Sneaker Socks

Fun sneaker socks pretending to be shoes. Dress your feet in socks that look like sneakers!

Sneaker Socks - Red (Size 37-44)
Red (Size 37-44)
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Sneaker Socks - Turquoise (Size 35-40)
Turquoise (Size 35-40)
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What is this?

Fun socks, if you have big feet ...

written by Malin, 21/11/12

I bought these socks to my sisters, sadly, it somehow does not like having a size 38. It's too bad they are for us with small feet!

cool socks

written by Jessica, 21/11/12

The stockings really look like shoes and fit is really good for my feet in a size 40. Both beautiful and funny at once then. Keeps wash after wash, both in color and fit.

Awesomeness factor

written by Fredde, 22/11/12

Bought red sneakers and sandals, and everyone I met at work laughed and wondered where I bought them. The sandals were probably the ones who "appreciated" the most. Good size and fit for me ... Read more


written by Dippet, 07/12/12

They look really great on foot and is ideal if you have a size 39. I bought a pair of red and am really pleased.

The daughter likes

written by StAFF, 13/12/12

Silly Sock was a success. the daughter of 8 years has had them in several parties, and got admiring glances ...

silly sucks ...

written by ksp, 20/12/12

very fun idea, but something small in it .... think most of all it is for children, not for adults feet .....

coolest socks ever :)

written by Elisabeth, 20/12/12

My daughter likes to have their own socks that are indistinguishable from all the other socks in the house so these were a perfect gift for her.

both and

written by Lennie, 20/12/12

It has some cool and funny socks ... But the paragraph price the quality is poor, the quality of socks reminiscent of socks for 5 - 10 kr

obese socks

written by Lilian Andersen, 20/12/12

There is not much to write about the socks out of they're really cool. I had them on for few candle red sneakers other day and it looked like they went far up the leg when my buddy so he was quite... Read more

Silly socks

written by Berit, 21/12/12

Funny o little different socks makes you happy to look at them, and the perfect Christmas gift, a real surprise.


written by Anna, 21/12/12

Cool socks! Do not, however, the right to make them think about them, but it will probably be appreciated! Fast delivery also, very good!

Silly sockd

written by Ansofiwest, 21/12/12

Giant Funny socks, shame that they are smaller in size (blue) and that it is too high pris.Skulle buy more if they were cheaper

Silly sockd

written by Ansofiwest, 21/12/12

Giant Funny socks, shame that they are smaller in size (blue) and that it is too high pris.Skulle buy more if they were cheaper

Silly Socks

written by Mizzle, 21/12/12

Looks to be the cozy anywhere and super fun! Should give them to my partner! Feels lovely in the fabric, not as thin cheap socks. However, I see that they are too big for my small feet ... otherwise I... Read more


written by Kickan, 21/12/12

It feels as if the socks are made mostly in nylon. One gets the feeling when you know them, have not tried them because it is a gift. But they look awesome cool out!

Silly Socks

written by kesa, 21/12/12

OK but not so hot. Required to have other socks over whether they should act as slippers. Too bad not all colors are available in all sizes.

cool stockings

written by Camilla, 23/12/12

Cannon socks good in size but .. should be in more storlekar.Sonen of 10y also want ... fast delivery.

Fun stocking!

written by Rufsrufs, 24/12/12

Fast delivery of product that was sold at the previous order. Bought before another model / color. Good quality.


written by Pernilla , 24/12/12

My daughters, 10 o 11 years old were presented with a couple of Christmas, was a real success! They pulled on his socks directly o they sat at bedtime, to formalwear and everything. They loved the soc... Read more

Silly Socks

written by Lbuddi, 27/12/12

They were a little expensive, and I think maybe the quality is not quite live up to the price - but they fell into good soil Christmas Eve .....

big success

written by Nisse, 27/12/12

Was actually the Christmas gift that was most appreciated. Comfortable stockings actually also looks as sneakers.

How cool anytime!

written by Sarajix, 27/12/12

Soft and comfortable quality. They meet expectations ................. Can recommend the socks!

Cool ..

written by Mia, 27/12/12

Fun and different, good gift. Minus that one can not choose more exact size and that freight is Svindyr if you just want to buy the socks ..


written by BP, 28/12/12

Very popular Christmas gift, fine quality and fun utförande.Kan therefore recommend this produkt.Måste also point out the quick delivery time, Coolstuff kept their promise, is very pleased with Coolst... Read more

successful Christmas gift

written by Marw, 28/12/12

Gave away a Christmas gift to my husband and my brother and socks was (it seemed like) very appreciated. Appearance and quality below expectations. Just wish I had bought myself too ...


written by Magnus.w, 28/12/12

Bought and gave away as a Christmas gift, much appreciated by the recipient immediately put them on. Also bought myself both converse and sandal socks. Clearly a brilliant product if you want to joke ... Read more

Silly Socks

written by Lisbeth, 28/12/12

Estimated Christmas gift, fun design and fits well on foten.Ett big plus for the ursnabba leveransen.Kan recommend the product.

tough stockings

written by Pelle, 28/12/12

Bought for my children every estimate, Can not say anything about the quality when they have not been used yet! But considering the price, you get hope they keep well, not lose color or shape ..


written by K.A, 28/12/12

An entertaining conversation! :-) Good gift when you only have a little something, or to someone who has everything!

funny socks

written by Ingmari, 28/12/12

These socks were a Christmas gift to grandchildren in 17 years. He, like all others, is still in stocking feet indoors. He thought those socks that look like shoes, was really festive. Durability I ca... Read more

cool socks

written by ToneMO, 28/12/12

Silly Socks plays really well received as Christmas gifts! Cool socks that both large and small liked! The kids thought they looked like conversesko.

fun stockings

written by Mimmi, 29/12/12

Jättefina socks but still I was surprised to see the red socks and judgment pink / cerise was in various sizes. It appears not on the website, which states that all are one size. But they seem to have... Read more


written by Ertskida, 30/12/12

Perfect gift for the person who has everything. Instead of flowers. Or to those who do not know, but we want to know. Great conversation starter!

Capable of development skostrumpesuccé!

written by JHS, 31/12/12

Clearly approved in both fabric and printing quality! A really cool product of the socks is to tell pictorially what the footwear had. They obviously completely clean socks get up to your ankles a few... Read more

Silly Socks

written by Babsan, 31/12/12

I saw these socks online. Sent by the funny socks to my three sonhustrur.De had never seen them before, and many laughs were there on julafton.De say they love their fun socks.


written by Uffeleffe, 31/12/12

The children who received them were very happy with them skoliknande. They are wearing them almost every day fit


written by Mimmi, 31/12/12

My old man loves his converse ... Now he can have the socks when it's too much snow out there! Too bad they were not available in more colors only!


written by Pia, 31/12/12

Those who received them for Christmas were very pleased! Bought three different colors and all were equally appreciated.

Silly socks

written by Yvonne, 01/01/13

Much appreciated present.Passade perfect, set a smack on foot. There is a lot of fun to shop at coolstuff.Rekomenderar this to other customers. Sincerely, Yvonne

Silly Socks

written by Carina, 01/01/13

How cool any time. Perfect to give as gifts :) Looks like shoes and the price is quite okay


written by Bjarke , 01/01/13

They are comfortably cool, but they are very easily soiled and they are a little too expensive. They could only cost between 15-40 kroner. =) =) =) =) =) =)

Silly Socks: Pink

written by MGB, 01/01/13

Got to be the silly pink socks as a Christmas gift to her partner. She has received many comments on socks at a party recently. They get a lot of attention!

Children's favorite

written by Kristin, 02/01/13

The kids thought they were great fun. Convenient to get home, thought the shipping was a little expensive, 49 SEK for a pair of socks.

Silly Socks

written by Annelie Lundberg, 02/01/13

Why could not specify the size? When we got the socks were different sizes on these. Otherwise it was a very popular Christmas gift 5 stars for appearance but 0 stars that it did not order any size.


written by Ug, 02/01/13

Stylish socks with fun design. Good kvallité and nice colors. Good in sizes and odd thing to have.


written by Azza, 02/01/13

These were really cool. A little small for guys with size 48. But it was up to WIDTH 47. Would think that there is more to STLK 46th

obese socks

written by hanne, 02/01/13

Super funny socks, which, moreover, is of good quality. Very popular with the big boy who got them for Christmas.

Fast delivery!

written by petk, 02/01/13

Super-fast, thank you! Silly socks was really silly. The recipient immediately put the leg and is now itsekkin in Silly socks!

Silly socks

written by Kristina, 02/01/13

A fun idea but I was disappointed with the size (they looked like small to be of the largest size) and it stands on the washcloth on the socks that are 30 degree wash apply. But that idea is good!

fun sock

written by Vuttex, 02/01/13

For those who can not tear themselves away from their Converse is a must! Looks fun when you take off your shoes ....

cool socks

written by DH, 03/01/13

Cool socks that were well received! The quality looks, and feels, good. Nice colors that will hopefully last wash after wash!


written by Sofia, 03/01/13

Gave away the pink for Christmas, and they look as good as I thought! The size was good for my little sister who has strl 37-38 (?). Cool when she takes off her pink Converse, and it looks like she st... Read more

shoes on the inside?

written by fritte, 03/01/13

These were super cool !!! gave away as a Christmas present and they were highly appreciated. fun socks that actually seemed to be was in decent quality. will certainly be used by the receiver, and I w... Read more

Silly Socks!

written by akka, 03/01/13

A great Christmas gift became Silly socks. Cool socks for little money. Thought much about these socks, good quality and so on. Now we have not washed them yet, so, I can not say something about / ove... Read more

Hey, shoes off!

written by LineD, 03/01/13

Very cool socks that live 100% up to specification, they look like real shoes when you have them on. And then awakens the real sensation when stepping into people's homes and taking off your shoes... Read more

Silly socks

written by B, 03/01/13

Funny socks that made the recipients happy! In this case inveterate top carrier with dojorna put on the shelf in the slush. Then it was lovely with a few silly socks that almost made spring feelings t... Read more


written by MM, 03/01/13

Incredibly good Christmas gift. Then they are only used in one day and not washed yet so can not comment on the quality.

Silly socks

written by Lilla jag, 03/01/13

I think they were very beautiful, also very cute, you can even fool some that you really have shoes on

Christmas gifts

written by Mormorvonne, 04/01/13

These gifts did the grandchildren overjoyed, but I would liked to have had more colors in a size 36, the little boy would not have pink "shoes," he said .....

fun Christmas gift

written by Helena, 04/01/13

Bought the pink to my twelve year old daughter and her cousin who thought they were cool. I also bought a pair of blue to myself. Unfortunately, I have not used them yet, but feel that the quality see... Read more


written by AMO, 04/01/13

Beautiful crazy "skostrømper". boys of 15 years was VERY excited. They were taken promptly Christmas Eve. To be showcased in the school.

fun socks

written by Anita, 04/01/13

Received plenty of praise for my harsh socks. Very satisfied! Fun with socks that look like shoes. Also sits comfortably on foot.

cool stockings

written by SJ, 04/01/13

Very popular under the tree. Nothing but praise. Great gift for the person who has everything already. Can not recommend these socks.

Fun o different stockings

written by skytten, 05/01/13

Was estimated in both adolescent and adult! Socks're usually not very fun to give away or get but if they are funny how it works anyway o these are!

Wrong size

written by SK, 07/01/13

Ordered two pair, 39-47, but one pair was really small fits maybe 36. That's just awkward to send it back.


written by zophiex, 07/01/13

Funny socks! They fit well and keep in the laundry. Want enough to buy several pairs of his daughter .... maybe for me with


written by Lennart, 07/01/13

Incredible service. The socks came the day after ordering and corresponded completely describe no. Those who received them for Christmas were very happy.

Silly socks.

written by TBP, 07/01/13

I bought 2 pair Silly socks to advendtsgave, and my granddaughter thought they were cool. It's not every day you look like some socks, so he was happy to get them.

Fun and useful

written by Birte, 07/01/13

His son could see the fun in them and use them too. The daughter has expressed a wish to get a similar pair in pink

Orn'lig happy sister who

written by Johan, 07/01/13

Søsser was damn glad socks. They are fat and sits well on her. She was hilarious on. But it's a bummer that I must not write less than 100 characters.

send socks

written by Gaby, 07/01/13

Fast delivery, well packaged, goods in order and exactly as I had imagined. Can you recommend, at any time. :-)


written by Astrid, 07/01/13

My family knew nothing about what I had bought, and they were good enough enraptured when they saw my blue Silly Socks. Too bad, however, was that they all knew from the first sight of them that it wa... Read more

funny socks

written by age, 08/01/13

Funny socks that are nice to have. I gave them away to a friend, she was very happy. Going to buy a pair for myself oskcå.

Looking great!

written by Atze, 08/01/13

The socks were a gift, but got me a bit annoyed that I had not ordered me what. Look great! Just a little expensive for a pair of socks .. But something special!


written by Karin, 08/01/13

Bought these fun socks to my youth on they were pleasantly surprised at how festive it looked!


written by Dreambig, 12/01/13

Really cool socks, suited me perfectly, even bought the blue to the brothers for Christmas and they were really happy! :) Had bought considerably more if the price was a bit high.

Silly Socks

written by Cillen, 17/01/13

Funny socks that became a big laugh on Christmas Eve. The socks fit well and not lose fit after washing.

Silly socks sandals :)

written by Emma, 21/01/13

Really funny socks! Bought a pair of sandals socks for my partner, who received many positive comments about them. He has size 43 o socks fit well. A fun gift :) A little lower price as it had become ... Read more


written by Mille, 22/01/13

They are super smart! Looks like the right shoes. And they are money be, they quickly become dirty but otherwise super fine! <3 :)


written by tina, 23/01/13

fast delivery, good customer service had made a mistake phoned and got help. The socks are super tough and good quality :)

Stylish socks!

written by Nikki, 28/01/13

What nice and comfortable socks! Really like the picture. Both I and the children long for them when they're in the wash. Want a pair in every color!


written by Sandy, 16/02/13

Giant Stylish and well made! Simply the gift for those who love converse. :) Comfortable and extremely comfortable.


written by Gajden, 25/02/13

At first glance it really looks like you have shoes on! Have not had time to wash them more than one time, so the grade can not be 5 until possibly 2-3 washes.


written by Jk, 28/02/13

Gave them a gift for a friend who is always wearing canvas shoes, she loves these socks and bought two pairs of.


written by tatto-knuttan, 01/03/13

They were beautiful and tough with his pressure. Feeling alone who own socks. I hope they will not break easily when I get to buy new from you.


written by Carolina M A, 02/03/13

What positive feedback I received for these socks. I do not write more than: ORDER YOU TOO! Mvh Carolina MA Uppsala

cool socks

written by Mormor, 07/03/13

My granddaughter was super happy when she found a pair of red socks that looked like a basketball shoe. Her first komentar was: "What beautiful they are, and super cool." Her little brother ... Read more

Super cool socks

written by Tina Rasmussen, 11/03/13

They are crazy fun! If you are into socks with print, here they are a hit! And they are delicious soft!

Silly Socks

written by Helle Christiansen, 12/03/13

I think Silly Socks are super beautiful and we love them here at home :) I recommend them clearly :) they are soft to wear and is in beautiful colors ....

The world's coolest socks

written by Natasia, 12/03/13

They are mega nice, they fit nicely into a size 38, although there is a very wide size of the package and are soft and very quality ones;) I'm already very happy for them;)

Silly socks

written by Bollan, 17/03/13

Very fun thing and good quality. Have not washed the so many times but the little I made it seem color and fit maintained great

Silly Socks

written by Eightball, 18/03/13

The socks came a day after the order. Fantastic! They are fine, though a bit cheap quality (not 70, - worth: /) The color of strømoerne have been a little weak after the first washing, after proper wa... Read more

Very nice and funny socks.

written by Richard, 22/03/13

Nice and funny though: They cost a lot, and the quality is not to jump into the ceiling. They are thin and go rather quickly broken.

Eighties is back!

written by Andy, 09/04/13

Wish I had more forest industry to choose between otherwise great and fits like a glove! No blisters This does not, however, feel that they leak into some water when I walk in the woods ...

Fast delivery

written by Doris, 11/04/13

The socks were cool but unfortunately enlarge. Unbelievable fast delivery. Got them the day after I ordered.

class socks

written by Seba, Germany 23/04/13

Visually see the socks well and make real head turner, but unfortunately the red color a little discolored.


written by socks, Norway 02/05/13

when my teenage daughter so these she insisted on taking over them. she has them most to cool decorations in his room, it looks for but she thinks they are awesome


written by Sokkefigur, Denmark 03/05/13

Bought it as a gift for a friend, he was mega happy with it, and felt it's pretty fun. It's a little pricey with 69 - for socks, so it's not an everyday thing, more than a funny thing.

Poor and expensive!

written by Lene , Norway 07/05/13

I bought pink sneaker socks, think they were funny, not as funny as it went holes on the first day.

fun stockings

written by Zirie, Sweden 13/05/13

I thought that the gloves sat well on foot. Writhed and not the pattern gave many happy exclamations during the day.


written by Snekliw, Sweden 13/05/13

Bought the pink when they were in a smaller size and they were not as strong pink as they looked, which was a plus! Very much appreciated gift for my girlfriend who like Converse shoes as these make i... Read more


written by Gus, Sweden 17/05/13

Bought these socks for my 18 year old daughter who loves them and has them often. She apparently gets a lot of compliments for these strange socks too. A tip for parents who want to get a little more ... Read more

completely satisfied

written by oxus72, Sweden 31/05/13

Have not tried them myself - gift - but they came when they could, and looked like they would. Thus has not tried them myself - gift - but they came when they could, and looked like they would.

fine product

written by Dorthe Thorhauge, Denmark 04/06/13

Completely as expected. Thats what you can see from the picture. It was the blue. Despite my daughter does not have the right size. Feet for these socks, they could still provide the fun indrtyk that ... Read more

Shoe socks

written by Christina, Sweden 10/06/13

Bought Me o daughter and was very pleased with it. The friends of my daughter thought they looked cool off. delicious


written by BLN, Sweden 19/06/13

Think that the gloves are funny as hell. Has given away a couple of gift and the recipient was thrilled and surprised. He had not seen such socks before. Rest pair I will also give as gifts in a few w... Read more

Absolutely a great product!

written by Kalle, Sweden 02/09/13

A super and comfortable sock, into the bargain, keep in a cool pattern. The best comment I got was once a young child, we were indoors and the comment was: -You can not wear shoes here! If you get the... Read more


written by bengan, Sweden 19/09/13

It was okay. Fantastic, good socks. Sitting perfectly in place on your feet and keeps its color well

cool sneakers

written by Tawallis, Sweden 02/10/13

Beautiful and tough socks. Colours not of itself after washing. I'm super happy with my sneakers that I ordered several colors of.

Sneaker Socks

written by ip, Germany 14/10/13

Everything worked perfectly! I'm going to side with safety weiterempfehlen.Sie socks also looked top also fit great! Thank you very much


written by heinz.kränke, Germany 21/10/13

fast delivery with the right packaging. Goods as advertised, well, color is in compliance with the image

Soft and comfortable!

written by Amanda, Sweden 21/11/13

I bought a pair for me (size. 39) and a pair of her partner (size. 46). While it is "one-size" fits so good to both of us. Fantastic soft and comfortable socks!

Fashion stockings

written by Betzinski, Sweden 02/12/13

Trendy socks that look like Converse skor..bra price, beautiful construction quality and very appreciated. Perfect as a gift but as nice to andvända himself. Recommend this from coolstuff


written by Josefine, Sweden 06/12/13

The kids were super excited !! SAA acrid! :-) Also I was decorating my feet in this harsh way :-D Thanks

Very cool!

written by Marion.K , Norway 08/12/13

Digger socks, they are incredibly cool. I go to common converse there, now I have it inside and. Such I'll have more of.

Odd sizes

written by Sofia, Sweden 09/12/13

The blacks were less than those even though it was all colors would be 37-44. The American size that was printed on was less on the black than in the red. Could not complain ...

Babe socks

written by barbth, Sweden 10/12/13

Jättefina socks and fast delivery. I'm very satisfied as a customer of yours. I have already recommended you to many of my friends.


written by Niisku, Finland 14/12/13

just as ajattelinki and power nopiaa.Nyt socks kääräistään package and odotettaan Eve evening and the holder of a cheerful look

Simply wearing only socks

written by BSchm, Germany 16/12/13

The socks look very good and it's something different than just the monotony of socks. Can you buy peace of mind.


written by MK, Sweden 18/12/13

However, not tested quality even (if it is a gift), you can only evaluate the look, and I'm not disappointed!

Very pleased

written by Karåla, Sweden 19/12/13

Very pleased with both the product I bought, contact and delivery. I barely had time to order these socks before I got home in the mailbox, so there is nothing negative to say. Socks also corresponded... Read more

fun socks

written by Lovis, Sweden 20/12/13

I have long seen these socks with you, but they have always been out ...! Now I got anyway hold of the pair of black that I bought (would have liked to have red) socks corresponded förväntingarna when... Read more


written by Lovis, Sweden 20/12/13

The stockings seems to be of good quality. What is interesting is that the pink socks were small in size, becoming a girl / woman and the black socks large in size, becoming a man. So I have been fort... Read more

Sneaker Socks

written by Erik, Sweden 25/12/13

In-law loved the socks .. this year's Christmas gift to father .. he thought they was really beautiful and tough ...


written by Joe, Sweden 25/12/13

Good fit! Too bad it was only those pink that was smaller. But looks very much like shoes. Good buy!

Very small in size

written by Susanne Lousdal, Denmark 27/12/13

Very small in size, the largest can as a str. 40 apply, but it is best suited to a 38-40, the smaller will be used by a 33-37. They are super chic. Very thin quality. It would be good if gåfladen was ... Read more

sneaker socks

written by Cajsa, Sweden 27/12/13

Became a much appreciated gift to a tonåring.Har used but are not washed yet, hopefully they are as good afterwards.

Very original.

written by Witziges Weihnachtsgeschenk., Germany 27/12/13

The gefüchteten socks under the Christmas tree are not. Who is known for original socks anyway, is here on delighted.

Really beautiful socks

written by Lajsen, Sweden 27/12/13

The socks are one size and fit perfectly. In addition they were very comfortable which I had not dared hope for. Estimated Christmas gift for friends too.

Sneaker Socks

written by G. Hasenfratz, Germany 27/12/13

This order was promptly executed. The socks are very comfortable and look very good. I'm very satisfied.

Portrait of a young mind

written by Kati, Finland 28/12/13

Fit socks, ballet pumps with excellent youth. I would have been myself these, but the youth took for his own use.

Great cool stockings

written by Suzynl, Sweden 01/01/14

Got really good service. Strumpona was really cool! Will surely find more great things to come!


written by Nyponros , Sweden 02/01/14

Perfect socks! Comfortable and cool! When my niece (+ 2 years) saw them she said "shoes, borrow", despite the size of the socks she went around with them a whole weekend :) you can pull them... Read more


written by c, Sweden 02/01/14

These socks are ascoola and comfortable. I will definitely order more. Designs Socks e fun because they give reactions from others and they ask where I bought them

trendy stockings

written by Tuula, Finland 09/01/14

I bought these 13-year-old daughter for Christmas. It seemed to be pleasing soft package. It was responsible for aijemmin seen somewhere, and had just wanted such. The material is pleasantly thin and ... Read more


written by Luis Reina, Sweden 20/01/14

I got a pair as a gift and they look great. You may use at parties. I got a compliment even from the police at the airport in the US. They are okay.

Sneakers - but still not

written by MoaBe, Sweden 20/01/14

A fun idea for socks! Has received many compliments on them! When you look down on the socks so it feels like more than just socks. The red and black are the ones that I think looks best! There is no ... Read more


written by Bo, Germany 21/01/14

The product is really great. Exactly as described. The shipment also went quickly. Everything perfect...!! Only to be recommended ... !!

sneakers (socks)

written by mari, Denmark 23/01/14

Everyone loves these socks ... and I do too. I have been forced to book socks for the whole family :-)

The shoe in the shoe ....

written by Schmitzkatz, Germany 27/01/14

funny socks that actually like Chucks look at first glance. Course material is rather thin but they fully meet your purpose!

Ribbon Shoe Socks

written by iitska, Finland 27/01/14

A nice change from one colored socks. The fabric seems fairly good quality, comfortable to wear. Due to the white base color socks will look shabby pretty quickly. The maximum size a bit small 45 foot... Read more

Sneaker socks

written by Laila, Sweden 04/02/14

These socks I sent for the teenage daughter. Quickly became a favorite and the most widely used! Very stylish and available in many colors!


written by lastentähden, Finland 11/02/14

Really nice-looking socks, attracted attention! Eka washing contracted "normal" more and sweaters pilled. But the really funny-looking feet!

Nice socks!

written by LindaG, Sweden 04/03/14

I dug these socks as soon as I saw them! Good kavalitet, soft and comfortable to wear sig.Man get the bear to get comments on them :)

sneaker socks

written by wonnchen307, Germany 10/03/14

there always looking for gifts featuring'm having something to do with shoes I was very pleased when I saw the sneaker socks entdeckte.eine really funny and great gift idea. as the order arrived I... Read more

So tough !!!

written by Wenche, Norway 08/04/14

The entire sewing circles have booked themselves like that. We have from shoe size. 37-41, but they fit them all equally :) Soft and good socks that sits well on foot. One of us has washed his several... Read more

Coola Socks!

written by Linda, Norway 19/05/14

Purple babe grew tremendously nöjd with dessa sockarna och wild knappt take them off himself, shy själv clear it was the pink and blue hon wanted! Advise starkt!

basket Socks

written by Tessa, Norway 15/10/14

Excellent Cool socks! Worth the money =)

Super Socks see from funny, good quality

written by Nika, Germany 20/10/14

Super Socks see funny of good quality. What more is there to write? There are socks :)


written by Lena, Sweden 04/11/14

Have bought a pair of past -Black and they hold great after many washings. Now it was a red pair that becomes attractive to the Christmas feast. Fun to "keep your shoes on" when everyone tak... Read more


written by Karin Wittmaack, Germany 12/11/14

So in the picture it looked great but in his hands I was very disappointed! Thought that are slightly thicker socks, you do not need slippers, thought fail, simple Socks but although super look no sli... Read more


written by iitsu, Finland 18/11/14

There is a lovely and comfortable pehneät jalassa.Mukava gift recipient and provider of pleasure! Are like shoes to wear, but the stockings, however.

cool socks

written by Monika, Norway 19/11/14

Anyone who noticed my socks think they were really cool, and wondered where I had bought them. :)


written by Pia, Finland 02/12/14

The colors were really good, I ordered the black and pink gift. I guess that is the favorite gifts to two different persons.


written by anjuska, Finland 04/12/14

socks are kind and good expectations to keep the foot. We ordered several colors and we are satisfied with the colors of socks. The order arrived surprisingly quickly.

Cute Gag

written by Wolf, Germany 08/12/14

Just a nice gag, no big story behind it, socks fit, looks nice, something fun brought.

Seeehhhr cooollll

written by SNI71, Germany 16/12/14

Very nice and really funny, are intended as a gift. However, they have a very small, are indeed for many sizes "fit" if that actually works remains to be seen. Gr. 44-feet act in relation to... Read more


written by mieite, Finland 19/12/14

The first purchases online with delivery arrived the next day. I was really delighted of !!!

Fesch for him and her

written by Akinom, Germany 19/12/14

Did my husband paid for Nikolaus these socks and I landed a full hit. So I will not be too short, I have also ordered for me and what am sure the sport soon so a looker worth. Great parts.


written by Ewa, Sweden 22/12/14

Thought it would be a little thicker sock, but it is perfectly fine would be nice if similar sock came as thick sock


written by Hulligan, Sweden 22/12/14

Ok easy on fast delivery, fun with odd socks like this in everyday missus loves them. On the right turn there

Sneaker Socks

written by Fairskull, Sweden 22/12/14

Fun and comfortable socks, became super popular in the family !!! Fast and safe delivery too, just plus !!

"Sneaker Socks"

written by GM, Sweden 22/12/14

A fun sock ploy of poor quality. Would have been nicer if it had been in mixed cotton and not synthetic clean.

Christmas present

written by Anni, Sweden 23/12/14

I have sent socks to Japan, do not know how appreciated they became. Hear it enough later for Christmas.


written by Susanna, Sweden 24/12/14

Very lovely socks and foremost fun to wear, want to buy a little odd you should bet on them, they are great and makes you happy to be seeing them or having them on

Sneakaes sock

written by Eva, Sweden 24/12/14

Fina looked just like sneakers gave away as a Christmas gift to my grandchildren they thought they were fine and happy

cool poster

written by kissekatten, Sweden 25/12/14

Tough socks, they became popular. They were a little four so I will not buy each month. Now we will see how good the quality that is in them. Hope they keep many washes. THANKS

successful gift

written by Vroni, Germany 26/12/14

The sneaker socks are really nice soft and fluffy and the mere sight of a smile had been drawn on the face of the recipient. And I think when times wearing socks under her real sneakers and takes off,... Read more

Sneaker Socks

written by Mogo, Germany 27/12/14

Goods entirely fulfilled the expectations. My kids loved it! Fast delivery, receipt in the best condition. My recommendation!

Trainers Bullocks.

written by Mocky, Sweden 28/12/14

It's always tricky up here with julklappar.Fick see the above product and thought it would be a great thing to give away. (I bought a pair for myself too)! Great quality and fun product! Will orde... Read more

Socks fall differently from large

written by R.Pahl, Germany 28/12/14

Apart from the difference in size they saw online cool but in real life they are rather poor and not worth its price.


written by LiLaDoLa, Germany 28/12/14

I presented my work colleagues socks. Kam really good at. very suitable as a small gift.

Sneaker Socks

written by Teddan, Sweden 29/12/14

Perfect gift for the person who has everything! The socks are jättfina and comfortable and fit great for the feet as they were meant for, ie, size 37-42.

So freaking socks!

written by Tomtemor, Sweden 29/12/14

Wow, what a fantastic socks! Success! It looks so funny when the socks look like sneakers, really weird! Good size, stretchable. Must probably buy more! Fast delivery before Christmas, did not hurt :-... Read more

Funniest Christmas stockings

written by Perroloco, Finland 29/12/14

Gifts is hard to think of people who already have everything needed. Socks need all the time and they were really pleased to command saajiltaan. Successful shopping.

great socks

written by flyingchuck, Germany 29/12/14

The socks are very comfortable and look great. Now I can wear my "chucks" on the sofa.

Funny gift

written by Meryl, Germany 29/12/14

Funny looking socks made of good quality material. Sweet as a small gift or addition to a gift.

Luvatunlainen product and fast delivery

written by Sirpa K, Finland 31/12/14

Socks were just such as the advertisement was told, and I got them quickly. Klarna payment system was convenient.

Good socks

written by Daddycool, Germany 31/12/14

Good socks - look so good that sometimes you did not notice that the kids ;-) do not wear shoes you have a good quality.

funny socks

written by Ingeli, Sweden 01/01/15

Very good quality. Did not change after washing at 60 degrees! Fairly high sock. Something big in size.

Converse stockings

written by Marie, Sweden 01/01/15

Ordered 9 pair of black Converse socks to give as gifts. Very pleased with both the fit and quality. Will definitely order in other colors.

Perfect gift for fjortisen!

written by LH, Sweden 01/01/15

Very popular. Good price, good quality and really appreciated. Can really recommend. Bought the röda.9


written by SusaT, Finland 02/01/15

I bought before Christmas for myself and my children in question. socks. Children liked the socks and myself loved it, too many others have praised socks appearance kivaksi. The material is thin, so d... Read more

am happy with my

written by stine, Denmark 04/01/15

Well it's socks with funny pattern. more, there is shown, not to say. if that's what you expect is what you get :)


written by HH, Sweden 05/01/15

Very quickly leverarat and like product looked and as I expected from the side very well! HH


written by Isdimma , Sweden 05/01/15

I love these socks! I hope that those smaller sizes come in again. I really want them all :-)

good service

written by jsp, Sweden 05/01/15

Thumbs up for coolstuff. Got the wrong item within 2 days but did however maintain the + my real order after just 1 day. +++++ / 5


written by, Sweden 05/01/15

I ordered red but received pink socks. It's not ok. It seems that there is someone who is color blind sitting and pack socks.


written by sabine, Germany 05/01/15

Was a great gift, and see properly tightened great! Also fast delivery with no problems! great

Everything great...

written by L-Sock3, Germany 06/01/15

Super, the settlement worked out perfectly and quickly. The sneaker socks look fabulous and have arrived as gifts good. Great parts, a real shoe alternative ;-)!


written by ihme ja kumma, Finland 07/01/15

Round frame and dummy socks, but I think the smaller size would suggest. The Son does not always fit all feet "normal size" sock.

Only for cool CHUCKS - FRIENDS

written by Gunther, Germany 07/01/15

CHUCK S on the road ... the socks at home! ! A must for every Converse carrier ... Cast your tennis socks in the trash! ! and lie these cool socks!


written by No more!!, Sweden 08/01/15

--------------------- Minus minus ---------------- ----------- --minus ------------- Soooo completely feeelköp, expensive, crappy socks, thin, bleached the laundry ...... Worst I bought !!!

Sneaker Socks

written by nina rantala, Finland 09/01/15

Very satisfied with the speed of service, billing was done hyvin.Suosittelen service muillekkin, I will continue to use your services.

Fast, reliable, always gladly again !!!

written by Karl, Germany 26/01/15

Fast, reliable, always gladly again !!! Good online shop. anything but 5 star would not be ok. keep it up!

cool and comfortable fit

written by milla_c86, Sweden 02/02/15

So very cool !! Have bought both black, green, pink, red and turquoise. Suitable top of my feet with strl 39. Works wash after wash!

sneaker Socks

written by Arild, Norway 25/02/15

Hello Bought 2 pair of sneaker socks, one pair of light blue it went very quickly pierced, right under the footpad. And it is a place without any wear or stress. While the second is used, and people a... Read more


written by Isdimma, Sweden 16/03/15

I only boxes them these socks. So damn good looking. And not even my boss at work may say something when I walk in just socks (we should have slippers)

O pleased fast delivery

written by Haneleh , Sweden 25/03/15

Ordered sneaker socks and got them the day after in the mailbox! Good size and quality, nice colors. Super satisfied!

Well yeah...

written by EQ, Finland 11/06/15

The larger the leg color faded when the sock when stretched and thinned the price is a tad too high in relation to quality. But the idea is nice, and pattern / color scheme in these socks and a teenag... Read more

Sneak socks

written by Lindström, Sweden 17/06/15

Fast delivery as usual! The socks feels ok even after one wash, thin and flexible. So you should have quick socks do you have found the right place!

Top class!

written by Anders, Sweden 17/06/15

Comfortable socks that looked as good as they did in the pictures, and out of a high quality addition. Very happy!


written by Annie, Sweden 13/07/15

I love them. I have all the colors that are here in droves. Of the smaller size anyway. I love them! My absolute favorite socks. Nice. Stays looking after many washes well. And the comments are many :... Read more


written by Jenny Burman, Sweden 13/07/15

I have ordered a number of these kinds of socks for her son (he is 12 years old) also thinking about ordering me too :) I bought last winter and now also ordered a couple and they are perfect in size,... Read more

The purchase! =)

written by Sofie Lillewi Englund, Sweden 22/07/15

I bought Sneakers Socks. My big sister had bought them here socks before, but unfortunately they disappeared. So I ordered new to me. And I just love those socks. They are so shameless! and it just lo... Read more

Sneaker Socks

written by Nilslund, Sweden 27/07/15

I sent for two couples Sneaker Socks because I thought they looked so acrimonious out. I have used mine and they were so beautiful and I received many funny comments. Everyone who saw them wondered wh... Read more

See completely real

written by Marcus, Germany 03/08/15

Hi, I gave the socks my girlfriend and she was pretty excited because they look like the real thing with a quick look really. So worth it :-)

Comfortable socks

written by Anna, Sweden 14/08/15

Comfortable socks and good quality, not to mention cool safety factor. I bought two pairs at a time and I'm glad!

Perfect gift

written by Susanne, Germany 14/09/15

Our daughter wanted birthday money to buy certain sneaker. I saw the socks and knew immediately that they are perfect as money package. Stuffed and provided with the money outside, they have achieved ... Read more


written by cecilia, Sweden 21/10/15

ordered a pair of pink but got home a few red. Emailed customer service and they sent me a pair of pink and asked me to keep them red. super fun socks and it was an appreciated gift. Want to give cool... Read more


written by Ninali, Finland 16/11/15

A surprisingly good-looking socks were boys. And feel good quality. And really warm to wear.