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Stirr Automatic Stirrer

Put your new automatic stirrer in the pan and it will stand and stir at three different adjustable speeds. Nothing gets burned, nobody gets stressed, and you can stand and chop salad in peace.

Stirr Automatic Stirrer - Batteries AA 4-pack
Batteries AA 4-pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Stirr Automatic Stirrer - Batteries AA 10-pack
Batteries AA 10-pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Stirr Automatic Stirrer - Stirr Automatic Stirrer
Stirr Automatic Stirrer
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

214 reviews

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What is this?

Never burn the sauce more ....

written by GS, 26/07/10

Would highly recommend a parr to all cooking happy ... a fun, exciting island really good product. Perfect to give away to cooking happy that otherwise has "everything" ..

Actually works!

written by Nottenisa, 12/08/10

Gave this to my sister who has problems with the hands and neck and therefore can not whip up sauces and stews. She states that parr works great! Good ratings for this contraption words!

written by Henrik, 13/09/10

Have only used it one time but it spins on well and go around in the pan. Mode 3 as it seems, however, to just stand and spin at the same place and allows swelling time, much more than those lower lev... Read more


written by Madde, 04/10/10

Simply great! Also see helkul when the nozzles around there in the forehead :)

Very good!

written by Emil, 18/10/10

Very good, handy and efficient helper in the kitchen. The perfect inflyttnigspresenten in my eyes.

Grandmother pleasantly surprised!

written by Lee, 22/10/10

I bought parr to my dear grandmother when she turned 72 because she always chasing up at dinner parties when she constantly has stews or sauces to mess around in. She thought at first that it was a he... Read more


written by R, 04/11/10

Especially recommended for those with arthritis or problems with your hands! Having problems with the joints in my hands, and I get easily hurt when I beaters in a soup, etc. and this makes the job fo... Read more

This year's Christmas gift

written by Joker, 15/11/10

Race to purchase. This is an ingenious case, it seems just as good as the pictures. Have tried it in soups and stews and record at full strength.

Absolutely practical kitchen aid

written by , 24/11/10

I have the whisk while can try only once so far, but as far as he convinced me real! I had let simmer cream-him used, ie it was at its lowest level rather long, but. He did all the time quietly and sm... Read more

Gaze - Automatic Sauce Whisk

written by tommy, 26/11/10

Gaze - Automatic Sauce Whisk seemed utmeket well to what it should .. :)

Works well

written by Percy, 06/12/10

Works to what I had thought. The ease some of the girlfriend in the kitchen and do what I wanted it to do. Unfortunately, it so happens, however, that it does not really come all the way down to the b... Read more


written by , 10/12/10

This was really convenient and works fight good. The perfect gift for yourself or others

Kanon help when all the hotplates are in use!

written by Andreas Larssen, 15/12/10

This tool positively surprised! It keeps itself cheap, thin utensils clean and neat in the bottom of the high heat. Works best in soups and sauces, but even rice porridge it managed to avoid burning u... Read more

written by , 22/12/10

The automatic såsvispen is really a great help in the kitchen. But the thicker sauces like to burn on if you do not keep the whisk under surveillance all the time. :)

was happy!

written by marte, 23/12/10

Dad was very happy now that he will not have to interrupt your work and stir in the fruit. Will buy one for my mother and yourself. Funny little thing!

well satisfied

written by Bo M Mogensen, 27/12/10

Ordered goods sent fast the train, however, its time to come out but it was now post Denmark and not business - but otherwise go customer service and clarity of the website. so my warmest recommendati... Read more


written by Rickard, 28/12/10

Bought for my mother who "has everything". She has so far only tested it on smaller charge sauce, but it has worked better than I actually thought and provides an extra hand in the kitchen.

Very Cool

written by mikkelzzz2, 28/12/10

One of the gifts that gets much attention was called when it is opened. really cool. gave it to my grandparents. my dear father always make food, since my grandmother is in a wheelchair. so for him it... Read more

Not just for fun

written by Mette Christensen, 29/12/10

I bought beater, most as a little joke to my mother for Christmas and was surprised that it actually is a very good tool in the kitchen! It works really well and is used virtually every day. It turned... Read more

works perfectly

written by Litago75, 30/12/10

Works wonderfully well; Never again will stir manually in a sauce or soup :-)

Parr works perfectly !!

written by köksan, 30/12/10

This product is absolutely superb. I could cook dinner without having to keep the focus on the sauce. It was just to let parr do the job while I could take care of everything else. Recommended !!!!

Christmas gift!

written by Trine, 30/12/10

I bought this Gravy-beater in a Christmas gift and it attracted much attention at all. It was the desire of the person (who was very happy) and was close to being stolen away by all the other guests :... Read more

No more burnt sauce

written by Orom, 30/12/10

Parr såsvisp is fantastic if you want to avoid having to burn the sauce in a saucepan. It manages whisk making / governing the relevant so that there is a chance that it can be burned in place. Bought... Read more


written by , 31/12/10

> Bought this mostly fun, but it turned out really work!

Parr - help in the Christmas baking really is!

written by Gurkan63, 01/01/11

As good fudge, caramel and food (sauce)!


written by Lasse C, 02/01/11

Better than expected :-)


written by , 03/01/11

Did stewed macaroni but I burned the least, the dried does not mess around at the end ...

PARR - beater

written by Lindbergskan, 03/01/11

Gave it away for Christmas and got a movie via mobile on Christmas night from a very happy daughter. Kanon thing. Going to buy one for myself and have already tipped off friends.

Cool cool ..

written by Tofting, 03/01/11

Works just as it should, super fun gadget ... However it is a bit annoying to the buzz, but it's to do with ..

Great, useful invention!

written by Sophie, 03/01/11

Brilliant little time saving! Best purchase ever !!

PARR review used 3x works urbra!

written by MIG, 04/01/11

Have used parr three times on a really tough sauce and two little mellanrinniga to consistency and it has worked extremely well and we are so far impressed. Easy to clean. Good with each 4 speeds avai... Read more

Works fine in small pans

written by Andersh, 04/01/11

The problem with this case is that it moves around in a "circle" with quite a small radius, so with pans that are of medium size or larger, it will only move around in the middle

It works!

written by Kolbjørn, 04/01/11

I was very skeptical about this product, you actually had decided not to buy it, but then I was at a friend and saw that he had it, and he could tell that it actually worked very well. So I decided to... Read more

How smoothly anytime

written by Glenn, 05/01/11

This whipped make cooking a delight. Not having to stand there and mess and worry about the sauce is no longer needed. Now one more time to the rest of the cooking. Cannon

written by Oscar, 06/01/11

Really good and efficient beater, finally got that good non burnt toffee and rice porridge, I longed = D Clearly the highest rating!

Fun and useful, but should be supervised

written by Steffen, 06/01/11

If the sauce beater is allowed to stand alone, the vibrating pan enough to the smoking of, for example, the cooker. The noise also slightly. But you release as for himself to stand and stir constantly... Read more

funny whisk

written by Vido, 07/01/11

Perfect Christmas gift for a tech dad. Works fine as whisk to things that will reduce / stand for a while. Lightweight and easy to wash, easy to place in the cabinet / drawer. PS: Very good delivery f... Read more

funny thing

written by Nils, 08/01/11

Parr - the automatic såsvispen. Can be weak as a ploy thing but it actually works as you wish. An extra helper in the kitchen.

No less a unique

written by Flanse, 08/01/11

this machine is a stroke of genius in køkkent, it saves the sauce from burning on, when you stand and take care of the guests or the roast: D KING MACHINE: D


written by vesslan, 09/01/11

Works like clockwork. Gave it to my mom for Christmas on her e thrilled. quality huh above expectations on got the package the day after ordering

sauces touches

written by tj, 10/01/11

Fun gimmick for those who have everything. An electric whisk to saucepan to prevent the sauce from burning. Fun. It is only one way, and the center will not be affected as much. But just as it works. ... Read more

genial :-)

written by Maia, 13/01/11

Ingenious invention! To whoever would rather do more things at once :-)

Estimated gift

written by Linn, 25/01/11

Bought this for my dad who loves to cook and often have different sauces and tubs started. He appreciated it very much and bragged about it at work. My friend who is a pastry chef thinking she also bu... Read more

very handy

written by Paulin, 14/02/11

Very practical and very nice design. Tough! Clearly a tenner!


written by Pauiz, 17/02/11

It works great, I never need to worry anymore for it to burn on. Highly recommend it highly!

written by Diana, 21/02/11

I am very pleased with the delivery. and produket's great when you have children like me, and lacks a eksta hand to touch the sauce :)


written by JGL, 02/03/11

Perfect! The third arm at the stove.

Super idea

written by Martinkom, 19/03/11

Super cool. sauce whisk.! It just can not whip the sauce when being Haarder, so burning it. But otherwise a super bold sauce whisk: D

Perfect såsomrörare!

written by Evelina, 15/04/11

Gave it as a wedding gift to my parents for they burn the sauce so often and it works perfect for them! They have not burned the sauce only once after the! Absolutely perfect såsomrörare!

Good gift idea.

written by Ditte, 12/05/11

I had bought one for my mother and mother in law for Mother's Day, and they were received with joy. They work really well.


written by Rasmus , 13/05/11

It works very well, however, one must remember to use a whisk to stir the sauce together first if using powdered sauces.


written by Ditte Marie, 16/05/11

Super cool gift for mother and aunt!

fine satisfactory

written by Martin Lægård Poulsen, 23/05/11

The product works very nicely to you just pour milk powder and sauce together, put it in a small pot and then let it touch it around. There is however need even to touch finally reaches the sauce boil... Read more

Hel fine!

written by Molle, 18/06/11

The automatic sauce whisk works as it should, no problems! The only drawback is that it is a bit noisy too much ... We use it every time we have to make sauce in this house! Super Effective!


written by , 01/09/11

I have yet to receive feedback on how and if it works, only that the birthday boy was happy and showed what it should be used for. The gift came just the day before and it was satisfying when you cons... Read more

written by Peter, 27/10/11

Works well except that it hållersig the same ställei saucepan. But you have to move it in mellanåt. I've had a lot of use for it. MVH Peter


written by timm husted, 18/11/11

for the price, there could well have been lavished little more for it. the battery compartment lid sits ik super close to aperatet, result in the rattling little, on top of the running rods are tubes ... Read more

written by , 29/11/11

do not know because it is an almond gift ... but it seems smart!

Super smart!

written by MissKylle, 01/12/11

Gave it to my mother for her birthday, as she did not have the strength to whip in the sauce after a long illness. With gazing it went mega easy and fast, and the sauce came on the table with no lumps... Read more

Fed gift - and it works really well

written by Daniel, 02/12/11

On m / f who enjoy standing in the kitchen is the perfect gag / serious gift. Highly recommended.


written by STIR, 02/12/11

The work incredibly well. I gave STIR as a birthday present for my sister, who was surprisingly impressed with it. It may seem as if it's junk, which only works in theory .. But this function actu... Read more

sauce Whisk

written by Ole, 02/12/11

It is a great help if you like to cook exciting food, where there is time for many things simultaneously on the cooker.

automatic whisk

written by Kine, 05/12/11

Fantastic product, become addicted:) I struggle with chronic inflammation of the arms and escaped making sauces etc. but now it's just to put the whisk into the pan and fit the time :)

Gee, it seems the!

written by Sissel, 06/12/11

It was with some skepticism I packed up my new Gaze and put it into the pot with rice porridge, but all skepticism was confounded! I can honestly say that this was the first time I made porridge witho... Read more

quite excellent

written by Alex, 10/12/11

Bought it as Advent gift to my parents. They think it's a funny thing, but is already excited for it. It can at any rate easily touch Knorr sauces together, while you yourself can do anything in t... Read more

On the third hand in the kitchen

written by Ole, 11/12/11

I did not know how much and how long that I had missed gazing - before I found it on Cool Stuff. Now there is never anything that boils fixed or burns. When something needs to be kept stirred in the p... Read more

Mom get this for Christmas !! =)

written by ..., 15/12/11

my mother has seen the advertisements and been around at all the stores that sell kitchen equipment here in the area but none has ever longer .. So no getting remember the Christmas of me and my partn... Read more

written by , 20/12/11

the funka good

sauce Whisk

written by Birger, 22/12/11

Hi It is a brilliant little sauce touches and it works beyond expectations very satisfied

noisy little, but the sauce from burning not

written by dannyboy, 22/12/11

works as a mountain, but sounds like something you might find in a bedside drawer when the blaring off :-P


written by FORNØYD!!, 23/12/11

All are completely shocked that this actually works! First we see the creative and thinking .. bullshit ... but, when it suddenly come in your hand, ready for use, it is absolutely stunning. This is a... Read more

ingenious invention

written by Carlos, 23/12/11

I purchased the 5 pieces. for this have all need :) Now go basis of the sauce, etc. making other preparations for food, or whatever you want for a while.

Utomatically sauce whisk

written by Bente, 23/12/11

Incredible whining resolved, you can go from menst sauce boils and do other things :-) very happy. I recommend it to anyone who has as much to do as me when they come home from work :-)

Works great!

written by Erik, 23/12/11

This works very well, but one must follow a little with. It is best for the boil, when sauce / porridge should småputtre. The reason you need to follow some of is that when sauce / porridge boils, it ... Read more

Very convenient!

written by Anders, 26/12/11

Incredibly practical and straightforward! One hundred million more expensive to buy here so go either on Jernia, something I found out afterwards ..


written by Lopo, 26/12/11

Incredibly good !

No surface skin!

written by kjokling, 26/12/11

Easy and nice when you have many pans to fit in. In array avoids a skin on the sauce!

Fun, Exciting and convenient

written by Pbendix, 26/12/11

"I can not wait to have to make bearnaise sauce now" was the immediate comment after the gift-receiver had lurked what it was, and seen the demonstration on the floor. Super good feedback fr... Read more

no battery

written by simon stabben, 26/12/11

it seems very good but came without a battery. do not know if this is informed but I did not notice it.


written by Fennia, 27/12/11

This is a great product. I bought one for my grandmother at 83 two years ago. She uses it often, and says that it is particularly beneficial when she makes rice pudding - as the need stirred constantl... Read more


written by Linn, 27/12/11

A really fun kitchen gadget. It works well and is easy to disassemble and wash the dishes. The thing that sets the grade a bit is that it does not go as quickly as hoped. Now this is not essential gad... Read more


written by , 28/12/11

Was a pretty funny story of it .. I bought it as a Christmas present for my husband who likes to make sauces. As I stood and touched the toffee and complained about how boring it is to stand right up ... Read more

funny gift

written by tb, 28/12/11

funny gift for the man who has everything. Was very positively received

most enjoyable

written by Thomas, 28/12/11

This is fun and effective. I got used to the porridge too, and that was my main concern.

Do what it says.

written by Finn, 29/12/11

Handy case that frees a hand in the kitchen. Only rear I find is that it is difficult to get placed it in a drawer.


written by Therese, 30/12/11

Sauce whisk fans were a little loose in parts. But otherwise fight cool

As expected

written by Arild, 30/12/11

Works just as indicated, hold the sauce fine moving without continuous monitoring. What more could sis? One small thing that is a little useful.


written by Charlotte, 01/01/12

I bought this sauce whisk Christmas gift for my 36-year-girlfriend and he was totally uncontrollable - a gadget that saves him for work - and so something with gravy! Now we have tried it a few times,... Read more


written by Sverre, 01/01/12

This product must only buy, it touches not only sauces for you but also dishes as thick as porridge. Pretty powerful small matter detta. This is something everyone must have, burnt sauces etc. you can... Read more

Not a good buy

written by PHIL, 02/01/12

horrible quality for the money

Very happy ..!

written by Trivallia, 02/01/12

my mother was beam pleased with Christmas gift her! =) Gaze is almost said become her new best friend ...;) So now shall soon my partner to ein, for which he obtained ÅG fancy: D

written by Hagis, 02/01/12

Very happy. Fast delivery and product meet expectations.

In the case quickly falls down.

written by Amanda, 03/01/12

I thought what a brilliant product, but then it stops there too ... Bought this for my mother in law who have bad wrists, one for my mother and one for ourselves. All were pleased with the ingenious c... Read more

sauce whisk

written by ilkj, 03/01/12

Has given much joy it is easy to use


written by dougie, 03/01/12

Reportedly good product. The work correctly.

Prima gift idea for wife

written by Helmut Lemme, 04/01/12

very innovative device has not every housewife, have long sought such a special gift

It was actually really good!

written by Cic, 04/01/12

Not even stewed macaroni that was about to boil over burned fast! Pan bottom was blank. This I have never been able to before. It moved with ease 3 port. from beginning to end.

sauce Whisk

written by Sausemesteren, 04/01/12

Currently with burnt sauce is over! One can do several things at once without the sauce becomes corrupted. Fantastic!

Super good gift idea

written by Paddy, 05/01/12

The receiver and the other was very much impressed with sauce whisk, it has not been tested yet.

fin trade

written by Anette Nim, 05/01/12

Fast delivery, good information. Fine product as expected.

buy it

written by vivi knudsen, 05/01/12

'm very satisfied so this is not the last I buy something from Cool Stuff

Did not work optimally

written by Jonas, 06/01/12

I would give my mother a good Christmas gift, which she hoped would be really happy. It was she, until we tried to put the batteries in and stir in the sauce. The problem was that the sauce whisk only... Read more

Wonderful, but a little burn center

written by Minna, 07/01/12

It worked great. I decided to test it on a fudge recipe that always previously has stuck. Seemingly nothing until I poured the school; it burned a bit, a little bit in the middle where såsvispen had b... Read more

Gazing - Automatic sauce whisk

written by ddengt, 07/01/12

Seems like it should. No problems, except that it looks at the video, it can run faster than it really can

Serve not right

written by Allan, 08/01/12

It is not really suited to whip sauce, unfortunately, have not tried to whip soup around, but suppose it will be excellent for this as long as "soup stand" does not exceed a known level.

Automatic whisk

written by PB, 08/01/12

came as a gift to good and works very well

written by elise, 08/01/12

nap invention

Very good!!

written by , 09/01/12

White sauce burned NOT real! :) Very happy, it is recommended!

Alone in the kitchen

written by Pelle, 09/01/12

Handy little thing. Desirable that it moved a little more sideways when using a larger pot. Will happily stuck on one edge. Otherwise, it is indispensable when you have to do other bottom time!

An extra hand!

written by , 09/01/12

This automatic whisk shoulder has 3 speed levels and works for everything from gravy making and to stir the porridge. When to conduct some advanced cooking is this middle-of-the bulls, for one gets fr... Read more

Gaze works

written by ojk, 16/01/12

I have tested my new Gaze-whisk. The I'm happy med.Her made many soups and sauces with it. Must be careful if you use a small, lightweight saucepans. Then saucepan vibberere and dance platen.Bruk ... Read more

sauce whisk

written by , 18/01/12

it's a great invention, lovely with the added hand, is easy to use and easy to clean.

Fairly good

written by hargibi, 25/01/12

Worked well in sauces but began to spin bad about it every bit thicker!

Efficient sauce whisk.

written by Fedtegreven, 30/01/12

Had received the recommended. Using lived it fully up to our expectations for effective and efficient stirring.


written by Bachmann, 08/02/12

and it can handle parsley sauce too ... it's a bit in crisis now and if the batteries are not quite fresh, but otherwise performs the fine

A hit!

written by Christer, 02/04/12

Gave a Christmas present for four, and got immediately notified that such was wanted as a birthday gift by other family members. Convenient to all gravy and soups Oringer :-)

Perfect gift!

written by Little Miss N, 18/06/12

This is a perfect gift for those who already have the most, is a little "gadget enthusiasts" and think of new things this is a bit cool! I bought this for my dad's birthday. He usually g... Read more

sauce Whisk

written by Kis Nebel, 06/08/12

I have now tested my sauce whips and I am fully satisfied with its work the work the self it is a great relief for the busy housewife - greeting Kis

No more burnt sauce

written by mormor Kerstin, 13/08/12

As with so many other things you have to think about what you want to use it for. Should we move in something that will thicken slowly get to keep track because it does not pass the tough opposition a... Read more

Seems great!

written by Gyrid, 05/10/12

This seems great. Nothing stings at the base, but because the oven our apparently a millimeter leaning, slipping it constantly to one side of the pan. So I had to fit in and turn on the kettle. But if... Read more


written by Bosse, 16/11/12

Really pleased with this product. Laid out a "movie clip" on fb, which was appreciated by many! Will be back with new orders for Christmas. Sincerely Bosse


written by magnus, 19/11/12

Perfect gift for people son burner sauseb or are lazy and do not bother to stand to watch the sauce. Irde purchased if you yrenger deb or know someone !!

Very good!

written by Sebastian Denert, 20/11/12

Super fine and functional product. It has saved me some unnecessary stress in the kitchen :) bought up to several for gifts. Very fine and fun product


written by stiarv, 03/12/12

cannon thing has attempted to construct a self long ago by an old ice-cream machine, the sustained, however, only cold not heat. Whisk handle empty rice pudding as soon as it becomes a little warm. We... Read more

Fantastic for the little lazy ...

written by Magnus, 09/12/12

Funker cracking! You carousing never a sauce again! Did not have a negative thing to say about it. Highly recommended!


written by Kristoffer Gravgaard, 10/12/12

The fine sleeping whips can not cope with a béarnaise or hollandaise, - (Otherwise it is a fine product. It could be great if it had the strength to right sauces.

It is as good as everyone says !!

written by Lise Erøy, 10/12/12

I tend not to believe in these reviews, but I bought this summer and use it all the time! So now I have bought it for two Christmas gifts too. Genial !! Chocolate Pudding, cocoa sauce pan. It burns no... Read more

Perfect in the kitchen

written by Ted Johansson, 16/12/12

Can save the amateur, pro, bachelor anytime! Whether there'sa vardagskok or romantic dinner so this is your very best friend in the kitchen!


written by Missen, 27/12/12

Allows one to give såsgrytan little less attention but does not replace the usual whisk because it does not cover the entire pot bottom. Good for heating / warming but by boiling, etc. You have to hav... Read more

Works partly

written by TH, 27/12/12

Its engine could be stronger. It is good in thin sauces, but not so good for example. bernaise sauce.

Gazing sauce whisk

written by LIS Noesgaard, 27/12/12

Used sauce whisk to stir milk and rice together to rise porridge, it is something you must touch all the time, but but I put just gazing sauce whisk to "walk" around the pot, great.

Works well

written by Jonas, 27/12/12

Works well if the pan is the right size, convenient to såser..mindre well in the frying pan, it does not move as it covers only the area where it stands. But the fun thing for a cheap price :)

much appreciated

written by Nisse, 27/12/12

This is not just a fun thing to give it away also works in the kitchen. Another thing that you did not know that it was missing and becomes indispensable once you have tried it.


written by mogi, 27/12/12

The automatic beater that I gave away, 3 pieces, was highly appreciated by those who enjoy cooking. I myself am no fan of cooking but do expect good sauces of them I have given them.

Very good!

written by julklappar, 27/12/12

Bought this for my mom & my partner and my grandmother. Much appreciated by both and tested already in the evening to custard =)

Works very well this

written by N, 28/12/12

Very satisfied, gave this to my mother after I tried one yourself. Fight Fair to have while you make different things simultaneously. At lower temperatures it works excellent. bite a little bit rundow... Read more

PARR automatically såsvisp

written by Viveca , 28/12/12

It's really good easy to use, and the sauce does not stick as before very good gift to give away get many ++++

Very good!

written by Olm1303, 28/12/12

Works great for both soups and sauces. What is amazing is how well the fakktisk act to stir the porridge with !! Dice 6!

The sauce is great!

written by OC, 31/12/12

No wonder, this works 100% and delivers sauce that is not so easy cook long as it distributes heat continuously, so the sauce is both free of lumps, and it does not boil over as easily. Want to buy a ... Read more

Works really well. Can warm the asking!

written by Martin, 02/01/13

Works just like you'd expect. 3 different speeds and do the job as it should. Solid construction design.

violent helper

written by Michael Nielsen, 02/01/13

It lowers your heart rate when you are working in the kitchen. Set it in the saucepan or frying appliance, select the speed, forget it and concentrate on the rest of the cooking. Or forget and forget,... Read more

Does the job - every time!

written by hansroar, 02/01/13

This is a great product! Having had a use for quite some time until at least the boy ruined it. A few weeks with "old fashioned" whisk was certainly enough, so now new Gaze ordered and recei... Read more


written by Sara, 02/01/13

Fantastikst whip attending the job yourself. Perfect for wine ridge to simmer stirring about 1-1½ hours.

Very pleased

written by Peter, 02/01/13

Very good product, bought it for my dear mother for Christmas and she was a little skeptical at first, but when she used it the first time she felt really about! So nothing wrong with the product, may... Read more


written by Lollo Zarro., 03/01/13

If it had come with batteries, I would have had nothing to say right now (!). Did not get the batteries until yesterday. Thus has not tried yet. Will return. A good tip. Let batteries come with the pa... Read more


written by Paittas, 03/01/13

It works well but can not handle a little thicker sauces then it slowly but ordinary sauce works great on


written by christina, 03/01/13

felt considerably cheaper than it was. Hope it's better than it was visually and that the recipient does not experience the same plasticky and cheap as I experienced it.

Great Christmas gift!

written by hpnisse, 04/01/13

Gave this to my mom, who wonder what it was. Once she understood and had tried it the first time so wherever she pleased! Can the chopping onions while the sauce takes care of itself. (Great sauce sor... Read more

perfect for the sauce

written by cek, 07/01/13

Purchased a PARR and is clearly delighted! It fixes all by myself sauce without the need to worry, it is amazing to scrambled eggs, and when you heat the mashed potatoes.

Great and fun!

written by Niklas, 07/01/13

Good to have in a pot or pan ... do not fit all the time! Bought it as a gift, but have mostly used it myself!

Gazing Sauce Whisk

written by Anita, 07/01/13

It's just really good, I just did a mistake leveled the sauce with the whisk in low sauce finished so with the whisk so that it burns, the while you are doing other things, super god.Kan find to b... Read more


written by AGe, 08/01/13

Functional stirrer, suitable for sauces and such hot chocolate that can easily burn when. Takes little space in the cabinet. Works well!

Estimated Christmas

written by Dennis, 09/01/13

This was a much appreciated Christmas present for mother in law. She has tested and were very happy with the result!


written by godfred, 09/01/13

Hi! A whisk that whisks of pollock itself, it was quite topp.da we, my wife and I do other things, release stand there whisking, I would recommend all couples, and singles also set age, buy yourselves... Read more

bachelor Vispa

written by Han Der, 09/01/13

Had my doubts when I bought this it came to work, but it whisks away without sauce are burned every time! Recommended to all those who struggle with burnt sauce, are lazy, or just simply like to save ... Read more

sauce Whisk

written by Johansen, 10/01/13

Sauce Whisk Eren seems like a good idea, but it is not good for thick sauces. If used as an extra hand in the kitchen is fine, but you have to watch out, since it has no power to much.

Beater "parr"

written by jonte, 13/01/13

Gave away such a lot to my foodie guy is 25 years. He became very snopon over her Christmas present, had never seen any advertising about it, a little puzzled if it works? But after a number of culina... Read more

sauce Whisk

written by Majbritt, 22/01/13

Super nice with an extra hand in the kitchen. When you are very busy. Or simply it is something you must touch all the time, for no branding on. Can only be recommended ...

automatic whisk

written by Borrebluff, 08/02/13

This beater makes it easier to avoid being stuck at the pot to prevent the white sauce from burning on, when kids end facing the kitchen. NB: Careful not to put it on before the liquid is in the boile... Read more

Good stirrer

written by Niclas, 08/04/13

Gave as gifts to one that often stand in the kitchen with lots of pots and pans going at once. Thought it would help to stir the sauces but with the incredible ability of the agitation had it will wor... Read more

Automatic såsvisp

written by Bittan, 09/04/13

Fun and clever thing. Worked Fuck, gave it to the old man on his birthday, he used it directly in the good mushroom sauce not calcined or skinnit in the pot. Perfect gebort thing !!!

fun and andelig whips

written by helga petersen, Denmark 06/05/13

automatic sleep whip was bought as a gift to the man who in old age is starting to cook, but can only overcome one thing at a time - or else burn it. With this automatic sauce whipping he can go from ... Read more

Auto whisk

written by -Stian, Norway 10/06/13

This beater zander about promised, the pipes in the sauce yours. It has no problem with bag sauce from scratch, aiming to example to mix powder and butter to then adding liquid. Quite easy to clean th... Read more

Never Brandenburg

written by Sarah F, Germany 17/06/13

If you have to get away, to the door or on the toilet, then you can really use this whisk great. It moves and it burns to nothing. If one wants to stir powder or uses milk-flour roux, you should mull ... Read more

A perfect and fun gift! :)

written by Jonas, Norway 08/10/13

It is easy to love, fun to use and easy to apply. Fun for both the cook and those who are watching. Very handy when you wish you had an extra hand too :)

No more scorched sauce

written by Runa, Norway 07/11/13

Have only used it once, but I was very pleasantly surprised. When I first bought it, I thought it was going to do something similar rotating motions with it did not. It vibrated in attendance, but the... Read more

Genial when making ice cream

written by Joachim Møller, Denmark 16/11/13

Use it especially for when I make ice to the ice maker. As the ice cream must remove from heat as it reaches an exact temperature, so in this auto-touches and otherwise keep the electric meat thermome... Read more

Funny gift for the person who has everything

written by L2, Sweden 18/11/13

I bought this automatic såsvispen a birthday gift for my sister who always manage to cook a lot more sauce than needed. Now she will not risking repetitive strain injuries due såsvispande;) A funny an... Read more


written by Anders, Sweden 20/12/13

Have tried beater and it works well, could only wish that the small spike pointing toward the center would have been a little longer as it reaches further into the pot.


written by PHT, Norway 23/12/13

Was a bit taken by surprise, cheap, half price. Visiting Lefdal shortly after, and they sell the same to 150, - That you did too, but postage came as well. S to cheap was it not.

It works!

written by Kokkersken, Norway 23/12/13

The self-beater worked perfectly according kokkersken. So good that she did not stand to touch all the time! Beater was used for 3 different sauces today and pleasing enough was no burnt sauce rest at... Read more


written by DC, Sweden 27/12/13

Had not much information to go by but got recommendation to buy it. Have not tried it myself as it was a Christmas present for someone else but what I have heard so pass the light sauces, the thicker ... Read more

live slow and about 100 - more expensive than other stores ...

written by Midwing, Sweden 30/12/13

Made my 2Pull order which took about a week to get home .... understand that it is very before Christmas yet. .. Product costing 299: - found the exact same product on elgiganten 100kr cheaper !!

Can not whip

written by Dorthe Flies, Denmark 01/01/14

For expensive product because it does not work. We've tried it a few times, but could only touch the edge and in the middle Nothing happens we've tried several different pots. Provides worst c... Read more

Very satisfied

written by Fornøyd, Norway 03/01/14

Bought this as a Christmas present for mom and was afraid it was just nonsense and that it would not be touched properly .But no, she said that it seemed awesome and that she once needed to take it on... Read more

Even whisk to whisk until the pots :)

written by Musikern, Norway 30/01/14

My mother was very fond of whisk and use it almost daily :) With the mixer beaters we gravy so it will not burn;)


written by Fredrik, Sweden 13/07/14

The function of the whisk is good but I think it sounds a bit too much. I give it 4 stars but would rather put the 3.5 in the ratings if it went. Mostly because of that it sounds pretty much.

pARR Såsvisp

written by Susanne, Sweden 10/08/14

The whip was really good in the pan, I've only used it once. Fin was the parr beater. I will use it more times down I cook sauce and more.


written by thz, Norway 11/08/14

The automatic mixer is completely useless! After a number of attempts is the cast. The pipes only at the edge of the boiler, in the middle forms a quiescent zone that is flared or where ingredients ar... Read more


written by Terje, Norway 11/08/14

Whisk works above expectation. May splatter on the wrong speed and remember, do not use too narrow boiler when the computer does not work properly. Apart from this it is a nice tool that frees an arm ... Read more

Very good

written by swedol, Sweden 24/11/14

Was unsure if it would work at all, but it worked and very good besides! will recommend


written by Camilla, Sweden 15/12/14

Corresponding not really expectations. It does not completely ground and therefore is still a risk that it is burnt at the bottom. The man wanted to get away with this product.

Burnt sauce eat your heart out!

written by Antonia, Sweden 16/12/14

Imagine that you are and laws Sunday dinner for your family / friends / family. You have a lot of stress with everything you'll cook and at the end will sauce. This cursed sauce that you have to s... Read more


written by Peter, Sweden 29/12/14

It had been happy to have been a little less when there was no room in our sauce pan. And worked well as a clitoral vibrator. Good price good product.

Christmas gift

written by IH, Norway 01/01/15

Bought this as a Christmas present for my parents. They are very satisfied! It has a good weight that allows it did not have trouble to stir quite thick sauces. It does not feel cheap out so I was a b... Read more

parr såsvisp

written by Pilla 7, Sweden 01/01/15

Works well and very smoothly to avoid having to move all the time when you are doing other elements of the cooking time. Can recommend it!

Pot stirrer

written by Soboell, Denmark 01/01/15

- An excellent tool in the busy kitchen. 3 speeds, so it does not burn! Provides time and tranquility to the other chores during cooking!


written by Curry, Sweden 02/01/15

Have had parr whisk for a week now and used it three times, o cooking fudge, rice pudding and sauce. For the fudge was the perfect, fudge would simmer about 25min and 25min, I could do nothing but sta... Read more


written by PER, Denmark 02/01/15

Good experience with Cool Stuff. Super Easy and super fast - even in the middle of the Christmas rush! How should it just be done!

Super fine works!

written by Line D, Denmark 02/01/15

Bought this to Grandma for Christmas, it was a big hot dog is used extensively! She seems especially it is smart as it scrapes the bottom so nothing burns.


written by snusdosa, Sweden 05/01/15

Why stand and work unnecessarily when there are tools that work better! Should be if you want to practice then, but then it is perhaps better and take a pass in the studio. What the hell have to write... Read more


written by Olivia, Sweden 05/01/15

I bought this såsvispen to my mother for Christmas, it was certainly right! It is very good! Stir well, relatively deep and can withstand even a little thicker sauces without burning. So now we will n... Read more

Unfortunately, not as intended

written by Mathias, Sweden 05/01/15

The product is a fun idea, not more than that. After a few seconds of vibration will come off the upper vibration part from the lower part whisk. So, the idea is good but not function.

Seems like it should

written by lene, Denmark 06/01/15

I bought a stirr- automatically sauce whisk, to my brother for Christmas. He says it is working as it should, and is happy the

Easy, very easy

written by Jan Roger, Norway 07/01/15

Sauces, soups and stews, we have tested it in and was very satisfied. Shoulders can rest while it simmers on the stove and no more sitting at the bottom. It draws one point is that it needs a certain ... Read more


written by danslasse, Sweden 08/01/15

Bought 2 of this thinking whisk well with sauce and soup but for stowage works only in the beginning but when it becomes too thick so we need something more powerful as Stirio. I am pleased with this ... Read more


written by Christina, Denmark 11/01/15

It is really good, but I think it is better on ceramic stove due to the noise. It is not silent and not at all on a gas stove. But'm glad it!


written by Trine, Denmark 15/01/15

I am disappointed with the product. When I put sauce whisk into the pan and turn, get the pot to slowly move out of the stove area - boo! We have ceramic plates, but surely it is quite normal and I di... Read more

Really good!

written by Elie El-Hajj, Sweden 15/01/15

Great when you do not have the energy to stand and beat yourself. The little rascal do the job for you.

Well received!

written by Channe, Sweden 16/02/15

Well received, but well overpriced. 36 year old got curiously more kitchen gadgets. He is now an unbeatable dinner fixer.


written by Laguma, Sweden 18/02/15

Had high expectations of the product. Have now tried it and found that it is just too bad effect. It works well in thin liquids, but can not do their job if they iron liquid to a sauce or stew. As it ... Read more

fun stuff

written by Jasse, Sweden 22/03/15

Fun gadget to give to the cooking enthusiasts. Absolutely not necessary, but fun! Gave it away with a bottle of whiskey to engage instead of såsvispning.

Parr - Automatic Såsvisp

written by Titti, Sweden 17/08/15

Never thought that this would work, but I was really surprised. Have recommended it to friends and acquaintances.


written by Kim , Sweden 17/08/15