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Starr Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

This neat retro style bottle opener à la America is a must have in any kitchen.

Starr Wall Mounted Bottle Opener - Starr Wall Mounted Bottle Opener
Starr Wall Mounted Bottle Opener
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What is this?

Fast & easy!

written by finnepinne, 18/02/10

Ordered on a Wednesday, was taken on the day after delivery, Cannon! Moreover, sleek and stylish that fits perfectly on the wall around the bar.

super delicious!

written by anna, 19/08/10

bottle opener came in a really cool box that matched the old look of the bottle opener, which is really nice to have stuck.


written by Annika, 20/08/10

has been looking for such ... even thought about turning down a from a hotel room. But it is foolish when it is in you to buy!

Fine goods, BUT injured packet!

written by Louise, 02/12/10

Received 8 pcs of these to use as Christmas gifts, why I think it's really a shame that its case in 4 of them was almost trampled on. 2 of them were opened as if they had been sold once before. Th... Read more

Flasköppnarnas Rolls-Royce

written by Linus_sweden, 04/02/11

A very solid and stylish bottle opener that lasts! Have had a home fitted in the bar for 10 years and "still going strong". Can the asking! I live by the motto "by Quality cry one's... Read more

Something to brag about,

written by Empan, 17/02/11

That said this is something to brag about. Like the hard, never need to look for a bottle opener. In and of itself, is rarely glass bottles, but one has only to have one of these!

Good and practical

written by Icebells, 28/03/11

Really nice and practical opener, now we need not look for a more open longer;) Sturdy materials and relatively stylish indeed. A little pain in your head before you get used to the process of opening... Read more

Cool 'Wall opener "

written by Big Boss - Chief instructor - Ov, 09/05/11

A must for the summer cottage. Foolproof construction. Easy to assemble. The only thing that can appear as a minus is well that there is no brazen and smooth collection container. It would have been n... Read more

written by , 23/07/11

seems that they will not rust outdoors which right the first purpose of the purchase of these bottle openers. recommended for those who are looking for quality, good price for outdoor use.

wall bottle opener

written by Isabel, 01/08/11

This is truly a great gift and above all useful. :-) Can I recommend.


written by welden, 22/08/11

great for party !!! no long seeking more

All MUST have such one;)

written by Cool STUFF!, 04/01/12

Super, so it is only :)

A must thing on the porch and in the kitchen

written by Mange2099, 24/01/12

This gadget is of course a must to have on the porch and in the kitchen. Became tired of always looking for a bottle opener as the wife or the children put on a smart place. Now I know where it is ...... Read more


written by Mahavish, 12/06/12

I bought Starr Wall Bottle Opener, and think that is really good. It is in rough metal with red text & perfect size. It also followed with a couple of screws in the package, combined with a great ... Read more


written by Matt, 04/07/12

Really great opener! Have one inside and one outside on the patio. Unfortunately, lacking a cap catcher in the range, it is a must for this product.

bottle opener

written by Helena B, 27/07/12

Kanonbra "going away present" instead of flowers, to beer lovers. My own, I set up on the patio with a "collection jar" by caps under.

bottle opener

written by MLB, 03/08/12

Super opener, stylish and practical. The delivery was fast and good. Had had to någon'ting to let caps fall into, saw that this was available when I got the opener in the mailbox.

A friend in need

written by Ogupa, 16/12/12

Borlange 24:12 16 CollStoff Hello! I wanted for my birthday a wall mounted bottle opener. My wife (living apart together in Denmark) could despair not find such därstädes. Then I googled and ended up ... Read more

Bottle Opener!

written by Christine, 17/12/12

It looks wacked out and does the job. Tough on the wall, do not disappear by themselves and risking that no table edges, lighters or hand baker from being damaged by the sharp bottle cap. And all in a... Read more

Nice present

written by seestern, 28/12/12

As a gift ordered, goods received top and also very fast. Looks just like the offer, is stable and beautiful.

Some large

written by Bjørn, 20/01/13

Works just fine. Note however that this bottle opener is considerably larger than the ones you find, for example. hotel room.


written by HW, 22/01/13

I was super happy that you had such, I have been looking and looking long before. It works super and very handy, do not have to look for all the time.

Super cool

written by Kap, 21/02/13

Robust and totally cult. You feel attributed to an American diner in his own kitchen. Can only be recommended.

bottle opener

written by sh, 29/03/13

I find visually great and in every nice bar or cozy lounge a hingucker practically it is also

Make cooking equipment complete!

written by Lovisa, 15/04/13

Stylish, cool, works great and really look a bit old and retro out. Not at all cheap as I was afraid of. A perfect going-away gift! :)

Indispensable !!

written by Kirstine, Denmark 30/05/13

Make my allotment complete !! Buyer godtnok most cans, but what makes it !? The decorating course also top !!! Retro, ornamental and practical! need i say more !!? Good quality, comes with screws for ... Read more

Excessive cool detail!

written by Jacob Kjeldsen, Denmark 03/06/13

A must-have for the terrace, to the party, to the festival, yes to everything, how to open bottles! It makes it almost an experience to open the bottle!


written by Jørn Jensen, Denmark 02/07/13

Should have this installed at home in the fridge. Now I do not have to run round and look for a bottle opener.

wall-mounted opener

written by Anita, Sweden 30/07/13

Very good fast delivery. Our sued exactly what it promised. I've already ordered two o I have recommended you.

wall bottle opener

written by KlausB, Germany 16/08/13

Cool part in the retro look. Goes well with our small bar in the garden. Now no longer need to search for a bottle opener.

Starr Wall Bottle Opener "

written by Hööken, Sweden 13/09/13

Having searched a wall open long and so I found this Coke Opener works just fine and above all, fast delivery.

Do what he should!

written by Harald, Germany 10/10/13

... What can you write about this? Opens bottles and enjoys the toolshed great popularity among buddies.


written by K. Berger, Germany 06/06/14

The wall mounted bottle opener was already at the garden house and is at the next barbecue party certainly the race-

recommended wall bottle opener

written by Mareen, Germany 03/01/15

My husband was pleased very pleased. A very stable wall bottle opener. The design looks really cool. I can only recommend.

Super cool bottle opener anno-50s

written by Tobbe, Norway 05/01/15

Delivered well, looks good, easy to set up, secure and works equally so. A fun talking point at parties

Opened Bottle

written by Tabergsmorsan, Sweden 07/01/15

Just as I expected it would look like! It will be easy to open the bottle on the balcony and in the kitchen!


written by J.Becker, Germany 28/03/15

Just as an opener I have wanted for our garden house and found here. The price is quite OK, the part looks good and stable. My husband was thrilled. Now start the barbecue season and be "beheaded... Read more

Bottle opener

written by theCman, Norway 18/06/15

Fun little case, which responded well to the description and photos. Good quality, but perhaps a shade too expensive in relation to matches the Product found on eBay. but fast delivery. (2 days from o... Read more

Very happy.

written by Thor, Norway 15/09/15

Bought this to have out in the grill hook on the front porch. Fits perfectly and naturally where enjoying a bottle or two. This here's the thing all houses, cottages etc should have mounted.

Starr Wall bortle opener

written by Sofia , Sweden 28/12/15

Stylish and became an appreciated gift. Good Christmas / birthday gift or package of possession. This was a housewarming gift for my husband :-)

Hot the light-hearted

written by Andreas, Sweden 25/05/16

Great work on getting off caps with this, comes with screws to it and is in iron so firmly on the wall

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