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Skull Ice Bucket

Turn up the distorted guitars to maximum volume and grab a few ice cubes out of what is guaranteed to be the coolest ice bucket of the party - shaped just like a skull.

Skull Ice Bucket - Skull Ice Bucket
Skull Ice Bucket
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What is this?

skull Bowl

written by Morten Andersen, Denmark 25/08/14

Bought skull bowl because I think that was a bit special and because it's not something you usually see. It is highly recommended as candy dish mvh Morten

Do not worry about it, just buy it

written by SuperMarion, Norway 27/08/14

If you are reading reviews to assess whether this is really something you want or not, stop it and just buy it. It's awesome. You need it in your life.


written by hypercrasse, Sweden 08/09/14

each could be a little more like-but otherwise good for both chips, candy, drink, cereal and milk. feels just right

Fin bowl of glass

written by Kamaloo, Denmark 03/10/14

I like skull bowl, however, I was not aware that there is a collection strip right in the middle of the face - it might actually be well seen in the picture, now that I look for. Strange place to put ... Read more


written by Monique Løfqvist, Denmark 20/03/15

Love dish. Had yet have believed there was hung on but it's my fault I have not seen properly by :)

Really nice

written by PeO, Sweden 29/06/15

It was finer and more substantial than I thought it would be. Shall dish was so violent that I am considering buying one for myself too. It was a successful student gift.

my experience

written by AM, Germany 02/07/15

Super quali and unbeatable for the price. Stable design. Design and manufacturing errors. Anytime again this product


written by Fredrik, Sweden 20/12/15

Bought this as a candy bowl and that's all I've had it. It is hefty and heavy, feels comfortable to hold and fulfill their function perfectly.


written by Ia, Sweden 14/02/16

WORTH THE PRICE. Very nice on the much larger on the thicker glass than I thought. So really super happy

Cool glass bowl

written by Signe, Norway 21/04/16

This was insane cool. Fits perfectly in the liquor cabinet. Very fast delivery, so here I am just happy. nothing to complain about :)

Excellent Tough to snacks

written by Julia, Norway 12/05/16

Bought this to a friend as a birthday gift with shot glasses with skulls, he was very happy :) Fast delivery!

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