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Screaming Flying Monkey

Hold the monkey's arms, pull back the tail and release it like a catapult, the soft furry animal shoots away screaming. Perfect!

Screaming Flying Monkey - Screaming Flying Monkey
Screaming Flying Monkey
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Awesome funny monkey

written by Helena, 13/11/09

The flying screaming monkey is a success wherever I take it, it is a gift given to both cousin and wacky pals. A tip on how to Uses the it might be added to the delivery. If one shoots it and touch th... Read more

screaming Monkey

written by Lasse, 02/12/09

Our daughter's dog has already worn out a Screaming Monkey. Among all the dog toys is this monkey who is No.1. Therefore, we have purchased a new Screaming Monkey shall receive for Christmas! The ... Read more


written by e, 19/12/09

Our small steel-Sune has given us many laughs! A very unnecessary gadget, but still very fun to have close at hand, always ready for another surprise attack! Beautiful Tarzan cry is heard many times.

screaming flyveabe

written by Åse Borges, 22/12/09

I have 2 grandchildren ages 6 and 8 years. They each received his flyveabe in their Christmas stocking and they loved them. No other children have one. It flies great and screams like a gibbon. The sc... Read more

written by tumut, 27/12/09

a teddy bear with sound. there is not much to say. cute little monkey with an annoying screeching sound .......

Fun for all ages

written by Toby, 28/12/09

It does not just look good, but can also fly yet and yelling here! The appeal to everyone! The funniest it is in large Säälen because the monkey screams relatively long. And if one looks at the faces ... Read more

written by EmmaPQ, 29/12/09

Appreciated by both adults and children. Very funny monkey! However, it was only three days, but it can also be due to two rather heavy-handed three year olds ...

bad monkey

written by rocco hessel, 30/12/09

as fun gift super funny we liked!

Poor monkey.

written by Xanna, 30/12/09

We had a picture of the monkey would fly screaming through the air .. The truth is more to it hurled through the air, landing on the floor with arms and legs lying in unnatural positions, and where is... Read more

Psychoanalysis Sapa

written by Gammelman, 04/01/10

Bought it to his nephew and the chaos created directly with the relatively high sound for hours repeated, then filled the operation I had imagined. Fun product that can be quite stressful. The slingsh... Read more

Funny, but could have been more fun

written by XiaoWu, 04/01/10

This is one thing that goes under the category "Funny, but really quite unnecessary." I gave it to my monkey entusiastist to the brother for Christmas, and he was very funny when he shot aro... Read more

screaming Flying Monkey

written by Fredrik, 04/01/10

The monkey was estimated major of my 11 year old nephew, even though it took a while to learn the technique for getting the screaming in the air. He thought it was cool, and immediately wanted to know... Read more

Funny Christmas gift!

written by Christopher, 04/01/10

Bought the flying monkey for my daughter for Christmas who otherwise are afraid of monkeys .. But this little flying monkey think she was so sorry for when he flies away and then falls to the floor an... Read more

Blame yourself!

written by , 05/01/10

The kids love it! And you do not get a quiet moment, untill they had gone to bed and not play with it anymore!

written by Berit, Næstved, 05/01/10

Kanon for-fun package that seemed as described: The screams when it flies through the air. It gave life to the company and was a great success with the youngest participant.

written by , 19/02/10


screaming flyveabe

written by Rie, 30/03/10

Absolutely incredible toy ..... given it away to my two nephews in Schw. at 6 and 12 years. Great cheers .... had been smuggled to school ... All children very envious of the apes. Have bought several... Read more


written by Katrine, 05/06/10

The screaming flyveabe were purchased at an event at work, where we had to use a humorous brand rewards to keep the good spirits high in the busy summer. It was first awarded to a morning meeting wher... Read more

The joy will never end!

written by Jakob F, 30/06/10

I have now had the monkey in just over 2 weeks and joy will never end! The family will be just surprised every time they hear the screaming monkey flying through the house - and it can actually fly ve... Read more

Flying Monkey!

written by , 14/10/10

A great gag! Just funny! To react, or simply just to make nonsense! Brilliant!

Coat screaming monkey

written by Smeden, 18/11/10

We have tried all the family to get the monkey to fly and scream. We have ended up with sore thumbs. But it does not so much as it is a Christmas gift, sent to a member of the Sirius Patrol, the Grønd... Read more

Terrible screaming monkey ...

written by Annika, 22/11/10

... Which of course was exactly what we ordered. Easier to skjutan off than we anticipated when we ordered (no problem for our seven year old). Are you looking for a screaming and rather ugly monkey i... Read more

Screaming Monkey!

written by Marie, 24/11/10

A cool little monkey with a cape and mask invarderade our home in a cardboard box, the idea was that there would be a Christmas present, but neither my husband or I could let the little monkey to be u... Read more


written by Lindisen, 27/11/10

this monkey is a must on Christmas Eve, absolutely wonderful fun if you are young at heart =)


written by Flanders, 02/12/10

Recommend this on reccommended. Monkeyboy RULES completely WILD !!! It is FANTASTIC fun to play with. This is REALLY something you should buy. 7 of 6 STARS! Highly ESTE, EVEN IF -20 DEGREES NOW (IT SA... Read more

really cute

written by , 03/12/10

had imagined him somewhat larger ... but does not matter because he does scream like a big. is really funny and sweet

Up to expectations

written by Percy, 06/12/10

The description was screaming Flying Monkey and it was a screaming Flying Monkey :) A little awkward with the first bouts but then it started to live it fully up to my expectations.

Hysterical flying monkey!

written by Hilde, 11/12/10

This was an absolute Hit, among both children as dogs! Hysterical "primal" scream to the flying monkey, when it fired off across the room, with cloak fluttering behind, was super fun! We and... Read more

screaming Flying Monkey

written by , 18/12/10

pretty boring thing. some times you had to not shout

Tiny's fun

written by , 23/12/10

Annoying loud as it can be, so it is also fun and my younger brother has "terrorized" the family with it.

all good

written by cm, 03/01/11

still makes a lot of fun! I hope the poor do not tear off soon ...

Super Best to scare people with!

written by Jossan, 04/01/11

My children want to give the monkey a fifth in the ratings. So then it is because it is bought to entertain at them. Self I Dig (probably in the company of neighbors) me down under a rock in the woods... Read more

Good toy to the adult child

written by nettan, 05/01/11

This became a popular "toy" to my 20 year old son in law. No really understood what it was that was funny with this flying screaming monkey, but everyone wanted to try and nobody wanted to s... Read more

total Classy

written by michelle, 17/01/11

was good enough disappointed. had really got the impression that the monkey would (almost) literally, fly screaming around the room. it is not flying anymore than you are "throwing" it, and ... Read more

screaming flyveabe

written by Maria, 22/08/11

Super fine, but less than I expected. Sometimes it seems the sound is not - it is a minus!


written by Anita, 29/08/11

I must admit, the monkey I purchased does not correspond to my expectations. It is a trifle tame and ku well have been a long grin- screams of the ape side .. We stood and waited for a little more, bu... Read more

The dog's favorite

written by Mattias, 26/09/11

Our dog is crazy for this monkey, she should hear the sound of it so she goes bananas. Chasing the air screaming monkey, she can do for hours (if she had). Precisely for this reason, the monkey also g... Read more

Coolest guy in town

written by Svärmor, 05/12/11

Really Cool monkey guy who screams heartbreaking when you slam him away! Fun for all of us - of all ages! - That like crazy, fun gifts

Screaming flyveape

written by Robert, 08/12/11

Hilarious :) Hope uncle child becomes equally satisfied.

written by , 16/12/11

I'm annoyed when I after purchase with them, seen your desired product: 2.00 EUR habe.Aber otherwise fast Lieferung.Schnelle response and reaction of your hand.

written by Kristin, 19/12/11

Funny little thing

no sound

written by asgeir krane, 04/01/12

Got this. And this made no sound

screaming flyveabe

written by Kenneth Hansen, 25/06/12

My dogs love the monkeys. I bought 2 pieces. with you, but they are destroyed during nogel months. I bought 3 pieces. this time, and it keeps enough to almost the year. My dogs love real ones Mvh Kenn... Read more

flying monkey

written by fw_jessica, 12/07/12

it was the party blockbuster, the whole evening he flew over the tables and screaming and solved many of laughing attacks, thanks. =)


written by VONKii, 07/08/12

Bought it in 25th birthday present for my friend and it was very popular at the party! Too bad it does not scream during the voyage but only when it hits something. The dog was as crazy and thought it... Read more

Your annoying!

written by M, 20/12/12

Man I is the auf'n bag having to write so many characters here. Who has the shit with the least. 100 characters actually invented? The item does what it should!

, the scream?

written by Anton, 24/12/12

Sure it was a little funny, but it shall scream? It was not the one I bought and gave away for Christmas! Feels a little sad when you tell it to scream when you slide it away and then it is silent?

A hysterical screaming monkey

written by Olivia, 24/12/12

It really is exactly what it's called. I bought it for my fourteen year old brother for Christmas and it was really popular! You still have to have a good dose schyst humor to appreciate it though... Read more

As a young teenager that you want to laugh more .....

written by Annika, 26/12/12

Bought "Screaming Flying Monkey" to my 13 year old son who is "too serious" in my opinion. And besides, he wanted to almost nothing for Christmas. And I want him to get something d... Read more

very funny

written by Axel, 26/12/12

The cat thought it was very exciting when you pushed off the screaming monkey, very entertaining thing!

arrived super

written by silvia, 01/01/13

my daughter needed a 15 wichtel gift for Christmas, was the burner. the boys in her class had really fun


written by Tantzø, 07/01/13

Entertaining flyveabe can get a smile on even Faster Oda! A good and fun gift for big and small


written by Lilla My, 07/01/13

It is really funny monkey. Easy to use and laughs very much when you use it. It is nice and soft.


written by Ola, 07/01/13

Bought this little monkey to my nieces and nephews, great joy for himmla funny monkey. So I give this product 5! Good Luck! PS! See the film, for example

fun !!

written by Milla, 07/01/13

Grandfather brought this on family reunion on Christmas Day. He was pleased !! Funny thing. Great price for a joke thing.

The monkey screaming

written by Nöjd kund, Sweden 11/06/13

The monkey screams really, though not in the air only when it lands! (My cat got really scared and was looking for the monkey for a good while afterwards)

Screaming Monkey disagreed

written by Mamma till besviken dotter, Sweden 31/12/13

Gave my daughter a screaming monkey for Christmas, she was thrilled! Unfortunately, held it only for three times using :-( Monkey one hand came off the rubber band and can not cook. Had expected bette... Read more

Really funny!

written by Lisa, Sweden 03/01/14

I received my order after two days. Very good! And the product is much appreciated by those who received it. It was a gift. We laughed ourselves to death when it flew around the room. XD

Flying printer hijack

written by Jonny, Sweden 14/03/14

Simply the company! Kalas fast deliveries 24 hours after the combined orders so I had the package in the box !! Good work!!!


written by Jonny, Sweden 17/03/14

Excellent service, super fast delivery, from the words became total, it took 24 tmmar I had mn order in the mail !! TOP :)

Blast dog toy

written by Lalla, Sweden 27/05/14

I do not like the sound of this toy dog ​​But I fit totally love it and looking it up as soon as he comes home to me

First Pajja but other worked better

written by Tomas, Sweden 18/12/14

I got the first of pajjade after 3 shooting, but got a new one in the mail immediately and it worked better.

screaming monkey

written by Maria, Sweden 23/12/14

We ordered two screaming monkeys. On one arm of smoke at the first attempt, and on the other did not scream.

Lets not first

written by Madde, Sweden 29/12/14

It is a piece of plastic in my neck of the monkey who must be removed before the sound worked. It took a while before we made it. When the sound then worked, we shot it away, but then flew the hand of... Read more


written by Jonas, Sweden 05/01/15

Quite ok but still not the most fun thing in the world .. A little hard to find the grip to shoot it ..

Screaming monkey ????

written by Rida, Sweden 24/02/15

It will scream when it flies ... NO it screams when it lands as they think kind apologetic about it instead!

Screaming monkey ????

written by Rida, Sweden 24/02/15

It will scream when it flies ... NO it screams when it lands as they think kind apologetic about it instead! As not all bea unfortunately :(

screams fun

written by Kalle_Leb, Sweden 27/04/15

Hey, I and my children had how much laughter and fun whatsoever. Durable product but difficult for children with small fingers. recommend the product phase !! It is Apkul

Donkey Kong in the run

written by giulianaima, Germany 14/12/15

Funny. Was Wichtelgeschenk for my daughter. Kam course with boys in 8th grade great. Only the teacher was slightly annoyed, but may also be quiet just before Christmas.

Did not work

written by Erik, Sweden 28/12/15

We got it never let how we tried, so it was pretty worthless. Is now in the dustbin ...

Broke directly

written by Mattias, Sweden 29/12/15

After testing the product once the product went down as one arm broke. It went to shoot at once, but after that it was stopped. Very boring.

The Call of the Wild

written by GB , Sweden 30/12/15

Lovely and mischievous monkey. You become lixom little happy when he comes flying, screaming, through the air. Although much fun to shoot yourself this little wild acrobatic.

Two attempts but no cry

written by Mr Y, Sweden 16/06/16

Poor quality. Despite duplicate it quiet. The first specimen was taken batteriplomberingen. Tested but to shoot the monkey but three attempts I sat with a hand in his fist and the monkey now has just ... Read more

Not functional

written by Silvia Gökelmann, Germany 06/10/16

Dear Sirs, the Flying Monkey has been returned to me. Has no noise made. I asked for Exchange, as I have already paid everything. I ask you to consider whether the monkey was already sent. Greetings S... Read more

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