Snug Rug Blanket with Sleeves

Introducing the Blanket 2.0 - Snug Rug Deluxe. The blanket with built-in sleeves that lets you do whatever you want without it sliding down!

Snug Rug Blanket with Sleeves - Cream
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Snug Rug Blanket with Sleeves - Blue
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Snug Rug Blanket with Sleeves - Brown
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Snug Rug Blanket with Sleeves - Red
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Snug Rug Blanket with Sleeves - Grey
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Snug Rug Blanket with Sleeves - Green
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What is this?

Slanket blanket

written by Carina, 25/06/09

Bought a "Slanket" as a birthday gift for my frusne man and it is superb! Giant Hot and perfect with the sleeves so you can put your hands too! I can recommend it to anyone who is frozen!

brilliant solution

written by E, 11/08/09

Perfect gift for a cozy friend who likes the evenings at home with tea, candles and popcorn. As a half bathrobe but larger and gosigare


written by Bejoty, 12/08/09

slanket is the best blanket I have had. it is brilliant to be in reclinern with blanket on itself. only drawback is it is a bit short. 240 cm not be enough. when I have felt on me so stand your toes u... Read more

As brilliant!

written by kapten brum, 05/10/09

This got my wife a gift, she uses it all the time. Perfect for when you have young children, you get your hands free and can cuddle with them as you wish. And you can use the remote control to the TV ... Read more

Go and warm

written by Pelfri, 24/11/09

Nice product that holds the heat well enough (generous). Free hands also means that you need not emit heat / cold entering. I am very pleased.

Snug Rug

written by agda, 07/12/09

Very good and comfortable blanket. Hope my mom to get a Christmas present like it as much as I do.

cuddly blanket

written by nissen, 18/12/09

My wife was very pleased with this gift. She could give me a thank you hug without folding the blanket aside.

written by jensenas, 21/12/09

I can only say my lady does not freeze more since getting her snug rye may anbefalde to wash it first as it is very statically charged so that the little hairs stand up but eta would say large 5 numbe... Read more

Smart solution

written by Svalle, 22/12/09

Like the idea keen on this design. Smart considering that people buy the more and more laptops and with this snug rug so will the use a lot smoother. Free hands to get involved with other things when ... Read more

Lovely and great!

written by Andreas, 28/12/09

Bought the woman a Christmas gift, she likes it. However, she thought it could have been slightly thicker. The material was very soft and cozy.

The coziest team

written by Cucumber, 28/12/09

Really cozy blanket! Bought an adult size which was perhaps a little wrong to the person who would have it, but for me it works perfectly. Suggestions for improvement of the product would be karborrsp... Read more

Enjoyable snugrug

written by Angie, 28/12/09

Is very pleased with the snugrug I purchased for my boyfriend for Christmas. Product description gave a good idea of ​​the product. What I experienced as negative was the color of the item. In the des... Read more

warm and good

written by stefan, 30/12/09

A perfect Christmas gift, each warmly received. Fine to just crawl into the felt and still have your hands free to frjärrkontrollen. Fast delivery as usual from Coolstuff. Snug Rug heartily asking !!

Snug Rug

written by Billan, 30/12/09

A gift for the little sister. Was highly valued for its lovely softness and happy color (pink). Can warmly recommend this to all frozen.

Absolutely wonderful mysfilt with sleeves!

written by Anita, Piteå, 30/12/09

I have purchased such at myself for about 1 year ago, this year it was Christmas presents for my sons. A truly wonderful blanket that I use both morning and evening. The most unique thing about it is ... Read more

Ideal gift.

written by Roger, 31/12/09

Bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas, she is very frozen by themselves and always have blankets around him. Thought this might be a fun thing while it was useful. She is happy with it and yes it... Read more

Super cuddly

written by H-J Brecker, 31/12/09

This blanket is really recommended: large, soft and without any unpleasant odors to cuddle ideal. The small pocket for the remote control is really handy. The value for money is ok. I'm very satis... Read more


written by johan, 01/01/10

My partner loves his new blanket, lie on the couch and cuddle in front of the TV

Snug Rug

written by , 04/01/10

Very nice, huge blanket of soft and amazingly warm Coral Fleece, idea with integrated sleeves is awesome to recommend any time!

Warm, cozy and practical!

written by d3b0v0, 04/01/10

Can not believe no one has come up with the idea earlier! Perfect now, here in the winter darkness, if you want to cozy up in front of the TV and surf a little computer in your lap. It also has a smal... Read more

Highest rating

written by bjorne, 04/01/10

Mom was excited about this Christmas. Giant Wonderfully materials, better and hotter than a regular blanket. Even I who is two meters long could fit in it.

absolutely spot

written by Liffan, 05/01/10

Bought two Snug Rug a while ago, a Christmas gift for his fiancée and myself (fortunately they). Better heat retainer may be looking for these cold days up in the north of us e both incredibly happy. ... Read more

Love my new friend!

written by Eva-Ley, 05/01/10

Soft, groovy, cozy - so I summarize my (still) short acquaintance with the Snug Rug. So great to be able to sit in front of the TV or anywhere really with my new friend that keeps me warm! Now missing... Read more

Felt 2.0

written by Mattias Harneman, 06/01/10

This is clearly an ingenious invention. Bought it for my boyfriend for Christmas because she likes to either lie down and read or use their laptop on the sofa and she often freezes, especially on the ... Read more

Softer, it can not be!

written by Suki, 07/01/10

Snug Rug is perfect for mysfredagen, cold winter days or just when you feel you need to cozy up to it a bit in general. It is warm and quite wonderfully soft. WARNING If you have pets at home in the f... Read more

Snug rug

written by Marcus, 07/01/10

This was a Christmas gift for my mother. She loves it. It is how cozy and go anywhere. The only minus from her side is that the rest of the family takes it as soon as we get the chance.

Very mys, no freezer!

written by JE, 07/01/10

Gave away this garment to my very frozen girlfriend. Was a little worried that she would not like it and put it on the shelf. But she loves it and have it on every morning, when she plugs and at all m... Read more

Snug Rug

written by Rickard, 08/01/10

I bought Snug Rug and I have rarely experienced such a fast delivery, took 1-2 days could get the early morning of the second day. It was very easy to pay and understand everything. + It's so much... Read more

Review Snug Rug

written by Elin, 08/01/10

I'm super happy with my Snug Rug! I have nothing to complain about at all, it is wonderfully soft and cuddly and big enough to have moon as cover when you fell asleep in front of the television wi... Read more


written by Molgan, 08/01/10

Bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas, and it became popular. It is big, soft and warm. There is a pocket on the front, perfect for remote control. Will probably buy more so we will each receive ... Read more


written by Molgan, 08/01/10

It sounds bad, and the propeller dash off. Only the AM / PM, not 24-hour display. Socket for strömadaper available, but not included. My daughter got this for Christmas and for her works that well bec... Read more


written by studsboll, 01/02/10

Bought one for my boyfriend who always complain that she freezes. It is now the most popular gift she ever got and seem to hit anything. The product can be described as a large fleece blanket. Positiv... Read more

written by Malene, 10/02/10

Love it - I'm a frozen stick and are used to having to use the full two throws to get warm. It is not necessary with the here - super soft and delicious - and WARM. Impractical with pocket when I ... Read more

Beauty and lint that Satan

written by Niklas, 21/02/10

Very nice and incredibly comfortable and cozy. Snug rug is great, and very soft, lint unfortunately it like crazy, but it gets a little better after washing. Unfortunately, as with everything super so... Read more

Saving in the winter cold!

written by Emma, 24/02/10

Incredibly cozy and practical, I do not understand how I managed to survive without this until now. When the thermometer creeps down to 30 degrees below zero, there is nothing better than to wrap up w... Read more

written by francisco, 26/02/10

The product is just as advertised indicated, may be used by anyone and are very warm and convenient, especially for watching TV on the sofa;)

Cosy perfect is an understatement!

written by Jonathan N, 26/02/10

It is just as it promised! Filtering version 2.0. Snutte blanket from outer space! (maybe not). However, one can safely say that it is the perfect blanket for chilly evenings. They both creaks and pur... Read more

Snug Rug

written by Lundell, 07/03/10

I think very much about Snug Rug blanket with sleeves is cuddly to have when you creep up on the couch. Will also include it in the camper. It's perfect when you are sitting and are a little småfr... Read more

Snug Rug

written by Oscar, 18/03/10

Kanonbra product and good with arms when lying on the couch and eat candy or using the computer! Fine and soft in the good quality and perfect gift for flicvännen really uppsakttade it.

written by , 26/03/10

Perfect for half the cool evenings on the terrace and large enough to share the sofa. Right electric when you get it (it is just as the sparks) but a trip in the washing machine with a fabric softener... Read more

written by Gun Werme, 29/03/10

Is very pleased with the "Snug Rug" fantastic soft and "cuddly". The only negative was that the lint little before the first wash.

Thoroughly recommended!

written by maria, 12/04/10

I do not really know what more can be written about the felt than what has already been written but heeelt is marvelous! The color sued not really agree with the picture in terms of the pistagegröna b... Read more

Snug Rug

written by Boel, 21/04/10

Nice color, and a very soft and comfortable material! Also delivered quickly, took no more than two days. Very happy with my purchase!

soft o GO

written by , 18/05/10

A nice plaid reaching around all you o you still have your hands free.

Fine thing!

written by Helena, 15/07/10

This is the thing you did not know that it was missing until they had it. If it was not so that it luddade so horrific before it washed once would get full marks!

S (n) ug Rug

written by Slicke, 21/09/10

Just wanted to make me a little lusting in the header. Snug rug is not as bad just how it has been packaged. Never before have I seen so much fabric scraps, wires and debris followed with a garment! H... Read more

Snug Rug

written by Maria, 22/09/10

Hi I gave a Snug Rug for my sister for her birthday and she was wildly happy about it. It is extremely soft and lovely. Good to socialize with. However fnulrer it very much! After a wash, it helps a l... Read more

Snug rug

written by Niklas Övik, 07/10/10

I bought it for a friend as a gift who live far away from me. the order was received the day after, impressive I barely had time to say I bought a gift for her. Snug rug in general is absolutely wonde... Read more

Brilliant gift idea to read the horse

written by Pernille P, 12/10/10

Good idea who fell in really well with my friend

Excellent Delicious and convenient to have in cold Norway!

written by Kallie, 18/10/10

I am very happy with my "Snug Rug"! So smart, warm and very cozy on cold autumn / winter evenings. The drug is also marshlands comfortable. It is large enough galore, and even though I'm... Read more


written by /Johannes, 21/10/10

Bought this for my frozen girlfriend on her birthday. It has been every day since. :)

Super cool

written by Charlotte, 22/10/10

The blanket was absolutely brilliant. It's nice and warm, and delicious "fur". Is super happy!

Snug rug

written by Jaju, 25/10/10

Incredibly warm and cozy, but like most other written so lint that something terrible! Should wash it for the second time now, and hope that it gets better!

Estimated gift

written by Mikael L, 26/10/10

Bought a Snug Rug for the wife's birthday. She was very happy with it and use it now every evening on the couch watching TV

Super Cuddly Felt

written by Tois, 27/10/10

Bought this as a gift for my girlfriend on our 3aRS förlovningsdag and it was really appreciated, it is super cuddly to wear and she liked d va very smoothly with the sleeves when it would take someth... Read more


written by Jonas, 08/11/10

Very pleasant to wrap himself in it! Do not forget rinsing fluid, however ...


written by Rutger, 09/11/10

Beauty blanket o easier than I thought, which is good. There was a small note of warning that wash before use. DO IT! Otherwise, your clothes hairy and it does not go away in the wash.

Absolute hammer

written by M.Böttcher sahira, 10/11/10

The ceiling is an absolute must for any bookworm or any computer geek. I use them for reading on the sofa, or when I'm online :-D Super cuddly quality that does not lose its soft and cozy or shape... Read more

Super Blankie!

written by , 13/11/10

The ceiling is very nice and toasty warm. A no drawback I find there but, because if you put up with the ceiling auf's sofa, then it is in the length actually too short. (If you want to stretch yo... Read more

Snug Rug

written by Bjarnhild Raknes, 16/11/10

Hi! I would happily recommend Snug Rug to other customers. Snug Ruger an all-time product for cold autumn evenings both in the cabin and at home. The highlights Snug Rug compared to other rug / carpet... Read more

Simply brilliant.

written by Carnis, 18/11/10

Ordered and SnugRug was at home in the space of three days. And yes, what can I say more than that it is more than just the top. Warm simple, easy. It's just easy, it's just simple and it just... Read more

The icing on the

written by Marlene musen, 19/11/10

Nor it is just delicious .. Sit on the couch on a cold winter evening, then you sit and freeze his arms, then you go as straight mai download the Snug rye;)

Cool product :)

written by Anders, 22/11/10

Super delicious product, wonderfully soft and live up to expectations :) Must just be washed before use otherwise get lint on it;)

Softer o gosigare plaid than this, I have not yet tried

written by Linisloppan, 29/11/10

Thought to have a throw that does not fall off when I Kaeser, but this was a direct hit, my absolute favorite couch, comfortable and soft, better than any other I've had before, feels both spaciou... Read more

Snug Rug !!

written by Viveca, 29/11/10

Snug Rugen is really good ...

Snug Rug

written by , 30/11/10

It was a gift that fell completely in taste, so it was fine.

Fantastic for Frozen Mrs.

written by MIPPE, 30/11/10

Firstly Briefs Far not the Fantastic clever Felt Far Found. When frost is available in the vestibule, and flakes Faller, Fumbling Frozen wife after blanket and strikes himself with the blanket that ha... Read more


written by Allan, 01/12/10

Super delicious! However, the only minus I got shock when I had to pull it out of the package? hahaha

written by Camilla, 02/12/10

A good big cozy blanket! Handy for those who read the very! However, one must wash it once or twice before using it. Shed very beginning!

written by UnderConstruction, 03/12/10

As you know a gift I do not know if it is good huh. But the person who received it was very pleased o know she has used a number of times already. Very good product and terribly fast delivery. Had the... Read more

Not in accordance with the color in the picture!

written by sandra, 07/12/10

Very disappointed with the goods. Ordered two pieces "snug rug" in the colors "olive". When I got them home, it was disappointing. The color did not correspond at all in with the c... Read more

Fast delivery!

written by Nöjd kund, 08/12/10

Impressed with how quickly I got the delivery. Then it was Snug ruggens good and I was very satisfied. Thumbs up!

written by , 10/12/10

clean fast delivery, product as expected

Expect glæder :)

written by Ludomanden, 11/12/10

Ordered snug-rug to my daughter and received it very quickly. When the woman in the house labeled where delicious snug-rug feels, she would also have one. So now we have the second

Superb first order

written by Critte, 13/12/10

The first time I ordered something here on Coolstuff, fast delivery, good product, completely satisfied. (Ordered as I said a Snugg Rugg (pink) to my partner as a birthday gift, became a smash hit. Wa... Read more

Snug Rug

written by tuttu, 13/12/10

Lovely big cuddle - "blanket with sleeves" The sleeves could have been a little less wide. Free cloth slightly to begin with, but it was the also disclosed that it is best to wash it before ... Read more

Mousigt !!

written by Elena/Tomas, 14/12/10

Bought two of these, quite exceptional, useful in many sammanghang, self-love, we use it on the couch watching TV, warm and cuddly and we do not fight for the blanket we had before =) Perfect even to ... Read more

written by , 14/12/10

Super beautiful ceiling and top quality. I hope my mother would be as delighted. Always my pleasure!!! LG Diana


written by chha, 15/12/10

Giant cozy blanket with sleeves, almost like a onepiece only better just because you can choose to crawl into it just the sofa. Perfect Christmas gift!

Jättefin blanket

written by Monica, 15/12/10

Bought blanket for my 25 year old daughter who primarily works much she thought it was perfect, cozy and go and then you have your arms free. Rekomenderas hot.

The blanket with sleeves.

written by Stefan Lindberg, 15/12/10

I bought the gift for my daughter who lives in Stockholm, have I "only" have seen it (the blanket with sleeves) in the picture. My daughter was happy about the gift, and certainly it is very... Read more


written by Santas little helper, 16/12/10

This year's Christmas gift! I'm almost afraid of it, for as soon as it goes on, I know that I will not be off the couch more that night, and I suspect that it is inpregnerad in some form of sl... Read more

Soft and cuddly

written by Hanna, 20/12/10

Fantaskiskt comfy blanket. The shed a lot in the beginning, just as it is, so you should wash it before use. Cute little pocket on the front as one of good will can squeeze down a small soda can or a ... Read more

So right!

written by Stfn, 20/12/10

It did not look like much when it was in the case, but when you then unfurled it so it was a happy surprise! Wonderfully comfortable, high quality and best-cozy as here in the winter darkness! plus th... Read more

Snug Rug

written by Anteberg, 22/12/10

Very much softer fabric than what I thought. Perfect for a idlers like me =)

written by , 24/12/10

it is a super gift for love very very cuddly only recommended


written by Gørrild, 24/12/10

It was a gain from BT, but it is delicious in cold times

Very good

written by Danne, 24/12/10

Very comfortable fabric, bought as a Christmas present for girlfriend when she freezes almost all the time and often use some kind of blanket, so why not give her a more practical blanket with sleeves... Read more


written by SL, 25/12/10

The blanket with sleeves, I bought my oldest doter on her birthday, and she was very pleased with it, I can "only" say (write))


written by Mathias, 25/12/10

Hi. Ordered a SnugRug to his partner. She got it yesterday (on Christmas Eve), and since then she has not been separated from it .. You were blixtsanbba with delivery and everything is in order, so it... Read more

The top

written by Inger, 27/12/10

Bought two pieces, wonderful, but be sure to wash them before use. The flocks lot new.


written by Skön, 27/12/10

Meets clear expectations!


written by Lillegutt, 27/12/10

This was good and very clever product :) I call it couch potato carpet :) pocket remote control or other things that you appreciate on a styggværsdag:) Worth the money!

Snug Rug

written by Høyogmørk, 27/12/10

This quilt was brilliant !!!!! My 84 year old mother enjoyed themselves on Christmas Eve with the brilliant carpet / poncho'n !! And now it booked for the whole family !!


written by Sandra, 27/12/10

Bought a couple of months ago a self and it is absolutely wonderful. Be on the lookout for a Christmas gift for mom, then it hit me! To the freezing most is a snug rug perfect! So now you see her almo... Read more

Warm, practical and cozy

written by Klas Thuresson, 27/12/10

My older sister got snugruggen for Christmas and she likes it very much, both the color, the heat and size. Very handy for lazy moments on the couch, it is hot and a bonus, in addition to sleeves and ... Read more

Beauty Winter gadget!

written by DrLaban, 27/12/10

This blanket is great for virtually any sofftillfällen. Great as a sheet and so so soft fleece that you think that a blanket to feel. The pocket on the chest is well like that, hard to see any real us... Read more


written by Arne, 27/12/10

I ordered one this snug rug for my girlfriend and the day after I had it. super fast delivery and good sevice. my girlfriend was very happy for it and felt it's something really lovely and recomme... Read more


written by , 27/12/10

The ceiling, the more of a cloak came super as gift and the person also snuggled right in their pure. Quality for the price is more than reasonable.


written by Bjärven, 28/12/10

A much appreciated gift to a frozen wife. Fluff who said little but it can live with.


written by Jonas, 28/12/10

Incredibly cozy thing. NOTE! Try the NOT before you washed it, the fluff of something terrible before the first wash.

Girlfriend's Christmas present!

written by Lillego, 28/12/10

Did this girl for Christmas! Perfect for colder evenings on the sofa. It became popular and widely used! Can also be used as a blanket!

Softer is not

written by Tobbe, 28/12/10

This is widely used in the sofa with the laptop, it is incredible. Taking wearing this one becomes hot immediately, also works to cuddle with. This is anyway what what her partner uses it to komkurren... Read more

Fuzzy Snug Rug

written by Nyllet, 28/12/10

Unfortunately, mysfilten disappointing. The luddade copiously much. Better after washing, but then was "new" feeling away. The felt is rather large and cumbersome to handle.


written by m0rk, 28/12/10

Full epic product. The first day after delivery, so I lay in bed an extra hour just to enjoy.

Snuggig rug

written by Pontus, 29/12/10

A very warm blanket, it is very large and should fit all. Perfect gift for a frozen soul

Perfect Christmas gift!

written by Anja, 29/12/10

Perfect Christmas gift for my frozen grandmother who likes to cuddle on the couch with a crossword - now she will not take off the blanket when she has to write something! The blanket is big so you ge... Read more

Snug Rug

written by Kakan, 29/12/10

Really big blanket. It warms the body very well when frozen.

"Snug Rug" carpet

written by Birthe Hendriksen, 29/12/10

Lovely soft blanket, very smart and practical. may incidentally also be used for the robes. If I have to write something negative, it will be the moult (fnuldre) on clothes, which I expect to wear off... Read more

Hot and good, but ...

written by Litago75, 30/12/10

Very good and hot, but free cloth part. Washed it 3 times now, but still it seems that half of the carpet is left on your clothes when you take it off.

snug rye

written by sisser weinreich, 30/12/10

this does not need 300 words. it is a super invention. thanks for good fast trade. I bought four for Christmas presents and I received great joy return messages. sisser Weinreich

It was a good Christmas present.

written by Anders, 30/12/10

It keeps you warm in the winter cold!

written by Annika, 30/12/10

World's most cuddly blanket - very cozy! Sköönt materials, generous fabric (you can snuggle in several laps or sit more of the same). Smooth with arms.

Perfect Christmas gift!

written by Nickeshake, 30/12/10

Bought this for my girlfriend and she and I became gladd surprised by it. It is big, both she and I have no problem spot in the couch. Comfortable material and in addition it has a small "breast ... Read more

delicious carpet

written by Maria Millan, 30/12/10

The carpet is nice and soft :)


written by , 30/12/10

Ordered 2 Snug Rug Christmas. These were received with a big question mark until I explained it smart with sleeves. One of them was not taken by several hours ...

delightful carpet

written by Alex, 31/12/10

Fantastic carpet with delicious substance. Should be washed a couple of times before use, the lint part at the beginning.

Snug rug

written by jenny, 31/12/10

comfy blanket, good model, perfect that you can have your arms out while such can sit at the computer but want a blanket that warms.


written by Ulrika, 31/12/10

Really lovely blanket, lovely soft, smooth and very cuddly blanket! Clearly, every penny!

Snug Rug

written by M, 02/01/11

The best nånsin.Perfekt blanket with sleeves so you can drink coffee and zap the tvdosan.Mobilen have in your pocket.

Real top!

written by Springer, 02/01/11

It works perfectly as a Christmas gift for your girlfriend. Includes 35 Euros, not cheap, but you can use it in almost all situations. Before the computer, watching TV, sleeping, ... We chose the blue... Read more

Perfect gift for mom

written by Y, 02/01/11

I bought this for my mom for Christmas and she really loves it. It is soft and our snug rug not fluff at all so we are super happy and really recommend it! :)

Best mysfilten

written by Stefan, 03/01/11

My wife got this blanket for Christmas and has since been used extensively during the weekends. The daughter has been involved and shared the love and she also.

A WYSIWYG blanket

written by Rasmus, 03/01/11

This was clearly the best Christmas present ever. I can warmly recommend it to everyone.

Cosy blanket with sleeves

written by Joker, 03/01/11

A solid blanket / blanket with sleeves and a handy pocket for telephone or remote control. The blanket is relatively thick and cuddly and feels real good in quality. However flocks the good before the... Read more

written by , 03/01/11

Plugs come so incredibly so the whole house was full of red material from this blanket.

good Christmas gift

written by , 03/01/11

Appreciated by the frozen receiver.

Large, warm, soft and cozy.

written by Kungen, 03/01/11

Was appreciated very much by my girlfriend. Extremely soft and cozy materials. Recommended!


written by krissi, 03/01/11

It definitely lived up to my förväntningar..perfekt when you have a myskväll the couch.

Snug Rug Mys

written by Peter, 03/01/11

Very large, lovely and soft blanket, but a tip that the tumble dryer 0 degrees before use to avoid scraps of clothes and a sofa. I will buy more, perfect to give as gifts.

Absolutely wonderful!

written by Jarnesjö, 03/01/11

Finally, a "blanket" of the real size to make it useful. The material is very cozy and gives a really comfortable and cozy warmth. The top Christmas gift which was appreciated very much!

Snug rug

written by , 03/01/11

best blanket ever great warm and soft girlfriend love

Nothing to fault

written by Lonse, 03/01/11

We ordered Snug Rug over the network, the product came as agreed - no problems and the gift was a success. Lovely!

Super cuddly !!!

written by Jenny, 03/01/11

The ceiling is super cuddly and forward through the sleeve and the bag very practical!


written by Kim, 03/01/11

Bought it as a Christmas present for my girlfriend. She is mildly overjoyed for it! It is smart - warm - made of something good quality. I highly recommend it.

Snug Rug

written by Frusen, 03/01/11

Cozy to snuggle into as soon as they are cold and tired

Vital !!

written by SnuggRuggan, 03/01/11

I bought a SnugRug to myself as a Christmas present from my kids =) And I do not understand how I could do without this earlier! Read the previous comments before I bought it, that it possibly could t... Read more

There's only one word for "Snug Rug"

written by Marius, 03/01/11

FANTASTIC!!! I had to order a second, because I did not have it in peace! ABSOLUTELY brilliant! :)

Snug Rug

written by biggan, 04/01/11

I bought a pink Snug Rug my teenage daughter for Christmas, she thought it was very cozy. Would also like to add that the delivery was very quick.

High-cozy reduces electricity costs

written by GW, 04/01/11

Ingenious warm cuddly blanket with sleeves chips, which holds it in place. My dear wife, who gave it to me in namns- (Eva) day present love it. Sitting curled up in the TV couch and cuddles. Now she c... Read more

Snug Rug

written by MissTezz, 04/01/11

An incredibly warm and comfortable "Gose blanket". Perfect to crawl under the sofa and just enjoy.

written by np, 04/01/11

gift recipients very happy with 'snug rug' quick delivery too and it was easy to follow the broadcast in the mail. thanks

The right for verfrorene

written by Yaouzo, 04/01/11

My wife loves this blanket. Fluffy soft and keeps you cozy warm. The best thing since sliced ​​bread :)))


written by Tyffan, 04/01/11

warm in the winter and will be crap good with someone outside on picnic in summer =)

snug rug a fat blanket

written by patrick, 04/01/11

I bought Snug Rug for my mom for Christmas and she was crazy about it immediately. I've also tried it a few times when I could tear it from her;) super super nice carpet I would highly anbefalde i... Read more

Blanket with sleeves

written by Graf Zeppelin, 04/01/11

Huge compliment for quick delivery in advance. Two ceiling I bought and am very happy, because they are also arrived as a gift well. Comfortable material and really warm enough to enjoy, practical wor... Read more


written by C, 05/01/11

10 points in terms of comfort / quality

Snug rug

written by Scania140, 05/01/11

Hey ... I ordered a Snug rug for my mom for Christmas, and it is the least appreciated. It is absolutely wonderful to have on himself if one is a little freezer, or just want to cozy up to it when eg ... Read more

Perfect thing to the girl!

written by Ulf, 05/01/11

Very soft, large and cozy. Given away two so far and both were much appreciated. You discover how much you miss sleeves on a blanket until you had it and then go back to the sleeveless. Very hot so th... Read more


written by peter, 05/01/11

it is completely undrebar the only thing we're missing with a string so that it does not freeze on your back when you get up. but encourages stakt.

Unfortunately not Perfect

written by vybz, 05/01/11

The Blanket (s) feels really good, I ordered two. Both were birthday gifts. Unfortunately, the model was in "cream" color a hole in the ceiling, what was then, unfortunately, the same discov... Read more

Cosy so into ...

written by Luma, 05/01/11

Bought this cream in to my little sister who just love it, hence I have to just buy one for myself oxå ... Highly recommended but the advice is to wash it before use when the lint off to a start.

Order Blanket with Sleeves

written by Micha, 05/01/11

...I was very pleased. The order arrived in time before Christmas and the quality was great. A super cozy warm and big blanket with sleeves witty idea. Kam well as gift idea. So everything turned out ... Read more

Snug Rugg, is best when it's chilly on the sofa!

written by Pompmom, 05/01/11

Occasionally thick o right size o warm enough. Love it!

Absolutely perfect

written by TomeLillan, 06/01/11

Bought a "Snugg Rug" to her husband for Christmas. Absolutely perfect when sitting and watching TV !. Large, warm and stylish!

Super cozy

written by Tess, 06/01/11

Cozy. Also this Christmas present for my boyfriend! Bought a pink to fuck little! And he is pretty crappy when he crawls into it! Perfect with the arms, now he can keep warm and stay at your computer ... Read more

Highly recommended!

written by Carsten, 06/01/11

For each who likes to relax on the couch and warm, this ceiling can only be recommended. Of particular note are of course the sleeves. So the reading session or the handle for the remote control is no... Read more

written by , 06/01/11

Hello. we are very pleased that we have purchased from you. mvh. bent shell jensen.

Really a good gift

written by Henrik H, 06/01/11

Snug Rug bought as a Christmas gift to a family and she loved it. It is really nice, warm and practical front of the TV. Highly recommended. 10/10 It should be washed once before using it, it has a te... Read more


written by Viktor Rutberg, 06/01/11

Really cozy blanket! In soft velor fabric which unfortunately accumulate a lot of dust, but otherwise very cozy!

Snug rug

written by HG, 06/01/11

Christmas present for my wife frozen. Now used daily in front of the TV. Has been washed once and have not luddat as much as for anyone else who wrote a review.

Snug rug

written by Ante, 06/01/11

The product does what it is expected to do, very soft and comfortable. Worked well as a special Christmas present this kind of winter. Thanks

Review Snug Rug

written by zoffan, 07/01/11

Is pleased with my Snug Rug, it is so warm and cozy. The only negative would be that it falls a little.

good part !!

written by Mike BLoom, 07/01/11

but unfortunately it was not for me !! now I'm sick and well, they could do well ... well finished, top

Wonderful but with bad stitching

written by Sandra, 07/01/11

I bought 5 snug rugs and is completely saved in them. Unfortunately, two of the five have been broken at the seams around one arm. Sad but despite that, I continue to buy them when they are very much ... Read more

it was as red as the reddest rose

written by Agsutin, 07/01/11

The sick were nice and so was the pain did great also was the hot fat with my wife thinks it is sick king only :-)

Super cozy!

written by Angelica, 10/01/11

I bought a Snug rug for my mom for Christmas and she was delighted. The whole family can use it, even the cat loves it. It is super cozy and is better than a regular blanket :)

Beyond expectation

written by , 10/01/11

The Snug Rug was purchased as a gift. A successful purchase which arrived with express speed. This purchase went home at the receiver to 150%. I am happy for this, then I is very good for the receiver... Read more

Good product, surprising service

written by , 10/01/11

Have only good things to say about cool stuff ... Made the classic Christmas trees and were too late and order gifts. Despite the late booking (22/12/10 15th ??) If I had the gift to my sister d. 23 T... Read more


written by Mig igen, 11/01/11

This rug is very soft and lovely. You quickly get warm when you have blanket around him. In addition, the clothes very Praktiskt, since it is made so that you can use your arms if you have the clothes... Read more

My wonderful Snug Rug

written by Frusen, 11/01/11

Is very pleased with the snug rug I bought myself for Christmas. It is soft and warm and absolutely wonderful. I bought a pink, and I do not regret at all ... it looks great. However, I have not washe... Read more

Snug Rug

written by Nel, 11/01/11

Fantastic! However, it would have been better if the sleeves were less widely.

Carpet with Ermer

written by Frederik, 11/01/11

It is a good product there was just a hole in the delivery

Mys in abundance.

written by C_Snaar, 12/01/11

Troubled cozy materials and the size of a large fine on the blanket. Really good with the little pocket on his stomach for remote control / glasses or the like. Very good product I * hot * can recomme... Read more

Cozy blanket / robe

written by Martin, 12/01/11

It's like a blanket, combined with a bathrobe. Cozy materials. The only downside is that it can sometimes be difficult to bring order to it if you are yourself. Or we have not found the right &quo... Read more

Snug Rug, warm but ...

written by Eyeball_joe, 12/01/11

I bought a red Snug Rug to my partner as a birthday present. She became party happy, the problem was simply that the "luddade" crazy at first. After 3 x washing and tumbling, it has now beco... Read more

Snug Rug

written by El Stiffo, 13/01/11

+ Fast Delivery - High gosefaktor - - Flocks terribly much, hope it wins mince during washing otherwise fine.

Brilliant idea, soft pat!

written by Karamell, 15/01/11

The gift to the girl. She said it is cozy and soft. It heats very well when, for example, sits / lies on the couch. However, it would be good if it could close again with buttons at the back, as well ... Read more

written by , 16/01/11

The blanket is really nice. She geflust something; after a wash at 30 degrees and drying in the dryer at low temperature this problem was solved.

The perfect gift for frozen laptop users

written by HMS, 17/01/11

Today, when many live their lives wrapped in a plaid in the TV couch with the laptop in knees and remote controls within easy reach, this plaid with fitted sleeves and pockets for remote control or mo... Read more

Snug rug

written by Eva, 17/01/11

Absolutely wonderful soft large, warm and cuddly "blanket". I that is long always have problems with their feet protruding but snugruggen is so great that you do not have that problem. It is... Read more

Super cozy

written by Tessan, 18/01/11

Bought a pink Snug Rug and am super happy with it. It is wonderfully soft and delightfully big so even your feet will fit under the blanket (in comparison with ordinary blankets). I am really pleased!... Read more

Super nice carpet

written by Nanna Valentin, 19/01/11

I gave this product to my mom for Christmas. But she thought it was a dressing gown and she took it wrong, then pocket was in the back. It's actually a little weird product, but she is super happy... Read more

My favorite blanket

written by Julianne, 19/01/11

I'm incredibly pleased with this product! It warms, it is useful occasion. arms, and it is extremely sweet! The price is also quite reasonable. But there is one thing that amazes me really: why on... Read more


written by Tandtroll, 20/01/11

I was worried at first that it would be in some kind of cheap fleece or not properly sized in size, but all my worries vanished when I picked up my SnugRug from its accompanying bag. It is soft, lovel... Read more


written by elin, 21/01/11

I think Snugrug is a great, warm, big and comfy blanket! It will be an enormous heat in the blanket and it is smooth with his arms and a pocket. The blanket is very soft and lose no hair at all. But a... Read more

Good service

written by Oso, 24/01/11

Ordered a "Snug Rug - Red" but the "shed" feather whereupon I called customer service to call attention to this. Was immediately offered a new copy but this time I chose a brown. A... Read more


written by Peter Dyhr, 25/01/11

For all those who are thinking about buying this blanket. Stop consideration! It's the hottest carpet you can imagine! First of all, I must mention the sleeves in the carpet! it's so delicious... Read more

Cosiness and warmth for (almost) all ages and sizes

written by Inte längre frusen, 25/01/11

Last year's birthday present to me in late October could not have been better before the cold winter ahead. Could not stand me, but took on the sofa in the evening even though I had not washed and... Read more


written by Trond, 26/01/11

Excellent product !!

written by Maria, 28/01/11

I love it !! Best felt ever!


written by Fanny, 31/01/11

It heats and is so incredibly handy to have when you are in front of the computer. Love it.

Large and cozy

written by Oskar, 02/02/11

Have the white, the non-free cloth, which the other colors will learn to do according to the affidavit.

Perfect for the little frozen!

written by Sofia, 07/02/11

An absolutely wonderful blanket for us that often are a little frozen. It is really soft and comfortable and at the same time practical. The sleeves makes it as good and comfortable to wear in front o... Read more

The ultimate gaming blanket

written by Kundlund, 07/02/11

No more frozen nights in front of the computer, creep into the fabric stretch out your arms and you can handle the marathon workouts any time in front of computer.

Wonderful frozen blanket that want to have your hands free

written by MysPys, 11/02/11

SnugRug is wonderful large, soft, moderately heavy, warm and does not seem to be static. In other words, a perfect gosfilt / rock! The only thing is that you absolutely must wash it before using it be... Read more

cool blanket

written by , 14/02/11

Giant Beauty spinning around them and cuddle in.I would like everyone to see on television or read books acquires a snug rug is just the thing you need, for att¨må good. BMV