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Sky Lanterns

We turn our gaze towards Thailand! Set your sky lanterns alight and watch them float into the sky - quiet, graceful, beautiful, environmentally friendly and dignified.

Sky Lanterns - Sky Lanterns 8-Pack
Sky Lanterns 8-Pack
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What is this?

written by Humlan, 16/06/09

Come Loy was a success as a surprising ending to our daughter's graduation party. Worked despite weak wind.

Japanese lanterns

written by Christel, 24/08/09

We celebrated a friend who turned 50 years ... ... when the night made her the party atmosphere with their darkness, we called for the attention of the birthday child and guests, delivered a speech an... Read more

Come Loy!

written by Sarah, 02/09/09

Really fun gift to give away as a surprise! But be sure to have with you a proper lighters / firelighters and the like. It took about 1 hour before we got a little low! Otherwise it is a very cozy exp... Read more

Come Loy

written by C-G, 06/01/10

It became really came off on New Year's Eve. Each pair wrote wishes on "his balloon," then rose very effective aloft despite a bit too much wind. Write carefully - the paper is quite fra... Read more

Nice but difficult

written by Annelie, 11/01/10

A hot tip is to bring a hefty firelighters. When Come LOYEN well come up in the sky was amazingly nice, but getting it on fire was a whole project! Very difficult to ignite, forget ordinary lighter or... Read more

Come Loy

written by Marre, 11/01/10

A truly unique experience to celebrate the old year and celebrate it with new. Awesome to see how they disappeared into the distance while trying to see where it flew.

Incredibly appreciated !!

written by Daniel, 13/01/10

Starry Night on New Year and it was seen as far as anyone. Beats all rockets !! Shit Fun !!

Instead of rockets

written by Emil, 13/01/10

On New Year's Eve, I chose my friends and not to expensive money on rockets, bombs and the like, but instead sent up four pieces of balloons into the sky. We wrote greetings for departed relatives... Read more

Alternatives to firecrackers

written by Karin, 14/01/10

Come Loy is an excellent alternative to fireworks for us to think about animals and the environment. They were somewhat difficult way but we got away was incredibly beautiful, they flew high and burne... Read more

Come Loy

written by Eva, 15/01/10

A very beautiful experience when the lights went off in the sky. Much more fun than all the fireworks.

perfect gift

written by Katarina, 21/06/10

The world's most perfect gift. It is both personal, beautiful and gives a memory for life.

Come Loy

written by Camilla, 26/08/10

Very sweet, romantic - and especially nice - idea. Can be recommended for special events or evenings to be made extra special :)

Wedding Gift with activities!

written by Sunshine, 08/10/10

I ordered these Kom Loy rice paper balloons for my eldest daughter's wedding so that the four maidens (the sisters) had to send off an opposite heavenly desire for happiness and prosperity. The or... Read more

Khom Loy

written by miv, 20/12/10

Beautiful and easy - just to go to! Must be set up when the wind is calm. So they are very beautiful :)

Chinese lantern

written by Manne, 24/12/10

Can recommend the Chinese lantern sky lantern. Eight pieces in a pack at that price is super. In addition, they fly gracefully fine.

Unbelievably magical!

written by , 27/12/10

Gave this to my mother now for Christmas. today has all been a bit small-down, so mom took up sky lantern package and we decided to try it together. Did not it was a difficult match, as some have writ... Read more

American Black Duck, but fine

written by mammuten, 01/01/11

As others have written, it is difficult to get the fire lit on the block, but when it fungrar they are so beautiful. Heavy snowfall on New Year's Eve made my first attempt failed completely. The n... Read more


written by Anne, 04/01/11

An incredibly great alternative to fireworks on New Year's Eve. No eye injuries, and last much longer.

written by Rikke, 04/01/11

Super fast delivery. Very fine large and many Khom Loy's. Completely ready a product I will buy again and highly recommend Cool Stuff. Thank you for really good deal

new tradition

written by Åse, 05/01/11

We sent up our eight Khom Loyer other day and it was really beautiful when they flew away. Glad it actually worked and that none of the eight burned up! There must be a new tradition for the family to... Read more

sky lantern

written by Lifstarfan, 06/01/11

bought them before the equals happy they look sooo peaceful when they tarfart on rising in the night

Khom Loy

written by Nils, 06/01/11

The lamps responded certainly to expectations. They were easy to light and got quite soon enough buoyancy. Unfortunately there was some wind on New Year's Eve when I sent up three pieces. They qui... Read more

Pretty to look at

written by Anja, 06/01/11

It looks hammer good when they float to the top. Fell in good soil by children.

Khom Loy

written by TWT, 07/01/11

Super good product. works perfectly under the right conditions and is super nice to use. the money is well spent and can be recommended. There is a bit of info about Khom loy's bg on the package a... Read more

written by Nicklas, 07/01/11

Very nice lamps that are easy to send up into the sky. Nice addition to the fireworks and much more beautiful and atmospheric. Can warmly recommend! Nicklas

fiery lantern

written by Mattias, 11/01/11

Jättefina when sending them look as it does in Thailand, quite large. One caught fire which lowers the grade, for the burned up before it reached 20 meters. May have been due vidförhållandena, but acc... Read more


written by Hans, 12/01/11

During the New Year's night hit all the colorful fireworks explosions with horse lengths. Fantastic atmospheric! Was a bit worried about the risk of fire, but in comparison with the fireworks, I w... Read more


written by fru smurf, 13/01/11

We sent up a bunch of sky lantern on New Years Eve. Wonderful beautifully floated them to the stars. When the rockets fell silent hovered around them is still a good time to! Was very well liked by al... Read more

Great way good!

written by Ing, 13/01/11

Lyckterna was easy to light and flew nicely. The only minus was the one package where all Lyckorna hadde received too much Limi production and hadde glued itself! The result was that they broke when t... Read more

written by Bobo, 13/01/11

Very thin paper. Managed to destroy 2 though I was careful, but the experience was great. Worth the money. Ps Does not work when the wind blows :)


written by Redhead63, 14/01/11

Great fun thing instead of all the fireworks ... Unfortunately, we got well not be up all lycktor ... There was a little rain in the air blew ... ... so somebody falling into the neighbor's fence ... Read more

Kho Loy

written by martina, 14/01/11

Jättefina lamps, unfortunately, we had squalls in the New Year when we would send them up, so it was not so good. Have saved 5 we'll light the Midsummer

Poor quality

written by , 14/01/11

I have previously purchased these lamps from another company. The lights from the other company was slightly more expensive but of significantly better quality.

sky lantern

written by henke, 16/01/11

atmospheric, it requires some focus before you can fire at the balloon, we had some bad luck with too much wind, so the first pine tree caught the first balloon. After little movement was firing bette... Read more

Tranquil beautifully

written by Lena, 17/01/11

It became a very appreciated gift that together we sent up in memory of a loved one. They floated away completely quiet and somewhat mysterious across the dark sky.

Really satisfied!

written by Carina, 17/01/11

I bought these for the New Year. Unfortunately, I ordered too late, and was not able to send them back. Luckily more bought, and in good time so I had to still see them in the air. They rose very high... Read more


written by PH, 18/01/11

Quick and confident delivery of a good product

No wind !!!

written by Kajsanova, 18/01/11

Very good alternative to fireworks. But it must be CALM! We tried to send up our first New Year's Eve. It came quite weak winds but it was enough that it would all end badly. Successfully light co... Read more

Cooola! "Rockets"

written by Tobbe, 18/01/11

This is the optimal alternative to the party rockets, nice and quiet is the brand.

Khom Loy

written by Hanne, 20/01/11

worked fine as described.

Aww so beautiful !!

written by Sandra, 22/01/11

Has never sent up a risballong before, just put them on television and those e soo fine! :) Very easy to totter up o light o then see it gracefully ascend to heaven! Was very moved, they were so beaut... Read more

written by , 23/01/11

(Wrote before yesterday but forgot to write that they were not at all difficult to get it to burn, very simple, perhaps only was I who had the good fortune to me?)

sky lantern

written by Johan, 04/02/11

It was a success when we celebrated the New Year with sky lantern, a really good replacement of the fireworks!


written by Khom Loy, 09/02/11

Hi I bought 8 Khom Loy with you when I needed them for my friends fravelfest, it was something like I showed would have a great impact on her. BUT when we packed them up was 6 of them not to unpack wi... Read more

Works well

written by lodgbg, 25/02/11

No problem getting them up. However tricky to be alone. If one has the possibility to preheat with a hot air gun so that the balloon is completely filled with hot air before you light, it becomes even... Read more

Khom Loy- Light in the darkness!

written by Cam, 28/02/11

Granny was celebrated with clearance! After we studied the neighbor kids from our köksförnster few weeks ago, when they sent up "burning balloons in the air, according to his son 2.5 years we had... Read more


written by mads, 02/03/11

HUGE big and wild gorgeous.

Beautiful, beautiful .... a great feast-end

written by Annette Jung Johansen, 03/03/11

We sent Khom Loys up against the dark February sky at the end of my son Jonathan's 18-year birthday party. Quaint and beautiful rose shining fine lanterns up to the stars. A beautiful and festive ... Read more


written by Christine, 08/03/11

I did not get permission to send them up, so they must be returned.

Launch is illegal

written by , 25/05/11

I got the following response from the Transport Authority and from North Zealand Police, which announces the launch is illegal, so I must send nmine "khom Loy 'return: Permission to delay the... Read more

fantastically well!

written by Åsa, 03/06/11

Had bought firelighters before, so it was pretty easy to get the lighthouse on them. And it was a warm, windless evening in May did not make the atmosphere worse.

Very good and fast service

written by Kirsten Rylander, 14/06/11

The trade was as absolutely perfect!

Khom Loy

written by Søren, 17/06/11

Is easy to launch, but remember that there should not be much wind. All 8 Khom Loy is launched and they have all been launched successfully.

Good idea, quick delivery, and did not quite work flawlessly

written by AW, 24/06/11

It was a super experience. The product was in order. And the food came quickly. Can only be recommended!

End of the party

written by Dejan, 29/06/11

They used the floating lanterns, ending a celebration. Absolutely wonderful and much appreciated. However, the lamps must be handled carefully so that no rice paper torn up or catch fire. The easiest ... Read more


written by , 04/07/11

They are great. They float beautifully against the sky. They rise high and long. Two persons when you light, and it's tricky to get off more than one at a time, if not more. Takes some time to get... Read more


written by Torben Ulrik Zahle, 13/07/11

Easy ordering. Propte delivery. Torben Ulrik Zahle

Festi lamps creates atmosphere

written by Linda Haukås, 02/08/11

I bought Khom Loy lanterns to use in our wedding, and they were fine and evocative to look at where they rose to the sky. It igniting them took a long time because it was hard to catch fire "tenn... Read more

sky lantern

written by Mika, 26/08/11

It was pretty poor quality lamps. They went out for about 100 m and some lifted a little but crashed a few meters away.

Was a little scary, but was fun!

written by Robert, 31/08/11

It was a little scary and sending up this for the first time. There is fire and thought and send this to the skies in a condominium with the thought that it could perhaps end up on a roof or something... Read more

Khom Loy

written by MB, 01/09/11

They were ok, but was a little difficult to ignite. There were a few pieces could not be ignited.

sky lantern

written by Alice, 27/09/11

Khom Loy met all my expectations, the delivery was fast and it was easy to follow instructions. Something you have to think of is that it takes a few minutes before the balloon take off and that it mu... Read more

sky lantern

written by Erica , 10/10/11

It is so beautiful to send up these "bright balloons" to the sky! It takes a little while to turn on the little pillow, but I believe it is part of the experience with the sky lantern, to ta... Read more

flying lantern

written by Lars Hundested, 27/10/11

Very entertaining to send the lantern off it lacks just a little color .a quiet kind of fireworks. Good for the smallest to the New Year :-) and so goods pleasure anymore


written by camilla, 08/11/11

di army va much better than expected, Daemen diaper kjæmpe nice flew through the air :-) able to freeze and looking at Daemen 2-3 minutes to Daemen va mass hundred meters up the air to Suddenly bynte ... Read more


written by Steffe, 15/11/11

Bought these to make it a little extra cozy on the boy's birthday. It became a hit !!! Easy to light and get away, be aware that it is not just blows. They rose high and looked very beautiful out!... Read more

A sure hit

written by Anders, 21/11/11

ON a dark evening in connection with the christening, celebration, New Year, birthday or the like. is Khom Loy lights just something everyone can gather around and enjoy for a long time while they flo... Read more

Superfun for kids!

written by , 21/11/11

This, we sent up a quiet, windless night, and it worked terrific! Went several hundred meters into the air, and the kid thought it was very fun. Will this year's alternative to rockets on New Year... Read more

Lille Balloons

written by FruIngvild, 21/11/11

Amazingly fine paper balloons that just lasts and lasts. Amazing to see the rise silently from the sky and disappear into the night sky. Going to be used often for festive anlednigner! Recommended ver... Read more

Exactly as expected

written by Lars, 29/11/11

I received the package as soon as possible. Lovely with the reduced postage for the trip to the post office.

Hovering multipurpose lamps

written by Kenneth, 19/12/11

Good alternative to traditional fireworks! Hovering lovely up in the air. Preferably assuming a dark enough, and fit with wind. Can also be nice to send up to memorial services, wedding or other symbo... Read more

Khom Loy

written by Kolpendal, 20/12/11

Good and fun gift and a super alternative to New Year's patron. The floats slowly into the air and captivates everyone, but where does it end? I must give it 5 stars, but what happens if it lands ... Read more

Beautiful contained

written by , 26/12/11

Worth every penny !!

written by TH, 26/12/11

Have tried to make hot air balloons themselves, and succeed sometimes. "Khom Loy" worked perfectly fun for both big and small. Should perhaps comes in colors that can not be confused with ro... Read more

Large and difficult to take off.

written by Gadgetman, 30/12/11

For large to get the light in the air, you should use external heat before teeth fuel supplied. Poke holes in the middle of the fuel package and three this through the steel. Is not in the manual. Goo... Read more

Beautiful and tranquil "New Year Fireworks"

written by , 02/01/12

Instead of the usual New Year's rockets struck me this year on a package of sky lantern - Thai rislyktor I found on Coolstuff. Tried a lantern with the children the night before New Year's Eve... Read more

Never took off ..

written by Marius, 02/01/12

Tried two pieces, which never came up in the air. Even after half an hour they were not filled with enough hot air to ease. Would recommend going for the smaller specimens.

written by Preben Runchel, 02/01/12

product is great too - have now tried 3 and none of them have come in the air


written by Ingrid, 02/01/12

Great alternative to rockets on New foetida.

almost good

written by LB, 02/01/12

The lamps were quite ok, but unfortunately there were holes on one so that it would not light.

Worked like crazy!

written by Raffen, 03/01/12

Worked very well. :-)

written by , 04/01/12

Funny lanterns and they were bigger than expected. They were used as an alternative to rockets on New Year's Eve, and the kids thought it was really exciting to follow them long for heaven.

sky Lanterns

written by PH, 04/01/12

Ordering and delivery, no problem at all! The product itself: In two of the lanterns, there were holes at unpacking. They managed nevertheless to send all four lanterns into the sky. So overall, a suc... Read more

Very fast delivery!

written by Monica Oksnes, 05/01/12

Unfortunately, there were holes in the one bright flashlight we tried to send up :(

written by Sanne Jørgensen, 06/01/12

It was hard to get in the air / fire. Although it blew.

Just okay

written by Elisabeth, 08/01/12

The lamps were a little too big so as not quite got the effect of size, would rather recommend buying the little ones!

written by Marielle, 08/01/12

Terrific to see soar in the sky. Really worth the money! Only reason I did not give a 5 am was that I just got used 3 of 4 since one lacked that one might ignite ... But should definitely buy it here ... Read more

Khom Loy

written by Shre, 08/01/12

King Size version was a bit too big. Probably easier with the smaller version. But fun when you first got it! Be careful when removing the plastic so that no tears in the fabric.

Fight Fine "votives"

written by Stein Are, 08/01/12

I bought the package with the large votive. They were cooing. The drag down the grade 3 was that 3 out of 4 had small tears in the paper. But, nevertheless, it was easy to fix these with a little tape... Read more

much fun

written by Indianer, 09/01/12

Great alternative to phosphorus and bangs. Quiet, solemn and long lasting. Let your LTT extra fuel in a couple of them. Is almost certain that they reached an altitude of 3-4,000 feet. Uncontrollable ... Read more

Worked very well!

written by , 09/01/12

These work very well. Must be two pieces to send this off because it is VERY large! 4 pieces in package, much fun for the money :)

Fast delivery.

written by H-J T, 19/04/12

Ordering via the website. Was delivered the day after. Fine packaging. Good instructions and easy to turn on the launch. Might well burn a little longer. All in all ok product for the price.

Beautiful but dangerous for the animals in the wild !!!!

written by Olle, 20/04/12

Very beautiful! Larger than expected! Provides great atmosphere. But dangerous for grazing animals! Make sure that the balloon can not get into a cow pasture or forest with moose ... They can be overh... Read more

Very good!

written by Brutus, 03/07/12

Has already sent two "Khom Loy" aloft. It funka excellent, so it is recommended to others as well. Excellent for parties, weddings, etc. gebursdager

Hot air balloon

written by J-E Nyberg, 23/08/12

This is how fun any time, also a beautiful and noiseless and milövänlig power of heaven. This product, the whole family has benefited.

flying lanterns

written by Anette, 28/08/12

Had ordered these lanterns for my son's wedding and everything worked. The product came a day after I had ordered it and they flew as they should, very romantic :-)

sky Lanterns

written by JEN, 20/09/12

This is something I would recommend to all New Year makers like effects lasting and do not cost a fortune, simply honors.

sky lantern

written by Henrik T, 08/10/12

Chose the big sky lantern when they are really cozy lighting and to see floating in the sky. Blowing it so they move away very quickly. Is there no wind, so they rise high into the sky before they beg... Read more

Will be repeated

written by Rita, 11/10/12

We sent them up as part of 40årsfeiringen min. An evocative moment. Both cool and beautiful to see the ladder to the sky and forming a V that floated away. SOME pity that we could not use the red hear... Read more

Asisatiske happiness votives

written by Brudens mor, 16/10/12

We sent up 9 'Khom Loy' lanterns for wedding dinner for his daughter and son in law our wedding in October. Helle company was witnessed the incident. It was incredibly beautiful and romantic!


written by Jenny, 27/11/12

We bought these for her daughter's eight-party. It was very much appreciated and the perfect end to a successful party. Both children and adults really appreciated these giant lanterns

Not suitable for use in Norway

written by Kimananda, 03/12/12

The balloon was too big and the weather too cold to get buoyancy. Certainly fits better in the summer, but then it is the desire ute.Hvordan attach the ignition chip? Regards. Kim

Soar Ande kos

written by Knut Gilberto Sæbø, 03/12/12

Very nice to look at! Good replacement for rockets.

They do the job

written by Tobbe, 20/12/12

It does not get much easier than this. I've built a number of custom hot-air balloons in my life (where about half burned), but it works perfectly and no one has done a Hindenburg so far. Fun to s... Read more

Hot air balloon sky lantern

written by Ola, 21/12/12

Coming in pizza box with 8 pizzas / air balloons and totally worth the money. Unfold the balloon properly, a holding balloon and a light vaxbiten. No problem to light wax, light a fire in the 4 corner... Read more

Easy to use

written by Siw, 22/12/12

"Khom loy" was purchased in the New Year's Eve as an alternative to fyrverkeri.Testet one of the lanterns in advance and it is very easy to get sent up, we were two people on it then it ... Read more

Good Deal!

written by Spankson, 26/12/12

Khom Loy is more beautiful, more dignified and far more environmentally friendly than noisy and dangerous New Year rockets. Wish far more people chose this instead of bothersome missiles! And it is po... Read more

sky lantern closed

written by john, 27/12/12

A really nice and big closed that worked very good to send up into the blue Maybe something expensive to just send off like that, has cost less about 40-50 kronor when I bought several for family also... Read more

giant lantern paa himmeln

written by horekunde, 30/12/12

Very good Christmas gift to a 7 year old who has it all, beware of the balloon is filled with hot air for takeoff, hold back some said it is filled max up, otherwise saa rises slowly and unevenly! Mer... Read more

has not received any goods, deceived?

written by lena, 31/12/12

has not received any goods, even though the order was made at least 11 days before Christmas, very sad for us.

Beautiful and well-functioning.

written by Arve, 01/01/13

Wrote wishes and sent up Khom Loy connection. New Year celebration 2012 - worked perfectly! Great to see lysballongen rise and eventually disappear above the clouds ...!

very difficult

written by andersboj, 01/01/13

It was very difficult to get the block to burn, almost impossible if the wind blows a little bit, so not at all pleased with them should go to fix something that burns better.

sky lantern

written by Lisa, 02/01/13

Beautiful lanterns that contributed to the really cozy atmosphere on New Year's Eve. Easy to light and send up, at least if you are two to help each other. Turns fireworks all times!

Very good

written by Laffen, 02/01/13

The product worked perfectly and the price was not bad. Very easy to pass up and took an easy guy

Kanonbra !!

written by Emma, 03/01/13

The best thing about them here lamps is that the frame is made of bamboo and not wire! So now you're just guilty of littering, not to kill cows ...

Tai balloons

written by Espen, 03/01/13

Products were bad.There I mean bad .. Was gone up in limina on ballongen..så I will make all of you send me new balloons

Not been broadcast yet

written by Lars Asbjørn Stensen, 03/01/13

Now I wonder about Cool Stuff is a unserious company, or Posten fucked fært. Has not yet received Khom Lay and it was disappointing, it was lovely Khom Lay-weather on New Year's Eve. I do not get ... Read more

Bright spots in the winter night

written by Skogsmulle, 04/01/13

Giant Finta lamps sailed up the beautiful sky on New Year's! A good alternative to fireworks, especially if you have dogs.

Very beautiful experience

written by ALK, 06/01/13

For me, this year's most beautiful idea for "fireworks" and it lasts longer! But avoid the rain, even drizzle, for it destroys the lamp. Requires a windless evening!

"Flying lanterns"

written by misiu5, 07/01/13

I really like these flying lanterns, for it was that they were big, but I was not really on the dimensions. Was really pleasantly surprised when we raised them that they were soooooo great. Brann long... Read more


written by Mia, 07/01/13

We are satisfied, lamps were huge so they were a bit hard to get away, but help each other, that's fine. There were small holes in a few paragraphs, but there was nothing that prevented the lights... Read more

Khom Loy

written by Gry, 08/01/13

These lanterns were ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT !! Will certainly to order more of those. Has received good feedback on the same from those I gave some lanterns to well. Yours Aubrey.

Best beautiful and harmonious fireworks ever!

written by Ultra, 13/01/13

Khom Loyer is so beautiful and gives you a sense of freedom and conscience! It is a lovely sight when they are floating in the sky! Good for children, adults, animals and nature .. I think and hope th... Read more

Khom Loy

written by Svein Erik, 12/03/13

These "balloons" was very cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


written by Olle, 10/04/13

I look to my delight, and my warning from last year remains and stands first among the reviews! It is very fair and honest of Coolstuff! And that the product now contains no metal, according to the in... Read more

Fin delivery and quality

written by Morten Holm, Denmark 23/05/13

Simple product, minimalist. Easy to ignite. Only works optimally in windless conditions. I used mine in light winds - so they flew in a 30-40 degree angle and a single ended up in a wood but good view... Read more

Festive feature!

written by FruLange, Denmark 24/06/13

On the occasion of my wedding, I bought the delicate lanterns Khom Loy at Cool Stuff. They arrived on time, was VERY nice and gave our summer wedding a magical and fantastic dimention. If I'm ever... Read more

fine lanterns

written by Karen, Denmark 19/08/13

We ordered 2 packages Khom Loy 4 lantern in each and sent them up here over the weekend to the delight of both large and small. They worked very finely and fry finely aloft - they require calm weather... Read more

Khom Loy

written by Mette Tougaard, Denmark 13/09/13

Super easy to find what you want to book on cool stuff, fast delivery, no damage to the received :-)

Fight Fine!

written by Anne Gro, Norway 03/12/13

Second time I buy these lamps from you. Fantastic great to see them rise into the sky. Been used on New Year's Eve, but also in other occasions.


written by Anonym, Norway 09/12/13

It is absolutely magical sending up lanterns. Both adults and children will be thrilled to see the lantern rise up into the air. They go fight loud!

Khom Loy

written by Dorte , Denmark 06/01/14

We had New Year's Eve bought khom Loy lanterns which we had to send off together with our guests. It brought great happiness and all sent a lantern off with a New Year's wish. Lantern could be... Read more

Great mountains

written by HermineH, Norway 06/01/14

We were at our cabin at Vassfaret in the New Year. When we took the opportunity to send up paper balloons when it was clear. It was incredibly nice and very entertaining for all ages. We wondered a bi... Read more

Civilized New Year Celebration

written by Djurvän, Sweden 06/01/14

Happy New Year !!! We have been in our family / family for many years, welcomed the new year with fireworks of various varieties. In recent years, with boxes and boxes, each year cost between 1.5 to 2... Read more

Super Difficult to ignite

written by Ann, Sweden 06/01/14

I have done many lanterns but now the manufacturer has changed the ignition box. So difficult to ignite ?? Took fourth safe .. With all. Before it was a wick with wax, but now only one package, hope i... Read more

Floating lanterns are a hit!

written by Johst, Denmark 09/01/14

We had the great pleasure of sending a fire in a rice paper into the air New Year's Eve! I had heard that they would be hard to fold out without destroying and almost impossible to ignite, but I e... Read more

Tysssstnad ....

written by Granbergskan, Sweden 13/01/14

Very good product. Even the older generation were impressed. Took a little time to get up the most, but we enjoyed fully. An excellent addition to popping rockets o firecrackers. Our dogs and horses g... Read more

cheap and good

written by Andreas, Sweden 24/02/14

bought a pack of 8 pieces. A cost a little over 17 crowns. Thought it's crap, but they work out really well. Risballongar for the best price


written by Vican, Sweden 25/02/14

Perfectly sized and easy to fold up. Was no problem to light. Mysbarometen went 0-100 in just a few moments when a lantern was lit and slowly flew away into the darkness.

Khom Loy

written by Michael G, Denmark 23/06/14

Ordered lanterns straight up to a number of public holidays. Immediately after this, I received the order. Easy and convenient. Super service. Michael G

Nice work!

written by Bo, Sweden 10/12/14

Fast well-packaged delivery. Fancy lanterns but why are they not in orange, the color of fire? Would definitely heighten the impression!


written by Flemming , Denmark 17/12/14

Super fast delivery, everything went according planen.kan highly recommended. The product lived up to expectations

Super service

written by thomas5com, Denmark 01/01/15

Fast delivery came a day after we had placed order super service the non Last time we ordered from cool stuff

great lamps

written by Mikko, Sweden 05/01/15

We and our guests loved to release these amazing lights up in heaven. All to create harmony and enjoyment påNyårsnatten

amazingly fine

written by Tobbe, Norway 05/01/15

Very happy with these really. They work best when there is no wind, but little wind is manageable as long as you have a clear path around you without trees and everything it can attach itself to. It r... Read more

Finer and better than fireworks

written by Emma, Sweden 05/01/15

That said much finer, better, interrupts and more environmentally friendly than fireworks! For those animals is New Year's terrible, and certainly it gives a sense of celebration but I thought the... Read more


written by Johanna, Sweden 07/01/15

Khom Loy worked great. A little difficult to turn and get away but it is apparently so with these lamps. They were full, affordable, fast delivery and easy to pay with you.

Thumbs up

written by Kristin , Norway 09/01/15

Wishing Lantern was quite ok for a low price. Next year perhaps there had been an idea and pursue some little nicer with better quality. Doing nothing to pay a little for it. BUT what I would point ou... Read more

Could not use

written by Kristoffer , Sweden 10/01/15

Hey, Full board stank of mold when we opened it. We tried anyway to turn on a light but did not get any of them. Too bad, as this was a gift in a julklappslek.

100% cozy without noise

written by Jenny G, Sweden 12/01/15

Second year in a row that we buy these rislyktor. No wires that damage the environment or risk killing livestock.

Flying sky lanterns

written by Lotta, Sweden 12/01/15

Lousy, did not work at all. American Black Duck o too heavy. Lifted barely. The only thing that was good was the fast service.

The top :)

written by Anneli , Sweden 30/03/15

Very pleased with both lights and super fast delivery. Will certainly order from coolstuff again

Super happy

written by HHG, Denmark 25/05/15

Fast delivery and best quality, they always keep their promises from the inside cool stuff Dk, it is not the last time I order

Easy and quick

written by Karsten, Denmark 15/06/15

Bought 8 Khom loy "Thai lanterns" and it is certainly not the last time I shop at cool stuff. Easy and simple website and fast delivery only big +++++ here

defective heat source

written by Susanne dam, Denmark 08/09/15

Lantern were to be used only in September .. It never managed to get proper fire in the heat source. So my son and daughter in law was never sent their love lights up for the wedding


written by Crasse, Sweden 31/12/15

What to say? What I was looking for and works as they should. For all sorts of occasions and celebrations or mourning.

SUPER New Year "gunpowder"

written by Tom , Denmark 02/01/16

We sent several of place, and unlike the usual rockets, so we could see our "rocket" for a very long time. We also did the Chinese, there was a thought them are not here anymore. :) User the... Read more

kohm Loy

written by W.B., Denmark 05/01/16

I was very pleased when I received the package with my flying lanterns. But - But I have not used them. They were meant for New Year's Eve instead of bang and bang, but I was unsure about it at al... Read more

Environmentally friendly !!!

written by Pochi, Sweden 08/01/16

Large eco-friendly, on good !!! We tested them on a windy day they worked, a little difficult to ignite but it went well in the end.

Nicer than fireworks

written by d4kris, Sweden 12/01/16

We have started sending these rather than the fireworks on New Year's, a lot nicer and more fun tradition than before. Requires little technology (patience) to get them to fly when it's cold a... Read more

Sky lantern lanterns

written by Cookie66, Sweden 13/01/16

Jättefina Thai lanterns. Crucial that they are of bamboo frame (and not the metal that can cause tremendous damage to the cows, for example.) Greater than I might have imagined. Takes a while to get t... Read more

Vackett and environmentally friendly

written by UK, Sweden 13/01/16

Not only that it was fast delivery. The eco-friendly lamps were easy to light and manage, and long burning. Synthesis time on New Year's sky.

Sky lantern environmentally friendly but hard way

written by Cybra, Sweden 17/01/16

One can at least send them with a clear conscience, but only managed seven of eight. New Year's Eve was very windy and it was extremely difficult to ignite them. It took a long time before the wax... Read more

Khom Loy

written by Randi, Denmark 11/05/16

I am very pleased and very fast service & delivery. Not the last time I will avail myself of cool stuff.

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