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Sea to Summit Ultralight Daypack

Ultralight daypack so small and light you can hardly see it when you don't need it. Only 68 grams and the perfect size to keep in your pocket!

Sea to Summit Ultralight Daypack - Sea to Summit Ultralight Daypack
Sea to Summit Ultralight Daypack
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Unusually method of using a backpack ??

written by Praktiska Damen, 12/08/10

Product Kanon for my spouse who snores! Have a backpack filled with soft kuddstopp and then get her husband to heel on the bag at sängående. The soft backpack prevents him from falling on his back, wh... Read more

written by , 17/09/10

the fear that comes when folded out to be unfounded, it is just as easy to fold back in as it is to fold out easily be carried in your pocket.

very useful

written by ML, 11/10/10

Feels durable despite the thin material, incredibly small when packed together! Quite narrow and thin shoulder straps, however, think one extra time if you are wearing heavy.

Not up tea my expectations.

written by , 06/12/10

Do not like this eh worth the money at all! It got better impression of the image than the right in reality. rather ugly little bag. o you should pack it in a small bag again (as it is supposed to do)... Read more

Ultrasil backpack

written by Jørgen ovesen, 15/12/10

brilliant invention

Mini Backpack with Maxi Square

written by Kate Jacobsen, 22/12/10

Ultrasil backpack is so small when empty and rolled up that it may fall below the saddle when you're out cycling. And when you need it, voila - you have a fine backpack with plenty of room. Nice n... Read more

written by M, 27/12/10

Practical little bag to take with you in your handbag when walking around town

written by nanna66, 27/12/10

Great backpack to carry with you, you can push it back into the small bag after use!

super for the price

written by Rasmus, 27/12/10

I purchased a UtraSil backpack, it's so wonderfully small and takes up nothing when it is put away, it is pocket-sized, yet it is so easy when I have my service with the lejr.Den is very convenien... Read more

Ultrasil Backpack

written by k.p, 31/12/10

Characteristic to have when you do not know if it will happen, fits in your pocket. Holds a lot.

Useful in turn ...

written by Nils, 06/01/11

... On the bike, if you want a day trip backpack so it is perfect -small size and almost weightless.

Walk with a light pack

written by , 10/02/11

My sister and I walk a trip along Skåneleden every summer. We compete to have the lightest packing without sacrificing comfort. This small and light backpack is my ace in the sleeve for this year'... Read more


written by F, 22/02/11

Perfect to have in the compartment on the scooter.

Genial sack!

written by Gadget-Jan, 13/03/11

An incredibly practical and ingenious sack! Fits nicely in your pocket and is light and pack up again. Strong and nice bag I've had good use!


written by Angie, 28/03/11

I bought this for my boyfriend for his birthday and it was much appreciated, but I promise to pack it in the bag after each time it is used (though I can not even pack a tent so I wonder how it will g... Read more

delicious small backpack

written by Rakette, 16/06/11

Easy to pack in and out, and indispensable to have lying in your bag.

Ultrasil Backpack

written by Hassig, 16/06/11

First I did not really believe it when I saw it. But when I got it home, got unpacked and got it on. I just thought it was incredible that such a small package can be so great. Not only that it is sma... Read more

Easy & Occasionally

written by Pknisse, 14/07/11

Perfect to have with you now on holiday or why not always! Weighs nothing and takes no place. When you need to use it so you magically unfolds it and hey presto, you have a backpack! However, no heavy... Read more

Good and smooth

written by Marianne, 05/12/11

I'm happy, it keeps its promises so far. Had it for 2-3 weeks and use it every other day or so. It feels a little weak in the straps as they will burst when I pulls on me with everything heavily i... Read more

Compact backpack!

written by Alex, 29/12/11

This little thing is brilliant. It weighs nothing and so is the baby. It is made of a very thin material which I can not evaluate whether you can hold heavy things in length. But it is handy if you ne... Read more


written by Tone, 24/01/12

The backpack works but is a little disappointed belts. If we must have ten kilograms of it, they will certainly cut into the shoulders.


written by Lilly Andersen, 03/03/12

The backpack function perfectly, filling nothing, can hold a lot. The only thing I could wish was to shoulder straps might be a little strong. Just had it with you on vacation. Sincerely Lilly Anderse... Read more

practical backpack

written by Jo, 21/06/12

Clever and practical backpack for when you do not want to carry on rainwear, fleecgenser, water bottle etc. For andledninger you do not want to drag around backpack, but finds it's fine with a non... Read more

Mini bag that can be applied to most

written by Marianne, 02/08/12

Bought this for my boyfriend who rides a motorcycle. He was very happy because it is so small that he can put it in your pocket! We have used it a lot in festivals and are very satisfied!

It's too brilliant

written by Jaluhan, 20/08/12

Really good product, I have not had the opportunity to test the terms. Extreme weather yet, but so far I am super happy! Next time I order a product from the Cool Stuff, and I have one to. Ps. It can ... Read more

quite excellent

written by √-1, 28/08/12

100% space, water resistant, fits in your pocket and easy to pack. It's just four of many reasons to choose Ultrasil backpack. With 100% space, I think that there are a lot DINGEL-Dangel and pocke... Read more

Ultrasil backpack

written by maria, 26/09/12

Unbelievable that something hanging from the belt loop can be converted to a full-sized backpack for a day's outing, good base, good summer ... I intend to buy several.


written by Mary Korsgaard, 10/12/12

Very pleased with the shipment of "Ultrasil backpack". It lives up to the expectation, the only thing I could wish better the straps on the backpack, it was better they were slightly padded,... Read more

delicious backpack

written by Thea , 26/12/12

It aa small delicious backpack as one can be kept in the pocket of his jacket. It is good if you are going with the bus and act as we 't need a backpack on your back already from home ..

Ultrasil backpack

written by Mona, 11/03/13

Ultrasil backpack. It is brilliant to have with the motor bike ride, because they could not take up much. We are happy for it.

praise for the light backpack

written by Lene Jakobsen, 14/03/13

We have just spent our lightweight backpack on holiday to La Gomera. We are satisfied with the purchase. The backpack is good for some extra clothes - water etc. when as we often do want to walk in th... Read more

beach Travelled

written by Calle52, Sweden 24/06/13

Amazing what a positive surprise backpack. At first I wondered what I got, the package was not bigger than a small apple. But inside was a small cloth bag and when I took out the contents, it was a ba... Read more

Ultra small backpack

written by AnnCathrine, Sweden 27/06/13

"Görbra" small backpack that does not take place and barely weighs anything in common seal (which for us always means only hand luggage). Having for example, city walk / cycling when the sec... Read more

Good idea, poor execution.

written by Niels Andreasen, Denmark 03/01/14

The bag was simply too thin, delicate and not very smart. the idea is good, but you could have wished for that was twice as high in the packed state, therefore, to have a better quality.

Review of backpack

written by ChristinaWadim, Denmark 11/01/14

Good backpack - can be recommended. Gave the gift to someone who will use it as a backpack to the beach.

Ultrasil backpack Ultra smart

written by N, Denmark 03/03/14

good backpack that nothing fills the pocket. always good to carry things on your back, so both hands are free. fin for example rainwear or lunches. or just as a backup in your pocket if you happen to ... Read more

Small easy backpack

written by HT, Denmark 27/06/14

Small easy matter to bring with them, if for some strange reason "comes to buying too much", then pulls to it out of his pocket, more fills it does not. Then the excess is brought home safel... Read more

fits actually

written by Patrick, Denmark 06/08/14

I was pleasantly surprised at the pack can easily be packed into the small hold back, even if it seems impossible.

good quality

written by David, Denmark 01/06/15

The backpack lived up to all expectations, and then it's just a bonus that it came two days after I ordered it :-)

So small and light that you almost forget that you him this h

written by dieTine, Germany 12/01/16

The UltraSil served its purpose fully. Large volumes with a small packing. Light yet stable. Convenient to carry. Anyone looking for a large backpack for long day trips, is wrong here. For all other o... Read more

Nifty little backpack

written by Lenette Bøjgaard, Denmark 17/02/16

Got the goods as promised, quickly. The backpack seems a little smaller than imagined. Good support in carrying pieces of the backpack. Does not take more than a clenched fist when folded. Easy to tak... Read more


written by Britta, Sweden 29/02/16

sac is planned as a complement to a journey with only hand luggage, but may after all have something extra with them in flight, I intend to stow down sweater / jacket, and during the trip to have it b... Read more


written by Oeste, Germany 28/03/16

Was very satisfied quality good and color design also fit, delivery time a bit too long, after confirmation of the dispatch of the ship it was not until she was delivered

Practical, small and light, great

written by Steffi, Germany 19/04/16

The backpack is packed really small, ideal for traveling. The material sounds to unpack like a plastic bag and feels like one. But it looks very well made out, can be filled well and is very durable. ... Read more

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