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Scratch Map Original - Deluxe Edition

Scratch up the parts of the world map that you want to highlight. Show your friends where you've been – or anywhere you would like to go. The deluxe version is more detailed and, if possible, even better than its predecessor!

Scratch Map Original - Deluxe Edition - Scratch Map Deluxe Edition
Scratch Map Deluxe Edition
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Ordering and delivery of Coolstuff

written by J, Sweden 23/06/14

Easy to order and pay it all went very smoothly and the delivery took just under a week. Thanks for a fun gift and good liver. J

Fun wanderlust

written by CS, Denmark 03/07/14

Fine map - awakens wanderlust also to new destinations. Looks great hung on the wall. Could be more detailed (eg US states).

Great gift idea!

written by Hulla, Denmark 12/07/14

Bought card to a college honey without any preferences. She was so very fond of it and the card looks mega nice with the black. Would so want to complete some poster frames so that it could set up som... Read more

raw cool.!

written by Anna, Norway 21/07/14

Totally cool map that fits perfectly as billboard on Väggen .. Now we just start traveling and scratching: D

Satisfied :)

written by Leslie, Denmark 24/07/14

I bought a gift for my husband as a wedding gift to him (paper). The card has a fine size and more detail than the other Scratch Map. Looking forward to traveling around the world. And let him scrape ... Read more


written by Alexv, Sweden 31/07/14

Funny grej.köpte the 50th birthday of an uncle. Good price. Fast delivery and quick response to emails! Super good!

Scratch Map Deluxe

written by Susanne, Norway 15/08/14

Fantastic product! Fast delivery, but had to be sent again because it was damaged. The map was detailed, with nice colors and was easy to pull together.

Great gift idea for someone who travels a lot

written by Annette, Denmark 25/08/14

Super beautifully done. Would like to be able to buy a frame (without glass) to put it in when you now do not have a bulletin board. It is so great that it almost should hang promotion.

Scratch Map Deluxe

written by Ubbe, Sweden 02/10/14

Scratch Map Deluxe delivers what it promises. It is stylish and gives a clear overview when scratched the countries that you want to emphasize. I did frame it as a black frame with silver became an or... Read more

Very nice card

written by BS, Germany 15/12/14

Very nice card - provides much finer than the "standard" Scratch Map. Very fast delivery on Cool Stuff.

nice gift

written by Maren, Norway 15/12/14

Bought this to give away for Christmas. Terrific and fun for those who travel a lot. Is also a fun thing to frame for the wall.

Fast delivery

written by Festingen, Sweden 15/12/14

Is very grateful that it was such a quick delivery. purchase went fast and easy =) Rekomenderas =) Sincerely

Fun and decorative

written by L, Sweden 21/12/14

Bought it as a gift I do not know how it works in practice it felt like a perfect gift for a "globetrotter". Make sure the wall too!

Super fat short and bold package.

written by Janni, Denmark 24/12/14

The card is wildly beautiful. Cool details, and it's a really nice pipe it comes in. It'll be great to be able to scrape more and more countries. :)


written by Åsa, Sweden 29/12/14

Scratch The painting was a gift, and it was appreciated by the recipient. Difficult to determine how good it is so far.

Super nice and good quality

written by Emilieddb, Denmark 29/12/14

I am extremely happy with my purchase. All live up to expectations. However, I wish that you could buy a frame for the picture when I want it up and hang.

Functional and decorative card

written by Mia, Denmark 29/12/14

A beautiful, functional and decorative cards to the wall. A fun thing to have to scrape the countries you have visited. If there should be pointed out some suggestions for improvement, it must be that... Read more

The top

written by Kicki, Sweden 30/12/14

Have not seen it used yet. But the joy that pat receiver turned did I give it five stars.


written by Erica, Sweden 30/12/14

Became a very appreciated gift to a friend! Perfect for anyone who travels a lot and wants to be able to show the places in the world you have visited :)

bold idea

written by Jones, Denmark 01/01/15

My father is an engineer, and wants always only one thumb stick for Christmas, so it was fun to surprise him. A good idea with scratch map.

Good idea with improvement

written by RosiKeller, Germany 01/01/15

The peelings of the film is very tough. The gold film lubricates the surroundings. You have to rub so hard that you're afraid to rub a hole. Borders between countries are not observed. They are to... Read more

Cool stuff from coolstuff

written by Amanda E, Sweden 05/01/15

Fun gift for the resetokige! Was nice to frame in a 60x90cm frame. Fast delivery, I am super happy!

Very simple

written by Muck, Germany 07/01/15

Very easy ordering, easy payment, fast delivery, well packaged, gladly again !!

Great idea

written by Rosmarie, Germany 08/01/15

It was a gift and the recipient was very happy, the execution was also presented that way.

Good gift :)

written by M.K, Sweden 12/01/15

Good product that we bought for a friend's birthday. She likes to travel and was thrilled. recommended :)

Use eraser !!

written by Amelia, Sweden 22/01/15

After you map scratched with a coin, use the eraser and erase over the places you scratched! It is not destroyed.

Scratch Map Original Deluxe

written by Anne-Marie, Sweden 26/01/15

Gift for my son at 36 anniversary since he traveled a lot o visited many countries. The gift was very appreciated. Fast delivery. Very satisfied, both the son o i. Is highly recommended

nice items and fast delivery

written by Lena, Denmark 06/04/15

fun idea and it looks really great with the scraped fields. bought the poster for my son's room, it is in great quality and certainly worth the money. super fast delivery,

So very awesome

written by johanna, Sweden 02/05/15

so crazy happy. nice big map of the world, could not be more pleased.

Scratch map

written by Babs, Sweden 18/05/15

Perfect 30th birthday present for a girl who is looking much traveling. Fun to Male Jan use it as a fun decor item. Was much appreciated. May be that I may buy one for myself.

Promises more than it stops

written by Wissner, Germany 29/05/15

Excessive overview, small islands (Channel Islands) are not present at all. Because scraping the surface is flawed, but above all because in America absolutely no contrast to gold surface can be seen.... Read more

Fun but wacky

written by Anna, Sweden 01/06/15

This map is so amazingly fun! I like traveling very much think it's fun to be able to select where I have been (without a needle), but this is scraping the material is not the best ... I must exer... Read more

exciting and different world maps

written by Elin Fredsted Petersen, Denmark 06/07/15

The card is not quite as detailed as compared tl countries, as I expected, but there are many fine and fun details on the card. And above all it is different and some other things than the ordinary ca... Read more

So stylish and fun

written by Johanna, Sweden 01/09/15

Really great gift that fits those who love to travel. Even nicer design than the previous version. Thanks for a cool gadget!


written by Kjerstilinnea, Norway 02/10/15

Was purchased as a gift and very well received. Stylish design and should be hung on the wall to show where he had been.

Scratch Map Original Deluxe

written by karita, Finland 06/10/15

Map is a stylish and raaputtui quite neatly. US states also are visible and on a plus! Of those special sections at the bottom so I do not know whether they have any map but outside the black is defin... Read more


written by Helle, Denmark 17/10/15

Have just been fine tilfreds...............................................................................................................................................

Impossible to scratch

written by Polly, Sweden 25/11/15

Fin map sent well packaged in a tube, but it would have been good if it was also SCRATCH. I have tried both scratching with fingernails and coins but nothing works. Now, the map also become a little &... Read more

Incredibly good!

written by Ingeborg, Norway 08/12/15

This is an amazing gift for someone who likes to travel! Good quality, better than expected. recommend

Scratch Map Original Delux

written by Olesen, Denmark 16/12/15

A Christmas present, so they are not yet scraped. I've set it up on a plate, so they are ready to hang on the wall. Contemporary very good customer service as they proved that the first card was t... Read more

Scratch map

written by Sanna, Sweden 24/12/15

The world best gift for family, all appreciated it. And a fun variation than the boring map in which you place the needles. Would this absolute

Fast shipping, fine product

written by Sus, Denmark 29/12/15

Everything went by the book. Easy ordering, fast delivery and no problems. Fully satisfied. Make it like another time

poor quality

written by Lintte, Denmark 29/12/15

Delivery was on time .. However, it is not well when it is scraped! Denmark disappears and when approaching the water, it is not nice !!

Fun lifelong gift

written by Nickan, Sweden 29/12/15

Perfect for the person who has everything and who travel a lot! A gigantic "lottery ticket" to scrape up all the countries you visited!


written by maggan j, Sweden 01/01/16

Christmas became very uppskattade.Personerna began to "scrape" direct the country they had besökt.Dessutom were conversations about travel memories, etc. Some tips also about possible trips.... Read more

Fast delivery

written by LiMo, Sweden 04/01/16

Super-fast delivery of the map that was a prized Christmas gift. Have not seen the map rolled up yourself, but know that my brother thought it was very neat and a fun detail to have on the wall to kee... Read more

Good and entertaining

written by , Norway 06/01/16

Very happy with the map! Fun to have on the wall, the only thing is that it's a bit hard to scratch, but with a little patience and everything will be okay.

Scrap map

written by Johanna, Sweden 15/01/16

Giant handsome scrap map, but a bit too difficult to scrape. Happened to scrape broken in two places, but do not think it will be seen when I framed it on the wall. So it was only minus, otherwise dej... Read more

Traveler guy!

written by Jen, Finland 18/01/16

It was exactly the kind of site can be seen and yet lost "live". Very pretty decorative element and really detailed, so it is convenient to map a lot of traveling.


written by Christine, Norway 22/01/16

Excellent fast delivery, and if possible even better product than expected! I really love map, terrific and good!


written by La, Sweden 25/01/16

Severe Scratched !! Is hardly possible to remove the top layer, and once you do, it also has the background disappeared!

Fun lifelong gift

written by Nickan, Sweden 28/01/16

Perfect for the person who has everything and who travel a lot! A gigantic "lottery ticket" to scrape up all the countries you visited!


written by shoppailija, Finland 05/02/16

I ordered this and OriginalInvoiceNumber, yes I wondered for a long time either choose. Original version would have been kivemman color (white / gold) but here's Deluxe had everything else better.... Read more

Cool product

written by Simone, Denmark 18/02/16

Fin delivery and the product is everything I dreamed of. Any traveler windbag suspension, and good inspiration to new areas. Love it!

Scratch maps

written by Mariann Hägglund, Sweden 29/02/16

Hello, we are very pleased with our maps. What we are missing is that it was not sent by that company (preschool), ie it can not be printed corporate somewhere. I was not an invoice with payment slip,... Read more


written by VD, Sweden 29/02/16

Stylish gift to give away. It looked as expected according to the pictures. The recipient of the gift was very pleased.

Fun gifts

written by Ella, Finland 29/02/16

I ordered my friends kihlajaislahjaksi and had to consider the moment of the heart to give up. Neat package, I did not get to test raaputusominaisuutta. But the whole was sweet

Worlds map

written by Tina Carlsson , Sweden 27/04/16

Very nice world map. Solid was a bit difficult to uncover the countries visited. But as I said very fine painting.

So good gift for yourself or someone else!

written by E, Sweden 02/05/16

So good and cozy idea. Perfect gift! There are several versions of the map. I have seen both the original and deluxe and can say that deluxen's a little fancier, but you decide if it's worth s... Read more


written by HWA, Sweden 10/05/16

Really super fast delivery. The map better than expected. Online shopping at its best! 5+ out of five


written by Riitta, Sweden 10/06/16

Bought as a 20-year gift for my boy, and he was excited. so it was successful that way. Otherwise I do not know about the quality but successful gift.

Quick easy and good quality

written by Mitra, Sweden 17/08/16

It was easy to order and delivery was fast. The quality of the product was great. Looked just like the picture.

Super product

written by poppey13, Germany 02/09/16

Fast delivery, clean working, wrapped neatly, good quality card, price performance are OK, satisfied


written by Vera, Sweden 15/09/16

Really nice! Was bought as a gift, and it was really appreciated. In retrospect, I regret that I did not buy one for myself too. Will a future order :)

Good gift for travel happy

written by CF, Denmark 07/10/16

Bought card here as a birthday present for my dad who travel huge deal. This version is such a little classy in color, which fortunately was a perfect fit with how he likes to decorate his house.

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