Selk Bag Sleeping Bag Suit

Move about freely and sleep as you wish - don't let some dusty old sleeping bag get in your way! The SelkBag is a useful as it is cosy on days when you just want to crawl up on the sofa and relax!

Selk Bag Sleeping Bag Suit - Medium
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Selk Bag Sleeping Bag Suit - Large
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Selk Bag Sleeping Bag Suit - Extra Large
Extra Large
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written by Micke, 08/11/10

Perfect, it will be variable instead of being trapped in a sleeping bag. Warm enough, and are venting on the sides. Cool Stuff ..

A purchase you will not regret.

written by Elise, 19/11/10

Warm and useful in different contexts. I will wear it when I go out on the patio and sit. Bought medium. I is 163 cm long. It's just so you can bend. Heat slippers are perfect to wear inside. It i... Read more


written by Elise, 06/12/10

It's good, but it should not be longer than 163 cm. One must be able to bend. One should not be too round on the stomach. The slippers that you heat in the microwave will be perfect if one is to g... Read more


written by GO, 13/12/10

Well thought out and really stands out in a crowd of sleeping bags for the discerning. Is it perhaps the year's best product? Try it yourself and you would never have a normal sleeping bag again!

Very curtious!

written by Morten , 27/12/10

Bought for his girlfriend that freezes so easy, and she was the core discount deal! Tried it myself and was very warm and good :)


written by ispinnen, 08/02/11

Fast delivery, nice product, but the wrong fit for me (long legs, short torso), retained this why not. Had retained it if the fit was better, it was good and hot

Troubled hysterical!

written by BOLL, 03/03/11

Had with a ski camp: D Can say that there were many who raised his eyebrow! It's very nice to be able to sleep anyway after a day on the slopes, you can sprawl with arms and legs in all directions... Read more

That one I have ..

written by Jonas, 25/03/11

... I thought as soon as I saw it. Have not had time to use on just yet but have tried it in lifelike conditions. Ie lying on the couch with it but not slept in it. It seems to work properly. I was re... Read more

The sizes do not

written by , 15/04/11

the sizes in the description is totally wrong .. ordered a size medium, is it to be right up to 180 cm .. I'm 178 cm on the taken at least 10 centimeters to fit.

written by Nicklas, 23/05/11

Really Guttenberg, lovely invention nice with additional air intakes, etc., top product!

written by , 10/06/11

As well! Warm and comfortable to move in, easily among the best and most important holiday in tents now.

MusucBag - sleeping bag Jumpsuit

written by yvonne, 24/06/11

Hello, the MusucBag - sleeping bag jumpsuit is correct in size and has good mobility. In the processing of SchlafOveral has come very well. It is very warm in the tent in the summer (about 15 ° C) and... Read more

written by , 06/07/11

Super thing well made, you can prima wenns colder including "sleeping bag" sitting by the fire, I can highly recommend!

MusucBag sleeping bag Jumpsuit

written by Matthias und M,, 26/07/11

Advantages: + Very good movement (Great idea) + is very warm + non-slip, waterproof soles + lockable openings for the hands + sealable openings on the outside of the legs to the air circulation with a... Read more

Very satisfied

written by Jana Marsik, 27/07/11

very fast delivery goods makes a very good impression, unfortunately, has not yet been tried, because the journey has fallen into water. Immediate settlement. Very satisfied.

aj lööööööööv it: D

written by flisan, 01/08/11

must buy one of each color, absolutely wonderful after all ... it has so far kept me away mosquitoes, warmed me when I fished, been on the snowmobile races, etc. thinking never to have regular sleepin... Read more


written by riffi, 27/08/11

have for years repeatedly borrowed a sleeping bag when I was a brauchte.-all bleak, & so much I did not need. THEN, I saw HIM! now I can even be creative in my workshop without throwing constantly... Read more

written by Monique, 16/09/11

Super fun and delicious in quality ... My daughter slept in the very stormy weather outside in camps in 4 degrees and she was sweating ... Have some cool details as small openings with zipper where th... Read more

Sleeping bag with bevægelighesfrihed

written by lri, 23/09/11

Fast delivery and fully lives up to expectations for a young person in camp-trip, however, keeps the best heat, if you have a set of ski underwear on. Good experience.


written by we, 29/09/11

A sleeping bag that is ingenious. thick and good. Can move me the way I want when I'm sleeping. Do not have to be straight up and down in a narrow bag. Recommended.

Good function, but errors in the size of the instructions

written by Rasmus, 08/10/11

Perfect to sleep in - Everywhere. Unfortunately storleksangivningarna crazy. I am 1.80 and L is super small on me. It sits Fairly when standing but as soon as it settles it becomes super tight. Always... Read more

Raw sleeping bag / clothing

written by Fjellnils, 14/10/11

Have not tested musuc'n bush yet, but it seems quite raw .. Can not wait to wake up in the morning you in the tent, and have to crawl out of the bag, but only labbe out to pee :) Intend to use bag... Read more


written by Shauge, 07/12/11

ALt went smoothly, but the size of the indications did not quite fit and Maate swap one.


written by josephine, 25/01/12

Game nice fabric it is made of! - Really nice to show off to others, and really just really convenient and comfortable :) - would highly recommend buying it!

perfect trade

written by Søren Hauge, 30/01/12

Everything went as planned and the product is as expected.

Fed alternative sleeping bag

written by Hsj, 01/02/12

Musucbag's a really cool alternative sleeping bag that you can sit out and enjoy themselves and go around doing nothing, as there are arms in the - really good warm. Str. Instructions on the page ... Read more

<3 Musucbag <3

written by Synnøve, 02/02/12

For me who hate to sleep in a cramped sleeping bag, is musucbagen completely GENIAL !!!!! Feels that one is in a sleeping bag, except that it is possible to move in all directions. In terms of size, a... Read more

Musuc Bag

written by Marre, 03/02/12

Just as expected. Top marks! Buy rather too large than too small

written by Gitte, 16/02/12

It is super cool and nice and warm when it is used for hunting in Sweden, the best buy long, Though.

Very beautiful thing

written by Roi, 01/03/12

All well finished test shall not follow.

Vældig good

written by Sverrel, 20/03/12

Great delivered on request, thank you! Item responded to expectations and will be widely used! Want to shop for posterity!


written by WiNa, 14/09/12

This is just brilliant! Finally a sleeping bag that gives you freedom of movement and not just claustrophobia. Equally fine on tour as in the garden on a chilly evening. (- And buy Usually two; you ca... Read more

High comfort

written by crg, 22/10/12

I am extremely pleased about my muscobag. It is comfortable to wear, and it's nice that you can move in it.I use it to lie out on the terrace, even though it's cold and raw weather. CRG


written by Helene, 01/01/13

Bought size XL to the person of size L and it fit great! Warm and comfortable. Should we use the sleeping bag as a MusucBag absolutely incredible!


written by neel fasting, 14/02/13

very beautiful, good to move in. A little too cool to sleep in less than 12 degrees. A bit small in size M for when one is 1.68 cm, but WAY too big in size L. NOTE: A major flaw: You can not take your... Read more


written by Magnar J.W, 05/04/13

The here e simply amazing! Bought one for my girlfriend and she loved it! she complains constantly that it s cold in the house and now complains she does not anymore! She goes there around the musucba... Read more

Ingeniously with Musucbag!

written by NinaNL87, Norway 09/07/13

'm Very happy with my newly purchased musucbag. I bought medium, although about 165 cm, so it was best suited to follow the recommendation. If I were to choose again I would choose a size larger. ... Read more

The best pajamas in the world!

written by Trici, Germany 30/07/13

Have camped with the MusucBag five days. I do not ever want another sleeping bag !! The part is the hammer. Absolute freedom of movement. Also sit outside on chilly evenings in front of the tent, no p... Read more

Warm and cozy

written by Karin, Sweden 15/10/13

A heat source handy to have on hand in the chilly autumn evenings and prolonged power outages. Size L is suitable for me who is 172 cm.


written by Annette Yvonne, Norway 11/04/14

For a brilliant product! How I've managed without is a miracle. I bought large and is 170cm, and it fit perfectly. For a frysepinn like me will be enough this uniform hereafter. Hope you continue ... Read more

sleeping bag suit

written by Jørund, Norway 29/05/14

a combination take ein sleeping bag and ein dress is ein smart idea. camping and slumber party with friends and family is just fun. ps: gets very hot inside if you wear it inside / indoor

Sleeping bag

written by Rosa, Denmark 09/10/14

I am very happy for this one super fun sleeping bag. It's very smart that you can get your hands out. It's a little too hot but very soft and everybody will hug a. It's a bit like walking ... Read more

Sleeping bag

written by Rosa, Denmark 09/10/14

I am very happy for this one super fun sleeping bag. It's very smart that you can get your hands out. It's a little too hot but very soft and everybody will hug a. It's a bit like walking ... Read more


written by Christian, Sweden 19/12/14

Had wanted to know more about tjockleken.och several colors, preferably a camoflage färgad.fickan's on the inside could have been större.annars was good description. Are very happy with the produc... Read more

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