepted), but nice and quick solution. Product: As expected, so well.

Very pleased!

written by Tess, 27/06/12

I bought Scratch Map as a gift for a friend who travels a lot. He really enjoyed it. It was really nice. It felt real, and the material was so powerful that it easily can be put up on the wall like a ... Read more


written by Rafik Davoudi, 29/06/12

Is very pleased with the delivery and everything around. Regarding the product can not reply to it is a gift for a kommpis do not know how it looks from presumably good for me bästälde it

great idea

written by reinhilde merz, 17/07/12

Product came when recipient very well. It was a graduation gift and all liked the idea. Will buy when the opportunity the product again and also recommend.

great idea

written by ch., 28/07/12

The Sratch Map was enthusiastically aufgenommen.Es are further ordered werden.Super idea. I hope that there will be more great deals.


written by bethe-beth, 05/10/12

The map was Kjempefin - came in a nice gift pack - funny as an inexpensive gift for someone who has everything and loves to travel.


written by Paula Jaime, 30/10/12

I thinks is a nice product, but it is difficult to find out where two scratch if you do not know exactly the city you havebeen. I mean, it is amazing att-to-use a map, you have two take a look into an... Read more

Cool :)

written by Lenka, 05/11/12

Very cool product. Good quality. Bought as both gift and to myself and can not wait until I get scratching;)

Fed gift for the one who has everything!

written by Jeanette, 16/11/12

I was supposed birthday of my father who really has everything. It was then that I fell over Scratch Map. The man loves to travel and spend much time on it, so that he should have just what was quite ... Read more

Gift for the travel happy :)

written by Hege, 23/11/12

The person I gave that gift was incredibly happy, and looking forward to start scratching where she already left. In a frame will this map look very good :)

Better than expected

written by Stan da man, 03/12/12

The map looks grappling. Is a gift, so have not tried to scrape, but the map is nice to look at uskrapet at least :-)


written by S@r@h, 19/12/12

The delivery was very fast and on time. The goods were not damaged and accurate as on the homepage!

Fast delivery

written by Mingobyn, 20/12/12

The order is a gift, not delivered, but it was incredibly fast delivery and painless :)

Super Christmas gift!

written by Kristine, 25/12/12

First and foremost I must just say that the package came incredibly quickly after I ordered it, so there was no concern that it might not come until Christmas. More Christmas gifts coming years will p... Read more

Arti gift giving :-)

written by Leifen, 25/12/12

Has given away 9 such for Christmas and all who have received was very happy :-) cool gift suitable for both children and adults. Could have been more detailed example that the Mediterranean has not b... Read more

good gift

written by K., 26/12/12

I've given away the card and it has been well received. It is also packed nicely. The functionality I can not comment because I do not use self Allerding.

Estimated Christmas

written by Elina, 28/12/12

The map is nicely packaged in a roll that gives a kind of old-school-traveler feel. The world is covered with a layer of matte gold as you scrape away and countries are nicely colored in varying color... Read more

popular gift

written by millersen, 28/12/12

The map is huge and seems to be good quality. Comes in a nice gift roll that makes it seem more exclusive than it perhaps is. I've given away more such as gift and it has become very popular for b... Read more

Scratch Map

written by Doris, 28/12/12

That's great gift idea for someone who travels a lot - in this case my grandson, who has been in many countries and think it's funny to mark where he has been in the world.

fine idea

written by Morten, 31/12/12

Scratch map is a fine idea to travel a lot and would like to have an overview of whether some one has been. Unless you scratch an entire country at a time, one could his geography well, for city names... Read more

Some "unæyaktig"

written by Aina, 01/01/13

Gave this a Christmas present for my dad. He said it was fun, but maybe a bit "inaccurate". For example, if you have been in one city in China, it is difficult to scrape only the city. And o... Read more

Scratch Map

written by far till vittberest dotter, 02/01/13

I thought mg most that the map would be a fun thing when her daughter, who lives - and traveling a lot - abroad was at home over the Christmas holidays, like scratch-alpha in the family supervision, b... Read more


written by Ebba, 02/01/13

Fun gift of good quality. A little bigger than what I thought, but not excessive. Easy to scratch and nice to hang on the wall. Super fun idea!

super creative gift idea

written by Wildi, 03/01/13

to give world map is generally a creative gift idea, but there is probably no more individual than the Scratch Map World Map Add fun accents countries visited whim free scratch and thus create your ow... Read more

Miss Seychelles ...

written by S.V., 03/01/13

So, first of all I can well evaluate the Scratch Map World Map, because it can be rubbed off quite well with a coin (as it is known by lots or as telephone or iTunes cards) and there are some exposed ... Read more

All in top

written by Louise , 03/01/13

Ordered scratch Map card, I thought at first that it was something cheap junk that was just fun. But actually I was very overraskelset, both super nice tube map is rolled in, and scrape the world card... Read more

Awesome poison!

written by Kimberly, 03/01/13

I bought this for my boyfriend as a gift and he loved it! We plan to travel a lot so this was the perfect poison: D

Fat card in good quality

written by HC, 07/01/13

Good gift for the price. Good product. It is a gift everyone can use and in this case it was a bijulegave to my father, who thought it was a fun little gadget and when you are a little in years, it&#3... Read more

world map

written by Missekatten, 07/01/13

They were Christmas presents and when recipients have traveled most of the globe, so it was my impression that the recipients were happy gift


written by Kristin, 08/01/13

This will be fun, easy and see where you've been in the world. Maybe a little hard and scrape accurate. And part sea is also scratch fields. But this should be on the wall. A little slow levering.... Read more

Is well received as a gift.

written by Atze, 08/01/13

The card was a gift. Arrived class and as far as I have seen that it is also a very sizable map.

funny gift

written by M.M, 08/01/13

Fun gift for someone who has everything and who loves to travel. Fun way to keep track on the land they have been in. Highly recommended;)

Nice for world renowned

written by Ørjan, 10/01/13

This is a nice gift for those who have been around in different parts of the world. This may be a kind of "bragging board" for which one has been around the world.

beautiful card

written by benne85, 18/01/13

The map we have purchased as a gift and it arrived super. Even if "free" does not yet many countries see the map of super. And the little information at the bottom are also worth knowing. Ei... Read more

Very good!

written by Kartoman, 22/01/13

The map was much larger than it seemed like the pictures, and is made of a sturdy and durable material. Beware when you take the map out of the container it comes in, then you can quickly scrape away ... Read more

Fun map that increases wanderlust

written by Mari, 31/01/13

Finally, you can brag about their travels in a fun and different way! Both the map and the packaging is really nice and arrived quickly in the best condition. Really fun to uncover countries. Would ha... Read more


written by Sanna, 04/02/13

Wonderful map for those who like to travel, had wished it was a little bigger so that you could scrape the island they were on or city :)

Warning: gift idea for someone who loves to travel

written by Frkhera, 04/02/13

Was thrilled when I was looking for a slightly different gift and found this map. He got it was very happy, gift box is nice and the map is pretty!

Discover the world !!

written by Brit-Anne, 14/02/13

Detects urge grows with the scraping. While one get a better understanding of how great continents are. Equally fun for children as adult

cool short

written by Ivalo, 16/02/13

It's a really cool card and its packaging is also nice. It's great fun if you like to scrape and travel.


written by Maro, 18/02/13

So I can only map I empfehlen- gave it to my friend birthday and he was very happy. Just right for people who want to see a lot of traveling and the whole world. It is also a real eye-catcher in the l... Read more

tour overview

written by ss, 20/02/13

to be used as maps of where we've been on holiday, marked with needle in stedet.Kunne been corkboard on the back!

Scratch Map - World Map you can scrape

written by Linus, 25/02/13

My girlfriend loves to travel and loves maps so when I saw the map scraping it felt like an obvious time everyday gift. The map rolled up in a cardboard tube, which is neat in itself, and has a protec... Read more

Scratch map

written by Stina , 28/02/13

Fun gift for those who like to travel! By scraping off the opaque surface of the map of the countries you have visited so emerges underneath countries in different colors depending on which continent ... Read more

Was satisfied.

written by Surfis, 06/03/13

It was a gift for my sister and she was satisfied. Good fast delivery. I do not know more what to write ...

Wow what a great gift for the person who has everything!

written by Eva, 07/03/13

I would buy a gift for a friend who has everything. But he travels a lot and seen many countries in the world. Then I saw this map and thought right away that it will be perfect. And that was it. What... Read more

Love it!

written by Fanny, 25/03/13

One of the best purchases I made! The packaging is as beautiful as the map. The idea is brilliant, perfect both for themselves and as gifts. Small enough to be on the wall =)

Super cool

written by Wendy, 26/03/13

Super nice quality and fast delivery. Fully live up to expectations. Cool cool cool! Super gift!

great Content

written by Emilie, Norway 19/04/13

The map was much larger than I expected - and it was positive! Large, nice, beautiful to look at. Very satisfied.

Great gift for travel enthusiasts

written by Inesli, Germany 25/04/13

Fast delivery. Everything is very good !! Card will be shipped in sturdy cardboard tube, which is beautifully plastered by Subject. Can you give away the same way. now wants a :-))

Very pleased!

written by Emma, Sweden 13/05/13

I am very pleased with both the product and the service. Incredibly quickly delivered! The map is nice, much better than the pictures I've seen. Had a home already but bought another as a gift for... Read more

scrap map

written by AG, Norway 13/05/13

The perfect gift for any traveler. It is both decorative wall, a lot of fun and not least one has a complete overview of all the places you've been. There is also opportunity to brag a little abou... Read more

Scratch Map

written by Nadine, Germany 31/05/13

Super product! Have the map given to my friend birthday and he loved it. The Scratch Map can be good "scratch". Perfect gift for adventurous travelers. We recommend!

Super fun card for travelers

written by Winmob, Denmark 01/06/13

Scratch map is a super good gift for friends, family or acquaintances who travel a lot. I have given the card as a gift to my own children and friends' children as student gift or in connection wi... Read more

Super gift for globetrotters

written by Thomas, Germany 27/06/13

Have the gift for my boss bought, which makes a trip around the world during his sabbatical. Unfortunately, the gift is too large to take a little bit, but as he has done in the past, many long-distan... Read more

YYYY, so nice =)

written by Julie, Norway 25/07/13

The map is finely executed, and of good quality. Bit sad to scrape out the first country, when it was not 'new' anymore, but oh so much fun! Only con was that when I had scraped up the countri... Read more

Very nice.

written by Lisa, Germany 12/08/13

I had the map imagined not so great. True class and a great gift for travelers!

Fun to share with travel companions

written by Ken1, Sweden 28/08/13

Awesome way to share memories and simultaneously see where you've been ... Here you can talk about a scratch card giant

Everything great!

written by Sarah B., Germany 30/08/13

Everything went great! Fast delivery and the product was exactly as I had imagined. A small suggestion would be perhaps the view of Europe to increase a little, because it in some countries really har... Read more

Fast delivery

written by Elisabeth, Denmark 02/09/13

I got my stunning and chic scratch map delivered to the post office hughe of 2 days. It was delivered in a nice, retro roll and was nice and mint condition. Super fun card for travel enthusiasts who m... Read more

Advent Gift

written by B92, Denmark 06/09/13

Can not notify ScratchMap because the package is unopened and to use as Advent gift. But hope to match the expectations, because I think it sounds like an exciting idea for a globetrotter

Scratch Map

written by Marie, Sweden 09/09/13

Funny map for those who love to travel. Scratch the countries you visited and you get a lovely view what you have left to discover. Anyone who has seen it wants to buy your own!

Very satisfied

written by Monster, Germany 20/09/13

We have the Skratch Map needs as a gift and it came to Super. Delivery was a breeze and the goods were in perfect condition.

very good!

written by isabella, Sweden 25/09/13

the map was the perfect size and is now sitting on the wall in the living room. It was well packaged and everything was just positive. Worth the price!


written by Camilla, Sweden 25/10/13

The product in sigvar nothing wrong but the delivery took a week, was in touch with the customer service and they did not know why. I asked for a follow-up on why it took time but still have not heard... Read more

Perfect for frequent travelers

written by Bert, Germany 28/10/13

I have decided to give away the Scratch ap after I got it as a gift itself. Why the Scratch Map? *** Very robust, so are countries where I was not, not so easy in high spirits. *** Beautiful colorful ... Read more

finest map

written by A, Sweden 16/12/13

Perfect big map where you can scratch to reveal the countries it visited. The map is large and gets great to use as a painting on the wall. Good quality with. Easily the best bargain in a long time !!... Read more

Christmas present

written by Emma, Sweden 18/12/13

Have ordered this for my boyfriend for Christmas, he is so difficult to buy things, and hope he will like it, then he is a real globetrotter. Have just read good things about this Scratchmap. He has b... Read more

Beautiful gift / Scratch Map - World Map

written by Sg, Germany 23/12/13

The world map is very nice and the gold coating (which can be aufgeguppelt) it looks very classy! Even the packaging is practical, there is no need to pack an extra, since it comes in a tube made of c... Read more

map of the world

written by nohumarue, Germany 28/12/13

Everything went super. Product very well. Shipping soon. Good company, highly recommended. Thank you very much.

Gift for frequent travelers

written by mg, Germany 29/12/13

Hello, the Sratch world map was intended as a Christmas gift for frequent travelers and friends - just got their Thanksgiving - they loved it. I myself liked the speedy processing of the order and the... Read more

Really good and smart

written by Anders, Sweden 03/01/14

I bought this to the family when we travel a lot. We have put it on the wall so everyone can see exactly where we are in the family where in the world. Shit fun!

Beautiful cards.

written by M.Sabroe, Denmark 24/01/14

I've only had the card out of the tube it is delivered in just to look at it and it looks Alletiders out!


written by Elisabeth Ljøkjell, Norway 27/01/14

I ordered it as a birthday present for my brother so I took my own email address and mobile number, but he his name and address. It was a short delivery and he was very happy! : D Bought it and for Ch... Read more

Fin map!

written by Hanna, Sweden 11/02/14

Bought the map as a Christmas present for my partner who likes to travel and it was much appreciated. He wanted to scratch at once, and we both became very eager to travel more when we realized how li... Read more

Very pleased!

written by Marre, Sweden 17/02/14

Bought this for my boyfriend who was very happy, fun for those who travel a lot. Easy to scratch :)

scratch map

written by sheila stendahl, Denmark 18/02/14

A really good invistering if you travel a lot and want to keep track of where you've been in the world, my girlfriend has certainly been a great gift to scratch Map :)

Finally I found Scratch Map :)

written by Molly, Norway 20/02/14

So nice to scrape out the countries we have visited and all who visit us can stand long and say which countries they have visited and reminiscing is underway. Great for the kids when we will show how ... Read more


written by MC, Denmark 21/02/14

Simply the COOLEST world map !! It's great to be able to scrape the places you've been, but at the same time it also provides a sense of how much you are missing! I am crazy about it! In addit... Read more

great thing

written by Karin Vilz, Germany 24/02/14

The world map to "scratch off" is for globetrotters and frequent travelers a great Gifts suitable for all age groups

Worth the money!

written by Tara , Norway 27/02/14

The map was like I had envisioned and hoped for. There are large, detailed (under the scratch coating) and color coded seems that; have not scratched so much. ; P Only thing that pulls down on my part... Read more

Scratch Card

written by pitti, Germany 08/03/14

A wonderful idea, even to give away to relatives u., Who like to travel company in the big wide world. Tip: I (there are at the hardware store, just 2cm larger than the card for about 2.50 €) map on a... Read more


written by alex agerbo, Denmark 17/04/14

Super cool map: D love the good detail and to the traveler or the adventure end it is a MUST HAVE !!!

Fast delivery, product description

written by Frida, Sweden 28/04/14

Really nice map with old-fashioned look of the shiny underside. I have nothing negative about it, it was large and well packaged and intact and untouched when it arrived! In addition, it came up very ... Read more

good stuff

written by Tanja Velbinger, Germany 16/05/14

The material of the ordered card makes a high quality impression. The map consists of strong paper and looks good. Even the packaging was very good. I had ordered the card on Monday and wanted to give... Read more

scratch map

written by Lise , Denmark 23/06/14

It's a Super fun gift for seafaring or school class. I can recommend it to classes scraping a country when they have visited it or to issue work

Giant Funny gift

written by Nathalie N, Sweden 25/06/14

I bought this map as graduation gifts for my friends. They loved it and I thought it was so funny, so I had to buy one for myself too. When you see it you just want to travel and discover the world.

as a gift

written by Gry, Denmark 27/06/14

We did this in the corporate gift for a wedding, and the recipients were very happy for it .. Quote: "So there's an additional reason to travel" Super cool idea, and it's not somethi... Read more

scratch map

written by Jule, Germany 28/06/14

very ok, sorry 'to scratch not only the country, but in some places (in some not) and water. and each continent has again a 'brown edge'. otherwise in the description


written by Susi Sonntag, Germany 01/07/14

The break lights came on time, were well packed and have made a lot of fun to our party guests.

birthday present

written by rseuro, Germany 08/08/14

We have friends, very happy and much traveling. probably there is hardly a spot on our earth, where they were at least not ever near. So what gift you have such travel-loving types? exactly: a scratch... Read more

Fast and good

written by frida, Sweden 27/10/14

Great quality !! Förvånsansvärt fast shipping. It went super fast !! Just great!!!!

The top

written by Ida, Sweden 29/10/14

Became a very popular gift for my grandmother and grandfather who traveled a lot. Good thing to give away because it is so personal.

Estimated gift

written by Sara, Sweden 21/11/14

Bought this as a gift for my sister who would rather be traveling than at home in Sweden. It was much appreciated and I have also received several questions afterwards from others, I bought it!

Christmas present

written by Tompa, Sweden 31/12/14

Never easy to find a Christmas gift / gift to their parents, but this was very fun and appreciated the mine as been traveling to many different places in the world. And it was neat oxå, ideal for hang... Read more

Scratch Map Original

written by Hege, Norway 05/01/15

I was very surprised by the product. It was above all expectations! The map was in decent size and quality seemed quite good. I will probably order more of these maps because I thought that was very n... Read more

Beautiful and brittle scratch map!

written by Katrine, Denmark 05/01/15

It really is a fun idea to make a map that you can scrape on! I gave it a gift for someone who has traveled a lot, and it's extra fun to scrape the places you've been. The gift was a hit! The ... Read more

Fed gift

written by Gitte, Denmark 06/01/15

I gave this card to my father in law for Christmas, who always wanted a world map on which he could put needles in on where in the world, he has traveled to. He was really happy for this gift as it is... Read more

Perfect for the traveler and Triss Scraper

written by Matilda, Sweden 07/01/15

Great fun gift much appreciated out of the receiver. Maybe one for myself too :-)

Funny wall decorations

written by H26, Norway 25/01/15

This product was bought as a gift, and it was scraped visited sites at once. The only thing that can be a bit confusing is that some sea areas covered by scraping material; as Japan Sea and the Gulf o... Read more

Best purchase I made!

written by Elise, Norway 01/02/15

Easy to scratching and also looks incredibly nice on the wall! Good quality with nice colors! A purchase I NOT going to regret! ;)

Showing very clear where you have traveled

written by Mona, Norway 09/02/15

Is a handy map to keep track of destinations you've visited. Remains somewhat color after you've scraped away the film which can be difficult to get away, but there is no problem other than a ... Read more


written by Ida, Norway 10/02/15

Funny product for anyone who likes to travel. The map has good quality and it is easy to scrape away countries. Very satisfied :)


written by Rebecca, Germany 18/02/15

A very good idea was extremely well done. The shipping was fast and the card was safely packed. I am excited and will now travel the world :)


written by Maija, Finland 19/02/15

I think the map was expected siistimpi.Putkilo, where the map came, there was also a representative real-looking. Very unique and nice gift for someone who likes to travel.

super fun

written by Sara , Sweden 26/02/15

Funny thing. Gave us me and the old man on Valentine's Day. Fun to scratch and mark where we have been together.

great article

written by S.R., Germany 04/03/15

Hello, the Scratch Map was intended as a gift for a "frequent travelers" and arrived super. The shipment was done super quickly and easily.

I can recommend!

written by Nae, Germany 05/03/15

The map was very packed with me. The protective cover itself is quite nice, it with a detail of a world map. The first opening of this role is somewhat cumbersome because the cover really has a tight ... Read more

Very appreciated!

written by Emil, Sweden 25/03/15

Gave away as gifts and it was very appreciated. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elite.

scratch Map

written by Bente, Norway 25/03/15

Product responded to expectations. It was the gift and was very popular. The product was quickly delivered. Regards Bente


written by petra, Germany 02/04/15

The goods were delivered quickly. Well, the hard case. Have searched several websites and compared. Card is stable, looks beautiful. I also scratched already busy. National borders are clearly visible... Read more


written by Ines, Sweden 06/05/15

But put me out more correct in terms of countries. Feels like the wrong proportions. But otherwise ok! Funny thing, I framed in his son's room that he can have a long time.

The gift to a friend

written by Maud, Sweden 21/05/15

Was present for a friend. She had unfortunately already one of those - but this was better then all the small islands was - she was missing some turn old map. Funny thing!

Scratch Map Original

written by Annika Lindström, Sweden 29/06/15

Gave the map in the gift for my partner who travels a lot. He was very happy. A fun thing that is also nice to have on the wall.<