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Self Stirring Mug

Simply press a button in the handle and a propeller at the bottom of your cup starts to turn and stir your drink, so you don't have to do it yourself. Ingenious!

Self Stirring Mug - Self Stirring Mug
Self Stirring Mug
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Self Stirring Mug - Batteries AAA 4-pack
Batteries AAA 4-pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Self Stirring Mug - Batteries AAA 10-pack
Batteries AAA 10-pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

231 reviews

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What is this?

Funny toy that was appreciated!

written by Victoria, 08/06/09

I am happy with the product. I have just a little thing I'm confused about; the button is pressed is not when to get the small propeller to spin is rather slow pressing. I do not know if it is unu... Read more


written by Daniel D, 18/06/09

Really fun gift late to give away. It also came with lid that allows the heat to last longer! Super!

Fun innovation that works.

written by MMR, 25/06/09

I have had the cup for 2 weeks now and I have used the cup every morning since. cup function and it is fun to show off to his friends. The cup is made of stainless steel and the handle is made of plas... Read more

Spot job snackis

written by Farbror Bosse, 25/07/09

Is cross-satisfied! The only thing that feels a bit so-so is the cup portion can be turned around, which I suspect may Paja wiring to handle. Otherwise gold puck!

Funny and cheeky mug

written by Andreas, 07/09/09

It was really funny and cheeky, it is annoying that the button is sluggish and you get pain in your finger to hold it a long time and you have to press very hard to get it to start. Otherwise it was v... Read more

Self Concerning mug

written by Erik, 16/09/09

Really cool gadget that I bought as a gift for a friend, and one for myself: P. What was disappointing was that my mug was really tough when you would Trucka to "stir" button. I wrote an ema... Read more

The Självrorande mug

written by Erik, 16/09/09

Bought it as a present for my friend, but could not help but buy one for yourself too :). First impression was that it was stable and easy to handle. The sad thing was to "stir" button was s... Read more

Beyond expectation!

written by erik!, 24/09/09

Works perfectly! Equally fun at each glass of lemonade!

Bought two Mugar, but only worked.

written by nohrin, 29/09/09

The mugs are great fun to his idea, but the "self-regarding" the mechanism is so weak that it is not surprising that only one of the two cups that work. And the key is super hard to press. G... Read more

written by , 07/10/09

Defective after 1 week of use - have complained to the seller. Hassle cleaning.

How to survive without this?

written by SuperEpon, 05/11/09

In addition to a cord in the battery holder was loose (it was only to peel back) and it works great. Troubled strong whipping that manage to mix around the thickest of oboyer! The only annoying is wel... Read more

Christmas present

written by Lisa, 06/11/09

I bought two pieces of this product and it will be Christmas presents for some hot chocolate fans. Has not tested how they work yet, but I'm happy with its appearance and såvidare. It will be a fu... Read more


written by Nöjd kund, 23/11/09

The mug is really fun, my sister and I bought it for Dad on Father's Day. A really fun gift, better than a tie for dad :)

The self-regarding the cup

written by Frida, 09/12/09

A very cool and practical product Perfect to give as a gift to a coffee / O'boy lovers A small minus was that the button on the mug was very slow so it was a bit tired in the hand after holding it... Read more

"The self-touching mug"

written by Lex' Driver, 24/12/09

Real great! Fast Verand! Always my pleasure!

Self Concerning mug

written by Frida, 25/12/09

It started with my partner always complain when he'll make O'boy, he hates to stir with a spoon, find it to be lumps. So he started using my latte beaters. By pure chance, I was sitting with a... Read more

very satisfied

written by , 26/12/09

email contact with this provider was very good! soon were asking my answers and also the delivery can be congratulated! and laugher at christmas I had definitely on my website: D

Self Concerning mug

written by , 27/12/09

This mug gave my son to his father for Christmas and we laughed all the Christmas distribution. But my husband uses it a lot and think it is tremendous. An unnecessary thing maybe, but when you use su... Read more

The absolute madness

written by Toby, 28/12/09

Have this unique Mug gift my father for Christmas and he loved it. He is a regular coffee drinker and now even his habit only changed the milk and then pour the coffee. The mug makes a solid impressio... Read more

Funny gift!

written by Cucumber, 28/12/09

Bought it as a Christmas present for my mother and it was of course appreciated. Was a bit afraid that it would be difficult to wash when I did not know how stirring mechanism looked. This was not a p... Read more


written by stina, 29/12/09

Hey! My husband got the self-regarding the mug as a Christmas gift of our son. It was a success! With the push of a button puts a small device in the bottom of the cup started to spin and consequently... Read more

Finally no more teaspoon necessary

written by CK, 02/01/10

For the lazy coffee drinkers a great invention

Everything great

written by M. Beetz, 02/01/10

The cup is really great and has fully met my expectations. As a gift, he came to an otherwise always "wild" touching supi. The delivery was made quickly. All the best ;-)

very satisfied buyer

written by tezz, 04/01/10

bought this for my partner and my dad for Christmas, it was a lot of thought both my dad and my partner. you do not need a spoon or something. bought the most to my partner that he carries out a cup i... Read more

Cute Joke

written by Matthias Majamaus, 04/01/10

Good workmanship

Awesome mug!

written by Lasse, 05/01/10

A wonderful mug for us spoon fed. Quiet and very effective for example, O'boy!

the self-moving cup

written by Per Egtved, 05/01/10

The even touching cup is supergod, especially for cocoa, if you do not like lumps. (Always the hot water or milk, then cocoa at will and pipes). Cocoa must be stirred often while you consume it, now y... Read more


written by Thorlejf, 11/01/10

I bought this mug for about 2 weeks ago and I am very happy with it. There is no direct as I can say anything negative about .. It was also very fast delivery. 5 of 5 from me. =)

"The Self Concerning mug"

written by Robban W, 23/02/10

Bought one for me and one for a friend, one cup did not work at first, but after I "Pillat" on the carousel in the bottom so it has gone without problems. Fast delivery & fun stuff !!!

Oh yeah! : p

written by Maria Qvistgaard, 01/03/10

I'm just so happy for the cup, as is my mother (which I also bought one for) Since it is a thermo mug with lid is the super smart to carry to school or work if you tend to forget that drinking her... Read more

even touching cup

written by Gisela / Gabi, 02/03/10

I have bought the same 2 cups, the cups away to one of Zugar to event itself its sugar to stir the person was reasonably impressed that he nutst the cup presents every occasion. He takes her everywher... Read more

funny & super

written by fin, 11/03/10

The cup arrive safe and sound, and is a toy for children and adults

Self stirring mug

written by , 18/03/10

As shown in the advertising - Price / performance ratio - the fun factor top!

Pure Bebeisterung

written by Arno, 20/03/10

My enthusiasm for this mug is just boundless, so I jump decomposed with happiness. The best thing since the invention of the wheel. Well I ordered two, one for my work and one for home.


written by jean, 26/03/10

Horny invention, only the implementation is not quite waterproof. want not only copy for my cup, but use. Here it is always water in the battery area ... which can not be completely healthy in the lon... Read more

The self Concerning mug

written by Larsson, 09/04/10

Spot perfect to wear on the job works really well =) happy birthday party!


written by M-frede, 12/04/10

The cup is not just for dovn closet! It is for those who want to try something different and fun when they drink! : D It is brilliant and can only praise! And when it should be washed up, you can just... Read more

class ideas

written by ina02, 05/05/10

The cup is simply genial.Schluck milk pure coffee on it until I'm in the garden it is stirred :-) One I've already given away and arrived super.


written by hej, 08/05/10

It was fatter than I had expected, bought it just to buy something more after I bought other things. But my friends looked part as even touched around and would like to try. : D It is super and more f... Read more

Self Concerning mug

written by , 17/05/10

A great and festive mug, easy to carry around without breaking down.


written by Madde, 29/05/10

It may not be the best looking mug available but it moves around the content well and is one of these suitable "unnecessary" thing that you want to have at home or at work ;-)

written by , 16/06/10

Stuff louder than expected but works fine

Ingenious and funny, but plasticky

written by Fredde, 18/06/10

Really fun gadget that everyone can benefit from! But, however, I think it could have been more solidly constructed and iställer few bucks more expensive. For example, the handle was the first I react... Read more

The amazing even touching cup!

written by Mathias, 01/07/10

It is well made. Right there I saw that I had no great expectations for it. When the "propeller" is not so great. But it works fantastically well. It can easily touch and the sugar together.... Read more


written by Yasse, 16/08/10

Haha I love the mug and the mug was lovely and I served coffee in it to my dad when he greeted. Although he loved it and wish for an equal day when he's birthday. He thinks it would have lasting p... Read more

written by , 09/09/10

fast processing

Helkul and practical

written by ule, 21/09/10

We bought a thermos mug m propeller at the bottom, mostly as a fun thing to my brother in law who has sugar in coffee. It became very popular and may even whisk the milk for a latte.

The even touching cup

written by Mia, 23/09/10

I have seen the cup iwie the internet and was thrilled from the first moment :-) Of course I bought at Cool Stuff equals 2 cups! One for me and one for my husband. The delivery arrived within a few da... Read more

The even touching mug is great :-)

written by CK, 26/09/10

For the price of even touching cup is really great, only had problems at first to make it all run. Despite inserted batteries would not. You have here some attention to the seat of the batteries but i... Read more

everything okay

written by , 27/09/10

ware is okay

Practically at the office

written by Skipper, 04/10/10

The idea is as simple as it is practical. Especially when it once again has to be fast (eg before an important meeting), the "Self Stirring Mug" plays its benefits mercilessly. Coffee pure s... Read more

The self-regarding the cup

written by Madde, 04/10/10

The mug is super festive, and works well. The only downside is that the well cap can not seal completely (it is an open hole that one should drink out, which unfortunately does not have a closing devi... Read more

even touching cup

written by Sybille Garbrecht , 11/10/10

Hello, the self-touching cup should be a gag birthday, is determined arrive safely. Have seen him on TV and he has got a very good review. For Capu or cocoa, which must be between agitated times, he p... Read more


written by marcsn, 21/10/10

the self-touching cup is something of the stunner, works perfectly! cocoa, cafe, terrine are no problem for the cup as soon as possible to mix / Preparing to !!!! 100% recommendable

A must for all Rührgetränk drinkers

written by DerBastl, 21/10/10

Since I have the selbstührenden cup, I use almost no other cup more. He could have his skills at - cocoa - coffee with milk and sugar - anzurührendem iced tea - protein shakes and chicken broth to pro... Read more

The mug with tremendous power

written by Blockse, 21/10/10

The even touching cup keeps everything it promises. One can even lather up small amounts of milk with it and conjure eg when camping delicious cappuccino. Just great!

written by , 22/10/10

A great invention this Becher.Habe ordered him for my son, because he liked cocoa trinkt.Geht wunderbar.Keine clumps and always nice and fluffy.

written by Irma, 22/10/10

The mug was OK. No sichtichen damage. But what I found a bit strange was the squeaky sound when the propeller has turned. Otherwise, the cup was the way I visualize.

even touching cup

written by jedo, 22/10/10

funny gimmick cup with useful value for tea-drinkers honey or milk-cocoa-sugar drinker. ps acute kundenservice

written by , 24/10/10

Holder not liquid cold for long. The glass is long time that cool. Yours sincerely, Klaus

The even touching cup

written by , 25/10/10

Super ordering process! Super fast delivery! Gladly again: D


written by Watchdog, 25/10/10

First, as I sat in two rechargeable batteries and the propeller was spinning just when I thought it was totally worthless and fiddle, but it turned out that it gets the batteries were bad. When I twea... Read more

Uncomplicated and very accommodating

written by DC, 30/10/10

I ordered this mug and unfortunately had to find upon delivery, that this did not work. In an e-mail out emir wurd quickly and simply promised a new shipment, which arrived very quickly. They work and... Read more

class cup

written by Michael michi, 01/11/10

Simply too good cup makes sau fun. The other stir with their löfeln and I push on a button.

Total fun gift!

written by Anja Arpe, 01/11/10

Are you tired of both see and hear when people go crazy with a teaspoon in a mug? Then this is just ga-friend! Win-to-win no doubt: D

The pipes themselves !!!

written by Dawg, 01/11/10

Yes, it's moving by itself as described and make a busy life easier for us who are obsessed stir out coffee, tea or whatever it would be. But why it did not get a 5's, (which it really deserve... Read more

even touching cup

written by jan bang, 06/11/10

Since I am a big kid, I have much pleasure of the Self Touching Cup Sincerely, Jan Bang

quick and complete delivery

written by heiki, 15/11/10

Good people, am very satisfied with the goods.

written by , 16/11/10



written by CE, 18/11/10

Acrid mug! Crap good if you have instant coffee, etc. is also excellent to blend coffee on bjölk and stuff. :)

written by , 22/11/10

I buin really excited about the cup

A mug for forgetful colleagues ...

written by Sandy, 25/11/10

Our coffee at work is in another room, as z. B. the milk or sugar. So it happens that employees do have a cup of this, but the spoon like to forget. Thus they do not have to now go long distances, you... Read more

The even touching cup

written by http://tobyshomestorry.blogspot., 26/11/10

About I have an interesting action found. The company seeks product tester for Christmas products. I was very skeptical and have read me all 3 times through. To learn particu... Read more

Martina Schmitt

written by Martina Schmitt (die_schlumbl), 26/11/10

the gift arrived super.

Spoon superfluous!

written by Mama Muetze, 27/11/10

I ordered the self-stirring mug at Cool Stuff. I drink my coffee in any case, with milk and sugar and my husband always steals my spoon. This plastic cups with lid has incorporated a kind whorl at the... Read more

The even touching cup

written by nicca, 29/11/10

A long operating manual does not exist. Only a scrap of paper that has informed me that I need batteries for the cup works. The were not included, but that was not a big problem. I just kind of wanted... Read more

Very satisfied

written by Peter, 02/12/10

Nice and quiet, works great, highly recommended!


written by bindaw, 10/12/10

the cup is super cool and now I need not wash so many small spoon ^^


written by KFF, 16/12/10

Works perfectly

written by Anonym, 19/12/10

Funnily gag for the office, class product, fast shipping! Everything perfect!

works so far

written by Bacaroo, 27/12/10

Bought it as a gift for Christmas. Has worked so far. Is also easy to clean, but you have to be careful with water. It looks a bit fragile out.

surprisingly good

written by as, 27/12/10

Kolder coffee hot, stir around better than expected

Hand back!

written by siti, 27/12/10

I have ordered 2 cups. We loved the first day. But the next day, we realized that very quickly the batteries consumed. After that was over with the fun. It no longer works! :-(

Fast and easy delivery!

written by André H., 27/12/10

The item ordered was a small gift, and as described. The description was good and sufficient, the order was straightforward and was followed by a quick delivery. The rating reflects the simple, straig... Read more

A mug with many features

written by Kristin , 27/12/10

Very convenient pack because it has a thermal function, a cover and of course the stirring function by pressing a button. Highly recommended!


written by Emma, 28/12/10

A great mug that every highly prized as it surprised us with the power of the beater!

Self stirring mug

written by Andrea, 30/12/10

Full crass part. It is super well received by visitors. I can only recommend!

Super thing!

written by KingT, 30/12/10

Property me two weeks ago Send this mug risen as a Christmas present and I must say: This thing does what it says! Even more. Kaffe pure sugar pure, pure and milk push knobs. The coffee remains warm f... Read more

written by , 31/12/10

all the best, many thanks

Everything great

written by Karina, 31/12/10

Have the cups given away at Christmas, was a great success!

SUPER product

written by AndreR84, 31/12/10

I have learned to truly love this mug. Since I work on installation, I usually have not much time, and since it is ideal with this mug and a little finished coffee powder. With this cup there is no th... Read more

A must

written by elti01, 31/12/10

I have my husband give the cup for Christmas because he has constantly spread his teaspoon on the table. That is now a thing of the past. The cup is not only convenient but also funny. Now with every ... Read more

written by , 31/12/10

Simply super! It was a eschte Ueberraschung.Er works like clockwork.


written by Anja, 31/12/10

The even touching mug is just great.

The even touching cup

written by M. Schönberger, 01/01/11

He was after 14 days already broken !!! The propeller in the cup is stuck permanently if you do not immediately get going after the last sip auszuspühlen around him. Have a new engine is installed, an... Read more

Just great

written by Michael, 03/01/11

I hope that goes according to school grading system ... Ok I admit it, I'm on everything that is technically plus a gimmick. The only "meaningful" on this mug is well that you have to do... Read more

Order number: 371 411

written by Auftragsnummer: 371 411, 03/01/11

1) stirring function - very weak (agitator must be pushed with spoon) 2) Keep warm function - okay but irrelevant since point 1 = Note 5 3) Cleaning function also irrelevant for point 1 Tested drink w... Read more

written by husima, 03/01/11

even touching cup = THE idea for office

was well received

written by Claudia Jahn, 03/01/11

the cup looks quite nice and stable in, got him not tried, but think it works. leiferund was fast, just in time for Christmas.

Genial! :-D

written by , 03/01/11

This was amazing! Only con must be that the batteries have some bad contact in between .. But it helps to cheat with a small piece of paper :) happy! :)

written by Gemein, 04/01/11

I have 2 cups ordered as a Christmas present. But unfortunately, the euphoria lasted very shortened. After 3-time use, it is broken. First, it has a lot of power consumed. After that I USER a brand ne... Read more


written by M.Ehrenbrink, 04/01/11

The cup has adjusted its service after less than 2 hours. Pointless waste of money.

really funny and useful

written by , 04/01/11

without stirring spoon .... who always has a spoon there? With this mug that everything goes smoothly and excites the envy of other the need to stir with your fingers in hot coffee. With this mug all ... Read more


written by Emma, 04/01/11

Gave it to my dad for Christmas. I thought the description was so funny that I wrote it out and put it into the package. He read it loudly and laughed. Very successful gift. It even got to go with him... Read more

A mug want to have any !!!

written by BlackBarbie - Realfreunde Commun, 05/01/11

I have this self-stirring mug as a little extra gift for my husband gekauft.Aber after the main gifts have been used for days ... won this cup, the main attention ... uninterrupted my husband used thi... Read more


written by AnnaL, 07/01/11

Really great impact on the propeller at the bottom. Really fun and appreciated gift.

already broken

written by , 10/01/11

Good morning, my wife was very happy with the gift. She used it a day, now it is already broken. Too bad .... Regards, André

super invention !!!

written by martina, 13/01/11

was the perfect gift for Christmas for my little brother (technophile and kaba drinker). works great and the swirl in the cup looks great! We recommend!!

fun gift

written by Kaffedrickare, 14/01/11

This mug I got from my children for my morning coffee with milk. A fun thing and beaters as good as it gets a little lovely milk foam on the coffee. Maybe not so convenient (must be washed by hand), b... Read more


written by michelle, 17/01/11

bold Gadet, you just have to be careful not to pour too much coffee, so it may well go wrong :) but otherwise cool and live up to expectations.

Great idea ... quality well ....

written by Püppi, 17/01/11

Ordering, shipping ... everything worked fine. The "selbtrührenden Mug" I think from the idea class ... However, the quality is not so great. The attachment of the handle is very loose (coul... Read more


written by Herman, 17/01/11

It is really unnecessary to spend money on this mug, it just shows that you are lazy and you do not even bear to touch in your drink. If you can not even bear to touch yourself, you'll never go fa... Read more

Super, can only be recommended!

written by , 17/01/11

My husband's colleagues are now super jealous and we want as a haben.Funktioniert properly and is easily suitable for super many drinks.

batteries are missing

written by Johannes K, 17/01/11

Be sure what to buy on penalty after unpacking boredom while recipient.

Spoon tray empty again ?? Tip: even touching mug!

written by Sandra S., 19/01/11

Who does not know that?! Stirring is only the coffee order and already landed the spoon in the dishwasher ... well that's actually quite normal. But if you do this a few times a day, then fast tim... Read more

Does exactly what it should

written by Ecki, 20/01/11

Have the cup bought, and am very happy, it does exactly what it should. You never need again a spoon, and the envy of colleagues is also available. The only drawback is the cleaning, it is not Spühlma... Read more


written by Lasse, 21/01/11

Works perfectly as it should, however, be sure to have the lid by hand as well be a messy little when the cup is more than half full


written by Tiedy, 22/01/11

The cup is super use it almost daily!

Self stirring mug

written by Huber m., 24/01/11

Seen on Galileo and had the part, of course, have immediately. have found him here and totally convinced of the cup. Until the battery is empty even touching on push of a button on the handle and that... Read more

Self stirring mug

written by , 24/01/11

Just as expected. Had the cup seen in TV at a gadget and test me he has just as impressed with the tester in TV. Disadvantage: Tolerates (since it runs with battery), the dishwasher does not :)

cheap copy

written by , 24/01/11

a really high quality mug of.

Since the grown man is the little boy;)

written by Jenni, 26/01/11

I my friend this mug gift and he was hooked. With us no other cup is more on the table. In addition, a cocoa tastes much better when he is drunk thoroughly stirred and freshly frothed. The only drawba... Read more

written by , 27/01/11

Very good article

Well ...

written by erika, 27/01/11

The product I am happy with, but that's not always the well work = / Had it worked as it should, I had given it a 6er ... So the quality could have been better!

nice Gimik

written by SF-Fan Bielefeld, 27/01/11

Things the world does not need, but are funny and even if the mixing paddle should not do it is the cup still usable.

Great product :-)

written by , 29/01/11

saw the cup in PRO 7 test in one and my son was very impressed so he got him to give and the cup came to suuper TOLLRS PRODUCT :-)

Cool thing

written by , 07/02/11

Everything was clean gone from equip and the cup is always the hammer ....

Stable, pretty, original and refined!

written by DiavolettoLino, 10/02/11

5 stars for an ingenious gadget! The even touching cup was a real surprise for my father. It was something other than a CD or DVD or a voucher. He was very happy about this gift! He can now surprise h... Read more

Everything went super

written by marion19, 13/02/11

The even touching cup works great, nothing spills over and it is very quiet. The goods were delivered very quickly, even with complaints super friendly and super service. In all respects highly recomm... Read more


written by emelie, 22/02/11

Super fun mug for those who are a bit lazy: P

super funny

written by kun, 25/02/11

is now funny and I enjoy to give away

super Gag

written by marge, 03/03/11

Everything was great, gladly again ... Arrived super gift ...

written by , 06/03/11

The Becherf works to properly now. I would give him no more. Can this only recommend.

even touching cup

written by Bozkurt Bozzi, 08/03/11

Fully satisfied - item is as described and fun Thanks to then bozzi

written by , 10/03/11

Super cup :) Is well received for her birthday. And keeps its promise. Mixed drinks are well stirred and hot drinks stay hot for a while

What you would expect from a self-stirring mug

written by dulli, 14/03/11

The even touching cup working properly and convinced me especially through the good stirring power. Cold cocoa is no longer a problem. Without having a place for the wet spoon Search and without convu... Read more

Take the stages

written by Robban, 16/03/11

Suverent when you have to have sugar in coffee, te`t or shock-laden. You do not have to take a spoonful o mess about with it. Absolutely perfect when you want to save to disk.


written by Kim Suorsa, 23/03/11

I like this cup! I usually normally always get sticky mass in the bottom of the cup, but thanks to the propeller at the bottom of the mug so I never get a sump in the bottom! Whole spot invention! The... Read more

written by , 28/03/11

we have given it away, made good impression

Works like crazy!

written by Andreas, 28/03/11

This is amazing, really powerful and stirring like crazy!

julia roglasky

written by , 03/04/11

Hab has presented him, was well received.

Super go gift

written by Gavefar, 05/04/11

Worked fine, and the guy who got the gift was happy about it

"The self-touching mug"

written by Chris, 15/04/11

A total funny part is stirred, perfect and makes the finest milk foam!

written by Annika Köhler, 21/04/11

The cup I find just great, my friend loves him and used it very often. Unfortunately, this version is not much and is now gone after half a year already broken (whorl has dawned), dehalb we bought a n... Read more

the cup

written by kop, 25/04/11

it came quickly and is very good at everything you use it and is easy to clean

The self-regarding the cup

written by , 02/05/11

Ordered three mugs, two worked. Called and they immediately sent a new and did not have to send in the broken. Very good! The mug silver brushed steel with a low propeller at the bottom. A cap belongi... Read more

defective unfortunately already 2 times

written by , 02/05/11

While it is ne nice idea, but unfortunately I had the cup already complain 2 times. The engine was after some time simply fixed, and in both cups. Too bad he did not last long. Would not this lack, I ... Read more

even Touching

written by C-K, 16/05/11

I think it's super cool gift. I gave it to my father birthday gift and he simply think it's too nice too nice :-P + touch even around - who smoke sometimes creates a low lever water behind the... Read more

sovereign to o`boy

written by oddly, 01/06/11

has one grandchild of 7 years, and she thought it was absolutely brilliant for mix o`boyen with, without spilling and that it keeps the heat or cold as to what kind bruk.skal greet so much

Fantalastisk !!!

written by Justin, 03/06/11

I've got this cup of my son in far'sdags gift and it is no less than amazing! I am an educator so I drink my coffee with milk and sugar and half the time I forget to touch and it tastes horrid... Read more


written by NIB, 04/06/11

Have been looking forward as a lark !!! Shipping and payment via PayPal without any problems. Cup working properly, am in the company much-coffee drinkers and we have a time account. So why precious t... Read more

Coffee YES

written by We Come In Peace, 06/06/11

yes you have to even be a little breakfast sour when you have to wait for the coffee now makes the sku entire work: P

Self stirring mug - Yeah, if you have the right batteries

written by Melli, 20/06/11

The even touching cup, a really good idea! :) After the cup had arrived, I immediately installed batteries, pressed the button and it has done nothing .. The problem was the voltage of the batteries M... Read more

Who needs such a shit. , , ,

written by Schlimma_Finga, 13/07/11

was my first thought, but I was curious and looked at what such a self-touching cup can. Yes great, but who needs something? Well, and then I visited my sister and described to me their problem with c... Read more

Good idea, super suitable as a gift

written by B., 10/08/11

awesome mugs. At the bottom of the cup is less "whorl" installed, which whirls around the fluid properly. It is guaranteed stirred every grain of sugar!

written by , 11/08/11

Super, a good idea to give away !!!

Totaler looker!

written by Fjedn, 09/09/11

I bought a buddy birthday the cup. This leaves every day by train and just need your morning coffee ... When he unpacked the cup, he was looking forward a "insulated cup," as I then told him... Read more

Fast and accurate delivery

written by art, 14/10/11

The title says it all. I'm just extremely happy and was at ease trade throughout

All the best.

written by , 25/10/11

All the best.

The even touching cup.

written by Isabella, 27/10/11

It is good if you are going to travel (eg. A road trip) and you forgot a small spoon to turn round in the coffee or tea.

even touching cup

written by , 08/11/11

I am very pleased. The coffee / cocoa / tea ect. stays warm thanks Thermobecher. Die''Rührhilfe '' is very Powerful despite size. As a gift it comes to super. I can only recommend it. ... Read more


written by Dennis.J, 10/11/11

Great product perfect for work, if you use milk or sugar in his coffee. The lid of the means that the coffee is not cold and there will not be dust. Furthermore, there is a small hole in the lid, so y... Read more

written by , 18/11/11

Class part !! Witzig, works well!

Funny gadget

written by Sven , 20/11/11

The even touching mug is an eyecatcher been at work, aer unfortunately I realized after a short time, the engine will hang down in the cup despite daily cleaning, because the shaft glued. Had the cup ... Read more


written by Pål, 02/12/11

It is funny, and actually somewhat useful when one does not have to happen available (as is often the case in my office).

written by , 10/12/11

super really cool idea :-)

written by , 12/12/11

The even touching mug is a great gift that I would recommend to anyone. It stirred not only the drink, making it even more beautiful and fluffy. Really great product !!!!!

Cool gadget

written by Robin Ringl, 12/12/11

I received the cup and was instantly impressed. He actually corresponds very to my ideas and is very useful. Yet this makes it huge fun MfG Highly recommended


written by kleinMoni, 12/12/11

The mug is so cool, at first I thought he was broken, because I have inserted the batteries and it did not work. Unfortunately I had to find out for yourself that the cup a short break-in period requi... Read more

Self stirring mug.

written by Beuter,Jürgen, 16/12/11

The product met my expectations and is determined a Partygeck.


written by Silly, 26/12/11

The cup keeps its promises. Good quality, very good "stirring function". And hot holding the cup, the drinks also - perfect!

goes so

written by , 26/12/11

The product is great, but the delivery was made, unfortunately, only on demand ... otherwise everything ok

written by vibeke rolighed, 26/12/11

The even touching cup was a wine opener of the imaginative, a little disappointing so close to Christmas so we could not manage to exchange it, but just had to give vinoplukker instead of a self-touch... Read more

The cup

written by , 28/12/11

Gsnz funny, fast shipping :) but the propeller innendrin is not very Gros. However, you can if you reintut Jako stir by the even make milk crust :)

It's dead

written by Steffen, 01/01/12

I bought this cup in September and used it diligently. It works really well and is very strong. But when I had used it in a while, I came into a period where I did not hold as many hot drinks and it c... Read more

Self stirring mug

written by Timon, 02/01/12

It works perfectly! Have had equal ordered two so I have a gift, and another one for me :) now I stir almost everything around with the cup, even water because it is so fun :)

funny christmas

written by Dane, 02/01/12

The cup is really funny. however, no battery is included.

Great thing

written by Johann, 02/01/12

I've bought as gifts for Christmas 2 this cup and they both have fun at the cups, unfortunately one of the two is a bit noisy but otherwise ok. I would recommend to aufjeden case ^^

Very funny and helpful!

written by Shogun, 02/01/12

Very funny, when you see him for the first time, a thermo mug with a propeller at the bottom :) Works very well, coffee and milk are so mixed perfectly in 1-3 seconds and there is even foam. Even foam... Read more


written by , 04/01/12

Bought the mug for my dad for Christmas and got the response "Where has this been all my life ?!" haha. He was overthrown satisfied and use it now in the car on the job and like it strong.

Super cool

written by karina, 05/01/12

It's the best Christmas gift I have given my husband for many years, he is quite silly with it :-)


written by T. Hasemann, 06/01/12

just awesome: D you should the cup just not clutter xD

written by , 06/01/12

everything top notch, many thanks.

satisfactory product

written by Harlekino, 08/01/12

that the price seems very high, the product is still very good. It delivers exactly what it promises, no more and no less. The functionality is completely satisfactory. particularly the "simplici... Read more

simply top

written by j.ho76, 09/01/12

I have seen the cup in television and was fascinated. We like to drink cocoa and constantly are the spoon on the kitchen and lubricate all full. Now I push the button and the cocoa is stirred up and i... Read more

written by Schaible michael, 09/01/12

Product was defective after 3 cups I had imagined otherwise. Gruss Michael Schaible

written by , 09/01/12

I have presented the self-stirring mug for Christmas and it was a great success. The engine is surprisingly quiet, I would not have thought. My father, whom I geshcenkt the cup has, very pleased with ... Read more


written by Phil, 10/01/12

I am something of satisfied: D The cup is the absolute HAMMER !! If ye want to order also makes it. It's worth it: D My colleague has been looking forward properly, so as a gift a blast: D shippin... Read more

Super cup

written by guwi, 23/01/12

That's the 2.becher I bought. Delivery was flawless

even touching cup

written by , 30/01/12

extent a cute idea, but unfortunately they do not rotate more, but I think they still cool.

class frother

written by Steve, 07/03/12

I would give the cup even six or seven stars because you can not just all described do with it, but also can really super lather his milk or its cocoa so. to Anyone. =)

Laziness long live :-)

written by Morten, 02/04/12

Quick order, quick delivery :-) mug works perfectly, only one must be ATTENTION is that such cocoa, etc. can solidify around "propeller", so this does not spin rundt.Løses easy to spin with ... Read more


written by Ib, 11/04/12

Serve okay, but the engine in my went out after just 2 weeks. Tried their best to keep water from now on batterie-kaplen, but water sneaks sku in all places. Fair enough product for 100 kr

Even Touching cup

written by Jytte, 22/06/12

Everything OK, quick delivery of flawless product. We've got so many good laughs when we have "touched" around the coffee on our camping trip.


written by Thomas, 04/07/12

Do not listen to those who say that it is not working. Works perfectly. Stirrers surprisingly well without chance for it to spill. Digger cup !!

simply brilliant

written by Heino, 17/07/12

I must say that I had no great expectations for the cup regarding quality and functionality, but it's just 100% okay and is highly recommended, Ossetians for business use is quite splendid especia... Read more

It is a bit noisy.

written by Steffen S. Mathiesen, 20/08/12

The first thing I got up, went to pieces after a few months. I now have a new, and I hope it keeps improving. The "sluprer" quite a bit, which bothers my classmates. This one can choose to s... Read more

Price / performance is not correct

written by Trüffel, 22/08/12

The cup was delivered promptly and also looks great - but it is more likely to be a toy than an actual usable coffee mug, as the small fan has dissolved too quickly and then swam in the beverage. The ... Read more


written by cyril, 31/08/12

hello cool stuff-team, I'm super super satisfied. the article arrived the very next day. everything easily. order with them ?! - always happy :)