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Sex Dice

Cuddle up with your partner and let your libido obey the will of the dice. They'll take you to the funniest and most unexpected places. Again and again and again

Sex Dice - Sex Dice
Sex Dice
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Tingling Fun

written by Fläskis, 13/07/09

I bought them, really just for fun for my boyfriend. The purpose was not to we would use them, but it was mostly because I like to see the facial expressions of the people who receive those things. Bu... Read more


written by JC, 10/08/09

Även om man har that of charcoal, alternately sexliv och från tidigare, industry förspelstärningar är en rolig Väldigt sak att utilized in Sovrummet för att få that ännu mera, alternately sexliv. Någo... Read more

Just like in the ad

written by , 09/09/09

Cool and the shines in the darkness exactly as it appears! fun and weighs almost nothing.

written by Madeleine, 05/11/09

Super gorgeous! Maybe some strange combinations, if, for example, may tickle & neck. How fun are they? haha, but it works really well. Good prelude!


written by M, 04/01/10

Look nice, have not tried them yet. His partner was pleasantly surprised anyway!


written by haxx0r, 02/02/10

Fun idea, however, is the combinations of the dice 2 happy very funny. But certainly an amusing thing.


written by csotg, 26/05/10

have you ever thrown a dice and just hoped for six? with them this dice you can be sure of six after you have used them a couple of minutes. When throwing them get one thing to do and the other shows ... Read more


written by Carro, 19/07/10

Nice to be able to have some variation in foreplay, so those who find it boring to the ordinary so I recommend them here dice so it immediately becomes more fun, or if you just want some variety :)


written by Qutiest, 10/11/10

Ok, you realize that you have more erogenous zones than they reveal!

written by nala, 30/11/10

very small compared to those you can buy at etc but functioning optimally

foreplay Dice

written by Ina Maria, 06/12/10

Foreplay dice are always a fun thing to have on hand .. ..and yet not. The material allows the dice appear to be cheap, unsustainable dice. They also lack a heaviness to make them more stable. on the ... Read more


written by , 08/12/10

This cube is really funny. The downside is that everything it says in English. But well. Nevertheless, a great idea


written by Stefan Heidrich, 20/12/10

Well, what can I say, without words * wink *


written by Katrin, 21/12/10

A very nice product that not only increases the tension but also offers many liberating laughter. When my boyfriend broke up Suck Neck and you can just imagine yourselves how we reacted very cozy .. B... Read more

written by tompa, 04/01/11

works just fine! :) Need to be in the right bright light for best luminous effect!


written by AnnaL, 07/01/11

Cosy and friendly. "Obey the dice" and it will be awesome :)

Missing the feeling of quality

written by Oliver Boel, 18/07/11

The dice are fun, but you do not get the feeling of quality when keeping them as they are made of very light plastic. They are not the same as a normal set of dice that is weighted slightly more.

written by Lillan, 13/10/11

Estimated spontaneous pressent I gave to her boyfriend ... Unfortunately it was a bit difficult to read what was about to put out the light.


written by Liithonen, 07/12/11

Okay, these cubes have something good, but believe me folks, it fits better on a party really. things are so harmless that if you use these dice with his girlfriend, will you just sit there laughing, ... Read more

written by Tutta, 19/12/11

Playful foreplay. Lovely. : P


written by , 06/01/12

Dissen was quite fun to use with your girlfriend. But they were very light in weight and slightly vanskeligge rolling, it had been a bit more weight on them had d been easier. "Challenges" w... Read more

Well, not quite as I expected

written by Lenali, 07/01/12

I was happy when I saw that foreplay dice were on Cool stuff ,, but was quite disappointed when they did not look as promised! One dice will, inter alia contain boobs (was included on the package) and... Read more

foreplay Dice

written by E., 06/08/12

I think it's a really fun thing to liven up :) error with dice is that it does not really stand that I thought the dice so they're bad marketing, but to have fun anyway and you can change the ... Read more

:-D :-D :-D

written by Maria, 04/12/12

Have tried them with my boyfriend, and it's a super good idea to foreplay! :-D There are many options and you get to try something new and have fun!

Good mood

written by Annie Hodde, 10/12/12

These foreplay dice are enormously good to have because it just boosts your sex life and do it in a fun way! For the few who may have some troubles with sex, or for those who just want something new i... Read more

Good entrepreneurs.

written by Nicola Neble, 29/01/13

I received a fine product that is another fun kind of foreplay. If you want to have fun with her boyfriend in a different way!


written by Vivi, 18/02/13

Unfortunately, in English, but you can understand everything well and at the first test, I found it good. They function like normal dice and have a normal, stable material. Also that they glow in the ... Read more


written by Johan, 18/03/13

Eg synst this was ein wonderful things you simply must have! I liked dei because they are self Lysande. Recommend these dice!

slightly disappointing

written by Rikke, Denmark 11/06/13

I bought these cubes in the expectation that they could be used in the dark, but the lights unfortunately not enough to be able to read what is written on them. But with light, they are also a great r... Read more

Funny dice.

written by Ine, Norway 08/12/13

Funny cubes that are easy to use if your imagination fails slightly. Both he and her works these good.

too light

written by päksy, Finland 08/10/14

lightly and nopiksi too light and unfinished oloiset. nice idea, but a jämäkämmät should be provided even if the soft surface gonna throw :-P

Worth the price, but

written by ams, Finland 30/12/15

Turhan wanting, a little heavier would definitely be a better use. But for the price pretty good.

Fun and Easy

written by Amanda , Sweden 22/02/16

great fun and easy! Laugh every time but I have read that they shine in the darkness, however, this has not worked for me when I do not know how to fix it but otherwise I think very much about these f... Read more


written by Tess, Sweden 02/03/16

Not recommend these! Not lit in the darkness as they would do and are simply worthless o boring. Destroy more than what they contribute to increased "mood"!

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