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Let your car roar like a sports car! Just plug SoundRacer in the cigarette lighter and your car will sound like a sports car from the speakers when you accelerate, change gear or idle etc!

SoundRacer - SoundRacer V8
SoundRacer V8
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What is this?

Sound Racer does not work!

written by Tue, 01/09/09

Sound Racer is a bold invention, BUT my works just head not on my car radio ... I've tried it on 3 car radios, but it was only on one that worked fairly well ... if it turns out that the do not se... Read more


written by Jocke, 01/09/09

I have never had so much fun in the car before. His colleagues were the crying on the floor of the car all the way home, top gadget. highly recommended. and so clear celestial fast delivery.

written by Andreas Loft, 02/09/09

I've got sound racing to work, noise can not be removed, it does not sound like a V8 (the V8 series) it sounds more like a sewing machine that has swallowed a liter of oil. I think overall the pri... Read more

SoundRacer - V10 version

written by Lakemount, 03/09/09

This product worked surprisingly well in my car. However, I tested it also in my brother much older car that only has an analog radio where you have to tune in to the correct channel manually. It was ... Read more

written by rasmus, 08/09/09

seems ik it be buying it does not work and sound like a bad computer game

pure crap

written by Missnöjd, 09/09/09

Worked once, and when the signal was so weak that it barely could be heard on the radio. Do not buy!

Does not work on diesel Mondeo

written by cd, 09/09/09

Sadly it did not work, but a friend who got it instead was happy - he drives a Chrysler

SoundRacer not recommended.

written by V70 ägare, 09/09/09

It is difficult to get Soundracern and it is very bad sound once you get started it, sometimes it only adds to a residual humming. I have Volvo's large stereo with PDO but it does not help. I have... Read more


written by Christoffer, 09/09/09

A rather funny thing that worked better than I thought. Following the car's speed when accelerating surprisingly good too. Although it is not something you use very much himself after the first te... Read more

Syncs unfortunately not with the engine speed

written by Volvo XC90 2.5T, 10/09/09

The idea is great. Unfortunately syncs it does not completely with engine speed, and often live their "own life". Works may be better in other car models.


written by Johan, 11/09/09

What grej.Plötsligt let my little zither as a V-8, how cool them anywhere!


written by Brumbrum, 12/09/09

Does not work well in model year 2003. Toyota Becomes mostly just idling all the time so there was a chance to joke with acquaintances who go away with. However, as mojjen contains an FM transmitter t... Read more

Something that could have been fantastic, was ..

written by Markus, 14/09/09

disappointing. It should be mentioned in the product description is that it fits best, make a car with a strong engine and a good sound system. It hung not really speed either. Maybe V10 sounds better... Read more

Racecar in a second!

written by lassalaserlus, 14/09/09

A very funny thing that got my wife clawing wildly in the seat when we took off for at least 200 (70) on a 70-way .... is strongly recommended to anyone who wants a violent acceleration in a minibus!

Sound Racer is pretty cool

written by Jannie, 15/09/09

I bought the sound racing as a gift for my brother in law. At first he was skeptical, but as it sat in the car and he heard the sound was a hit. All men who were at the party gathered around the car a... Read more

SoundRacer, a V8 with low consumption

written by arvid, 15/09/09

SoundRacer was more fun than I guessed. My passengers became very excited for several minutes when they heard the Volvo roar away like an old Mercury!

Worked bad for me

written by jesper, 20/09/09

The idea is really funny, but it seems to work differently in different cars and the two I have works very poorly. In one, it seems to be only two positions, a little gas and gas that it switches betw... Read more

SoundRacer V8

written by Seth, 30/09/09

Incredibly fun gadget! I was so pleasantly impressed that it actually detects how much gas I really thought that it would not live up to the description. It works flawlessly. Giftbox and stylish produ... Read more

Good entertainment!

written by Kimboo, 01/10/09

I've just tested it in my Peugeot 107 and it works flawlessly. It is probably not possible to fool anyone into thinking it is actually the car engine that says the sound, but works certainly as it... Read more

effervescent higher

written by Ronnie Peterson, 14/10/09

A tired bludder that rarely responds to changes in the car's speed, and that is the whole point. (However, the widget responds sometimes at the speed of the cars next to it.) Have been using (trie... Read more

Sound quality no further. Unstable FM frequency.

written by Nikodemus, 19/10/09

Bought a SoundRacer V8 and can sadly conclude that the sound quality that is the bit depth of the sampled sound was too poor to provide a sound that one can endure longer than a few minutes. FM freque... Read more

A good laugh!

written by Sköm, 28/10/09

Crazy funny and totally unnecessary gadget. Works well, even if it does not sync completely 100% Can warmly recommend this to others. + In the wing that can play MP3 via the cord!

written by Knudsen, 03/11/09

I waited an excited little boy to receive Soundraceren - and it also came within 2-3 working days, which was nice. The product itself has, however, disappointed horrid. The first 3-4 times I could bar... Read more

Fun once

written by ROGG, 04/11/09

Completely unnecessary if you do not install powerful speakers in the car. The best thing about this gadget is that getting the environment or the neighbor to raise eyebrows when starting his little M... Read more

SoundRacer !!

written by Fiijah, 09/11/09

I bought a sound race to dad on father's day gift, the idea was that it would be a fun thing (old man's toy) that would allow some of the speakers, but when we got home carton (As long as it w... Read more

Acrid disappointment, but pricey .....

written by Per-Arne, 13/11/09

It really huh From a fun thing to have just, lucky that it is also possible to use it as a FM transmitter for external devices, otherwise it would be unnecessary. Do the right a bit too pricey, 300 fe... Read more

Works perfectly o funny as hell

written by Bosse, 15/11/09

Have bought a SoundRacer V8 and uses it in a Saab 9-5 Biopower 2.0 in 2006. It works like clockwork and provides an authentic sound. The only "downside" is that you get baited, or as my son ... Read more

Your car gets a V10 engine

written by sperling, 18/11/09

Lot cool device .. beginning work out the lodge on .. but after a few hours of use of the car, making it perfect .. so do not give up .. clearly the coolest sound for the best price .. everyone laughs... Read more


written by Wågge, 23/11/09

Overrated sound was not so lifelike I thought. Small disturbances in the radio not going to get away. Otherwise, it is time very well.

SoundRacer V8

written by Mikaela, 30/11/09

Super funny little thing that really pimp up the old car. Our Volvo V70 was like a new Ferrari! Urkul! Keeps really measure :)


written by emelie, 15/12/09

Ordered home v10, linked into a Nissan Nevara and became the coolest Lamborghini! Unfortunately did not work out in a Toyota Hilux which was a shame because it was thought that my dad would get it for... Read more

hazardous good

written by Ben, 15/12/09

learn fined any day or maybe even revoked license: P

written by Steffen, 15/12/09

Soundraceren works fine in my corolla. For conductive I had some little boys in the car, tried to delude them into I had bought a new motor. But completely stupid they were not, they did not buy this.... Read more


written by micke, 23/12/09

Not at all impressed with this contraption. Tested it in my old golf. It worked, but there were some problems. The first was to cigarettautaget sat as far down as you bumped into it when it exchanged ... Read more

Sound Racer feedback

written by Christian 18år, 23/12/09

I bought Sound Racer V8 on cool stuff. Buy, payment, forsending and reception went smoothly and sensible time. Sound Racer V8 works optimally in VW Bora where it really is a bold and attention outreac... Read more


written by , 25/12/09

the iss something coooles my brother has turned full throttle sound in the driveway, with Passat Kombi diesel, has sounded like Schumi


written by Andreas Mejlgaard, 25/12/09

Really cool little gadget, our 2-liter Skoda Octavia sounds suddenly as a Panoz-Racer, keep it at a gas station with the window down and the volume up on the proper level, facing the many heads. espec... Read more

Funny thing though ...

written by Johan, 28/12/09

Clearly a super fun thing, but it did not quite up to expectation. Coils tanned good so it was worth the money =)


written by David, 30/12/09

This is one of the funniest things I know. There is no problem when it is used. It responds directly to the gas. Sound Racer deffinitivt contribute to a more enjoyable driving and always sits in the c... Read more

written by Janina, 04/01/10

Soundracern I bought for my father who is obsessed with car racing, because it suited perfectly. It was super fun and acrid like crazy. but after a while it became quite tedious to listen to. It's... Read more


written by krachbumm-rico, 04/01/10

The packaging is designed pretty classy and gives the impression of having bought something very impressive. Set So the packaging, the SoundRacer out, engine, SoundRacer pure, radio and volume up. (IM... Read more

What happened there?

written by Tilly, 05/01/10

I bought soundracern to my biltokiga partner for Christmas, mostly to tease him. What I did not know then was that he, his father, my brother, his friends ... yes, everyone was completely mad by this ... Read more

Mixed feelings

written by Oskar, 05/01/10

Did lodge on my BMW from -02. Lost out and hanged himself at times and so on. Worked be better in grandpa's Volvo -86. How well better in older cars with less electronics and such. But once it wor... Read more


written by Smulan, 08/01/10

It was an awesome sound. Felt like you drove the 200km / h, but in fact, I crawled out of the 30km / h

It works: engine sound or music

written by Davidson22, 12/01/10

My Smart is now a V8-powered car - it works mostly great and is great fun. But there is also a disadvantage, which could perhaps be due to the good interference suppression of Smarts: the response fro... Read more

Sound Racer

written by Cakes, 19/01/10

Fun little gadget that gets a half old Mondeo sound like a violent V8. Laughs!

Wow - it works

written by Timo, 02/02/10

I would never have dreamed that the thing works. Over gag for a friend I bought it so. But the SoundRacer actually works as it should - at least mostly. Just plug, filter frequency, calibrate and set ... Read more

Funny gadget!

written by Gerd Engelmann, 19/02/10

Have the device found somewhere on the net and immediately thought: I want to have! So quickly wanted a sales and Cool Stuff Found. The delivery came directly from Sweden, and it took a few days until... Read more

SoundRacer not optimal for diesel vehicles

written by Torsten Sentis, 22/02/10

I drive an Audi 2.7 TDI and 180 hp and the engine speed range responds very imprecise with my car. Wahrschinlich would authentic react at a gasoline engine ... but fun is definitely! :-)


written by , 02/03/10

Product does not work.

written by finn jeppesen, 03/03/10

really super

SoundRacer V8

written by Offenburg, 07/03/10

Looks good and easy to put into operation. Works 1A with the Ford Transit 2004 diesel. Much cheaper and sound MORE than a stovepipe off from Car Parts Accessories DIY ;-)

written by Helge, 09/03/10

I purchased a Sound Racer V10, it does not sound as good as my nabo`s v8, and do not always follow omdregningerne and sounds sometimes slightly noticeable wonder so will always choose v8


written by thomas, 16/03/10

so . This part is just great. my tucson sounds like a sled ami. just crazy. it is very easy to instalation. just in the cigarette lighter plug the radio on, the transmitter search and los gehts.ich&#3... Read more

Horny toy with idle problem

written by , 16/03/10

The SoundRacer V8 is really a fun invention. At full throttle the testosterone levels rockets directly into the air. The sound is really perfectly suited to the current drivability. However, there is ... Read more

Everything Perfect

written by , 21/03/10

Since the product came from Sweden, it was delivered exactly as advertised after 4 days. The settlement was quick and easy. Gladly again

Not exactly

written by Lars, 22/03/10

I added myself to SoundRacer V8. That should be just a gimmick was clear. But unfortunately I was not really excited the product. The sound is in my opinion, despite good investment rather narrow at t... Read more

made too much

written by Peter Frieske, 26/03/10

The idea of ​​making the engine sound elektronich each zugänlich is perfect, but also reaches its Grenze.Der V 10 is overwhelmed with the speed ranges and at 3000 rpm it might be folgen.Wenn to the V ... Read more

Funny Shit!

written by Åsa, 26/04/10

Great gift for the young people who have everything already (Apart from a racing car!).

Overall, not bad;)

written by , 27/04/10

I ordered the SoundRacer V8 and was amazed that it works so well. I drive a Mercedes E 290 TD (1998) and the small SoundRacer even disappears completely in the slot where the outlet is located. Someti... Read more

SoundRacer V8

written by Fränkie, 25/05/10

Original idea. But really good it sounds only at idle or at low speeds, the loud roar of light at high speeds simply annoying. Perhaps the developers can optimize the sound still something, especially... Read more

written by , 16/06/10

The SoundRacer has the gears only partly or not at all be energized, have long tried many frequencies but not with anywhere near decent success. The sound could be totally forgotten despite good inves... Read more


written by W.Kappes, 22/06/10

the Sound Racer works with my car (A160 Diesel) only at idle, but not in further pressure on the accelerator, there is a trick ???? Greeting, W.Kappes

Go 'but do not go' enough

written by JRS, 23/07/10

I am generally satisfied in accelrations moment ... but the drawers when the car cruiser, and when you just keep the pressure a little bit and leave the car engine brake comes only a weak later an alm... Read more

Sound Racer review ..

written by Anders kunnerup, 23/07/10

Actually I want to give Sound Racer full character. Good product. Car sound is somewhat a mixed experience, but the function of being able to connect iPod or mobile pulls strongly up! Unfortunately I ... Read more

Sound Racer

written by Mads A, 30/07/10

The idea is really good and really hoped the work as I had imagined. But no. I've V10 model in my Audi A4 and can certainly not it follow revolutions. Reacting several seconds too late and when I ... Read more

Very fun in 3x10 min

written by Esben, 14/08/10

My friend and I were with laughter when we tried it the first time in an old VW Polo. It's a little absurd when you can hear the sound of a big V8 through the stereo, and it fits very well with th... Read more

So says when Wrooommmm :)

written by Mis, 16/09/10

Yes normally I report no cases as such, but got so my mail here from you so now I'm trying. I bought Sound Racer V8 with you after having found some video clips on the nættet and thought hmm nice ... Read more

well satisfied

written by Michael W. Olesen, 16/09/10

I ordered two. Only got one. Wrote a little rancid mail support that responded professionally and quickly and even reimbursed the shipment for the total package - have not checked, but trust it they w... Read more

OK product

written by martin, 17/09/10

Have had much fun out of it. It may well be lent to colleagues. Then they can also surprise the wife at home. :-) Easy to operate and adjust.

A really fun gizmo car

written by Jakob N, 17/09/10

If you like small silly things to your car, then this is for you. The sound is surprisingly realistic, although the synchronization with revolutions have a delay of approximately half a second. It is ... Read more


written by baute, 18/09/10

The thing works best when benzinern.bei diesel vehicles only with delay

Not recommendable gadget

written by FLN, 18/09/10

The function of the sound breeds are not very convincing. However, it is easy to install and use and comes in a very nice packaging. But it's hard to follow the engine speed in my 2 cars. I would ... Read more

sound breeds

written by jan, 19/09/10

It went well with the shipment of the product and the product was okay, can fine recommended.

Sound Racer V8

written by Karsten, 20/09/10

Poor sound quality and hard to adjust so that it works "convincing". Fun gadget, but not recommendable. Karsten

Sound Racer socks

written by 101289, 20/09/10

I bought a sound racing V10 to step on it as a gift to a buddy for fun. When we had to try it in his new Kia Picanto we were somewhat disappointed. Soundraceren could only record the engine sound from... Read more


written by Emrah, 21/09/10

Got it quickly and item was as the website promised. Nothing to poke at. Regards Emrah Aydin

written by Mads, 23/09/10

Does not work in my Seat Cupra

it works

written by BG, 27/09/10

But not in my car as it was purchased Unfortunately it is a ford focus c-max 2.0 tdci 2005 model but it works in my father ford fiesta 1998model

The quality of the radio connection fluctuates

written by kenneth.d.nielsen, 29/09/10

I bought Sound Racer to listen to music from my iPhone through your car stereo. Have spent some time to find a frequency that is not recorded in advance and while not "scratchy". It's on... Read more


written by bonny97, 04/10/10

For my little Fiat 500 just the right toy. Equipped with an optional external speaker, many people look to when I drive.

Great fun for the money!

written by Tore, 25/10/10

I got a real adrenaline rush of Soundracer'n! Has had incredible fun with this traveling. No doubt about it. Only negative is that if you are resting at a low speed, the same sound repeated over a... Read more

poor sound

written by Vendelbo, 26/10/10

The sound is not very good .. Sounds like when a radio channel does not go well through.

V 8 in my car

written by gori, 02/11/10

My car is a 2.2 turbodiesel 177 hp Toyota Combi Chipgetunt about 230 hp so a wolf in sheep's clothing is the V-8 Soound quite well. Have six speakers in the car and therefore a good sound with the... Read more


written by , 08/11/10

Not recommended others to buy this! I've tried it in an S-Max and a Peugeot 306. It works in both, but both sound quality and speed reproduction is inadequate to make it funny.


written by Monica, 11/11/10

A perfect dad gift or "him". We got it to work right away, and it detects even the engine sound. A buzzing sound that the engine interested man or the guy sure likes.


written by Jossan, 15/11/10

I think it was cool, pain to have to adjust every single time only ..

fun gift

written by , 18/11/10

Small and lightweight case provides much sound :-) Running a fiesta, the driving sound much better.


written by , 24/11/10

The device did not work as advertised. Goods returned. Too bad.

Hangs not really

written by Percy, 06/12/10

This was an early Christmas present for my brother and it worked but unfortunately hung it not always with the engine of the car and sometimes seemed not at all respond to the engine.


written by Kristian Lund, 13/12/10

Bought as a Christmas gift, so not tested now. But the box does professional


written by Tibbe, 16/12/10

The world's most useless gadget but oh so crazy good, a good gift for the automobile enthusiasts beware !! clearly dangerous, they just want the gas to come up to speed

Tio Top !!! Thank you very much

written by J.Schneider, 20/12/10

Cool Stuff Excellent !! Shipping was super so schnell.Hatte not expect so fast! Was skeptical whether this really works so easy ... but this does;) Fun on the line, .. who looks for something differen... Read more

V8 sound pinglebil

written by, 20/12/10

This acts as alleged, and it brings out a smile every time I give gas. However, it works best on automatic cars, the speed increases once you give gas. Manual transmission car will sound come only aft... Read more

The expectations are met ..

written by NC, 22/12/10

Both the product is packaged and function fully meets the manufacturer's claims. Provides a crazy good effect in the little piece of shit (Suzuki Wagon R), as my brother is forced to run around in... Read more

Good service

written by Andrea Sudhop, 02/01/11

After the first delivery had been lost, the packet was sent new - even with free Express update so that it arrived in time for Christmas. The first package is still lost, thanks to the great service, ... Read more

really not

written by , 03/01/11

did not sound to synchronize the total taken only idle or full throttle :(

written by , 03/01/11

Worked perfectly!

sound racing v8

written by HW, 03/01/11

Unbelievably good cause. Very good with the possibility of transfer of mp3 player via radio. Races & purchase.

Fun Stuff!

written by Kimberly, 03/01/11

Really fun little gadget. Lättfungerad and easy to handle. However needed enough base to get the right sound. But otherwise absolutely wonderful thing, and I love that you can plug in MP3 set or mobil... Read more

Poor sound quality in sound breeds

written by Bjørn, 05/01/11

Sound Racer is not always included when the gas and has its own life and even start revving up without touching the accelerator. I think the sound quality is poor. I drive Opel Astra with a Pioneer pl... Read more

SoundRacer V8

written by Marius, 08/01/11

it's a funny little thing to have the car that is negative about it is that it can hang sometimes and just "hum" as it is idling but then e just take it out and put it back in the hands ... Read more


written by Jamai, 09/01/11

Hello, I have the part given to a friend for Christmas, the true driving an Italian car whose brand begins with F, but it is not a Ferrari. Now it is one, at least it sounds to the occupants so on. Hi... Read more

The fat product.

written by Casper, 11/01/11

I gave my father the Sound Racer for Christmas, and we were both very surprised by the very realistic sound. Although it sometimes a little hard to follow revolutions, says the now very well anyway. A... Read more


written by Ralf Mantei - nachtssindallekatz, 11/01/11

Actually looking for an original gift, I came across the SOUND RACER called. I then look through some video and hear what makes the little thing and immediately thought: "Want it !!" I will ... Read more

V8 sound

written by B180CDI, 17/01/11

This part is a rather ingenious idea how such an American cars feeling gets into an Otto-Normal-consumer car. Until you have it on a reasonable radio frequency and then has properly adjusted to the en... Read more

Absolutely ingenious funny little thing!

written by trondster, 10/02/11

Following good with speed, as long as you have a car that has an alternator that is spinning freely. On older cars can be a little after, sometimes, when the alternator is not immediate power increase... Read more

Did not work on my car

written by , 23/02/11

On my Toyota Carina E 1.8 1997 sedan did not Sound Racer V8 as expected. Elicited engine noise but after a few moments came not after. When it came dynamo was the sound reproduction quite so good. The... Read more

Great sound

written by Tarzan!, 24/02/11

Really cool sound: D .. Works in my Audi and Jaguar. fat that it follows the car's speed very accurately. But think now after having tried the product of several tests, consisting cars. (Audi, Jag... Read more

Sound Racer V8: Pimp my sound

written by Didrik, 08/03/11

A delightful product that actually works against all expectation. Sound Racer V8 produces a sound that makes you believe that you are driving a race car! The product is very easy to hook up. + Provide... Read more

works very poorly

written by JJ Rask, 10/03/11

Works will not be as shown in the video. Completely impossible to get to follow the engine's revolutions .... Bad scratchy sound. NOT recommended

audi 80 v 12

written by calle canna, 11/03/11

it sounds like a real Lamborgini risk with it is that you want to run too fast so watch out for the traffic police for fun fun thing I can rekomdera such to all

V8 Sound

written by Mankan, 11/03/11

Worked perfectly with the delivery. Cool sound. Funny toy that ensures's bound to raise eyebrows.


written by Olle, 11/03/11

Sounds bad shit

not recommended

written by Lasse, 11/03/11

Syncs poorly with the actual engine speed, and latency. A product that is fun for about 30 seconds.

Fun to play!

written by , 13/03/11

Hey! bought a SoundRacer v12 I have sat in the company car. A much appreciated trick of my workmates given that the car is a Renult passport inspires with six gears. It is so ridiculous that it's ... Read more


written by , 14/03/11

Might have been funny in a soapbox, but where can it stop! Works incredibly bad. Simply throw :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Became like a child again

written by bea, 16/03/11

Bought this SoundRacer to my father. We helped him to install it and then we tested it, he laughed as he almost cried!

written by Torben, 17/03/11

I got my sound racing V8 a birthday present from my boyfriend. At first I was skeptical, but it was damn good when it was first plugged into the cigarette lighter. The sound of super authentic (in my ... Read more


written by RS, 18/03/11

So wonderful product. So we've laughed to the V12. The car seems to almost go better when you have SoundRacer connected.

cool gadget

written by peppe, 19/03/11

A cool gadget for those who like the sound of a V8.

There you go

written by persy, 21/03/11

Did not work so well for my Audi A6, 2.4, multitronic, 2006. It lived a little life of its own.

sound racer

written by pondusZ28, 21/03/11

bought it and tried it in one car. 2000 Peugeot 406. Works indeed !! But ever so RAW that in a commercial film I've seen, where it is tried in a KIA Sportage, it is not. Some radio noise, and it m... Read more


written by , 31/03/11

Do not buy this, it is so terribly poor quality of the sound so that's not true and I also played my speakers for the 5000 car. Huge expensive to be such a small plastic bad thing. Then it will de... Read more

written by JB, 05/04/11

Works great for older cars with engine problems on the FM band. new quieter cars follow it not as it should be.

Perfect gift for dad

written by Christian, 11/04/11

Ordered soundracern that would sound like a V12-A. Worked just fine. Little ford fiesta that attracts 0.42 mile sounded like a real monster. The only downside to the product is that it probably runs f... Read more

Just nonsense

written by Qwerty, 21/04/11

Functioned poorly. Does not follow the vehicle RPM and live their own lives. Waste of money, but funny the first two times.

SoundRacer- a little disappointing.

written by Jerry, 22/04/11

Had high expectations after reading all the reviews here. But I was disappointed for two reasons. 1) It did not follow the speeds so well hung themselves often. No matter how I calibrated it, so they ... Read more

Cool sound in the car - Well, sensible thing that the FM transmitter - JO

written by Robban, 26/04/11

Do not have too high expectations, if your car is not really good stereo and reception! Sure, it works as advertised, it sounds and is fun. But in my Mazda worked not at all, lot of static interferenc... Read more


written by , 02/05/11

Great fun this thing. Makes the sound of a V8 in the car. If you have a good sound system in the car this thing is real convincing because is reproduced depending on the engine speed of sound. A reall... Read more

Is easier disappointed.

written by Dark Cowboy, 16/05/11

Seems like a fun idea. It is also .... for about 20 minutes. The transmitter is too weak and operates too much in frequency. Calibration is often inaccurate, especially if you start with a cold engine... Read more

became expensive

written by I.W, 19/05/11

It was an expensive experience. I ran at full power for about 30 minutes and it turned out that it was too intense and continuous sound for my 2:15 "bazaar of 1000W each. Voice coils burned. 4000... Read more


written by Fredd@, 23/05/11

Works a bit like that ... Maybe it will work the more you run with it. Otherwise, a pungent sound! Can recommend it anyway! Like that you can connect the MP3 player to the o run music over FM transmit... Read more


written by jonas, 02/06/11

On the cars we've tried it on it works as it should, even with a diesel motor. This is not something you running around with all the time, but sometimes you can have great fun with it.

unfortunately does not work as indicated

written by Malle, 06/06/11

Unfortunately, the article does not work as described. I looked at before buying whether my car is indicated in the list of the car and found my Opel Astra. Since there is no annual figures were given... Read more

Ingenious gimmick

written by Robin, 08/06/11

So ... like many others this is already here say only a "toy" and not a high-end sound Imitatator !!! The sounds I find it quite realistic, despite everything and SoundRacer realized at leas... Read more


written by Simong1, 20/06/11

The product works well, but there may occur a few small mistakes sometimes when you run high rpm. Would probably recommend it for city driving as it can be quite annoying to hear the same sound to a s... Read more

lose connection

written by Popper, 22/06/11

Gizmo comes in a very nice box, the gizmo is made of plastic of a reasonable quality, use / installation of gizmo easy to install use, the quick irriterene, the fools fast pulse signal from the car an... Read more

Sound Racer V8

written by Nesse, 21/07/11

I bought Sound Racer V8 to my little Corsa 1.4, and could not help worth laughing at all the trips I've run with it. There are self. some small errors, with the sound is slightly delayed, but then... Read more

Does not work on older cars

written by Volvo-driver, 01/08/11

Works on the Volvo 740 (1990), but not on the Volvo 140 (1974) and 240 (1987).

SoundRacer V8

written by ike850, 06/08/11

Good packaging with all necessary equipment. Device was not functional, unfortunately in my Nissan Cube.

Boy Caddyshack live!

written by tonny0909, 08/08/11

This is a gadget you need to use in between. The sound is as good as your system allows, and you can even control the volume. This brings a smile to all who have petrol in their blood, but it tends to... Read more

Okay for Ipod

written by , 15/08/11

The idea behind the sound racing is very fun, but I do not quite it delivers a sound that is good enough that you can stand it for long time. It may of course well be that it depends a bit on the spea... Read more

SoundRacer V8

written by Micha, 18/08/11

The thing is the absolute garbage !!!! Höhrt at how the early PC Game sounds mixed with real recordings. What is shown in the sales video is guaranteed faking. This sound you get as the video out neve... Read more

sound racing v8

written by markus, 21/08/11

super works every time took the ass on my mom mega grin you should not try on a truck when its engine sound is influenced maga glad it: D

Troubled fun!

written by J, 22/08/11

Absolutely superb toy! Recommend this large, self, I have invited friends for a ride, and it was a lot of laughter. No batteries or installation needed, just push it into the cigarette lighter, find a... Read more


written by Micha, 23/08/11

TRASH! Does not deliver what it promises !!!!


written by Linnéa, 01/09/11

How fun! Syncs surprisingly good, and quite wonderful children happy and tingly body becomes one when pressing the accelerator in his worn-out Mazda and it sounds like a Lambo! The only negative would... Read more

Saund Racer

written by cabyt, 19/09/11

Is sq, like much fun but with a almelig Auto radio is the little bow

sound breeds

written by anne, 01/10/11

I bought a sound race to my husband, but it's not that fun it is almost 300 kr worth. it does not always, in the sense that it certainly does not follow revolutions etc. all the time. but the idea... Read more

Probe Racer V8

written by Mange, 10/10/11

Worked really bad in my car (Passat EcoFuel-11 anyway.


written by missSunshine, 24/10/11

Proper cool gadget for true motor-racing and interested persons. It felt, however, that the lows in early as it sounds like an old chugging tractor when driving up to 50 km / h; P but otherwise a succ... Read more

The world's funniest gadget!

written by Sara, 24/10/11

It was a time traveler from the fifties who claimed that a SoundRacer would get all around the male sex be delighted. I myself am of the female sex, and tan is still, after two weeks, loud every time ... Read more

Horny toy

written by Golden Girl, 26/10/11

So, I give before this part to my husband for a birthday, but it already times tried and can only say - woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow what a ... Read more

Super fun !!

written by Anders Vind, 03/11/11

Sound Racer does not disappoint - is a real fun piece "toy" - people turn to the streets to see the Corvette comes .... (remember to roll the windows down)

Big fun

written by Jackii, 10/11/11

My friends were totally fascinated: D She wanted all even a have 5 days later we heard the sound Racer to a lot of other cars.

Fun gift for the automotive enthusiast

written by jonas-e, 13/11/11

My stepfather loves cars - so this works well as the perfect gift for him!

written by , 14/11/11

thought it was more in the grate. just a lot of hacking in speakers

but does not work as hoped

written by Nani74, 19/11/11

So I was hoping to fool with that thing a few friends, or that one has the feeling that the sound would actually come from the engine. But already alone the fact that even if no gas is just a few time... Read more

Funny thing

written by BP, 23/11/11

The product is a beautiful fun, especially for my children, who no longer raving when I let times teeter at the traffic lights the gas pedal! Of course, the sound is artificially generated and does no... Read more

Not optimal..

written by Rasmus, 28/11/11

This one gadget can only say a sound, and this is really not so fat ... regret that I bought it because it did not live up to my expectations :(

cool gadget

written by Sisselina, 29/11/11

Bought this for Father's Day. Unfortunately, his car out of action then, but should also try it. Put it in my 945 nd, where it worked well, for his son's delight! Unfortunately hung it up some... Read more

V8 Racer

written by acira, 06/12/11

you have to calibrate briefly each engine start, then work but good. after a few minutes you go the illusion completely into the trap. some killer US is infected with V8 chatter restless idle and ratt... Read more

written by jaguar6, 12/12/11

A fun gadget, which I saw on Youtube. Fits nicely in my little Peugeot 106, and one tends to a heavier speederfod - just get to enjoy the sound.

Drengerøvs gadget ..

written by Steffen, 12/12/11

Very cool gadget that provides a crisp sound in the car and make the trip to the grocery store a little more fun. I chose to buy v8 model, after having seen / heard some test of sound racer from youtu... Read more

Works remuneration unlucky on delivery.

written by Chris, 31/12/11

First, I will just say that mistakes can happen anywhere, but in my case made it so that the package was not delivered within Christmas Eve (like the rest of the products I ordered from here) iom that... Read more

Funny thing!

written by Petter, 01/01/12

Bought Sound Racer V10 ... Funny thing to entertain the kids! We have been testing the VW Passat in 2011 and the Audi A6 in 2007 where the funka good. In BMW X1 2011 funka the poor. V10 gives proper F... Read more

worst shit

written by Paju, 01/01/12

What crap! Tested in two cars, worked just as bad in both, let 2 seconds after you got over 2000 yards then stop the work, and then hooking it up. Completely incomprehensible how it could have been so... Read more

Fun for 10 min.

written by Lars, 03/01/12

Funny product that works as it should. But one gets tired quickly of it. It is a must and having large facility in the car with good bass.

it is Fee

written by awesomedude123, 03/01/12

It's great. And it is easy to use. If my old father of 45 years can use it anyone can. However, it is not it so cool when driving long straights with the same speed, for example, highway .. you mu... Read more


written by Max, 05/01/12

Works in older cars very well but apparently the measurable not fail in newer cars with some higher quality not as good as voltage fluctuations as high.

Moroma case

written by Maja, 09/01/12

Gave it to my father for Christmas, and the small matter brought much laughter. When we would try it out, it turned out that spenningsfllet in the car was not big enough that it worked optimally, so i... Read more

grim gift

written by Chasmine, 09/01/12

I bought Sound Racer V10 for Christmas for my big brother, which was a success! It lets them between the turns, but it does not matter if you really imagine that you are sitting in a Ferrari, then it ... Read more

written by , 20/01/12

No instructions in Swedish. One problem for those who are not so good in English or other languages.

Sound Racer _V8

written by Mixray, 26/01/12

Very good "realistic sound" and very good sound and playback, I am impressed by the self alignment with the engine speed, very easy to program, design and display.


written by Christian Kaboth, 04/02/12

The SoundRacer exceeded my expectations, so I now looking for my real V8 Auto am It works great in my V6 Chrysler, thanks for that!


written by Jonas, 10/02/12

Have brought me the V10, works really great and makes a lot of fun. D Total funny how people watch if you do there has an awesome sound in your car. Buy recommendation from me! Thanks Cool Stuff :)


written by Jasmur, 13/03/12

Believed really want not to this product, but bought it for testing. and jaggu, it seemed! only plug in, set sound racer on the same frequency as the radio and go on! sound portfolios actually speed t... Read more

Rating SoundRacer

written by Peter Wörle, 19/03/12

Very belonged Madam, the SoundRacer not always turn on most, but. Because you can give Gaß or even sometimes he does not want easy. Normally, it connects to it by 2 times briefly accelerate and then w... Read more

not very realistic

written by hanna, 15/06/12

soundracern was a spot on the student bilälskande gift for my brother. To Kian suddenly sounds like a v12a course, was very much appreciated. however, so let it not at all realistic, but everything is... Read more

thought it was a little fatter

written by martin jensen, 19/06/12

Yes thought it was a little fatter than it is, but the car going up in many revolutions of the sounds properly, so it is not so great, but it works fine, and you can make "your own radio channel&... Read more


written by Misch, 25/06/12

The part is a SUPER GAEG more not ... Would buy again. The delivery was very fast.


written by Busis, 04/07/12

Had expected a little more for the money. It knows only the speed of 2000. Nah, you want sound to get the real thing. This product is wasted money

funny idea

written by Invitro, 10/07/12

Have tried it on Jeep Cherokee, 1996, and it works in the way that it "follows the speed." Have Yourself a Mustang V8, and it does not sound like Sound Racer. Is Sound Racer sound recorded o... Read more


written by Martin, 27/08/12

As I have the SoundRacer found on the internet, I was very excited about the toy. Desahlb I have ordered me. But when I got there and wanted to try it once, I was disappointed by this SoundRacer. It d... Read more

cool means

written by Thomas, 04/10/12