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Snowball Maker

Emerge victorious from every winter snowball fight! With Snowball Maker and nimble fingers you can squeeze up to 60 snowballs a minute. That's you!

Snowball Maker - Snowball Maker
Snowball Maker
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What is this?

Not as good as we'd hoped = (

written by Angelica, 21/12/10

With normal snow the balls are not compact enough and break up easy, so it defeats the purpose of it. My son mixed water and snow and made perfect iceballs, but rather Those were deadly if thrown. I w... Read more

A sure winner

written by Natasia, 27/12/10

It is really good and I did not think you could make snowballs, when it was a thaw, but it can snowball transferee. And they are all very beautiful and super spherical. Has made a snowball pyramid, as... Read more

written by , 27/12/10

Product and supply completely okay!


written by Malene, 27/12/10

perfect and fit hard snowballs every time !!!


written by 2carina, 29/12/10

The whole family thought snowball bar was great. Perfect when to have snowball fights, it is quick and easy to make snowballs. And so it becomes jättefint when making lanterns too round and fine snowb... Read more

fine snowballs

written by , 30/12/10

10-year-old was impressed at how quickly snowballs became so smooth, he has shown all his friends and even talked about our mother bought when they enviously looked on ....

brilliant invention

written by Andreas, 01/01/11

Got snowball maker of birthday gift. I sku immediately and try it, but when I hatched the snow, sat in each half .. Later I found out that it only seemed to thaw snow .. But genius is :)

written by Mia, 03/01/11

Nice gift for kids, but depends very wet snow to have much effect, because it squeezes snowballs particularly hard.

written by SJ, 03/01/11

A funny thing little brother got for Christmas, was cruelly eager to buy one for myself. Unfortunately it was not WET SNOW on Christmas Eve, so I never tried it myself.

Fun in Christmas with Snow Ball Maker

written by Anne, 04/01/11

A great thing to do round nice soft snowballs. It is made of durable plastic and really nasty. Resistant to really make a lot of snowballs. A top thing is that the snowballs really become soft and fin... Read more

Good but tricky

written by Max Blomdahl, 05/01/11

This was a clever invention, but the problem is that it must be WET SNOW. Otherwise, rupture snowball, otherwise it was great! Sincerely. Max Blomdahl

Snowball Maker

written by Tomas, 06/01/11

If you really want to make snowballs fast and win the snowball fight, this is the product for you. Works really really well, everyone else wondering what you purchased and then you say that you want t... Read more

snowball maker

written by , 08/01/11

It's perfect for playful and young at heart. But it is an advantage that there is snow

Snowball Maker

written by A.Wecker, 19/01/11

Hello'm surprised by the good quality and size of the Snowball Makers.Schneebälle can hereby Great wildfire formen.Ein part keeps its promises. Christmas surprise succeeded. Moreover Thanks for th... Read more


written by , 26/01/11

The "Snowball Maker" is a really cool gift. Unfortunately, we have too little snow times so we could not really use the Snowball Maker. But for the kids, the fun factor is really huge.

Ingeniously simple, simply ingenious!

written by Gadget-Jan, 13/03/11

This was a hit at a cabin! Coming out of any snowball fight as a winner!

Let the fight begin

written by RS, 18/03/11

Obviously required WET SNOW, as in all snowball fights. Good quality and perfect round balls. Works disturbed nice to snölyktor!

The Snowball Maker is great

written by Maxi, 08/11/11

The Snowball Maker is super well made, then I would just be nice if there were to buy it in different colors. Unfortunately went the shipment as fast (DHL, 8 days) but since I live in Germany and we h... Read more


written by , 25/12/11

Why has no one thought of this sooner. The kids (those under 8) can suddenly be with. 5 out of 5 from here.


written by ., 25/12/11

If it is not a thaw to "smear" stearic on the inside so the balls easier release. Super great

win the war

written by Oslo, 26/12/11

This worked great! My daughter won snowball war over us all.

Where did you get it ?!

written by Oskar J, 26/12/11

Where did you get it ?! Exclaimed my 12 year old cousin when having set the Christmas present that the 9-year-old cousin received. An oh-so simple, but oh so necessary contraption before they have lea... Read more

written by LP, 28/12/11

Cool, my son loved it!

Fine round balls

written by Karro, 02/01/12

Great pliers to get nice round balls! It goes really fast to make them too! works best in WET SNOW! recommended for anyone who likes snölekar

Perfect snowballs!

written by PT, 02/01/12

This plays properly depends among children, warehouse super-quickly a bunch of snowballs, great to snølykter etc. Must be a little wet snow. recommended :)

war lord.

written by M, 03/01/12

With this win guaranteed snowball war! It works great!

written by Kjersti, 13/01/12

Cool case simplified lyslyktbygginga really!

Really good

written by , 23/01/12

This is a hit with the kids! many lanterns has become!

snowball Tang

written by Lars, 16/02/12

Snowball Tangen works good and solid, it is easy to make good snowballs with. First, it works great, but it is a good size on the finished snowballs.

Snowball Ager works sublime

written by Dag, 12/03/12

The children enjoyed this very much. When the snow is kram can perfect snowballs made very quickly. Getting a star minus when it seems a bit flimsy hinges so I think it might just keep a few session&#... Read more


written by Qais , 30/11/12

I own. my friends and I had snow ball war I and my partner won. it is the best. I recommend this


written by Lankan, 14/12/12

it went shit soon .Thanks so Moe mvh Lankan. I was flabbergasted that it could come so fast in these times Jule

Super fun gadget: 0)

written by Henrik, 17/12/12

Hi I bought this for my son. After the order was not long before the package arrived and a really fun gadget. Such! : 0)


written by Joakim Rosenbak Hansen, 25/12/12

I bought it for my little brother who suffers from arthritis in virtually the entire body and therefore find it difficult to make snow balls. Therefore, the product was ideal for my younger brother wh... Read more

Crazy good!

written by Sam, 25/12/12

Snöbollsgöraren is completely cruel! It's bigger than you think, but it raises the bar grade! Then, just dipping it in the snow and squeeze then you have a perfect snowball that keeps very well an... Read more

fun thing for the kids and adults ;-)

written by Tomas, 26/12/12

This gadget became terribly popular with the children. Here's the perfect snowball you have never seen before. it can happen that you get to squeeze one last time until the (cups) or else do not d... Read more

Snowball Maker

written by Titti, 27/12/12

It was one of the Christmas gift enjoyable. Perfect for snölyktebyggaren, snowball warrior, snowman decorations successor mm. Equally fun for big and small. Wish I bought several.

Snowball Maker

written by nono, 31/12/12

Snowball Maker was very well received. The children were very happy about it. I mean, a great surprise.

Great fun

written by Gunnar, 03/01/13

Should have bought two pieces. Works well. Snowballs look perfect and resolve. It's quick to make them.

Super idea!

written by Km, 03/01/13

The kid freaked when he found out what it was! Made a perfect snowball 2 seconds! Buy it before your neighbor's kids!

Works perfectly!

written by Iss, 03/01/13

Snowballs will be as perfect as I expected, rounder, it can not be! Must of course be WET SNOW but it must be with all snowballs.

Simple to use

written by Lisa, 03/01/13

Appreciated by both me and the children. Easy to use and is used by both my 2 year old and 4 year old. It is required that there is WET SNOW to get snowballs good. Snowballs will not be as hard as if ... Read more

Really fun!

written by Elinor, 26/02/13

The children each received a Snowball maker and I can now jättefina snölyktor. Admittedly, it must be WET SNOW for them to work out, but there are the analog snowballs with;) The kids have developed a... Read more

I am the King of Snow

written by Björn, Germany 16/12/13

Cool things that I think can thus make any opponent finished fairly quickly. If for once the snow comes

Really cool!

written by Fredrik, Sweden 25/12/13

Unfortunately, the snow melted away urgently, but I managed anyway to try it. Of course, there must surely be WET SNOW uteoch I whipped up around 20 snowballs at no time at all.

snowball Fight

written by Frida, Sweden 08/01/14

A really fun stuff to give away. Or keep yourself :) Made of sturdy plastic that can withstand use. Perfect to make snowballs to votives with, without getting wet gloves.

Snowball Maker

written by Anette, Denmark 20/02/15

Super-fast delivery, goods which I figured had seen them in France. So much so perfect that they could be bought by Cool Stuff, and even at a good price

perfect snowballs

written by Mamma til 4, Norway 15/12/15

It was a "battle" about who was fortunate enough to have snowball Stock fjord that I bought several of this year. Super to create snølykter. Best with wet snow :-)

Fantastic cool snowball maker

written by Marianne, Norway 23/12/15

Very cool. The kids just love this. When we're using it, coming second cottagers up to us and asks where we purchased it. Making snølykt are so beautiful with perfect snowballs.

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